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Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 GB of internal Memory. 1 GHZ Processor 1 GB of internal Memory. 1 GHZ Processor The internal memory is the most overlooked spec on any phone. Depending on the version of Android you are running, you may not be able to store programs on your SD card. All the other phones I looked at in this class only have 500 MB. This phones hardware is matched perfectly to Android 2.3. Bonus! -->>> VOICE RECOGNITION input that works without training. Just amazing. This model is on the Verizon Network. CDMA 1xRTTI for more detailed info. This was my main reason for giving up my Net 10 LG 800. I now have a good signal inside my cottage with a tin roof. It runs Netflix perfectly over my WiFi along with Live 365 internet radio. I loaded Skype onto it and it would make calls over my WiFi but the calls kept dropping ... which could probably be fixed with some research. But with unlimited call time, who needs Skype anymore. .... The call quality and sound is excellent and it works great as a speaker phone. The included music player gives me the option to play my music files according to their file structure on the SD Card so I do not have to mess with playlists and tags. I do not have a Google account and have downloaded my apps from Amazon ... Except for the Nook Reader which I downloaded from the SlideMe website. The SD card will show up as an external drive when plugged into my Win 7 PC. GPS: I live in the Adirondacks and hike and bicycle ride a lot. With a proper app, this plots my course and records speed, distance and other info. In my first critical test of the GPS, I found the repeatability to be within about 6 feet. More than good enough for tail survey work. It will use the battery up quickly on GPS but that is the nature of the beast. It seems that there is a learning curve in understanding how to manage the battery properly and I'm still down at the lower end. I'm willing to buy spare batteries for this feature. I learned to navigate Coast Guard Aircraft using 1950s vintage Loran A hardware, time delay charts, and calipers... This just blows me away! Camera: Good quality. It needs bright light otherwise the blacks are a little blotchy and some other colors are mottled. I have not had it out in bright sunlight in which I would expect it to make very nice pictures. Maybe I should say that it is only a little bit lesser quality than my friends 5 MP I-phone camera. I am a serious photographer and am probably being too critical of the photo quality. It has no flash but the exposure setting is easy to adjust. The real drawback of the camera is that it will not load any of the camera apps from the Amazon store. I was at least hoping to get Cam Scanner to make PDF documents. The upside is that it takes fine document photos that are readable but just not post processed like CamScanner would do. Do not buy a Droid phone because of the camera MP size. 3 MP is a great size for most common purposes. 5 MP is only a marginal increase over 3 MP and some of the 5 MP Droid phones have smaller memory and slower processors. I still have a lot to learn about this phone and the Android OS but this appears to be the best piece of hardware on the market for the price. 06/08/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great for Beginning Android Smart Phone I purchased this cell phone after making the decision to upgrade from the Nokia E-71. I compared the Proclaim against the Precedent, which I had purchased for my husband in April. He liked his and was impressed with it's abilities and functions. Capabilities of the Proclaim were greater although not vastly from the Precedent. My selling point on this particular phone model is that it is VERIZON based which has better coverage in the tri-county area. The Precedent is Sprint husband has not had any complaints, but I'm on the road more often due to family responsibility and health services career. The call reception and placement has been perfect so far with the Proclaim. I have had no problems connecting to my PC. We have watched Netflix on the Proclaim in the doctor's office and in the car/field trip on bus without drag, lag, or interruption as it connects via 3G/WiFi. All in all I love this phone and the Verizon base sells it without the Verizon headache and astro-bill. Only negatives I have encountered would be the Proclaim didn't come with a rubberized skin as my husband's Precedent did, it eats battery life if the GPS/Internet/Bluetooth features are engaged (they can be disconnected from primary screen), and it has no flash for the camera. The camera/video is easy to operate, photos are easy to edit and send/post to social media. I would buy this phone again, although I do wish it was closer in price to the Precedent. The $50 difference is that of a little over a month's ST unlimited card, but the difference of Verizon coverage seals it for me. 06/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by great software,great hardware,ADOBE FLASH! I bought the samsung proclaim to replace my samsung precedent. The precedent was a great phone, dedicated camera key and the power button is on the top of phone. My new PROCLAIM is way faster and the unlock screen is better. Also when you make a call and put it to your ear the screen just goes black as to not press buttons then when you pull it away to end call or pull up keypad it just reappears (you don't have to hit unlock) With the