Johnson's Baby Bedtime Lotion, 15oz and Bath Wash, 28oz

Walmart #: 26F1PN7MHXY7

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About this bundle

  • Baby bath to relax baby before bed
  • 28 fl oz
    Johnson & Johnson's bedtime lotion helps calm and relax babies before bed
    • Johnson's baby bath is designed to relax baby before bed
    • Gentle on baby's delicate skin
    • 28 fl oz

    Johnson & Johnson Bedtime Lotion:
    • When used with a massage, releases soothing aromas and helps relax your baby
    • Clinically shown to last all night long
    • Leaves skin feeling touchably soft and smooth
    • Hypoallergenic, clinically proven mild formula
    • Enriched with lavender and chamomile, ingredients shown to have calming and relaxing properties