Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 273 reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by Doesn't have Gigabit Ethernet This is a great laptop. The screen is nice, the keyboard is as good as you can expect these days, and the specs are superb. Except for one amazingly bad decision made by Dell - they didn't put Gigabit Ethernet on this thing. Every computer made in the last 5 years has had Gigabit Ethernet, and Dell have - sadly - totally ruined this great laptop by putting a 100mbit network card in it. If you're planning on using this laptop only with Wireless, then this issue won't bother you, but if you're planning on plugging it into a network, you'll sadly notice that this thing only runs a 1/10th of the speed it should. Even worse, Dell don't warn you that this (shiny new 'Special Edition') laptop only has a 100mbit network interface. It's just buried in the specs, and you don't notice it until you plug it in and go 'why is this running so slowly?' Sadly, wouldn't recommend. 08/22/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Massive issues after 1 day! I just purchased this machine and have been using it less than 24 hours. At first I loved it. It was fast and had a great picture. The sound is awful but I don't listen to music on my laptop ever so that is not a big deal. The dealbreaker is the brightness of the screen. If it's plugged in it's fine. But the second it's running on battery the screen flashes constantly. It goes bright grey bright grey over and over. It's a good thing I don't have any issues or I could see someone having a seizure with the strobing. This is the second dell in a month I will have to return. The first I could not see the screen due to bluriness and they said they would have to replace the motherboard and screen. I only had it 4 hours! What a joke. 08/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Inspiron 17r Everything i expected and performs amazingly. If i had to complain about anything only thing i could pick would be battery life. Awesome laptop overaall!!! 08/14/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by 17R SE 7720 Over the last year i've helped several family members purchase some Inspiron 17R and decided to get the 17R SE 7720 for myself. What an awesome addition to the Inspiron family! Pros: Nice texture feel and look to the lid and palm rest. I like the power connection being on the left side and the large power button at the left hinge. Backlite keys Bright Display Plays Civilization 5 easily. With the 32Gb cache drive it feels very quick on boot and application load. Cons: Playing graphic intense games can get it quiet warm on the left side. 08/09/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Laptop By far, this is one of the best laptops I've owned. Pros: Very quick startup speed. Operates quickly and well. Cons: The keyboard is a bit odd. The touchpad is a bit awkward sometimes. 08/09/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Performs like a champ; hopefully it will hold up As my Dell Inspiron 1420 was starting to get a bit long in the tooth (approaching 4 years old), I decided I needed a more powerful portable machine. The 1420 wasn't the fastest but it got the job done for me and never gave me any major problems. The Inspiron 17R SE featured some fairly impressive specifications so I decided I'd purchase it. I've had it just over a month now, and overall I am pleased. The Ivy Bridge processor handles anything I throw at it, and plenty of DDR3 RAM is on hand for demanding tasks. The computer boots up and accesses files quickly, even after I put almost 100 GB of fragmented music on the hard drive without defragmenting. The LED-backlit display offers vibrant color but the black levels still aren't good enough for my liking (as an aside, I own several higher-end CRT monitors which excel in color fidelity and black level, perhaps explaining my pickiness for black levels and contrast). The backlit keyboard is a great feature, but unfortunately last week one key came off and I was unable to get it back on. When I told Dell I could replace the keyboard myself, they sent a replacement quickly but it wasn't the backlit model. I contacted them again and they informed me that backlit keyboards are currently on backorder. This has only been a minor inconvenience to me and I'm not too upset about it, but it does make me a bit concerned about the build quality and durability, as does the body plastic that seems to smudge easily. Unlike my previous Inspiron, the front-panel LED indicators don't shine a blindingly bright blue into the user's eye; however the power button and LED is located near the screen and occasionally causes a distraction such that I wish it were dimmable or not as bright. Highly capable graphics settings enhance the computer's usability, and the built-in speakers offer respectable sound quality. However, as far as I know there is no S/PDIF audio output. Battery life is acceptable, and the computer does not seem to get as hot as my previous two laptops despite the powerful processor. All in all, I am quite pleased with my Inspiron 7720. Though I do have a few concerns about long-term durability, I'd recommend it over any similar model from computer makers whose names begin with A (not naming names....), and for me at least it is the perfect balance between affordability, portability, and performance. 