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Magnavox HDD, DVR, and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, 320GB
Magnavox HDD, DVR, and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner, 320GB
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Rated 4.3 out of 5 by 892 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this Recorder! I own an earlier version of this product and it is wonderful. It has been an invaluable recording and playback workhorse in my home for many years, and I am glad to see that it is still available if I ever have to replace it. The DVR market has been dominated by other devices which require a subscription service, but this will perform well as a DVR without costing an extra fee. If you research “service plans” on the leading DVR device, you can see how this product can save you hundreds of dollars. I am writing a review on this retailer’s site because it is not available where I originally purchased it. So I feel it is necessary spread the word and support this product wherever it can be found. If this product’s newer version performs as earlier versions, I cannot recommend it high enough. 11/01/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by works as advertised Pretty simple to program and use, if you're familiar with how to program a VCR. It works just like that. Perfect for time-shifting your favorite TV shows. I wish it had better fast forward capabilities but other than that it's a good replacement for your old VHS recorder. 10/26/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Quality Problem Am I the only purchaser who can't get a defect free unit? I have owned an earlier model, H2160, for over 3 years and except for two bugs that I can live with, it has performed flawlessly. In 2011 I ordered an MDR513 model: its HDMI output failed after 2 weeks. I returned it to Walmart. Happy to see another new model released in 2012, I ordered an MDR533 in November. Using the "One Touch Recording" feature sent the unit into la-la land, where the recording times continually scrolled and recording was flawed. I returned it to Walmart. In December I ordered another MDR533; it seemed to function properly out of the box. Several weeks later, I noticed that the digital closed-captioning was displaying about half of what it should. Then the "OTR" failed as in the previous unit. As a retired electronic engineer I understand that some small percentage of any manufactured product can be flawed, but three in a row? I do appreciate Walmart's return policy; it takes some of the pain out of the bad experience. I suggest that purchasers of this unit try every function whether they use it or not. 01/17/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Perfect For Recording TV Shows Without Paying Fees This item works similar to a VHS machine, but as a DVR, for digital TV. If you do not want to pay monthly fees to record TV shows this is the perfect item. There is no loss in TV signal when it is hooked up, either when the machine is in the Standby or the On setting. I have been looking for a DVR to replace the function of a VHS for a while, and this is basically only one of maybe three choices on the market as far as I know. The other 1-2 did not get good reviews. This model comes in 320/500/1000 gb HDD options and I believe they all have the same function except for the storage capabilities. 02/18/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Machines This is the third time I've bought Magnavox HDD/DVD Recorders here at December 2009, September 2011, and most recently in October 2012. Slightly differing models with varying HD capacities, but they've all been good machines. A bit trickier to use than say a TiVo, since they don't have built-in program guides. However, if you were capable of programming a VCR back in the day, you'll be able to manage one of these. I also recommend the Ship-to-Store feature. My order got to my local store in 4 days. Since I'm by there at least once a week, it was no trouble to pick up. 11/27/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great unit for the price! I've always trusted Panasonic products, so when I was recently unable to obtain a new Panasonic DVD recorder, I was skeptical of the Magnavox 320GB HDD and DVD Recorder with Digital Tuner. But I've been quite pleased with it's performance, thus far. The unit is easy to set up and operate. Picture and sound quality are excellent and dubbing operations from HDD to DVD and vice-versa are easily accomplished through the one-touch method. I'm very impressed with this unit and I would highly recommend it to others. 10/10/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Sound problems The cables that are included are too short (about 24" long) unless you place the unit right next to tv. The sound on pass thru and recording is about half as loud as tv sound. I recorded a show as I watched it on tv with unit recording on another source and sound was great but on playback sound was hard to hear. I found this to be true no matter which output on unit or input on tv was used. I am returning it to store 10/27/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not good if you have a cable/satellite box I bought this because Comcast said they were going to be broadcasting only in digital and my VHS (used for years) was analog. Had a hard time getting this unit to work until a previous reviewer said the set-up instructions in the booklet were wrong, that one had to connect to the DVR first, then the Comcast box, then the TV. Well, that worked wonders, still in analog, and I was able to record much like my previous VHS experience (could have the tuner change channels to record any number of programs on different channels). That worked UNTIL Comcast actually scrambled their signal (1/21/2013). Obviously we had to reconnect things. Now cable goes into the cable descrambler, then into the DVD recorder, then to the TV, which is what the instruction booklet said. Worked fine EXCEPT that now the DVR is a "slave" to the box (descrambler). That means you can't watch a program different from what's being recorded DURING a recording. And you have to have the TV on the channel you want to more having the tuner switch from channel to channel automatically. The instruction manual even says this one-horse function is all you get (p.43). "You will not be able to watch another program from the box as the recorder will be recording the channel the cable/satellite box is set to". This means that if I want to record something late in the evening, I turn the TV channel to the one I want to record before turning off the TV and going to bed. Too bad if I want to record two different channels during the night. Wouldn't recommend this unit for folks who have Comcast/Xfinity's scrambled signal. 