Choice of DS Game with Bonus 5PK Styluses (DS)

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About this bundle

Choice of DS Game with Bonus 5PK Styluses for only $15! The perfect stocking stuffer. Engineered to work with any Nintendo DS system, these five high-gloss retractable metal styluses coordinate with the color of your system and feature Nintendo-approved material on the tips to keep your screens happy. Keep a few at work, a couple in the car — wherever you might want to use your Nintendo 3DS. These high-gloss, retractable metal styluses are a perfect fit for any Nintendo DS system.
Power A DS Universal Stylus Set (DS):
  • High-gloss, retractable metal styli
  • Designed for use with Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo DSi XL, Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DS Lite
  • Includes 5 replacement styli