08/06/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My very first laptop I bought this laptop a few weeks ago and it is actually way more powerful than I thought it would be! Pros -Fast -Great display -Surprisingly great gaming performance Cons -Only one I can think of and its that is does not have a back-lit keyboard Great quality that could only come from Dell. I completely recommend it to anyone, even gamers! 08/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great allround laptop! I recently bought the latest Dell Inspiron 17R SE (7720 base) and I have to say I am very pleased with it. I bought the 6GB ram and one 750GB 7200rpm Seagate HDD version, with the 2GB NVidea Geforce 650M GDDR5 video card. I replaced the original HDD with a SSD card and that has increased the performance tremendously. I also ordered the extra DVD's, so I had no problems installing Windows 7 on the SSD. I moved the original HDD to the secondary HDD bay and now mainly use that for storage, after reformatting it. I did have some issues with the HDD bracket (caddy) for the secondary HDD not shipped with the laptop, but that issue has been sorted out with help from Dell customer service (through the Dell community forums at http://en.community.dell.com/, if you have any issues yourself.) Overall, I would highly recommend this laptop to anybody who is looking for a good allround laptop. 08/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Dell Inspirion 17R SE Laptop arrived 2 weeks ago and had a sound problem out of the box. A hiss that lasted for 5 minutes after startup. Dell sent a technician who changed out the speakers. Problem solved. Awesome laptop! Boots up in 30 seconds! Very fast laptop! After initial problem would highly recommend this machine. Dell support is great! 08/02/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Entry level laptops If you want an ultrabook, seek out an ultrabook. The distinction exists for a reason. Pros Very nice specs at very competitive pricing Cons 1) Casing is insanely sparsely populated and clunky 2) Display quality is terrible. (White washed, the backlight is obscenely apparent) 3) Keyboard feels like a cheap date 08/01/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love my new laptop! I love my new Laptop! (17R SE 7720) It is much lighter and sleeker than I had expected. I didn't come preloaded with to much garbage that I needed to take back off. I am amazed at how FAST it is! 07/30/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by I was pleasantly surprised how nice this computer is, the screen is large and graphics are great. 07/30/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Mostly a great laptop This is my 3rd Dell computer. My 2nd laptop. My desktop is still going strong after 10 plus yrs but is really slowing down.I decided to "replace" it with a faster laptop. So far I am not disappointed;it boots up and accesses the web very quickly. It is heavy but I am not planning to carry it anywhere. It heats up a bit but no where as much as my first laptop. The key board is excellent to my touch,and the key pad I can actually use comfortably. (though I still prefer a mouse) I am still not comfortable with Microsoft 7;I find XP more user friendly. But that will come with time. My only problem so far is that occasionally while playing a downloaded game the desk top pops up and the game pauses. Nothing else is running that I am aware of,and no windows are open. I am perplexed. Any thoughts? On the whole I am pleased with my choice. 07/29/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Wait for the bugs to be fixed! Just returned my second Special Edition 17R. The reason is it has a flaky Touchpad. Sometimes a feather would be enough pressure for your single-tap, but most of the time you needed a sledgehammer and had to pound it a few times before your "click" registered. So, my advice, wait for Dell to fix this bug that it is denying exists. 