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Backyard Discovery Montpelier Cedar Wooden Swing Set
Backyard Discovery Montpelier Cedar Wooden Swing Set
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Rated 3.3 out of 5 by 50 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Must Have for Your Backyard!!!!!! My husband & I just bought this swing set for our 4 kids for there Birthday's (all coming up in May). The kids love it and range in age's 10, 7 (twins), and 1. I think this is the biggest bang for your buck when looking for a great swing set for kids. I also modified it just a little and turned the space under the fort into a sand box! If you have 1 or 10 kids this set is perfect! I will add one more note it says it takes 12 hours to put together and it does if only two people. I recomend trying to get a couple of friends to help and sorting all the piece's into piles before you start. I have added a picture with 2 of my kids playing hope you enjoy!!!!!! 04/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Kids love it!! All parts were labeled, but it still took forever to find them. It is easier if you read the instructions all the way through and then start on it. We had a lot of leftover bolts. Looks really good, the kids LOVE it. We still have to fix the door b/c the hinges on it are pretty soft and bend easily and the wind caught it, so now it is a little crooked but otherwise a great buy. It does move when they are swinging on the glider thing, but otherwise it is very stable. We are very happy with it and think it was a good investment. We just need to water seal it, b/c it has faded just a bit...but we have had it since March so we kind of expected that. The slide is pretty fast too, though my husband said it was a pain to put together. I have been in the 'clubhouse' with my kids too, very sturdy, no issues so far. And we didn't have to replace any parts, none were warped, cracked or anything. Just don't tighten TOO hard, b/c it will crack. We love this swing set. 06/20/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great set, but be careful of rain while building. This is an awesome playset. We just finished today after four days of building (about 16 hours, some by myself, most with my wife, she rocks!) so yes, it does take as long as advised to build. All of the parts were marked, some difficult to read, but you can figure them out by size and holes. Directions are decent, especially if you have done prior "build it yourself" items. A word of warning. Do not let boards get wet while you are building. They hold some water and get wider!!! We left them out in a rain shower overnight, and the next day, we had trouble installing boards on the sides and floor of the playhouse area. They are designed to fit snug even when dry. When they get wet, they do not fit. I had to cut the end boards, which is no picnic, as some are nearly 4 feet long. The kids played on it today, as we finished the slide, and they are in heaven! This set is well worth the price, even the higher $799 price. Hopefully we'll get an allowance markdown now that it has dropped $100. 06/21/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by The kids love it but is made of light duty cedar. Thought it would be a little stronger wood. I wouldn't waste my money on this one again.I would spend more money to get one with 4X4 posts and one inch thick cedar boards.I'll end up spending three hundred more on lumber just to sturdy it up more.Most of the labels on the boards were hard to read what they were.Would not recommend this swing set spend the money for one with better lumber lots of split boards. 07/18/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Impressive at first My husband and I had a kid-free weekend and we assembled it in 9 hours. He is handy, I am not. I gathered the parts and hardware and had them ready for the next step, always trying to be one step ahead of him. He had just had knee surgery and I was 8 months pregnant, just to give you an idea of some challenges we had. We started by organizing the parts around the perimeter of the garage. We assembled it in two parts in the garage for perfect leveling, then took it outside. There is NO rhyme or reason to the labeling of the hardware - it was a waste of my time to inventory. The wood is thin, cracks easily. The door does not stay closed, we probably will put a fix to that at some point. My hubby and I are smaller, and neither one of us can stand up on the play set - we would definitely break some wood. The kids and neighbor kids LOVE it. We've had up to 7 kids on it, but I swear it's going to topple over. With two kids swinging, they have to swing opposite each other or the whole thing rocks so bad it freaks me out. They love the surfboard thing. One last thing...I was really irritated after comparing reviews, ads, and items for months, then when we purchased this one it went $100 rollback within the month and we could not get a price difference. Still irritates me. If I had a do-over, I would probably opt for something of higher quality. 