Pampers - Scented Soft Care Baby Wipes, Pop Up Tub (Pack of 2)

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About this bundle

These handy Pampers Scented Baby Wipes (Pack of 2) will help to keep your baby clean and comfortable. This product contains soft cleansing buds for a very gentle cleaning. Pampers Baby Fresh wipes come in a pleasant baby powder scent. They are also disposable, so they are convenient to take wherever you go. The wipes come in a pop-up tub for added convenience. The container's seal ensures that they stay fresh longer. The wipes are also tear resistant. Each tub in this 2-pack contains 72 wipes. You can keep one tub in the car and one near your changing table. Pampers Scented Soft Care Baby Wipes, Pop-Up Tub (Pack of 2):
  • Made with pure water
  • Comforting, baby powder scent
  • Thousands of soft cleansing buds
  • 72 wipes in a tub
  • The Pampers Soft Care wipes come in a handy and durable pop-up tub
  • Each wipe contains thousands of cleansing buds to get baby clean
  • These wipes are designed to be tear resistant

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2 included

Pampers - Scented Soft Care Baby Wipes, Pop Up Tub - 2 included

4.5 stars ratings
  • Pure Water
  • Comforting, baby powder scent