Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Cleaner with Hard Floor Tool

Walmart #: 36OZ33DK63M0

About this bundle

  • Hand and Stick vac all in one
  • Includes wall-mount docking station
  • Includes Hard Floor Tool
    Dyson DC35 Digital Hand and Stick Slim Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner:
    • The Dyson DC35 Multi Floor Vacuum with Hard Floor Tool has a 2 year warranty - Parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson for 2 years
    • The Dyson Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner uses Root Cyclone patented technology that doesn't lose suction power as you vacuum
    • The Dyson Multi-Floor Vacuum Cleaner is powered by the Dyson digital motor, the fastest, most power-efficient motor ever developed for a cordless vacuum cleaner
    • Motorized floor tool - ultra-fine conductive carbon fiber brushes clean hard floors. Rotating nylon brushes remove ground-in dirt from carpets
    • Fade free 22.2V lithium-ion battery recharges up to three times faster than others
    • 15 minutes of high constant suction for regular cleaning, (13 minutes with the motorized floor tool attachment), or 6 minutes on MAX power for more difficult tasks.
    • Detachable long-reach wand reaches up high, down low and into awkward gaps for cleaning hard-to-reach areas conveniently
    • Cleaner head articulates 180? without losing contact with the floor
    • Hygienic bin emptying minimizes risk of contact with dirt
    • Clear bin is made of tough polycarbonate, lets you see when it needs emptying
    • Made from the strongest materials available, to withstand daily bumps and bashes
    • Cleaner head stays flat to the floor when pulling back and when the machine is fully reclined
    • The Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner docking station recharges and stores the machine and attachments when not in use
    • Motorized brush bar can be attached directly to machine for cleaning stairs
    • Dyson Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Weighs 4.96 lbs.
    • Dyson Digital Slim Multi-Floor vacuum includes motorized brush bar, combination accessory tool, crevice tool, Hard Floor Tool and docking station

    Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool:
    • Dyson-engineered
    • Maneuvers easily
    • Perfect for hard surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile or linoleum
    • Head turns 90 degrees to each side allowing for cleaning in tight spaces and gaps
    • Bristle gaps for larger debris uptake
    • Compatible with all Dyson uprights and canisters
  • Included in this bundle

    Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool

    4.5 stars ratings
  • For improved cleaning on hard floors
  • Maneuvers easily and cleans narrow gaps
  • Compatible with all Dyson uprights and canisters