07/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by inspiron 17r se I got my inspiron 17r se this is the second dell laptop i got from dell the other one is a alienware m14x r1 i have no pros or cons yet but would like to say thank you dell for selling me good products keep up the good work. 07/24/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great laptop I replaced my 2 year old Dell Studio XPS 1645 with this laptop. I'm very pleased with the performace of the new 17R SE model. It stays cool even under a heavy gaming load when I play Diablo 3. My old XPS would get so hot it would almost burn me while sitting on my lap. I like the large 17 inch screen also, but wish Dell would have included a RGB/IPS panel. 07/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Inspiron 17R SE....... A Massive Powerhouse. My XPS 15 was already in production when my eyes came across this awesome machine. Ivybridge processors, Stunning HD display, speakers are pretty good although I don't care about it that much because I don't listen to music often. Anyways, I cancelled my XPS 15 order and got this instead. Shipped in exactly 2 DAYS! I loved the fast service! Pros - 1. Ivybridge processor makes it lightning fast! I it booted up in less than 5 seconds which is really good. 2. I was happy at the fact that photoshop was included, its a really good value. 3. The design is really nice, but fingerprints show up on it often which can get annoying. 4. Back-lit feature works real nice, although I have seen better. 5. Intel HD graphics 4000 gives a beautiful screen Display. The Nvidia GPU is only for hardcore games and other advance programs only, which I don't mind. 6. Its kinda heavy, but I won't travel with it very much, but for a 17" with HD display, its worth it (Also, all 17" laptops has a separate num pad, which is mostly the reason that I bought it) 7. Its also nice that SP1 came pre - installed with it. 8. Its awesome to have a SD card port 9. The USB 3.0 ports + the power - share port is really good Cons - 1. After almost two weeks using it, the laptop tends to heat up a bit, but I'm sure thats the case with most laptops and if you are using it for a long time, it will get really heated 2. The webcam is horrible! But under good lighting conditions, it works okay, but not that good. 3. I'm sure this would be a Con for most people (but not for me very much), the fan kinda gets loud from time to time in its effort to keep the system cool 4.Recently,some of my started to malfunction a bit, but it only happens rarely so its not much to worry about. 5. More hard drive options should be included before purchasing, because people are complaining about the 5400 RPM system 6. I know it says 1 TB, but I went to the control panel and found out that its exactly 911 GB. I know this is the case for all USBs and Hard Drives, but those extra GBs are wasted for nothing. 7. For the battery life, I don't have many complaints because i always keep it plugged in (except when I shut it down of course), however, the maximum of 5 hours isn't all that great if you happen to travel with it, but there are ways to stretch its life by a fraction. Overall, its a great system that should be only used for as a DESKTOP REPLACEMENT and FOR SCHOOLWORK, and you could throw in a bit gaming too since it has a Nvidia GPU. Important Question!: When I visit the Nvidia control panel, it says that my regular laptop Display is Intel HD Graphics 4000 and that their PhysX controls determines which programs it should in the Nvidia GPU, i am very confused about that so i need help. For example, if install a game, would PhysX automatically set The GPU to Geforce GT 650M? Or do I have to set it manually? 07/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good Product and Excellent Service This is my first personal laptop purchase. I wanted a laptop to replace my desktop. I am an accountant so a laptop that could handle plenty of data and had the number keyboard was a must. Pros: Very patient customer service representative to answer all of my questions and concerns and help me build the best laptop to meet my needs and budget. We were on the phone for over an hour building the best laptop. Quick delivery. This laptop has exceeded my expectations. Customer Service - I have been very impressed with customer service. Cons: I wish I had thought to ask about a backlit keyboard. Other than that I cannot think of any. 07/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent laptop This is a terrific laptop, very fast and with an absolutely stunning display. It's actually faster than my 1st generation I7 920 desktop for rendering video, etc. I'm very pleased with it. Pros: - 25 second boot time from pressing the power button to disappearance of the little 'busy'circle - Fast processing speed. The first laptop I've owned that feels like a fast desktop. - The display has to be seen to be appreciated. - Beautiful design, looks great. - Keyboard is a pleasure to use and back-lit. - Very reasonable price for this kind of power and display. Comparable to my friends Powerbook at 1/2 the price. Cons: - Weight, but to get a laptop this size that is light involves lots more bucks and some