12/26/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Several Missing Pieces I definitly DO NOT recommend this swingset. We bought this for our son as a Christmas Gift. We opened the box, sorted out all of the pieces. Started step one. Didn't have all of the pieces to get started on step one!!!! I decided to take inventory and found out we were missin over 20 boards!!!! AWEFULL!!!! I called the company. It took them 1 1/2 weeks to get me the boards and I was still short 7 boards!!!! This is ridiculous. I am still waiting on the 7 boards to arrive. I have been able to put together bits and pieces but I am not making very good progress. This should have already been put together. I have been calling to check on the status of these 7 boards and now can't get anyone to answer the phone. So purchase at your own risk. 01/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My kids love it Not only is this swing set beautiful but my kids love it! It's very time consuming to put together but the directions are clear and the parts are already labeled. My only issue with this swing set is that the wood splits easily. Other than that it's a great swing set. 05/17/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by perfect addition at our house we just got this for our daughter's birthday. it was the best value i found after looking at A LOT of wooden swing sets. my husband put this together by himself, and he isn't exactly a carpenter, in around the predicted time for two people. i thought it was a bit absurd that the slide had to even be assembled, but they may all come like that. this had ALOT of pieces. but pretty specific info and intructions. my husband says after daughter gets alot heavier we will do something to improve the flooring. she's only 26 pounds now. it comes with a metal plate, shown over the swings section. the back of the plate is plain, and we are having it monogrammed with an auto decal with her initials, just to make it more special, and putting the plate under the bay window. we are also adding a simple latch to the clubhouse door so it doesn't fly open in the wind and ultimately damage the hinges. we love this swing set and she has already been all over it! i foresee alot of days outside in the fall! very happy with it!... also i heard if you put roofing shingles under all the parts that touch the ground it cuts down on weed eating time. so we are getting those today. 09/17/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Do not waste your money Do not waste your money. Save up and buy a quality sturdy swing set. This swing set is junk. I am hoping we get a year or two out of it. Here are the issues we have had: 1. Some wood had to be cut because of length to long. (Example: Ladder step) 2. Not sure what type of wood the swing set is but it is no cedar we have seen before. The wood is not standard sized wood. For example what we would have thought been 2x4’s (1 ½ x 3 ½) actually had a measurement of 1 ¼ x 3 ¼. 3. The stain on the wood is pathetic. It looks like the manufacture did a quick splash spray to just give it some color. 4. Boards were not square. 5. Pre drilled holes had to re-drilled to try and square the clubhouse. 6. Screws were not strong quality steel. The heads would strip with just a few turns of by hand. We had to go over all swing set screws and bolts with a sander/buffer to smooth out the sharp edges created by the stripping. 7. The first day after completion we had a storm roll through our area. After the storm we inspected the swing set and found the door hinges bent. The door hinges are made from a soft metal. With little ease the door hinges can be bent with your hands. 8. The second day the kids were playing in the clubhouse and 4 year old leaned on the door and the doorstop broke into 2 pieces. 9. The third day the kids were playing in the clubhouse and a 3 year old pushed on the door and the piece off wood that the door was mounted on broke in 2. Needless to say the door is not longer attached. 10. One floorboard in the clubhouse has split. 11. Bolts and screws are pulling out because the wood is so soft. 05/21/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Nice Swingset, but confusing instructions. This swingset was bought for our granddaughter. Parts are not clearly marked, and some were not marked at all. Some boards were cracked and warped. Others did not line up with the pre-drilled holes. Instructions are confusing and difficult to read. Due to the above mentioned problems, we are on day 3 of construction and still have at the very least, another day tomorrow. 05/21/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by If the wood wasn't so thin, it would be awesome. The set is a good size and looks nice in our yard. However, The wood pieces are VERY thin and in spite of reading the reviews and warning the guys not to over-tighten, some of the pieces split while putting it together. Also, some of the wood pieces were already split when we opened the box. This took three grown and fairly skilled men about 15 hours to assemble. The wood floor on top is thin and bows under the weight of my 38 lb 4 yr old, so we went to the hardware store to buy an additional 2x4 to help support her weight. I honestly don't think this set would stand up to anyone over the age of 8. I almost would rather have bought a metal one for $200 or a Step 2 plastic one. She does love the bench and the set in general, but I think for the money, it should be sturdier. Haven't called the company to see about replacing the split pieces, don't know how good their customer service is. Very nice looking though. 11/28/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by After reading the reviews we were a little worried about the assembly. Me, my wife and two kids (1 &4) worked on it all day Saturday, taking an afternoon break for naps, and finished Sunday by 11 a.m. We were only shorted one bolt that we matched at a local hardware store. I think it is great for the value and it totally meets our expectations, we would highly recommend this to a family or friend. Keep your cool through assembly and you will have it done quick. 