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Rated 5 out of 5 by This was a first time purchase of an Ebike product. Although I'm a male, I decided to purchase the E Trailz Low Step for several reasons. First, the low step had a fantastic sale price reduction at the time and also at 60+ in age I didn't want to be bothered with doing the hurdle over the center bar. Having ridden the bike I'm glad I made the decision to get the low step. The bike was shipped to the store and the box was in good shape when I picked it up. It's big of course but still just fit standing upright (which is how it's marked to be handled) into my SUV. Get someone to help you load it because it is heavy. The unit was well packaged and protected and was very easy to put together but I am mechanically inclined and have worked on bikes before. Took about a 1 hour total but I was in no hurry. The only adjustment that needed to be made was centering of the front brake pads. The manual is fairly good but could provide more thorough explanations at times and suffers slightly from translation issues. Inspecting the bike for loose screws, straight rims front and back and looking for any problem issues I found none. Quality seems to be very good. In charging the battery be aware of the following if you purchase. The charger has a red charging led and green charged okay or done led. In less than an hour the led went from charging status to green okay. Being an electronics tech I had done some measurements on the battery voltage both before and after charging. The battery was NOT completely charged when the green led went on, in fact was only at about 75% charge. So forget about the led lights and follow the instructions that say charge for 6-8 hours to insure the battery is at full charge. It took about 2 more hours before the battery was fully charged. My first ride was great fun and and I easily covered a 3-4 mile test run without any problems. The bike rides smoothly and not nearly as heavy feeling as I thought. When you stop or are trying to maintain balance you can feel the affect of the motor/battery weight attempting to pull you off balance. So while you have to be mindful of this it's not that bad and you quickly adjust. While you can clearly hear the motor it was not that loud or distracting. In my short test run I used up about half the useful charge as displayed on the throttle and also confirmed with a voltmeter later. But I was using TAG mode and leaning on the throttle more than I normally will do. So this bike will do the daily 5 mile commute I have planned with no problem. I am very happy with this product so far and would recommend to anyone wanting to enter E-biking. 02/10/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by upgraded battery to lipo I bought the step through trailz on clearence for $300 at pepboys in 2012. The bike is as good and heavy as everyone says. The battery is as heavy and troublesome to keep charged all the time to save the life of the battery. So i looked into lithium batteries. I did see some 24v10ah lipo on ebay for about $250 shipped from china. But that price is a little steep for me. So i came across rc hobby batteries and saw that they have 22.2v 5000mah lipo. So i did the research on how to charge them. And i bought a 22.2v 5000mah 6s 25c turnigy lipo. And a cheap imax b6 charger off ebay. The 22.2 v battery can be overvolted to a max of 25v. I charged to 24v and took her for a spin. Wow what a difference. There was no voltage sag on a 6 mile commute to work and back all peddal assist the whole way. The bike rides so much better without all the weight. The turnigy battery onlycost $72.00 shipped 2 day express from Washington state. The charger was only $25 shipped anthe power supply sold seperatly was only $9. Now i can just purchase a few more of these batteries. Chargem up and ride all day long. They are so light. A baby can throw them 04/28/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Electric Bike Extra $$ in Some Areas Just thought I should come back and say that the government funds grants to various municipal agencies which might affect you. In my city, the Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District (AVAQMD) had a grant for fuel efficient vehicles. It was also applicable to electric bikes in my area, on a one incentive award per household on purchase of an electric bike. I got $200 back on my bike! Check it out in your area. My eZip by Currie Technologies is a great bike. Although electric, to conserve battery power I find myself peddling a "lot" (not required) me much needed exercise and some weight loss. Walmart prices on these are a good buy...and for a model which sports two battery racks but it sold with only one battery, an additional battery is easily attainable and drops right in with no installation. 03/12/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Bargain - upgradeable too! A great "starter" eBike. This is the budget "base" model of the eZip line. Durable, dependable, fun ... basic transportation. Of course, not directly comparable to eBikes costing twice, to 10 times, as much, but a fine introduction to eco2 transportation. (economical-ecological) Fuel cost compares in the 1000 - 2000 eMPG range. (electric, or equivalent, MPG) At the very worst, it will help you decide exactly what you want in a top quality-price eBike. Basic tips for best performance - durability: Do not deeply discharge battery. Charge often. Discharging deeply, or leaving in a discharged condition, greatly reduces battery life. Carry charger, or keep 2nd ... at work, etc. Keep tire pressure at maximum. Always pedal assist. At minimum, pedal assist getting up to cruising speed and going up hills! This is my 5th eZip ... all still running perfectly! 5? !!! Yes! With some engineering education, I have, variously, modified, enhanced, eZips towards better speed, torque, range, durability. For example ... 