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Rated 4.9 out of 5 by 32 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mimi cat litter My 5 cats and I love this stuff. It absolutely controls the smell and it does last quite a while. My only problem is at least half the time I go to Walmart they are out of this litter! Highly recommend it! 08/06/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best... Litter... Ever! I've had cats my whole life & I volunteer with animals, and this is - by far - the best litter I've ever used! It does not need to be changed often, does not leave slimy, wet litter at the bottom of the litter box, doesn't get tracked all over the place, and doesn't stink!!! It is also a great deal... I go out of my way to drive to Walmart just to buy this litter!!! 05/31/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is a bargain &, by far, the BEST product I have tried every brand of silica litter...from the most expensive available at all the pet supply stores to the least expensive (MImi LItter). There is no comparison. This litter actually lasts as long as it says on the packaging. This is NOT the case with the much more expensive competitors. Forget "brand recognition" and buy this product. I was changing the litter box TWICE as often with the other brands, especially the over-priced Fresh Step. 04/07/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mimi Litter No Odors Great Price A friend found out about Mimi Litter during a trip to Arizona. A pet owner's home had no smell at all. The secret? Mimi Litter. A bit hard to find at first here in California, as not every Walmart had it on the shelf. It's blue and white crystals that really absorb liquid and odor. I have one cat, and we change it about every two weeks. Current price just $4.18 for 4 lbs, or one fill of his box. However, now it has been recalled! My closest Walmart just put it on the shelf--I was so happy, but they wouldn't sell it to me because of this recall. I hope Mimi Litter will return soon. It doesn't stick to his feet. 08/30/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is the absolute best litter I have EVER used. Easy to use. Very easy to clean. Doesn't leave big gooey blobs in bottom of litter bos. If you scoop it every 2 days and stir it around it will last a month for 1 cat and sometimes even for 2 of them. Only thing I can say even partly negitive is that if you step on some on the floor it is shap. But hey that is the only complaint I can find after it using it for a year. Wish I could find it online. 12/12/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST CAT LITTER EVER! My niece-in-law recommended Mimi Litter to me and said that it was wonderful. Tried this and now I'll never buy any other brand. Everything the description says about it is absolutely true! I am totally amazed at how it completely gets rid of ANY odor from the litter box. I hope that Walmart never stops carrying this product. 09/03/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Excellent odor control, but dusty and messy... I bought this cat litter as an alternative to Fresh Step Crystals when I couldn't find them in stock at my local pet store. The two litters are very similar (both silica crystals) but I noticed a cloud of dust when pouring the Mimi litter into the litter box. The front of the Mimi package says "No Dust." Clearly this is not true... there is dust. (there's no dust with the Fresh Step Crystals) Also, the Mimi litter has smaller crystals and our cat tracks them all over the house. We even found a few in our bed. With Fresh Step, fewer crystals make it out of the box and only a handful are tracked out of the room where the box is. Mimi seems to have better odor control than Fresh Step. I didn't notice any odor after 5 days of heavy use, whereas with Fresh Step I would have noticed an odor after a few days. However, given that these are both supposed to be "silica crystal" litters, my guess is that Mimi adds additional ingredients to control odors. This is pure speculation, of course, but the two litters are very different in terms of odor control so something must be different, i.e., they're both not just plain silica (SiO2). Anyway, if you want less mess, use the Fresh Step. If you want less odor, use the Mimi. I'm switching back to Fresh Step because I don't mind cleaning the box every few days, but cleaning my house every few days is a lot more work. 10/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by The best litter I've ever bought I used to pay $17 for the big bag of Fresh Step Crystals. About 7 months ago, I sent my kids to the store to pick up a bag and they came home with Mimi Litter. When I looked at the receipt and saw how cheap the Mimi was, I was pretty unhappy because I just KNEW it wouldn't work as well. Was I wrong! This litter lasted a full month (with 1 cat, I have two now and change it every two 1/2 weeks) with no odor and no tracking, while the fresh step lasted about two and 1/2 weeks using the same amount in the box. As long as they continue to make this, I will never switch to another brand. 10/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST litter hands down!! Two cat household and I've tried all kinds of litter, tidy cat, fresh step, pine litter, best litter, corn litter, johnny cat, arm and hammer, etc, NOTHING works better than Mimi. 10/02/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My cat loves it, wont use any other type of litter. 09/22/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by found this by accident one trip to the stpre. tried and have never used another litter since. now, walmart can keep it stock online-great! i waited at least 6 months for it to become available agian online. 09/22/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Ships "home free"!! This is the best litter I've ever found for our two cats. The only problem (after the labeling recall a few years back that kept it out of the stores for months) I've had is that it's so hard to find. My local store stopped carrying it a year or so back but they were still able to order it so I ordered 20 bags at a time and just stored it in the garage. Then they said they were unable to order it anymore and I had to drive to a bigger store a few towns over to pick it up. I would call ahead to make sure they had it in stock and they would hold it for me. Then the other day I noticed it was eligible for "home free" shipping (free shipping with an order of $45) so ordered it that way. The odd thing is that you can only order 6 bags at a time that way, possibly because the bags come packaged 6 in a box? So I had to order multiple times to get more bags and plan to stock up this way as long as it's included in the "home free" shipping program. 09/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best litter on the market This type of litter is the best litter for the least amount of tracking, mess and clean up. There are only a few brands of this litter available in stores and this by far is the best bargain. 08/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Cat Litter I have been using this same product for a couple years. There is much less dust associated with this product and it doesn't get tracked all over the floor. 