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Rated 5 out of 5 by perfect for pet owners and families I bought this at a local store and it has been perfect for our family. The installation was Not quite as easy as it looked on TV but it only took about 20 minutes. I had seen the commercial on TV many times and finally decide to take the plunge and buy it at the store. We have had it up for about 3 weeks and it has worked flawlessly. I was worried it would take a long time for our dogs to figure it out but it only took them 1 day! I no longer hear the door slamming constantly by my kids. I am going back to purchase 2 more next week. I love the fresh air with no bugs! 05/18/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Idea! I bought this item for my Patio Door, I was sceptical due to some negative reviews. I ended up giving it a try, since we had so many bugs coming into our home. I have to say that it was super easy to install, and the magnets are strong enough to click right back to close position. I am going back to getting another one for my front door. It seems to be made pretty well, but even if it only lasts us one summer, I'd be glad to get another next summer, it certainly beats having flies and mosqitos bugging the living daylight out of us...We like the product! 07/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I LOVE IT AND HERE'S A HELPFUL TIP ON HANGING IT. I love everything about Magic Mesh and am glad to see it sold in Walmart so I don't have to "wait for the bonus offer if I just pay separate shipping and handling" from the TV ads. I have 2 of them now and am about to go get a third one. AS WITH ANY PRODUCT LIKE THIS, you may have to do some modications of your own. My door frames have slightly curved and not-so-typical framing so the included velcro and black tacks have to be adjusted based on MY end of the installation. To get the screens up, a trusty and handy old desk stapler allowed me to have them up in about 5 minutes per set of screens. It's probably better than the velcro and tacks. Truly, I've had no problems at all with the screens being stapled. On top of that, no messy adhesive glue from the velcro to pull the paint off my framing. And, black velcro strips on a white door frame? Nah! I left about 16 inches of the screen where the door opens unstapled so my cats can easier get in and out. I still have a good bit of protection from outdoor pests. The BIGGEST benefit for me is being able to better safeguard my cats when they want to play outside. A month ago, and before I had the Magic Mesh screens, one of my cats was severely attacked by 2 vicious stray dogs. She should be in kitty heaven now because she was in critical shape. (She's recovered very well!) I've made it a point to keep the doors open and not have any non-necessary noises going on around me that could prevent me from hearing any potential distress. Again, the screens have made a substantial part of my fears become better managed and my outdoor-loving cats still get to enjoy their lives as opposed to me keeping them all in from now on. They shouldn't be held prisoner and I love to see them playing in the grass and taking it easy. I DEFINITELY WANT TO REMIND EVERYONE TO BE ALERT OF YOUR OWN SAFETY AND SECURITY WHILE YOUR DOORS ARE OPENED. All in all, I totally recommend this product! The magnets are stronger than one reviewer mentioned. They love my metal door, that's for sure! I'm enjoying the screens and in my own oddly absurd way, I love looking at them and playing with the magnets. Cheap thrills indeed. I feel like you'll be surprised at what this simple product can do to improve your indoor/outdoor enjoyment. If you have pets, I found it best to leave a bottom corner of the screens unfastened so they will find it easier to understand. The screen still drops closed after they enter and exit. My cats had to be visually shown at first and now they understand it. Also, I no longer have to leave food and water bowls outside any more than I have to. Ants and mosquito larvae aren't a good thing for them to ingest. They can come in to get their refreshments all fresh, clean and cool, and I can keep tabs on who's in and who's out. GO GET ONE OR SEVERAL. You won't regret it. I hope this helps you and I'd love to hear any comments. 07/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Do not listen to the bad reviews This is so much better than I thought it would be. If you install it correctly it works great. You have to read the directions. If it is too long, grab a tape measurer. Thats it. Just adjust the length. Its not that hard. My wife loves it. Cuts way down on flies in the house. 06/19/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better than other mesh screen doors I have used mesh screen gizmos for as long as I have had dogs because I would much rather have them "free run", instead of being a slave to the door. First of all, to save yourself many headaches with the velcro strips that come unglued, pull away from the mesh, etc...Just haul out your fancy staple gun and staple the screen up. It takes no more than five minutes and you can shorten the length as much as you need to, and taken in the width by rolling the mesh and then stapling it to the exterior door frame. Love it, and yes the magnets are strong and you hear "click, click, click, click" each and every time you enter or exit the screen. 