16 > 20mph upgrade - ACS Southpaw LHS freewheel & 3/8" washer - Requires: ACS SouthPaw 16T Left Hand Drive Freewheel 1/8" 3/8" washer Precise 11mm ID washer to realign motor sprocket Shortening motor chain by 2T - recommend chain breaker rather than "repair link" Should be a simple job at any bike shop or if you are mechanically inclined. Increases assist speed toward the Federal "legal standard" of 20mph. Reduces torque at below 10mph, but increases it above 10mph! 15,000+ eZippin' miles! DrkAngel 12/13/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Such a cool ride! I did a great deal of research prior to settling on the eZip Trailz 26" bike. It is a great entry bike, and performs like it will smile when cruising at 15 mph! I realized I didn't want one of the electric scooters with pedals, because they would be so hard and awkward to pedal. The eZip is a real 26" 7 speed bike, albeit a heavy one, therefore no worries about making it home. I realize now I will be needing a second battery because my round trip ride to work is 13 miles and I would like to be able to just cruise (no pedaling) both ways, but that is going to be easy to accomplish since the battery rack is already set up for a second battery. Assembly was a snap......less than an hour. Be sure to fully charge for at least 8 hours before your first ride....I charge mine overnight each night, and it is ready to go in the morning. The PAS/TAG feature is awesome.....pedaling with the PAS is so easy, not at all like riding a regular bike. So far I am very happy with my purchase! 10/10/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Lot of power, more then the next Factory Upgrade Lot of power, more then the next Factory Upgrade bike from the Manufacturer 12/23/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Quiet, long lasting battery. The seat is a bit uncomfortable, but most are, and the throttle is a tiny bit awkward to engage, but there is another option that doesn't require holding it at all. Also the handle bars could be bent back toward the rider's body a bit more. Aside from those personal preferences, it is a great bike. 01/22/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by this is a great bike, it does everything that I expected out of the bike, For the money it is a good choice, to have, something to get you around town. 01/04/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Bike We Bought this bike for the extra boost with the motor and it has been great for my husband who is limited with exercise due to health issues but this is wonderful Thanks for having this bike you might advertise it more for seniors and lower price a bit. But its great . 02/07/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice Electric Bike for leisure riding After my Wife and I went to ride bikes on the beach, with her renting an electric bike we were hooked. So we decided to purchase this beginner electric bike since it received good reviews. So far so good! Bike was easy to assemble and performs just as advertised. 03/21/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great for seniors. My wife has leg issues and this was the perfect bike. Go for a bike ride and if legs start giving you problems just engage the electric drive and head for home. I was impressed with the heavy duty construction and the ease of assembly. The directions were easy to follow and the pictures showed the different parts of the bike for each step. So far, it works great. I did think it was a little pricey and that is why I rated value as only good. 12/27/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Fuse Intermittent Out of the Box I'm real happy with the bike NOW. As received, the fuse in the battery was intermittent. It took me a while to pin down the problem. The power would randomly cut on and off. The fuse was not blown, just intermittent. It's also just about impossible to find 40 Amp 3AG glass fuses. I had to order them on Amazon. Great bike. A tiny bit more QC would have been nice. 11/18/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very good bike How the bike is made is good better then I thought it would be. How the bike was packed well and the ease of putting it together was all good. Had this bike for 3 wks and everything is working as it should. This is my 2nd electric bike and I like it more then the old one. One exception the motor of the new bike make's more noise then the old one but thats ok, like this bike. 02/04/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Broken Electric Bike I went to Walmart to purchase a electric bike for a christmas present for my wife. Store had sold last unit, I ordered one while in the store and was told it will be 12 days (dec 20th). I received a email stating my bike had arrived on morning of the 20th I picked up the bike in the evening. I had to call a friend with a pickup to carry a large box home. I open the box and proceeded to inspect the parts and noted that the rear rim was broken in two places and was non repairable. Now I have to call a friend with a truck to haul the box back to Walmart and reorder a new bike for my Wife (and miss christmas). I like the Product but I think the manufacture needs to inspect the bike before sealing the box. 12/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by As a commuter/recreational rider this bike has met all of my expectations. It's easy to ride and hills/headwinds are so much easier! I'm glad I had some knowledgeable assistance putting it together, as I don't know enough about bikes to deal with the details. However, it was partially assembled when we took it out of the box. It's a little heavy to lift, but I like the stability the weight provides. Where I ride has a lot of gradual hills, and they take more out of the battery than I thought they would, but that was a learning curve - I just recharge after every other ride and I'm good to go. I love this bike. 05/02/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST BIKE EVER I love this bike. It will allow me to go more miles on the trails and will not have to battle the hills of the trails. Everything was packed great the parts where all good. It is heavy but I have a hollywood bike rack and it is not a problem loading it. 01/20/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great bike for first timers e-bike drivers!!! Great bike for first timers e-bike drivers, 15 mph nice, i drove in south beach and it was a great experience!!! 