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Rated 5 out of 5 by A BIG HELP I got this for my elderly mother who has been having accidents in bed. This is working out so well. I got her a new mattress and it is saving it from getting wet. Every little bit helps when you are taking care of your mother at home. I highly recommend it. 11/12/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Best Matress Pad I was so excited to find this product at It is everything I was looking for, and the reviews were right. We've owned two of these pads for 4 months now, finally "tested" out it's waterproof abilities last night - the mattress underneath was completely dry. Washed the pad this morning, and it came out of the dryer looking brand new. The pad is not hot, sweaty, or crinkly to sleep on like rubber sheets. And it's so cheap! And believe me, I researched mattress pads like it was my job - if you need waterproof - this is the mattress pad you want. You can't get a better product for a better deal. 02/03/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent choice for a bedwetter! I bought this mattress pad for my 4 year old son's new bed and mattress. He is a bedwetter and I didn't want his brand new mattress destroyed by this problem. After reading many of the reviews of all the different mattress pads, I decided to go with this one because of its reviews and the great price. After receiving it, I realized that it was the perfect size for my son's twin mattress, but it also expands to fit a larger size mattress! My son's has had 3 accidents since purchasing this pad and each time it has protected the mattress without a single leak! I have machine washed and dried the pad and it came out perfectly fine, was not destroyed at all! Not only does this pad protect, but it makes the bed very comfortable for my little one to sleep on. It is soft and cushiony! Very good purchase, especially for the price! Perfect if you have a little one who wets the bed! 09/18/2009
Rated 1 out of 5 by This product is not waterproof We purchased this product because we have a five year old who sometimes has "accidents" and we were buying him a new memory foam mattress. The product fit great and was comfortable. However, our son had peed in the bed and when we took the sheet and mattress pad off to wash them, the urine had already leaked through to the brand new mattress and stained it. After washing the product, it also no longer fits the mattress properly leaving spaces on each side that are not properly covered by the mattress pad. I would not recommend this product as it failed to protect the brand new mattress that I bought it to protect. 03/13/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Perfect Timing for Perfect Protection The Grand Kids got a yucchy stomach virus a couple of days after we got the matress pad. The mattress remained unscathed and the pad laundered perfectly. No crunchy noises when using the pad. 12/25/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Product I bought this not knowing whether or not it would fit over my queen size pillow-top mattress that measures around 17 inches deep. I was so surprised when it fit perfectly in every way. It pulled down to cover nicely and snug. When the sheets were put on it was a beautiful nice made-up bed. Quality is very good. 02/09/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Protector I got two of these. One for each of my boys. My oldest son is potty trained but has accident every now and then. Then my younger son sometimes leaks through his diaper at night. Since we just got them twin beds I wanted to keep them in the best condition. My son has leaked through his diaper a few times since I got this product and it was awesome. No leaking through to the mattress at all. 03/14/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product I pruchased three and I am pleased with all of them. The quality is excellent. I've washed them and they are even better after washing and drying. Product is as described and a wonderful value for the money. 01/28/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good and very functional I was very impressed with the product. When I received it, I poured a whole quart of water on its top surface and I let it sit for 2 hours nothing leaked out. It just absorbed the whole quantity of water. To dry it, I just took it out to my backyard spread it out in the sun for an hour and it was dry and ready for use. I purchased the Queen size and this mattress pad fits perfectly. 11/23/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Did not work for us We used this on our son's (4 year-old) bed. The few accidents he had this product proved to not work (naturally he has a brand new mattress). Perhaps this is waterproof for a drop of water.....It is nice and soft but if it cannot handle an accident what is the point. Not a good product for us and I cannot recommend this. 02/12/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Is NOT waterproof! We purchased this product because we have pets that sometimes have "accidents" on our bed. I found this product to be very comfortable. It fit our thick mattress and memory foam pad combo with ease. However, we unfortunately found out the hard way that this product is NOT waterproof! Our cat urinated on the top comforter and the spot was probably 8 inches in diameter. By the time the liquid had soaked through the "waterproof" pad to our memory foam mattress topper, the spot was at least 2 - 3 feet in diameter. It looked like it sat on the waterproof layer for a time, spread out, and eventually soaked through while we were at work. I would not recommend this product as it fails in its primary, intended function. 04/17/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by was NOT waterproof and ripped after first use! My son received this on 12/26/13 and on 12/31/13 he had a small accident on his bed. The spot wasn't big, but I wanted to change it anyways. I'm glad I took off the pad because the bed was wet underneath! Then, I put it in the wash and the entire thing fell apart! This product is going back to the store with it's receipt today! 12/31/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by NOT WATERPROOF! We have had this about 2 months, and just discovered, it is not waterproof. We recently spent $3500.00 on a new mattress, our 3 yr. old slept with us last night and wet the bed. Our $3500.00 matress now has a huge wet spot and stain!! I am not a happy camper!!!! 04/03/2009
