Assurance Underpad Extra, 4pk 18ct ea

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Assur Undpads Ex 18 features good quality material for extra absorbance. These protective underpads are designed to offer extra protection for patients who are confined to their beds or chairs. These bed underpads can also be used for those with disability and bone fractures. On the whole, the Assur Undpads offers complete convenience for patients who can?t make a trip to the restroom.

Assur Undpads Ex 18:
  • Assurance brand exclusive to Wal-Mart
  • Protective Underpads with Extra absorbency
  • Use in beds, chairs, etc...
  • Save More Live Better
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    Assurance Underpads Large 18 ct - 4 included

    4.0 stars ratings
    Assurance brand Underpads in Extra absorbency. For use in beds, chairs, etc&for extra protection