07/24/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Controls odor I only bought this because the Walmart that I go to has been out of stock of Feline Pine Scoopable litter for weeks. After buying this && switching litter, I noticed how odor is well controlled with this litter versus using Feline Pine. The mess that my cat normally makes is less noticeable as well. With the other litter, he would track it across my carpet, I'm guessing because its so light?? It isn't clumping litter, I noticed && that is where I have to draw the line. Although the odor doesn't linger outside of the litter box like many leading litters, while cleaning it, I can definitely smell it && it turns my stomach. It actually smells worse than using Feline Pine. The ammonia is pretty bad, in my opinion && unfortunately, I have to switch back. I like Feline Pine better also because its healthier for my cat since its natural. I wish that this was better && lasted longer but it doesn't. Maybe if they make clumping litter, I just might go with them but for now, I'm sticking to Feline Pine. 04/10/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by its the best litter but harrison ar store wont put any on its shelves ask many times for it have to drive to branson like to no why they wont stock it 04/06/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Buy extra just in case! We have three cats, three boxes IN MY LIVING ROOM and no smell.. unless you see the boxes for yourself, you'd never believe they are in there. This stuff is MAGIC it controls odor so well. NOTHING works as well as Mimi cat litter. The worst year ever was during the Mimi recall of 2009. (It wasn't because of the product but because the bags weren't labeled properly) I had to try different brands until they could get the Mimi back on the shelves. I bought everything from the $3.00 25 lb bag of nasty to the $20 for 5 lbs of fairy dust to try to keep the smell out of my house and NOTHING worked. I buy extra Mimi now whenever I go to the store just in case the store is out of it. I've spoken with the pet department people and told them they need more and I recommend it to everyone I know with cats. Stop bothering with reviews. Go buy the litter. You won't be sorry. 04/02/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mimi litter is awesome I did a lot of research on crystal litter, both user ratings and prices. Mimi litter is about half the price of Fresh Step Crystals and works just as well if not better. I couldn't be more pleased with the product. Harry Potter, my fat black cat, had no problem getting used to it. 11/22/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product I have tried many litters and this is by far the best. For the price Last a long time and with a sifting litter pan . the daily chore is simple and painless. I have 3 cats and 2 bags will last me almost a month. would not even consider anything else. Like everyone else it is hard to find it in stock Hoping Wal-Mart will correct this. 11/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by The BEST cat litter ever! I wish I could find Mimi Cat Litter some place else or even on line. Wal-Mart is the only store that carried this litter and now they no longer do. Mimi is better than Tydy Cats or Fresh Steps. I have two cats / two boxes and it lasts for three weeks. No smell - no big "clumps" like clay - this is the BEST ever.......please, please bring it back. 09/26/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by love Mimi litter, bring it back. I love this litter, I had four cats and unfortunately lost two, using this litter you could not smell the cat box, despite the fact that the house is small with close quaters. We only had to change the box every couple of weeks and did not have litter paw prints all over the carpet. I cannot find it anymore and wish it would come back. I have recommended this litter to everyone I know with a cat and would keep doing so if I could find it. 09/12/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Litter Ever This is by far the best litter on the market, I have tried other crystal litters that cost twice as much and they are no where near as good as this. we have several cats and we never smell like a litter box , my friends cant believe it. but Walmart please order more and more often cause lots of times they are out and i hate having to buy the other stuff it costs 4 times as much and dosnt work as well. 09/11/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best litter anywhere! This is the best litter we have ever used, and we have tried many. It is superior to similar, more expensive crystals. We have 2 cats and whenever we use this there is no smell like with other litters. We very highly recomend this product. I wish all Wal-Mart stores would stock it 07/25/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love this Litter This is by far the best litter I have used. Less changes. Less odor. My cat loves it and so do I. The only negative...Walmart does not keep it stocked on the shelves. I was happy to find it at a super walmart in a larger bag costing only $16. Now...if only I can find litter bags that my cat don't put holes in. 07/14/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST Cat litter I have ever used! I have tried so many different cat litters...I have 3 cats. This product beats out any clay litter by far...the odor is under control with this litter and it actually removes all the fluid from the waste making it easier to remove. I have 2 litter boxes for the cats and I go though 2 bags a week. You use a lot less than traditional litter...less to carry down the stairs. I a very happy with this and would highly recommend to any pet owner. 07/12/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product, wouldn't use anything else just a great inexpensive litter that works. 06/10/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by not just for cats We have a pet rabbit, two cats, and a dog, and I can tell you of the three kinds of animals, the rabbit's urine is the most potent!!!! This is the best litter for our bunny's litter box (and yes he is box trained). It can last for a week to two weeks before needing a change, which is way better than corn cobs or cat litter. Next I'll try in the cat boxes, but I have high expectations for that since it works so well for the rabbit! 05/08/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by excellent I have 25 cats. This is the most excellent cat litter ever. And it is very reasonably priced. I would not use it (or the clumping litter) with small kittens though. 05/07/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 Great Stuff I've lived with cats my whole life, and tried many different cat litters. In my opinion Mimi Litter is the best choice, it's great at absorbing odor, it dries quickly, it's very affordable, and lasts anywhere between two to six weeks depending on how many cats share one box. At the moment I've only got one cat, and I've found it to last for up to two months. The only down side is that's it's hard to find, usually when I go to Walmart I buy as many bags as I can because I never know if it'll be in stock. I would reccomend this product to any cat owner, whether you've got one or nine cats, this product won't dissapoint. 09/11/2009
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