Rated 2 out of 5 by Does Not Meet Expectations! I ordered this product because we have a 2 1/2 year old who is "potty trained" but still occasionally has night time accidents. Before heading off to bed last night, thankfully, I stopped in to check on my daughter (no more than 2 hrs after she had gone to bed) I discovered her accident. After stripping the bed, I checked the mattress, it had that I don't know if it's actually wet or just cold in here feeling. The mattress didn't have a strong odor, but just a very slight unattractive smell. The urine hadn't technically leaked (yet) but it was about to!! If I hadn't popped in to check on my daughter, in my estimation probably another 10 or so minutes and the mattress would have been officially wet! So technically this product works, but only if you discover the accident quick enough and not the next morning! I would not recommend this product! I mean, a two 1/2 year old who still wears 18 month clothing can't have that big of a bladder!?! And I estimated the "waterproof" mattress held up only for about an hour, definitely not longer, because she did go potty right before going to bed. Hope this helps someone, because I bought this product based on the "good" reviews. NOT worth your $$$ 07/31/2009
Rated 3 out of 5 by Looks good, but not completely waterproof!!! This mattress cover fit my king size bed well, but it is not as good a quality as I had hoped for. It will slow down the adsorption of water, but will NOT completely keep the mattress dry if a lot of water is placed on it, so be careful if you are expecting it to be completely waterproof. It IS comfortable, and quiet. I just expected it to be waterproof, as the name of the product implies, and was disappointed that it was not. 10/09/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by In what world is this waterproof? In what world is this a WATERPROOF mattress pad? One of my cats decided to urinate on my bed. I got this in hopes that if it happened again, at least the urine wouldn't soak into the mattress and stink it up. MY HOPES WERE DASHED. He urinated again and the urine soaked right through this "waterproof" mattress pad right into the mattress. So much for waterproof! Sad I wasted my money. I ended up getting a vinyl mattress protector instead. (PS: Cure for cat urine is vinegar and water. Once that dries, sprinkle it with baking soda. Then use dish detergent and water and scrub.) 05/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mattress Saver If you have just purchased a new "mattress", this is the "protector" to have!!! It is waterproof and very reasonably priced. 05/06/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great quality and comfort! We purchased this waterproof queen mattress cover 4 years ago, and I finally need to replace it. It's taken quite a beating with many washes due to spills and to simply keep it clean. I recently purchased a different brand at a local retailer and we hate it because it actually makes us sweat! The Quiet Comfort mattress cover is simply the best one I've found...we also have two for our son's twin bed (those covers are 4 years old also). I think the twin bed covers will last longer because I alternate them between washings. 10/15/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by comfortable but not waterproof This pad makes our mattress feels more comfortable and padded, but it is not waterproof. It only delays the absorption of liquid to your mattress, after sometimes and if the liquid is quite much, it will go through. It is quite, because it has no vinyl/rubber/plastic backing that blocks the liquid. "Waterproof" in the product description is not appropriate. I would only recommend this product for people who wants protection from dust or dark-color sheet, and not from wetness. 06/18/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by yay I just bought a new mattress for my son who has frequent accidents at night and needed something to protect it. I chose this because of all of the great reviews and the great price. I was a little worried at first because the pad seemed to be a thin cloth material and I wasn't sure how well it would be able to hold up against my sons accidents. Sure enough the second night we had the bed my son had an accident and this thing worked a miricale. It was almost as if he hadn't had an accident at all...there was no spot on the mattress and the pad was even dry on top! I was able to wash and dry it with no problems and it came out looking new. I did put it on the spin cycle twice as the directions recomend. The only thing I didn't like was how sensitive the mesh sides of the pad seem to be...but you just need to be careful putting it on and off the not tug it too hard. Very quiet and does not seem to make the bed too hot either. Great product...I plan on getting one for my mattress. 06/23/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by no plastic feel you would think waterproof meant plastic not this it is soft and cotton and doesn't make noise 12/11/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Mattress Pad Very comfortable and there is no noise at all. It fits my pillow top mattress nicely, too. 05/10/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall good for the price The reason I got this mattress cover (twin size) is because my 2 yr old son sometimes has diaper leaks at night. I had bought him a new mattress and I didn't want stains all over it. Since I've had the cover (approx. 