precedent you would have to unlock by pressing the power button to to end call or get to keypad. I have had NO problems with this phone. No camera,freezing, or shutting off randomly. I loved my PRECEDENT, the only real reason for the switch was because I get better reception on VERIZON towers. Now that i switched to the Procaim I am even happier because it has built in documents viewer and ADOBE FLASH ! The phone speed and internet connection are extremely faster than the Precedent. But the power button is on the side of phone and doesn't have a dedicated camera key(you have to touch a button on the screen to take a picture). This phone was hard to get, so if you really want one, you may have to drive an hour or two to find a store that has one left in stock. Walmart has been OUT online since July 5th. I ordered mine on July 4th, picked pay cash, then took my email from walmart to the store, they scanned bar code off my screen, and I payed cash. Then the phone arrived at my walmart for pick up on July 10th 2012. ALSO this phone can install firefox and many apps that my precedent couldn't. If you have a precedent and you wished the screen was wider, get this phone! The screen size is perfect! The PROCLAIM also has some very new software included that some high end phones don't even have yet. WiFi DIRECT allows you to connect to a printer w/wifi and print things, also you can connect to other wifi devices and transfer videos,contacts,music, BUT AT Speeds that blows bluetooth away. This is not hotspot, as far as I can tell, trust me i tried to teather like that and it didn't work. BEST phone I have ever had! good luck trying to get one! 07/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent option Ive been with straight talk for a long time. Like many of you I needed Verizon because the other carriers just didnt cut it in my area. Up until recently if you wanted Verizon, Straight Talk didnt offer an Android phone. Now we are in luck they have this Samsung Galaxy Proclaim as a great option. Ive tried doing the bring your own sim using it with the The AT&T Fusion. That phone was garbage. It lagged and froze etc. We then tried the ZTE Merit. The Merit was a step up from the Fusion but still AT&T wasnt cutting it in my area. NOW I have this Galaxy. Im in heaven with this phone compared to the other two. The phone itself runs WAY smoother than the Fusion or the Merit. The touchscreen is super nice and responsive. There is plenty of internal memory for the few apps that cant be moved to SD. No freezing and taking time to load. Another great thing is that the WiFi doesnt go in and out (happened with the Fusion). The Galaxy camera isnt too bad either. Takes decent pictures in sufficient lighting, I use it for Instagram and quick pics all the time with no complaints. Now for the service... I cant really judge how its going to be at your location but here where I am and for many others, Verizon is superior to the other carriers. I will never get another phone that runs off any other towers. Even when I have one bar with verizon I can talk on the phone with no problems. Try and talk on the phone with one bar through AT&T and your call gets dropped. All in all I recommend this phone by far over the other options. We've already ordered another. 06/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by LOVE this phone Finally, an android phone that works in my zip-code! The service is great, runs on Verizon's network. (Only one problem so far, caused by user error, and Straight Talk tech support spent the time with me to work through the problem.) So far, I'm loving it. This phone is easy to navigate and apps easy to download. This phone does everything that the really expensive smart phones do and I'm sure there are things it does that I haven't discovered yet. I'm not a tech savvy person so the 133 page user manual, download, isn't as helpful to me as it could be. I've had to learn the phone with a lot of trial and error. Still a great phone. 06/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I really love this phone. My first Android. Seemed like ST was never going to have one that worked on Verizon towers. I have an iPod Touch, so the learning curve was not too steep. Fast internet, lots of features, a lot I still haven't had a chance to check out. Put a battery-saving app (free) on it right away. And a really cool free app that shows the constellations for where you are looking. Also Gas Buddy. Anyhow, I'm having a great time with it. 06/16/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Loving This Smartphone I needed to upgrade my phone to something better than I had. After much research, I decided to choose the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. It was the best phone for the price, and had many useful functions. I am a storm chaser, so I need a smartphone that can run my radar programs, satellite data and much more, in a timely manner. I just got back from intercepting 8 tornadoes in Kansas this past weekend (May 18/19) and this phone worked phenomenally. 3G data, quick browsing, ease of use. Apps load quickly, they work efficiently, and multitasking is a breeze. The only real problem I had was sharing video clips in text messaging. I keep getting an error that the file size is too large when I shoot in full res. Other than that, this phone works like a charm. I love it and would definitely recommend it to someone else. The phone fits in my hand very well. The photo shows one of the tornadoes I intercepted while on the chase. 