Coleman 54-Quart Steel Belted Cooler with $15+ Value Added Coupon Book

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About this bundle

Keep up to 54-quarts of contents, safe, and cooled with the Coleman 54-Quart Ice Chest Cooler. Lightweight and easily portable, this classic steel-belted cooler from Coleman lets you store items in their ideal temperature for a long time. This Coleman steel belted cooler has a durable base that ensures safety for the items kept inside. The lid with solid steel latch securely seals your contents. The rust-resistant hinges and screws protect the cooler box against breakage, whereas the stainless-steel handles with rubber grips make it easy to carry along. The red cooler box also has a leak-resistant channel drain that helps drain the liquid even without tilting the box. The base, lid, and liner are easy to clean, making for hassle-free maintenance.

The Coleman Cooler Summer $15+ Value Added Coupon Book includes coupons and special offers from brands like Coleman, FoodSaver, Vlasic, Pepcid, Milo's Kitchen, Dixie, Ball Park, Kingsford and Kibbles 'n Bits, as well as great article Coleman 54 Quart Steel Belted Ice Chest Red Cooler Box:
  • Easy-to-clean, durable base, lid and liner
  • Rustproof, leak-resistant channel drain for no-tilt draining

  • Coleman Cooler Summer $15+ Value Added Coupon Book:
    • Coupons and special offers from your favorite brands
    • Great articles on outdoor summer fun

    Included in this bundle

    Coleman 54-Quart Steel Cooler

    4.5 stars ratings
    Coleman brings back a classic with this Coleman 54-quart steel cooler. Completely redesigned for today's active lifestyles, this Coleman stainless steel cooler has tremendous cold-keeping capability. In fact the Coleman steel-belted cooler can keep ice up for to three full days in temperatures up to 100 degrees Farenheit.