01/29/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Does not record in HD The web description doesn't mention it, but once you get the box it it is clearly stated that it does not record or playback in HD. This is unacceptable with todays HD TVs. 10/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Deal Easy to use as a VCR. I use mine with comcast cable (no cable box) record all my favorite shows. skips through ads. Lots of featuures and when I play DVD it plays 1080i sharp clear picture with suround sound I use a DMI cable (recomended) hooked to my home theater. Very pleased I don't pay a monthly fee to use this great recorder. I'm very happy and I purchased it with $100 discount and free shipping. It takes a little while to learn all the great features. I don't think you will be disapointed if you use the player/recorder the way I use it. I don't know how it works with a cable box or a reg. antenna, or satalite dish. 11/27/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by avsforum rates this player the best Wajo the God of avsforum was my go to guy in 2009 when I bought my first Magnavox DVD recorder with hard drive. I know this newest player is a great thing to have. One day I will finally play my VHS tapes into it and record them to the hard drive and burn them to DVD. Its really easy to edit out the bad parts. The second great reason is not having to pay a cable company or TIVO to record tv shows for later viewing. With 2 machines I can tape 2 shows at once. Also I can watch my sports shows in the other room so the family can still use the main TV. It has pause live tv so I can watch parts of a show I miss if the phone rings or am interrupted while watching regular live tv. It has a very low height and fits in any tv cabinet. 10/14/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Unimpressed Having read the description and hype for this equipment, I thought I was buying a high definition unit. But, it's not. It records nothing in High Definition; niether on the hard drive or to a Blu Ray Disc. All recording and playback is in low definition 480. Just as I was beginning to write this review I tried to find the page in the instruction book that very distinctly states this fact. But, it's so well hidden that I couldn't find itright now. It's there, I've read it and when I did, it confirmed my suspicions after viewing the HDD picture on the screen of my HD TV and clearly saw it was not Hi Def. Now, there is a saving grace in all this. That is, as stated in other reviews, that you can upconvert to 1080P and above (now that 4K is here) any and all of the recordings made on this machine. HOWEVER, you will need a receiver or a stand alone UPSCALER that is designed to do that. My research yielded a number of such receivers with that capability. But virtually none are sold locally and they are not cheap. Most exceed the price of this recorder by double and many much more than that. So, here we are once again having been victimized NOT by the retailer, or for that matter even the manufacturer (Funai) but by those wonderful Hollywood executives that dictate to the equipment manufacturers what they can and can't make for consumer recording equipment. As you may recall they never even allowed a television ad for any VCR and they're maintaining that position for all kinds of current video recording devices. They dictated that DVD recorders for consumers could only be made if they were complicated and difficult to use. Seriously, that was/is the rule.. As a result ALL the manufacturers including JVC, Panasonic, Toshiba, and the rest STOPPED making DVD recorders because barely anyone could operate them and they constantly broke because of the way they had to be made (as dictated by Hollywood). So, bottom line here, if you can invest in the equipment necessary to upscale/upconvert all your recordings made on this machine, it may prove to be a very versitile and welcomed addition to your AV system. If, however you expect to use it as it comes, your DVD's made on it will automatically upconvert to "nearly" 1080" but your HDD recordings will be in the low quality department with only NTSC 480 video quality. ONE FINAL COMMENT (I used the "edit" feature of this submission for this after thought - I have aN OLDER Mitsubishi 65" CRT 1080I (interlaced) TV. It is possible that the HDD playback of the Magnavox IS being upconverted and my TV being an "I" not a "P" (progressive scan) is not accepting the upscaling because it can't. In that case - if upscaling IS being provided by the HDD on playback, I would give this unit a full FIVE STAR RATING across the board. 12/02/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Does not work as expected. We do not have cable or satellite TV. We have an antennae for all the local channels. We want to record programs that are on very late and during the day when we are doing other things. There seems to be no way to record digital channels such as, 2.1, 4.1, etc. When the unit is connected according to the directions, we cannot change channels. Whatever channel we are watching is the only available channel. If this unit is not capable of recording digital channels, then we will be returning it to a Wal-Mart store in Boise, Idaho. Sincerely, Dave & Jan Van Pelt 05/06/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Clock was broken, never held the correct time, no matter how many times I set it to the proper time. Which means all the pre-set recordings that were set to record at a specific time never recorded. 