05/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellant for the price This phone is awesome for the price, anyone on a budget and inside of a Verizon service area, this is the phone for you. It has excellent data speeds and very good call quality. The supposed limit for the "unlimited data" is around 2 GB a month (which is a lot!) but i have used much more than that with no service disruption. The only thing i could ask for is a front camera, and the option of stock android (instead of Samsung's "TouchWiz"). I have purchased the extended battery for this phone, which extends the battery by many many hours, along with the app "JuiceDefender" which manages power to get you even more battery life, i have no problem getting several days of use between charges. I have also added the app Go Launcher which replaces the TouchWiz UI and makes the phone very fast and responsive. I have also rooted this phone, which nobody needs to do, but anyone familiar with with the topic, it is very easy to do and lets you back up apps and underclock your phone for more battery. Well hope this review helps somebody and helps them choose the right android for them. 11/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by It's all good I stepped up from a "dumb phone" (Samsung SGH-T401G) and wanted an Android phone but what pushed it over the top was the Verizon coverage. My previous phone ran off AT&T towers and usually got 1 bar in my house. Not sure if it was the phone and the network or a combination of the two, but call quality wasn't great with the T401G. The other issue with the T401G was sometimes my texts would be delayed for hours -- or even days -- before people got them. I never knew when -- or if -- people were getting my messages. But it's another story with the Samsung Proclaim. I've had it for about 3 weeks now and would heartily endorse this phone. Calls are _much_ clearer and overall coverage is better with more bars pretty much everywhere. I carried on a conversation inside a store one day without a hiccup; that blew me away because I could _never_ do that with my old phone. Text messages seem to arrive and get delivered promptly. My old phone could only handle 200 sent/received messages before I had to delete them. Not sure what the limit is with this phone but I haven't had to remove anything. (I also got an app SMS Backup+ that backs up SMS, MMS, call logs and contacts to your Gmail account, so you can archive them should you delete them.) The speech-to-text function works well. If you need to send a text but can't type, it'll give three choices of what it thinks you've said and generally gets it right with one of them when you speak clearly. I'm trying out the Skyvi app for that Siri-like experience; so far, so good but haven't done anything too crazy with it. The speed is another bonus. I can get my home/work e-mail pulled in fairly quickly, especially when connected to wifi. Watching videos on YouTube works fine. Other perks, using the GPS and the various mapping apps that are available for directions in car and on foot. I don't use my car GPS anymore. Right now I'm favoring the Waze app to help me avoid traffic. Loving it. Then there are all the tons of paid/free apps that are available on the Google Play site. You can select apps then install them to your phone the website. Mind blowing. Google Play also lists the applications you've installed. I like to take pictures -- the quality of the camera images is excellent in my opinion -- and share them on Facebook/Instagram. Another cool app is DMD Pano for panoramic shots. I use DropBox to transfer files between my PC and phone. I have a couple ebook readers (Moon Reader and Aldiko) that are handy for reading while on the train. I use the My Tracks app to keep a log of my runs. For podcasts, I just found the Podkicker app which lets you subscribe to podcasts and download/stream them. So far, it's been the best iTunes alternative I've found. There are plenty of good free games as well. The downside to the phone is the battery does run down much quicker than my old phone, but that's par for the course with most Android phones. I do have a "battery saver" app installed that shuts down certain services to save juice. I can probably go an entire day of moderate use without recharging but just barely. I usually bring my charger with me to plug in while at work. The big energy sucker is the GPS, so I leave it off when I don't need it. I bought a car charger (Rally 7413) to plug the phone in, which I would recommend for other folks. I would have liked is a forward facing camera for Skype but there are some products like the Vainworks Stand that can fill that void. (I may buy one in the future. Since I got my phone, Skype and games are the only thing I basically use my iTouch for.) This is the same phone as the Samsung Illusion so if you need a case, that should help. I bought a Body Glove one off Amazon and it's perfect. I also bought a screen protector 3 pack off Amazon as well. 07/25/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Interactive Tutorial for the Samsung Galaxy Procla For anyone purchasing this phone, go to the web site listed below. It will walk you through anyting you need to do on you phone. It is the best tutorials I have ever seen. 06/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by So it's not an Iphone, but it's 45 per mnth unlmtd I just got my first smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim! Probably