07/03/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good Value for the money! This set is not to shabby for the money, considering there are sets at the other big box stores for double the price for about the same thing - this one will do just fine. TAKE YOUR TIME when setting screws to prevent cracking. I looked at the directions twice the night before costruction which helped a ton. Just as other reviewers have stated before...seperate and pile all the lumber into piles according to their number - saves ALOT of time. As for the clubhouse - i put a 2x4 underneath to provide extra protection for the floor. and please please follow and COMPLETE directions in order - or it will slow u down - (learned from experience) :) the directions are straight forward if you take the time to read and look at which way the boards are positioned. and..the kids love the wave rider!! I spent week looking for a playset at all th online and sotores in my area and I am pleased I went with this one at this price! 05/16/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Value! We ordered this set at the current sale price, after spending weeks reading reviews and comparing prices and stores. It arrived at the store in less than 2 weeks. Every piece was labeled. We took time to sort all of the pieces and inventory at the same time. This took a bit of time, but really helped to know the parts later on when we were following the directions. I thought the directions were very easy to follow. For every step, I put aside all of the hardware that we would need as we came to the next step. Like some others have said, we too had quite a bit of hardware such as screws left. The hardest part of this build was keeping the fort level. We noticed after we had way too many pieces in place that we were off by a bit, but wound up leaving it that way and adjusting the ground, before doing the final anchoring. We took our time and did a little bit every day. I built quite a bit in doors, such as the fort, windows, slide and wave board. My only complaint is that my tiny 3 year old son has already hit his head several times when he gets to the top of the ladder, with the piece of curved wood that forms part of the fort. I think this wood is just too low here, and on the slide side. We made sure to treat the wood with some weather proofing clear polyurethane, once we finished building it. We have had a little rain and it is holding up well so far. Overall my we have had many children play on this set ranging from ages 2 to 12, and everyone loves it! 04/30/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great once assembled. Poor lumber. The instructions were clear. MOST of the parts were marked well. They even provided some driver bits and torx wrenches. MOST of the boards were warped, very few were straight. They also split easily. This led to a lot of extra time spent try to make things square and level. It took two of us (both skilled handymen) approximately 18 hours to complete. If you aren't handy and/or don't have access to a lot of tools, I recommend you have someone who knows what they are doing assemble it. We spent a lot of time adjusting and improvising for the warped, poor quality lumber. If you are going to assemble it yourself, I recommend you purchase a torx 30 and 40 end for your ratchet driver. They do provide these wrenches, but my hands ache after using them for the past two days. Don't use a cordless driver on anything with fine threads. They strip easily. However, it was all worth it, seeing the ear to ear smile on my daughter's face after it was done!!! 10/10/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by I bought this swing set after my son outgrew his Step 2 plastic one. It wasn't until after I purchased it that I read reviews and was almost scared away from the entire thing based off that. However, we got our set and it had all the pieces. Sure the wood is not the highest quality but overall it's really nice for the cost. Some of the holes don't line up especially on the floorboards of the fort but we got it to work anyways. The biggest headache was the slide. It took 3 people to get that to go together and the screws weren't very clear.. the only ones that fit the description were labeled for wood. We did use those and I guess those were the correct ones. In all I'd say get it, it's affordable and cute and should last if taken care of. I wouldn't recommend this for older children though. 04/30/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Picture is misleading - Actually is SMALL OK I bought this to replace an aging set, when I got the directions out to read and prepare to set this up for my sons birthday I found out that it is actually SMALLER than the set he has? It has a large "footprint" in a yard but the actuall set is low in height. The ladder and upper platfrom is only four feet high. What a dissapointment and now it is going back to the store. Waited two weeks to get - only to be returning it and dissapointing my son on his birthday and having to drive 60 miles to return it. . They must have used "little people" for the pictures, the club house platform is only FOUR FEET HIGH off the goround? this is 1.5 feet LOWER than the set he has now.the TOP of the swings is 81"? The clubhouse door is 35" tall, now that I know this I notice things like the boy in blue on the ladder in the pic is actually about 8-12" LOWER