compromises. - 5400RPM hard drive. Hardware-wise, this is the only sub-par component. No 7200RPM option. Not a show-stopper, but stick a 7200 in this and it's perfect. - '15-in-one' card reader does not take CF, which of course is what my DSLR uses. Grrrr. - My wife like this better than her 2-month old Dell 15Z and wants one. 07/14/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pros: I love my Inspiron 17R. It was well worth the cost. The battery life is great (I purchased a 9-cell battery rather than a 6-cell) and the computer runs quickly and efficiently. I haven't had problems with freezing or unresponsive programs. I also love the ability to switch out the cover and change up the look of my laptop if I want to. Cons: The 17" is definitely bulky enough to be a bit of a hassle to transport. The biggest problem I've found with it is that the touch pad on it is poorly placed. Whenever I went to type something, I would accidentally bump the pad with my hand and wind up elsewhere on the page. Luckily, the issue was easily addressed with the purchase of a wireless mouse. 07/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better than I expected? I have had my 17R SE for a little under 2 weeks now, and I can honestly say that this the best laptop I have ever had, Macbook pros included (that's based on a bang for buck ratio ;)). When I first received the box and took the computer out of the packaging I was surprised with the weight - this is a 17-inch laptop that weighs under 5 kilograms, which is an achievement that Dell should be applauded for. Some would then think that is because of cheap and shoddy materials - and they would be wrong, the workmanship is first class. So, with the weight and manufacture so great to start with, how could it get better? Well, this is when I opened the lid and pressed the power button...and witnessed the glorious HD screens Dell have now become famous for. And the performance? wow, these 3rd Generation Intel chips have definitely exceeded my expectations. With this laptop, I can transfer files from 4 HDD's, surf the internet (indeed, write this review), listen to Spotify AND be downloading a movie - ALL AT THE SAME TIME!! And I have to mention again, these Dell screens are something to be desired, the really do match up with what Apple offers. In full, while yes indeed it is a little heavy and you won't be carting this too and from the lecture or meeting room, its a 17-inch desktop replacement people! It offers desktop-like performance and graphics all in a fairly portable package, and it is so very affordable too. So seriously, what more could you want in a computer? I think I might admit to be falling in love with my Dell 17R SE - Dave. 07/10/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This laptop gives a great bang for the buck After recently getting back into consulting, I needed a laptop on short notice and since the configuration options are pretty cookie cutter, this allowed for next day shipping. I also like a laptop that plays modern games and doesn't choke and chop on full screen HD 720p+ videos. The Pros: -Quick availability of shipping. -Boots up extremely fast, like in 15 to 20 I have logged into windows 7 and all startup apps are loaded and ready to use. -Power adapter has blue LED ring at the plug in tip indicating that it is powered. -Backlit keys are awesome, and easy to toggle off and on. -Can run many games including Diablo 3 at 1080p resolution with in game performance settings near maxed out (totally maxed out drops the frame rate a bit) -Beautiful widescreen display. -Sound coming from Skullcandy speakers and subwoofer (yes it has a subwoofer) sounds pretty impressive for a laptop. -The black and silver style of this laptop is not too exotic to stand up in the business environment and blend in with typical looking business laptops. The Cons: -Battery life can't be extended by a larger battery option when ordering, so careful toggling of power profiles is needed when not plugged in for extending the run time. -Default power profiles let system easily wake from sleep mode "wake timers" which caused my laptop to turn on twice while in my travel bag. Modifying each power profile resolved this. -It is a tad heavy for a consulting laptop, but worth it to me for the extra power it provides since I dislike waiting for programs to operate and I like to both play and work on the same machine. -Although I love the look of the silver and black finish, the grade and sheen of the plastic easily picks up and shows finger and hand impressions. I find myself wiping it down a lot so it doesn't look too manhandled. In Summary: You can work and play hard with this quick to order laptop. 