the best $200 I ever spent. The 3G is plenty fast and on the Verizon Network. The Wi-fi is excellent. Downloaded Facebook, Netflix, my email account, and the YouVersion Bible app and life just got easier without sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. This phone is an exact replica of the Samsung Illusion and you will need to buy a case for the Illusion for this phone until they get new cases and screen protectors in the Proclaim name. I got my case from Radio Shack for $7.99 and used the Universal Screen protectors that I cut myself to protect the screen. This is probably one of the best Smartphone Deals on the market right now. Don't let anybody tell you that "it's a 'Prepaid Smartphone' and it won't be anywhere as good", it's all you will need with no contract and you really will "Feel Richer"! Here is the link to the Samsung Illusion User Manual because there is not one for the Proclaim yet, same phone. 06/30/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by i have had many phones and carriers, i started with bell, att, alltel, verizon, then finally straight talk, using the nokia 6790 and my wife had the e71, well this samsung galaxy proclaim with straight talk and verizon towers is the break through for excellent coverage and a very reasonable plan for an android phone on a prepaid carrier, over half the price of major networks contract plans, and still good to excellent coverage, especially in remote areas such as mine in the ozark and boston mountains of rural arkansas, and as for reveiws on battery life, well all phones out there are really close to the same, depends on all the features you run, if you run a lot of features or apps without turning them off, then you will use a lot of battery, but this is with any phone, so be conservative with all that you run on your phone, i hope this helps, i bought this phone off of others reveiws, and glad i did, thanks for those reveiws, great phone, very good service 07/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I actually really Love this phone... I've been an Android user for years now, and of all the phones I've had (which I enjoyed), I have to say that this Proclaim has been my favorite. There is plenty of storage on the actual device that I wouldn't need an SD card - however, since I'm an avid picture-taker, I do keep one in it. >> The camera does not have a flash - nor does the phone have a LED indicator. Not having a flash for the camera is a bit of a downer, but if you have adequate lighting, the camera does take pretty pictures. The processor is much speedier than my DROID2 ever was. >> Battery power has lasted the whole day as long as the GPS is OFF. With GPS on, it will drain much more quickly. My girls are 10 and 12 now, and when I finally take the plunge in getting them their own cell phones, I will indeed purchase this phone - or it's newer model, depending on when I get around to the actual purchase. The speakers have performed pretty well, too. Nice and clear, crisp sound. 11/01/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by What a great Phone !! I've only used a flip phone.. and it worked just fine.. so I was reluctant to upgrade to a smart phone.. (they looked complicated). My grandkids encouraged me to get one.. so I looked at the Walmart straight talk phones / reviews and picked the Samsung Proclaim. I'm 73 years old and this phone just amazes me.. It is so easy to operate and enjoy. In addition to the phone.. I can check the weather, sports scores, stock market and latest news with a couple of touches .. even read a book or watch a movie when waiting for an appointment.. and yet it fits in my pocket !! Thank you Samsung, Straight Talk and Walmart for having such great product.. and at such an incredibly affordable price. 10/20/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great phone and great service This is my first Android Phone and My first time using a prepaid service. I have been on the Verizon Network for Years And was wanting to upgrade to a Smart Phone, but was not willing to pay for the pricing. When I found Out I could get the Verizon Network with this phone for only $45 a month I jumped at the offer. I have had this phone and service for a month now and I have not had any issues. I have had the same signal strength on this phone that I had on my other Verizon phone. Web works great, as well as messaging, no dropped calls yet either. When my wife and kids contracts are up I am switching them as well. My only regret is upgrading their phones and signing contracts to get their phones without researching this option first. 08/08/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My 1st Android phone This is the first time I have purchased a Straight Talk phone as well as the first time I have bought an android phone. I did the entire purchase of the phone and plan as well as activated it... ALL ON LINE, it was so easy. I did my homework on what the best smart phone for my needs, and what service would work for me. I left another major carrier becasue the rates were to high for me if I wanted a smart phone plus I had to sign a contract. WalMarts' Straight Talk phone are, in my opinion, the best price and the best rate plans out there. If I had to give a negative, the only thing I can say is: The phone DOES NOT come with a user manual. It comes with a "Service Guide" book that doesn't give the first time owner of a smart phone enough proper information. I had to hunt on the internet for a 136 page manual and download it to really learn and know the phone...but that's more Samsungs fault than Walmarts. I have only had it for a week, but love it already. 