than the platform MOVE him proportiantly to the clubhouse platform and he is actually BARELY able to fit in there. YES the wood is thin, when my wife saw it she even commented on how cheap it was and told me to take it back. According to the directions it is stained but NOT TREATED for weathering so if you buy one for a small child be prepared to "seal" it with some sort of weatherproofing and BTW it is LITERALLY made with "China Cedar wood " (actually states that in the directions) . For ages around 3-6 this would be a good set with proper maintenance and supervision- it is a "Made in China" set for those that do care. 04/23/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Value Granted, we completed assembly today, and I can't speak to the long-term durability of the set at this point . However, I have been impressed thus far. The parts were packed impeccably. 1 piece of wood was received broken (easily glued) and we were missing 6 bolts (which we remedied at the local hardware store for less than $3). My Dad and I assembled everything in 14 hrs. Don't let installation issues dissuade you from purchasing this unit. The little mongrels (2 and 5) were released upon this thing for several hours, and it's still standing. Seriously, there were no wood splits, the hardware was right on. The set appears to be sturdy. We'll see. 12/11/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by AWESOME!! I bought this set for my 2 year old son and he LOVES it!! Didn't have any missing pieces and was easily put together by my boyfriend and his brother. Directions were easy to follow and it did take about 16 hrs for them to complete it. Overall it was worth every penny! 08/14/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible!! We were so excited when we ordered this swing set. When we finally received it we were very disappointed. The wood is very thin and cheap. The slide was broken and is very poor quality. I would not recommend this product. 05/04/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by I wasn't sure this was the swingset I really wanted after reading some reviews. We only had 1 small damaged piece of wood, which my husband duplicated without any trouble. There was no missing hardware, in fact we have many pieces left over. Since my husband was on vacation, he assembled this over 3 days, taking his time, and sorting and building all but the center section first. It took him longer to build the "fort" section than any other part. My husband is a wood worker in his spare time and this set was very easy for him build. Looks great and our 6 yr old granddaughter loves it. 04/25/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by NOT WORTH $800 !!!!!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP We bought this a little over a month ago and we have a 2 and 6 year old. We got it all together and noticed it start to crack in spots not small cracks, big cracks, where the swings are attached across the top, where the monkey bars are attached and many other spots. The wind caught the small door on the play house and tore it clear off breaking the board it was attached to. When putting it together the directions were wrong for board sizes and 3 to 4 or more didn't fit in the spots they were supposed to go. It was more of a hassle mess than anything. We're about half afraid to let the kids swing on it as the boards keep cracking. 07/08/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Looks good in backyard, but poor structure. It took me, my husband, and teenage son 1 full day (11 hours) and two half days to finish this product. While putting the product together, boards kept splitting while drilling. Some of the instructions were unclear because it did not clarify which bolts or nuts go where. We had to take boards off a few times in order to finish the subsequent steps, so that was frustrating. Overall, the product looks good, and is perfect for my three year old. However, I have an 8 and 9 year old that can swing on it, but when they get in the fort, the structure wobbles. It looks good in the backyard and the kids love the waveboard, but I am not happy with the overall quality, It needs stronger wood. We will be reinforcing the floorboard and bench seat. (the bench bends under my 3-year olds wieght). I would have rather spent more money and got a better set. 05/16/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by I'm not sure if I would recommend this item or not. The wood doesn't seem to be all that. When my 5 & 7 yr old are play in the play house the floor deck moves. The kids do love it but I wished I had've got something more sturdy than this one. It took my husband 2 days to get this up with very little help. Most of the parts didn't match what the directions called for. The bags that the bolts were in were labeled one thing and the book said to use another thing. Some of the boards were labeled wrong too. It was more of a headache than anything. 