10/27/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Junk! Great concept sucked me in. And it does work -- but for only a day or two. The adhesive tabs they give you fail in about 2 days. And when you duct tape it up in place, the screen begins to tear away from the black edging seams. Junk Junk Junk!!! 05/29/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't waste your money!! My major complaint is that the magnets are not strong enough to hold the two screens together! The concept is great, but the product is useless. With the slightest breeze the screens will come apart and billow in the wind. Looking for solutions to this problem, I started reading online reviews. I'm certainly not alone in my opinion of this "magic mesh". I will be returning it. 05/22/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by keeps bugs out Look its not ment for long term use it does the job its suppose to do keeps the bugs out, if you want something better ten go pay 200 dollars and get a metal screen installed..I don't care what others say to me it was a good buy. 07/23/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I like it It works great....I can leave the door open and the dogs go in and out through it. 02/25/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent Price and It WORK!! I been searching online for a similar product because the RATING is so LOW, Everybody say don’t waste your money on this product! I search on Amazon, bug off Instant screen its like 35.22 + taxes it will be like 40 dollar. Then, I come up an Idea thinking I can make one my own!! Calculating the material costs, around 15-20 dollar, and having to worry about if it doesn’t work. And on their official website BUY 1 get 1 FREE!! What a good deal, 19.95 and you have TWO, BUT!! It doesn’t include S&H shipping and handling. And you have to pay for the extra 7.95 S&H for the free one, so it will cost $15.00 just for the shipping Itself. And we when on shopping trip to WALMART, and saw this product and thought I would just give it a try. Cons: before we setting it up, We know there are some problems, 1. Two Mesh Panels, They are the same length But the magnet doesn’t line up 100%,its more like 97%, so two panel doesn’t line up perfectly, little bit off. (I can deal with that) 2. Our door its 31inch, the mesh its more like 39 inch. (how should I deal with it) DON’T do what we did, take it as a tip. So we can’t set up like the instruction, because our door is smaller, or else it will be tape on outside of the door frame which is on the wall. We folded the side inward, so it will be tying it up, but it’s too tight that the magnet doesn’t come together. So we figure it should be loose. We redo the taping, the normal way, and we overlapping the top middle tape, so that the top pulling the magnets together all the way to the bottom. It WORKS! IT WORK like it’s on the commercial. I have 2 dogs, a collie and a golden retriever; it looks like they don’t need to learn how to use it, just come so naturally. They love it, we love it, I can really feel the breeze without worry about the annoying flies. HEY! just $14.00 not bad!! 07/03/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Magic Mesh Make sure you read all directions and place the mesh close together in the middle. Ours works fine but it doesn't always close back as we enter or exit the door frame. We have to do that manually. And we have had this for about two weeks and it is slightly ripping on the top :/. Nevertheless, it still does its job and blocks flies from immediately entering our home. I hope this helps future buyers. I still intend on buying another one for our back door. Its a double door. 04/15/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Works great, with some work.... The Magic Mesh works great and does exactly what it claims to do. However, we have an aluminum doorframe and quickly learned that the small velcro stickers that attach the screen to the frame were too weak to be effective--they peeled off easily and the mesh fell under its own weight. We corrected this by buying larger strips of heavy-duty velcro at a hardware story and using them to replace the strips that came with the kit, after which it worked so well that it quickly became a summer necessity! The repair job we did was easy and inexpensive, and we like our Magic Mesh, but it seemed a shame we had to spend extra money--even if it was only five more bucks--to get the product to function as it should. 05/02/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by PLEASE believe me when I tell you that if it seems too good to be true... it probably is. We bought ours off the website, ordered the "durable" mesh, and paid WAY more than what this junk is worth. I just want people to know that this stuff is not a great "alternative" to an actual screen door. What WE paid for it off the website we could have bought a brand new replacement door, AND after it finally arived almost 3 months later we got to try it out before it turned real cold. You half to get it perfectly level or the magnets wont snap together, and then the little velcro tab thingys begin to unstick, then the door will blow open if a stronger breeze comes along (which you are TRYING to capture) but in come all the flys on the screen (which it says it will keep out), and finally it has begun to rip, mind you this is suposed to be the "durable" mesh, and it is ripping along the top. I would NOT recomend you wasting your money on this product. I am extremely UN-impressed. 07/16/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Works but... I just purchased this product at my local Wal-Mart, it was easy to install, velcro seems to work fine. My issue is the black edging keeps coming unsown, I'm on my second one now and after one day it is coming apart again! I like the concept, dogs use it without issue, but if it isn't durable then what good is it? I would have considered paying a little more for one that would last, now I will probably have to take this one down and return it and do without. 06/20/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great for my purpose! This product is everything they say on the box and advertisement. With any product though you need to assess your need and if it will work for that need. We installed the Magic Mesh over the door that leads from our kitchen to our garage. We live in an apartment with little or no cross venelation and we didn't want to install a screen door in the rental we will only have for one year and so far it is meeting that need perfectly. It intalls very easily and we did use the tacks that it came with to re-enforce the top. The tops of the tacks do break off easily though and make sure the magnets are able to close before tacking; it is easy to get it too taut across the top. I am not convinced that this would be a good product in the out of doors but works well on an interior standard size door. 08/20/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by exactly what I expected. make sure to plan it out before you begin any