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Dipsters 20-1070 Patient Wear Girls One-Piece Small

  • Dipsters 20-1070 Patient Wear Girls One-Piece Small

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    About this product

    Item Description

    Limited-use, disposable garment is ideal for hydrotherapy, swimming pools and other situations requiring limited body coverage
    • Dipsters have proven effective in over 5,000 hospitals, clinics, facilities, training rooms
    • and even hotel pools since 1974! The limited-use, disposable garments are tough enough to reuse, and inexpensive enough to use only once
    • They can be washed and gas autoclaved
    • They are made from DuPont?s Tyvek (polyethylene), providing comfort and fast trying
    • One-piece has stretch middle and legs
    • Top is held in place with elastic trim and neck tie-string
    • Size: girls 4-6
    • USA

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