05/01/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by my kids love it this is a great product for the price we are very happy with our purchase, when we first opened the box's to assemble we were overwhelmed, wow is all i can say they really do now how to pack. I started by taking out everthing and alphabetically sorting all the parts and peices and checked if all the pieces were there, thankfully they were, this process alone took me 3 hours, It took a whole week for me and MY DH to assmeble this swing set, we worked on it a few hours a night when it was not raining or storming, the wood is pretty good quilty but splits easily, the door stop split right in half when we tried to attach it so we just tossed it and went to home depot to buy hardware for the door to keep it from swinging out in all the time. the instuction say not to use a power drill but if you go slow enough and tighten with a screwdriver you will be fine. i would defintally recommend this swing set to anybody, just be ready to spend lots of time putting it togather. Its worth it though, the kids love it and use it everyday 04/25/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by 50 parts missing The two boxes arrived and we opened and went through all the parts - and found that we are missing about 50 different pieces (wood, bolts, etc.) We've called the manufacter and they are fed exing us those parts, to receive them in 3 to 5 days. Considering this company messed up on so many parts in our first order - we're not too confident that the subsequent package will be correct - and this is after hours spent of opening, sorting and trying to put this together already - and compare everything to the two different packing slips this set came with. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone - can't imagine any excuse to cover not sending 50 pieces of this product and not sending the correct packing slip and manual. 04/22/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Looks can be decieving.... Very DISSATISFIED with this swingset... Easy to put together but some of the predrilled holes dont line up, wood is very flimsy and alot of it cracked!!! If it wasn't already cracked!!!! When my 6 year old nefew swings the swingset gives a little,,, cant see this swingset laster very long,,, wish I never bought this!!!!! 04/28/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by HOURS OF FUN FOR A GREAT PRICE!!! We bought this swing set as a birthday present for our two year old and he LOVES it!!! Who are we kidding, we love it too! Be sure to dedicate several hours to building it though. It took us every bit of 13 hours to put it together. The best advice I can give is to lay out all of the lumber and hardware first. Take an inventory of every piece. Laying the lumber out alphabetically will really help with the building process. Of course, as soon as our son started having the time of his life on the swing set it made the 13 hours totally worth it. It really is a great set for the money. I had done research for months and similar sets were at least $100-$200 more than this one with less activities. We are very pleased!! Great swing set!! 09/12/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by I was heart broken. Many of the boards were worped. As a result it visually leaned. It also took at least 17 hours to put together. In addition the playset is extremely light in weight. Anchors are a MUST! I would NEVER advise anyone to purchase this. It was not worth the time, money and effort. 07/22/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Poor quality wood and not very sturdy Having read several other reviews, I have to agree that whilst this is a nice looking swing set (looks just like the picture), it is poor quality wood. Despite how heavy the boxes were, the wood itself is very light, thin and soft and some pieces already had splits in them - I had expected it to be heavier duty and for the main posts for the fort be 4x4 instead of 2x4. The instructions were pretty easy to follow, although I think there was an error in the instructions when it came to attaching the roof as far as where the bolts and washers were to go. Whilst the floorboards for the fort were pre-drilled, the holes on one side were too far in and so didn't locate with the board underneath to which they were to be attached - needless to say, I had to re-drill them. I had to really space out the boards for the door to the fort, otherwise you end up with a big gap on one side of the doorway when you attach the door. The door doesn't really stay shut very well and about a week after putting up the swing set, we had a big thunderstorm and high winds and the door hinges bent and the door came off. Whilst the manufacturer recommends this swing set for up to age 10 and claims that up to 9 kids can play on it at any one time, I am somewhat dubious. I have a 5yr old and 3yr that play on the swing set and when they play on the actual swings, the whole fort rocks back and forth with the motion of the swings and I am convinced that sooner or later the wood is going to split from all the twisting. Because of this, the screws and bolts do tend to work loose rather quickly, so you do have to check them often and re-tighten them (it does mention this in the instruction manual when it talks about safety and maintenance of the swing set - recommending that you check the nuts and bolts twice monthly during high usage and the swing beam fixtures every 2 weeks). I constantly worry about how safe the swing set is when my kids are playing on it and would not buy this again. My advice if you are considering buying a swing set would be to go to a company that specializes in swing sets and has them out on display so that you can have a proper look at them - see what type of materials they use, how thick the wood is, feel how sturdy they are and try them out before you buy. That is the only disadvantage with shopping online - you can't always tell what you are getting for your money and what the quality of the product is going to be like. 06/26/2012
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