installation. I like having a little excess dragging. It puts extra weight on the bottom. once my cats figured it out, they have no problem letting themselves in and out. 07/25/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is actually not bad for the money Folks, I just bought this like about 3 weeks ago. It works well for what I needed it for . I am renting and can not add a screen door to the front of the house so I bought this screen. Its the best cheap product I ever bought. The magnets worked very well except when its really windy out side :). It keeps out the bugs and my 2 five year old twin boys walk through it every day and its still up . The best part is that you receive tacks with the screen and this helps to keep the screen in place. I already recommended this product to my friends and families. I love it. 02/12/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't waste your money. This product is extremely cheap. I don't mean inexpensive of the worse purchases. The adhesive strips are weak and the glue doesn't stand up to the heat of the sun, therefore, the Velcro detaches from the frame and ALL SORTS of bugs, big & small have their way in. It's too long for the sliding glass door {standard size door}. Being too long, it causes the puppies to step on the bottom, which pulls it down from the top, the material is very flimsy. It looked great...the first couple of hours that it was hanging. But it wasn't long before it was ripped off one side and needed to be removed completely and placed in its proper place.....the trash. 06/16/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by It was up less than 24 hours before tearing.... and a plastic magnet casing breaking and falling away. I live in a fairly mild climate and bought this item so I could leave my door open for my 3 dogs while keeping bugs out. It was up and installed for less than a day before tearing from use or the wind. Also, one of the plastic casings that houses the magnets keeping the 2 screen "curtain" pieces together broke apart. A good concept, but not a good product for a household with 3 lively dogs. 01/08/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy install We had one last year worked great.You can put them up w/ the thumb tacks provided,I have used a staple gun. and you can take it down in the winter.very good product. 04/10/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by What a joke Don't waste your money. Velcro doesn't stick to a house! Walk through it and it falls down. Great idea just poorly put together 06/12/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Junk Took 25 mins to hang and adjust, then with moderate breeze the thing just slings open and doesnt close. Piece of JUNK 09/06/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by exactly as expected. keeps the bugs out, and easy to install. 04/10/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by walk through screen these work great, however the two sided tape is not that strong so I usually staple them up, Otherwise I highly recommend 03/21/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Works just like it says This works just like the box and commercials say, even when the magnets are not flush with each other. We have gotten more compliments on this since we put it up. The paramedics that came to the house also said it was great, we offered to take it down and they said it was not necessary. When it was time to take my roommate out, they were able to take her out of the door quite easily. It did not rip or tear either. 10/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Works great for keeping the bugs out! It was easy to install and works perfectly! No more bugs in the house and still lets the cool air in. Our cat found it easy to use also. 07/19/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by GREATEST I have this, for about three years now. I bought one at a different place then Wal-Mart and I love it. I had it First on the entry door to our trailer. It was perfect. It took my American Bulldog about two weeks to figure out if you push on the screen it opens. Once he did that, If he wanted out, he went. It did keep all the bugs out. When I moved to a different house in a different town, I took this door with me. The other house has a good screen door on it with glass as well for the winter months. I then put this mesh door upstairs where it stayed on the entry door to the computer room to add character. It stayed there for about one year, until the wheelchair ran over the bottom of it and it took one entire side off. That place I got it has discontinued it. I am now in the market for another one, and feel that my only hope is Wal-Mart. I Love This item so much, I will have to get the more expensive one from Wal-Mart. 05/24/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Now, all my friends want one! You'll need a hammer, measuring tape and a step ladder. The ladder is if your not more than 5/5 so you can reach the top of door frame. It comes with black tacks. I placed mine between the Velcro strips. It works very well and I love the sound of the clicks when it closes behind you. The reason instructions say not to let it drag at bottom during installation is because when a big wind pushes it open, the bottom wont click closed if its dragging on floor. . 05/21/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by fell off the second day i had high hopes for this. we're at a townhome without a screen. seemed perfect. but the day after i put it up, it started falling down. the adhesive just didn't cut it for our door jam. the magnets didn't really hold it together when it was up. 04/23/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Handy for a busy house. I really was worried before we used this product but it is great. we have a new steel door on the back of our house and it needed some type of screen to keep bugs out. We have less problem with flies and wasps in our house since we put this up. The only problem is that it is too easy and fast for our 20 month old great grandson to get outside if we turn our backs on him. I have recommended it to neighbors already. 07/13/2012
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