Larkin Espresso End Tables - Value Bundle

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About this bundle

These contemporary Larkin Espresso End Tables - Value Bundle store reading material, media room remote controls or just odds and ends. Use the sleek top of the wood end tables for beverages, a vase of flowers or a knick knack display. These shelf end tables have a maximum weight capacity of 50 lbs on the top and 50 lbs on the shelves, and they are easy to assemble with common household tools. This value bundle includes a set of two Larkin End Tables.

Larkin Espresso End Tables - Value Bundle:

  • Set includes 2 end tables
  • Contemporary styled end table
  • Features 2 shelves
  • Supports 50 lbs on top of table
  • Supports 50 lbs on the shelf
  • Assembly required
  • Model# 5188012YCOM