Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Sleep Band, Available in Multiple Colors

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About this bundle

Get motivated with the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Band. This slim device can be worn all the time and be used to help track your movements. Use it to track the number of steps taken each day as well as the number of calories burned. Set daily goals and then check to see how you are stacking up. The Fitbit Flex band can even be worn at night. It will track your sleep cycle and help you learn how to sleep better. It will silently wake you in the morning when it is time to get up. Access the data compiled by the Fitbit Flex band whenever you want from a computer, tablet or smartphone. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices for easy access to information. The band is water resistant so it can be worn outside even if it is raining or snowing. This band is a companion that can stay with you all the time and go with you wherever you go.

Keep track of your activity and get motivated with the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity band.
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Sleep Band:
  • Fitbit Flex band tracks steps, distance and calories burned
  • Tracks sleep cycle and silently wakes you in the morning
  • Access your stats anytime on your computer, tablet or smartphone (iPhone and Android)
  • Water resistant