Protege 3-Piece Travel Luggage Set with Bonus Travel Set

Walmart #: 0XZKISJ53CAX
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About this bundle

Comes with:
  • Upright suitcase, duffel bag and tote
  • Garment bag, tote, travel kit and bags (laundry, shoe & cube) Comes with:
    • Upright suitcase (expands up to 22"), 20" duffel bag and tote
    • Garment bag, shopper tote, laundry bag, travel kit, shoe bag and cube bag
  • Included in this bundle

    Protege 6-Piece Travel Bag Set, Black

    4.0 stars ratings

    Make traveling easier by using the Protege 6-Piece Lightweight Travel Bag Set. It is designed to hold everything you need whether you are away on business or pleasure. The Protege luggage set in black includes a garment bag, a shopper tote and a laundry bag, so you can keep your clothes organized and protected, even delicate items. It also has a travel kit, a shoe bag and a cube bag. The shopper tote and garment bag is spacious enough to accommodate larger pieces. A smart choice for packing all of your essential items, it provides a complete solution for your family's travel needs. Made from non-PVC polypropylene, the travel luggage set is eco-friendly and lasts for a long time. Its stylish design and trendy looks make it a good choice. This Protege luggage set in black will enable you to organize your makeup, clothing, shoes and other essentials.