10/20/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good value; few oddities Good phone, overall, so far; (Staightalk is a good service; I've had it for over a year, with no failures, such as was the case with my Blackberry, and I'm saving a LOT of money.) LCD uses most of battery, so set it on low, and set timer to turn phone off for shorter time. Battery life is NOT as long as advertised, according to my experience. You had better get a car-charger, etc.; I assume the USB cable that comes with it will charge from your computer; haven't fully read the 'lil book. Concerns: 1. one SMALL button @side for on/off, rather obscure. 2. battery charge-port: no cover; is OPEN, prone to get dirt/moisture; should have cover like most phones, similar to the micro-SD cover. 3. You MUST buy the insurance AT purchase time; can't be added. I SUGGEST YOU BUY, FOR WITH THE OPEN PORT FOR CHARGING, IT IS LIKELY TO FAIL due to dirt/moisture over the months. cost is $39 for 18 months...get it. 4. IF camera is a priority: only 3megapixels, unlike some Samsung with 8MP; video may only be set to a little above 'good'/NO HD, 720p is 'outdated' to start with, IF the camera is of importance to you. 5. Camera: no button handy; must use LCD; IF you need a quick shot, NOT so quick. Panorama feature isn't working on my camera setting, currently; gotta find the problem. 06/21/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 BAD FIRMWARE When this phone works, it works great. That is until the firmware (The software that makes the phone parts work ie. microphone, speaker, etc) take a turn for the worse. This phone has an inherent bug that most of the Samsung Phones of this generation suffered from; however, this one continues to suffer from it. Straight Talk does not update firmware and this phone comes with the original bug filled version. Do not be surprised if in the middle of the call at anytime, yes anytime as in first few seconds to hours into a call, that the person on the other end can no longer hear you. No it isn't your signal, it is the phone turning it's microphone off. I have had 3 of these phones after returned 2 of them to straight talk and this is only in the last 5 months. All of the phones have this problem and it is randomly occurring. If you can deal with this problem, then this phone is a great starter Android phone and does play Netflix and youtube without issue. It works great on the internet and is wifi enabled as well. This does not come with tethering or hotspot as that is against the ToS of Straight Talk. The phone requires the 45$ unlimited card that IS NOT unlimited internet. You are restricted to 100MB a day and 2GB data a month. This phone works on the Verizon network and was Straight Talk's first Verizon network phone. 11/05/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Phone This is an awesome phone. The signal is great. Runs on Verizon. Haven't had any problems. Activation took a couple of hours. Just continue to try the number you were instructed to until phone works. Already used email refill and that took about 12 minutes total. I am very pleased with the phone, service and monthly cost. Can't beat it. I know there is still a lot to learn on this phone, it has so many features. I would definitely recommend!!!! 06/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by great phone on Verizon network! I was literally on my way to Wally World to get a ST Android phone as it was time to join the Android nation. I checked one more time at ST web-site to see what phones were available at my friend's farm in NE Iowa. before it was strictly the "c" (CDMA, i.e. Verizon) network, of which ST didn't offer any Android phone for. Until now. I talked to an online rep and she indeed said it was a deal with Verizon for this Android model only. SO I bought a Proclaim, took it to the boonies to the farm, and lo, was able to get 3g speeds for e-mail, surfing, etc. This is fantastic. As it's my first Android phone, I'm a bit inexperienced but wow am I loving all this phone can do! I'm even disconnecting my home Comcast wi-fi as this does pretty much everything I need (the rest I can do at work or a hotspot). Phone is solid (I'm a Samsung fan), call quality is great, features like GPS work great, but it does drop calls, esp. if I'm walking and talking. V.v. happy! 06/19/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by option though straighttalk terms do not allow streaming on there connecting this is a good phone for users....for u out there that need more battery time than 5.5 makes a 2400mah battery for the samsung illusion and an extended battery back for this illusion. The illusion for verizon and the proclaim for st are the same phone just branded differently..i am using the extended battery 2400 mah and the extended cover also in my proclaim...i verified that they would be able to be used and samsung cs confirmed that they are the same phones, and the battery and cover could be used with my proclaim....these items were purchased and the work there are the extended options also ...always better to be able to get a company branded and oem specific from company making the phone....makes for better performance... 