Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Magic Sword (1962)
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Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Magic Sword (1962)

Not Rated 92 minutes
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The son of a socrceress, armed with weapons, armour and six magically-summoned knights, goes on a quest to save a princess form a vengeful wizard.
Genres Adventure
Director Bert I. Gordon
Starring Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Anne Helm, Gary Lockwood View More
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Movie Summary

The son of a socrceress, armed with weapons, armour and six magically-summoned knights, goes on a quest to save a princess form a vengeful wizard.
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Movie Details

Genres Adventure
Director Bert I. Gordon
Starring Basil Rathbone, Estelle Winwood, Anne Helm, Gary Lockwood, Liam Sullivan, David Cross, Angus Duncan, Taldo Kenyon, Jack Kosslyn
Studio Name Vivendi Entertainment
Release Date 1962
VUDU Release Date 11/30/2013
Rating Not Rated About Ratings
Running Time 92 minutes
Language English
Audio Tracks SD/Full Frame, Dolby Digital

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