Meguiar's DA Power System Tool & Your Choice PowerPak Accessory

Walmart #: 6IM9L727H7CY
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Meguiar's DA Power System Tool

Meguiar's DA Power System Tool

3 options Meguiar's DA PowerPak Compound

Meguiar's DA PowerPak Compound

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About this bundle

Start getting professional results at home with the revolutionary Meguiar's DA Power System and PowerPak Accessory Item. With dual action rotation, this tool provides faster and safer results. This Meguiar's DA system will quickly become one of your favorite tools because of its simplicity and results that are far superior to hand waxing. Don't forget to choose one of the PowerPak Accessories to complete your auto detail experience. The DA PowerPak Compound helps to restore the finish on your vehicle, while the polish adds high gloss and shine and the wax adds protection and brilliant reflections. Meguiar's DA Power System Tool and Your Choice of One PowerPak Accessory item.

  • Includes the Meguiar's Power System Tool
  • Choose your favorite power pack accessory

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