Febreze and Tide Power Clean Bundle

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About this bundle

Febreze and Tide Power Clean Bundle
  • Febreze Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha, 2 pk
  • Tide 2x Ultra With Bleach Alternative Color Safe Detergent, Clean Breeze, 100 fl oz
  • Included in this bundle

    Febreze Air Effects Hawaiian Aloha Air Freshener, 9.7 oz, 2 count

    4.5 stars ratings

    Part of living life to its freshest is knocking out negativity in its tracks. So when something stinky gets in your way, reach for Febreze Air Effects to eliminate odors on the spot and freshen with a light, clean scent. Just a simple spray sweeps away odors, from everyday pet and bathroom smells to stubborn smoke and last night's lingering leftovers. With Febreze Air Effects, you can kick odors out and invite freshness in.