07/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Almost perfect. The Pro's: 17" MATTE screen, much better than the glossy screen on my previous Inspiron 17R. Back light for the keyboard works great and the keys are more comfortable to type on for me. System has an unoccupied second hard drive bay that I was able to use to install an SSD bought from Dell. GT 650 plays most of the games I play very well. The finish of the case is very good. The honeycombed texture of the black plastic ( I assume it is black plastic ) is very pleasing to the touch and actually works as somewhat of a non-skid surface. The metallic trim is very muted. This is not a flashy glossy case. It's much more elegant in its design. The Cons: I believe that there needs to be either an option to upgrade to a 7200rpm HDD or to a SSD. It is fairly heavy if used as a traditional notebook computer instead of as a Desktop Replacement as I use it for. The Unknown: Does this system support more than the 8GB of RAM that comes installed with it? Will it hold up as well as I expect a Dell system to? I've had this system for a little under a week and have been very pleasantly surprised by it. I bought it as a replacement for my 2 year old Inspirion 17R and at the time I decided on this system I was in a serious debate if I should go ahead and get this or an XPS 17. I'm very glad I chose the 17R SE. It has met my needs and exceeded my expectations so far. As I continue to use this system I will update my review. 07/01/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by The Beast Awesome laptop for the price. Great for gaming, or entertainment purposes. Backlit keyboard is nice feature. Very nice. 06/30/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 Great Laptop,Excellent Quality I bought this laptop a few day agos.it was delivered in a short time,which suprised me .This laptop looks great and huge ,and it works incredibly fast.Also ,the fan works quietly without too much noise. The only issue is that the keyboard backlit cannot be ON even if I press the key Fn+f6 or try to turn it on with internal system setting for several times. Pro's Good Price,FHD 17.1 screen,3rd Generation CPU Light Weight Cons 5400 RM hardware Suggestion. I think it will be better if Dell configures it with 7200RM hardware in the future 06/28/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Deal for the size!!! This is my first laptop ever purchased, and I am very satisfied with my decision, I was just looking for something to do personal video projects and this meets the requirements ton of space and lots of speed. Pros battery fast clear screen keypad is spacious Cons the only real issue i have is that there is no back light on the keypad the laptop is extremely heavy 06/28/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I bouht this computer becouse I owne a mini XP I love it!!! 06/28/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very good quality for good price This laptop has very comfortable keyboard. I find the space for wrist as very helpful- I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it doesn't make my hands tired. Also the laptop pairs very well with all my gadgets. It is big-but not that heavy like I expected. The touch pad is not always working perfectly, but you can set it on your own. I will prefer more multimedia keys, but the shortcuts what are already available are very handy. 06/27/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by 17R SE 7720 I am suprised at the performance, runs fast and stays cool. Nice Laptop and not to heavy for a 17" machine. Not a lot of bloatware installed, no problems removing the stuff ya dont want or need. Generation 3, I7 CPU is sweet. All in all comes with some nice features. Great delivery time shipped friday, got it saturday. So far I am very pleased with this laptop. If your looking for a nice laptop and dont want to spend a small fortune on a gamming rig, this could be the system for you. I think I will invest in a smaller 7200 RPM hard drive in the near future Pro's. Fast, Cool Running, Nice Features. Not to heavy. Very nice system. Not a lot of bloatware installed. Cons. Hard Drive is only 5400 RPM Dell should offer a 7200 RPM hard drive. Running bench test everything hits the mark but the hard drive, its not bad but would be better with a 7200 RPM drive. Dell needs to include a windows 7 disk, hate restore partitions. Other than that this is a sweet machine for the price. 06/23/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I can trust Dell Inspirons Just got my Inspiron 17R Special Edition and I cannot be more satisfied with my decision. My last laptop was a 6yr old Dell Inspiron and STILL works. And this new laptop is freaking AMAZING. I am VERY pleased with my purchase. I am an architect major and use multiple software programs simultaneously and also need a lot of storage. The pricing for this laptop is very well worth it. 06/23/2012
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