3 days) my son hasn't had a diaper leak so I cannot really say how good it holds up. But just from physically seeing other products from walmart and target stores, I would say this is the best cover for the price (I paid approx. $17). I thought the fabric would be hard like the ones I got to touch at the store but it wasn't. I am not saying it's as soft as a cotton ball either but it's pretty soft for $17. The cover does not make extra noise, when my son moves around on it, than what is expected of bed sheets to make. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is because the waterproof part covers only inside the ridge of the top of mattress (see photo). In other words, it does not cover the top completely so if your child is the type that likes to sleep on the edge of the bed the leak might go through to the mattress. I would think that they would at least extend the waterproof part to cover the entire top and a little of the side just to make sure it has the mattress covered even in those instances where the cover might move from the child tossing and turning. Another thing I didn't like so much is that the sides are made from a sensitive material. The material feels slightly stronger than female stockings, but like the stocking, it will snag with just your nail. Like I said, overall for the price, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a somewhat quality-way of covering your mattress without spending all the money. 03/18/2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Really nice mattress cover, but not waterproof. I would give this item 4-5 stars if it was actually waterproof. I put it on a twin bed for a toddler hoping it would protect the mattress, but it doesn't. It is very soft and has made it through the washer and dryer several times and held up well. It is pretty plushy and comfortable. It has stretchy corners which make it really easy to put on. I really like it, but I wish it actually held out the moisture. I actually purchased a very similar cover from Denver Mattress for twice the price for another bed. I would recommend it as a mattress pad, but not as a waterproof mattress pad. 12/01/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by I Love This! I have owned one of these for several years now, and it is awesome! I have read the negative reviews and I do not agree with a lot of the criticisms made. I do not experience the noise or texture problem that some reviewers have said. While I would not claim it is non-existent, it does not rise to the level of even being aware of it, mush less holding it up as a criticism of the product. I would never have even noticed it if it were not for reviewers bringing it up. I have never had a child (or anyone else) have an accident on my bed, so I can't speak to that, but as far as being a long lasting product, it is. While it may not prevent a full-on bedwetting, I can sure say that it fully protects my expensive mattress from other, shall we say, "wet excretions" that happen when two adults share a bed. It is well worth the money to keep your mattress clean and like new. 03/21/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it, Love it, Love it! I was given a used king mattress and bought a fiber bed to go on it to make it softer...I wanted to protect the fiber bed with a waterproof pad, but didn't want it to take away from the softness of the fiber bed. This mattress pad was is soft and it is waterproof (essential for me since I have little kids that sometimes sleep in our bed). Great product, excellent price! 06/28/2009
Rated 1 out of 5 by Ripped first time I put it on the bed. Waste of money, this waterproof pad ripped the first time I put it on the bed. The thin, cheap material used at the sides of the pad (the part where elastic holds it around the corners of your bed, ripped and kept ripping til it had torn itself completely off from the waterproof top section. Back in packaging for a return and refund to the B&M store. This product was a waste of my money, time and now I've got to find something to protect my mattress so the warranty isn't voided by any staining. I've had to put a vinyl tablecloth under the sheets just to protect the bed until I can return this P.O.S. 10/12/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Quiet Comfort Waterproof I thought this mattress pad would be perfect for our new mattress set. I took it out of the package and really liked the feel of it. The nylon that slips under to keep the mattress pad on the top mattress felt so soft. I washed it first before putting it on the bed and used gentle cycle. The nylon part literally came off from around the WHOLE thing! So I though oh well the price was still ok, so I dryed it on a light setting. The pad backing came apart and melted on the lightest setting on my dryer! I will never purchase this item again and would never recommend it for any one. 08/20/2009
Rated 1 out of 5 by Too Hot! This pad is very hot to sleep on. I do not recommend unless you tend to be cold in bed. 05/01/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't risk it. I don't typically have a need for a waterproof mattress pad, but there are rare occasions, such as when I have family visiting, when I appreciate the peace of mind. I replaced a much more expensive pad with this one about two months ago. I now regret not spending more. I would have done just as well lining my fitted sheet with Kleenex. I spent an entire afternoon trying to clean my $1400 mattress and I've been sleeping on the couch for three days waiting for it to dry. I think all of the smell is gone, and the stain is all but invisible, so I think I got lucky, but I will be returning to Walmart with this product to see if I can at least get my money back and put it toward a product that works. If your bed cost more than this mattress pad, do not risk it. It is no more waterproof than any other mattress pad, and while it is very quiet, it definitely has an audible "crinkle" to it. I won't be uploading a photo for obvious reasons. 01/17/2011
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