Body Fortress Mix Shaker 25oz (Pack of 2)

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About this bundle

Make your protein shake, or any other delicious shakes and drinks for that matter, easily and in no time with the Body Fortress Shaker. You can take this drink mix shaker anywhere and it will prove to be the perfect companion for you at office, school, gym, or absolutely anywhere. The Body Fortress Mix Shaker, 25oz has a large enough capacity and has a screw-on lid that ensures that the content does not spill out. The drink mix shaker provides with a tight, snug, leak-free fit that makes it ideal for traveling purposes. It is easy to clean the shaker and it is dishwasher safe too.

Body Fortress Mix Shaker:
  • 25 ounce capacity
  • Secure screw-on lid to prevent spills and leaks
  • No-hassle cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe, but is meant for the top rack
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    2 included

    Body Fortress Mix Shaker 25oz - 2 included

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