01/12/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great first electric bicycle Heavy to get onto bike carrier and you need to know the weight limit of the carrier. Assembly fairly easy. Heavy use of the lead acid battery lasts only about 12 miles when the yellow light comes on. Don't know how much farther it would go. Be sure to drain it fully and recharge 3 times as instructed to get the most out of the battery. We decided to order a lithium battery from the manufacturer, Currie, for $414. Should be lighter, go farther and last longer. We'll see. Total investment almost $1000. Great if this is really what you want and need. 08/29/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by not bad for the money bike is heavy, fair quality, easy to assemble, instructions complete, all parts included, you will need some grease (not included) & packaged well delivered to home in less than a week was worried about longevity so I purchsed Walmart 3 year Warranty ($44) still in the process of breaking in the SLA battery (3 full charges/3full discharges) - appears I can get 2 hours run time over 25% hills + 75% light to flat grade make sure you have tire pump to pump tires to 60-65psi (only +-20psi out of the 'box') seat is UNcomfortable - will need to replace with suspension / gel type at some point emailed Curries with some questions over 2 weeks ago with no response to the following: "what to do with slight wobble in wheels - who pays to fix" "when breaking in the battery does a full discharge mean draining it down completely" "brake adjustment - 1 side of pad rubs against rim when not braking" (I eventually figured it out) "front shock is not smooth, no adjustment - after braking then stopping completely for example, fork wil "pop" up. Also, not sure if it is dampening properly over bumps giving a stiff ride" I knew what I was getting based on all the reviews, gave it 4 stars for the value hoping it will last 2-3 years and as an intoduction to getting into an ebike. So far except for my questions - it's really fun! I have peripheral neuropathy pain on the bottom of my feet (like pins & needles on my sole) and the PAS allows me to get some exercise while reducing the pressure on my feet by 50%. I can also reduce this amount further by using the throttle sparingly. (Straight throttle uses up battery energy quickly). I use it only in the neighborhood away from busy streets. At 68 I just want exercise & to enjoy the view & not compete with traffic! 07/05/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by eZip easy rider for females I ordered this for my wife after I got my eZip men's bike. If you like bike riding but are advancing in age, these bikes are for you. Hills and wind no longer are a bother. I ride 10 miles nearly every day and sometimes twice a day. I feel like a kid again on this bike! 06/26/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by If you pass up this one you have missed a great deal!!!! I ride 5 miles to work and 5 miles back on one charge. I love it. I would recommend a second battery just for balance. This bike will save you hundreds of dollars in fuel. I hope it holds up for at least 6 years. A great bike. 07/08/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bike for the price! being since I think electric bikes will be the future! May even replace gas scooters. You cant ride a gas scooter on the bike path or sidewalk. (atleast not legally!). Snatch one of these babies up from Walmart before they get too popular and expensive! "Tesla" 05/09/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by good price good bike quick shipping free shipping. Walmart ship to store saves money. Ezip bikes are well made and easy to put together. 04/29/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by a little disappointed The bike does not seem to go very far on a fully charged battery also the bike is quite heavy for me. 07/03/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice bike, easy to ride. This bike is great. Easy to put together, easy to ride and I am thrilled with it. Haven't gotten too far yet but the short rides I have taken have had no problems. The bike is heavy to move but I don't notice it when I ride. I am now able to go up the trail hills with no problems and I don't have to get off the bike and walk it up. May get another battery to go extra distance. Also put on a more comfortable seat. Overall I love this bike. 07/27/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by I bought this bike because I live in a town with lots of hills and it is great. I would defiantly recommend it. I love to ride bikes and it was next to impossible were I live now I ride to work when ever I can. 06/18/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor quality parts After 18 months, new electronic control, batteries and now the bearings in the rear wheel are bad and inside the hub damaged. The only way to fix is whole new wheel assembly including tire as they don't sell the needed parts separately. I should not have to fork out $136.00 for this 03/25/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Frontwheel is out of balance Contacted manufacture They told me that did not repair the balance wheels and spokes I have to pay for it myself Incredible when you can ride your bike So far out of alignment Took to a bike shop Bikes cannot believe how Idaline the front tire Was Out-of-pocket $25.00 Sad company and I recommended to anybody 12/23/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great bike but the price is high 09/08/2013
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