06/25/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better than expected This phone comes with a 1 GHZ Processor and 512 MB of ram also has 1 GB of internal memory with a 2 GB micro SD expansion card included you can put up to a 32 GB micro SD card in it for a very nice amount of storage . Its fast and so is the video gfx in it you can have many things running at once no problems at all also plays games nicely,youtube netflix pandora things like that work great. i use WiFi for netflix and youtube but i have tried youtube on data and it worked fine. Uses Android 2.3 and the touch screen is very smooth and responsive no lag or hangups compared to lower hardware phones. It runs on Verizon networks i switched to it coming from ATT and live in the boonies KY and i get perfect signal very clear If it is your first andriod then all you need is a google acount to use the app store and just about any app i have looked at is supported with this model. also i was surprised there is no bloatware on the phone it comes with the default google apps which is very nice. I like how easy it is to just plug into my computer and have access to the sd card and can put my movies or music on no problems at all - make you a folder in your sd card name it music or movies drag them to it and your phone auto detects them and the location, also it handles the most common format's of files for movies n music mp4 mp3 ect ect .. The Camera for me is the only thing on it that isn't so great not bad but not great , it comes with a 3 MP camera and it does not have auto focus or a built in flash, pics don't look good in low light at all but in a well lit or daylight they come out good enough. If nice pictures or if the built in camera is very important to you , then you will probably be disappointed. Battery life is typical as any smart phone, last a long time if your just making calls and texting. and reduces the more you do , games streaming surfing playing around, you have to keep in mind its not a flip phone its like a mini computer. turn off data wifi gps when not in use helps GPS works great and very easy to use also the voice recognition is amazing it just works period i use it for fast texting just talk and it types it in for you, love it. activation using the website was very easy to do , also i kept my previous number as i have had it for years and transferred it over very smooth , Straight Talk website said it could take up to 2 days to transfer a number but mine went thru in under 20 mins of activation which was great. word of advice if you are keeping your number instead of a new number when activating you need to know your account number and password of previous provider if you don't know this call them don't guess or leave it blank so you wont get any delays activating your phone. I did a lot of searching and comparing and for the money it is a great phone and a lot better than expected i am very pleased with it actually surprised if your looking for a smart phone and no contract it really is the way to go . 10/02/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this phone...!!!! Easy to learn, quick response, easy to correct a typo, and I love the fact that you can go from 1-5 screens..... I was with Verizon for years...loved the service..but I wanted more out of my phone and wasn't willing to pay extra for Web access and on-line time/upgrades... I purchased the Samsung T528 GSM first...but after 1 week..I found this Android phone. PLUS- on the Verizon network & GPS, MP3, plus all the apps. for Google.. I just had to drive an hour to the only Walmart closest to me that had them!! WELL WORTH IT!! I may never use my laptop again!!!! I did a lot of homework b4 buying this phone...Sure paid off! 07/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Phone My wife had a Proclaim for almost a year when she started to have problems with it. When she called Straight Talk, they wanted to replace the phone with a Centura because they said the Proclaim was no longer available. They would not give her another brand of equal value. We argued that the Centura was $50 cheaper than her Proclaim and how could they replace her phone under warranty with a cheaper phone. We got nowhere with them and had to take the cheaper phone. The Centura is a piece of junk. She was going to buy another brand phone for $150 when we saw that the Proclaim was available again and for $100. Even though it did give her problems within a year, she loved the phone and wanted the same one. Even though it does have the 2.3 OS, it still performs better than the new 4.0 or the 4.1. It doesn't have all the hang ups and glitches that the more expensive ones do. I have the LG L86C for $199 and I like the Proclaim better. 09/22/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Phone to the maximum This phone not only met, but exceeded all my expectations. It may be a small cell phone of only 3.5 inches screen size, but it packs a powerful punch. Powered by Verizon services, means that the speed is highly exceptional and way better than I thought it would be. Super fast speed. Crystal clear display, and the camera takes some of the best pictures I have ever seen. My HTC EVO 4G with a forward and back facing camera couldn't deliver the photo quality of the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. I love that this phone does not lag and hang like my other cell phone did. The only feature that this phone does not have, is the weather located beneath the time on the home screen, but I downloaded the weather channel app to make up for that. It also