Once I Was A Champion (2011)

Once I Was A Champion (2011)

Not Rated 93 minutes
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Writer, philosopher, alcoholic, and MMA fighter Evan Tanner died mysteriously in the desert of Clapp Springs, California. He was searching for treasure but not the material kind. This feature length biopic focuses on fifty people whose lives he forever ch… View More
Genres Other, Documentary
Director Gerard Roxburgh
Starring Evan Tanner, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten View More
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A biography of the American rock band The Beach Boys, with interviews, concert footage and clips from movies and television shows they appeared in.

Genres   Historical, Documentary, Music/Musical
Director   Malcolm Leo
Starring   Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Carl Wilson
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Movie Summary

Writer, philosopher, alcoholic, and MMA fighter Evan Tanner died mysteriously in the desert of Clapp Springs, California. He was searching for treasure but not the material kind. This feature length biopic focuses on fifty people whose lives he forever changed as they try to figure out who he really was and the reason behind his untimely death.
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Movie Details

Genres Other, Documentary
Director Gerard Roxburgh
Starring Evan Tanner, Randy Couture, Bas Rutten
Studio Name Echo Bridge Entertainment, LLC
Release Date 2011
VUDU Release Date 02/15/2013
Rating Not Rated About Ratings
Running Time 93 minutes
Language English

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