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Equate Cotton Swabs 500 CT (Pack of 3)

Walmart #: 5D6JNJ5AWUWL
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About this bundle

Keep these Equate Cotton Tip Swabs (Pack of 3) on hand for many uses in your home. These ear cotton swabs are made from 100 percent cotton to be soft and gentle. They are also ideal for use when applying eye makeup or removing makeup. They can also clean tight areas on furniture or figurines that you can't get to with a regular cloth. In addition, they can clean the connections around batteries in appliances to remove corrosion and keep the items working longer. These swabs come in a pack of three to allow you to place them in the bathrooms, kitchen or wherever you might need them. You will find countless uses for these swabs, and their small size makes handy for a variety of uses. Equate Cotton Swabs 500 CT:
  • Gentle and safe ear swabs
  • Pure cotton
  • Countless uses

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