does not keep rebooting itself like my other cell phone. All in all, there is nothing you wouldn't like about this great phone. I would buy it again if my other one ever got done in. 09/27/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Really good phone so far Waited a long time for a android phone from straighttalk that used the verizon tower. So happy they finally got one. I love it so far, have had it a month and now my husband is going to change over too. 06/13/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Carry a long extension cord I was excited to see that I could finally get a "smart" phone that would work on Verizon, as they are the only carrier that works where I live. I upgraded from the $30 plan, which you have to time right because Straight Talk does not have the capability to "upgrade" your plan and just charge you the difference, and if your on auto-pay like I was, you have to cancel it and re-sign up once you upgrade to the pricier plan. If Straight Talk would upgrade their sub-par customer service, the sky would be the limit for them, but that is another subject. I switch my number using their website, worked fine one day, then quit working. Had to call, sigh. They got it reset, of course I lost my voicemail and had to set it up, and it has worked since. The phone is pretty good, I wish I could put my ring tones for notification of text message, you have to choose from the phones list. A couple of other small quirks, but like any phone it seems like they never consult the people who use them when they design them. I would have rated this phone 5 stars except for its enormous appetite for power. I have to charge it EVERY DAY! I could understand if I talked all the time, but even sitting on my counter for a day, and maybe checking about 5 times if I got a text, not making a phone call the phone is beeping about 24 hours later and wants to be plugged in. The booklet suggests that you turn off the WiFi, Data and dim your screen so you can't read it to save power. Get real, why did I buy a smart phone to make it a dumb phone? Owning this phone reminds me of those old cars that I used to drive, the ones where you always looking for a gas station, with this phone, your always looking for a plug! 06/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love my Phone! (Samsung Galaxy Proclaim) I LOVE this Phone!!!!!!!! I wouldnt take anything for it!! THANK YOU STRAIGHT TALK for FINALLY putting this phone out! It does EVERYTHING, and the battery last a good while. I just plug it in everyday. I love the speak to text feature and the voice messeging feature. I can voice dial and speak anything to come up on Google search. I watch You Tube, and it looks and sounds great with no distortion. This phone runs off Verizon towers and I have NO dropped calls in the rural south. The ZTE Merit runs off Att with some drops, and the LG Optimus runs off Sprint with very bad service in this area. The Commercials on this phone make me laugh because I feel richer having it!!!!!!lol I even have a friend who had the LG Optimus and did not like it. I told her to call Straight Talk and tell them she needed a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Proclaim for her area and they let her exchange it! She had Walmart find one in another town and had it sent to her local walmart and she exchanged and is very happy now. That is a GOOD thing about Straight Talk, they have a 1yr. Guanantee on their phones. My friend had her Lg Optimus for a half a yr.!!!!! Straight Talk DELIVERS! 08/08/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by The Samsung phone is a good phone - I think. However, Straight Talk customer support is the worst ever!!!! I was trying to transfer a phone number to this straight talk phone and only encountered problems. It takes forever to get through to customer service - one time I called they said the wait would be at least 3 hours. Also, the representatives are foreign so you are likely to get someone who is very difficult to understand. Anyway, they sent a new sim card to change the number and then put the same number back on the phone. After another hour on the phone a representative said they would send another sim card. I never received it and called back again (another hour long call). The representative said the phone would work right and with the right number. The phone worked - with the same number again! I give up. After having the phone for a month, I was only able to use it about 5 days and they took away almost all of my minutes, texts, and data in the process. In my opinion, Straight Talk customer service reps do not know what they are doing!!!!!!! 08/28/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE! My husband and I both bought this phone four months ago. The idea of not have a contract for a smart phone seemed great to the both of us. However, 2 days ago my husbands phone became stuck in airplane mode and wouldn't allow him to make/receive calls. After talking with 4 straight talk representatives and 3 hours later I was finally told to do a system restart. This is not resolve the problem. As of right now the phone still does not have any service. I found a forum on where A LOT of people were having this same issue. The issue was never resolved for them either. Apparently this is a defect with the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim. Take my advice and do not get this phone. 12/05/2012
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