Duck Brand Neon Neon Orange Duct Tape, 6-Pack

Walmart #: 1XX0XJDXSH3G

About this bundle

Use your imagination to create with Duck Brand Orange Duct Tape, 6-Pack. This tape in a bright orange color can be used creatively to make many different things, from bags to folders for school. Duck brand duct tape is strong enough to provide a lasting hold.

Duck Brand Neon Neon Orange Duct Tape, 6-Pack:

  • Duck tape brand duct tape comes with 6 rolls of tape, each measuring 1.88" x 15 yards
  • See individual item for a complete description

Included in this bundle

6 included

Duck Brand Duct Tape, 1.88" x 15 yard, Orange Neon - 6 included

5.0 stars ratings
  • Great for crafts
  • Tears easily by hand
  • High-performance strength and adhesion characteristics