01/08/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great DVR/DVD Player-recorder This device allows me to record shows/movies on a hard drive from Cox cable and play them back on my schedule with the ability to fast forward through commercials. Also plays DVDs and can record to a DVD. 12/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Instructions were very easy to follow. The setup was easy, and the unit works as advertised. Great product, price was right, very satisfied with this product. 10/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great unit Was going to buy the VHS/DVD but thought I`d try this. It works great. Beats having to put a tape in or a disc. The flaws are customer support. We kept getting disconnected and they never called back even though they had my number. The remote doesn`t have some keys with the name of their function like stop-play-pause which is a pain. That`s why i gave it four stars. Just symbols The 320 GB has plenty for one person but I would recommend the 500 for a family. It has a great picture. Easy to use. It is well worth it. Read the questions /answers on here for tips. 10/05/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not HD. Only 480 resolution. This device has HDMI ports, but the picture resolution is like an ancient VHS tape. Very disappointing. Even recording at the very highest quality is like the TVs before HD was invented. Even the antenna pass through to my TV reduces the quality from the direct antenna connection I had before I bought the device. I returned the device to Walmart. I appreciate their return policy, otherwise I'd be out 300 bucks. 12/07/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great choice for DVD plus DVR type recording. This is an excellent product. I purchased an earlier version of the same unit a couple years ago and ordered this so I could have one in my RV as well. It allows you to view TV and to backup to replay items you missed as well as to record to an internal hard dist drive, or to record DVDs for viewing later. Programming is manual, but it works well. This model has a redesigned remote control but it is otherwise similar to my older unit. 10/07/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exactly what I needed and it was easy to set up and operate 10/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by does the job cutting down my 200.00 cable bill was a must bought this machine and set up was easy records well works just like the old vcr machines as far as programming it but its easy and worth the savings off cable dvr service. went to basic cable and this works just fine when youre a "local station" tv watcher like we are. dvds play in very nice picture quality taped programs not so much but watchable. we use it lightly to tape the odd show on another channel while watching another so picture quality isnt high on our list anyways and as I said its presentable. if u want to cut back big time on your cable dvr service I would recommend this machine. 11/10/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Simple to record on built in hard drive or DVD. It arrived 3-4days later and works just like the 1st reviewer says. Pretty simple and sweet with no tapes or disc needed for recording. Great tip about setting the video to wide screen. Nice to know I could switch to a bigger hard drive if needed. Thanks for that tip too. About the only thing I don't like is the 4 watt power consumption when turned off in standby. Not Energy Star compliant. The recorded picture is not quite as sharp as the original but still very good. 09/28/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by 6 calls to Magnavox - 4 disconnects while i was trying to get help, only the 5th call - i was told i had to have an rf modulator! WHAT? It has a digital tuner - the primary reason i bought it. 6th call - added rf modulator - STILL NOT JOY! after nearly 5 hours on the phone with magnavox - i took it back. i wish i could have agreed with everyone else, because i was very excited to find this - as you can no longer get VCR's - i know.... but it was so easy. Maybe I should be mad at comcast, because magnavox blamed them and or the rf modulator - heaven forbid that there is something wrong with their equipment. 11/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it! It's great. Better than paying monthly rental fees for a DVR. Had mine for 2+ years now. 10/25/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Defective manufacturing I needed to replace a previous model that has been a workhorse but was slowly dying. Finding a DVD recorder with tuner is nearly impossible. I was happy to find that this machine was still available. I bought it, had it shipped and installed it. It made an audible ticking sound when on. Called Magnavox who confirmed it was defective. Ordered another and the same problem occurred. Returned it. I'll wait a few months until another batch is made and then try again. Other than the ticking this is an excellent machine but poor quality control makes it a poor choice. 10/23/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Works Great but does not pick up enough channels This system does what is states it records very well. The problem is that when I hook up the antenna to the recorder I lose 10 channels that I had before connecting. I love the concept and it is a needed one due to more people using Over the Air Antennas (OTA). But the system needs to improve on signal reception from an OTA. If the reception issue is ever resolved then I will definately buy one but for now I have to return this item. 09/27/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Works as advertised! I wanted a DVR that did not require a service. Got this one, hooked up the antenna then to my computer monitor, and started watching TV on my computer monitor. Love being able to back up the live show. Can also watch a recorded show while another is recording. Confession, 10 days later (both in March 2014) I bought a 46" TV from Walmart also. Now I can watch one show while recording another or watch a recorded show while recording another - all with my rabbit ears and right off the airways and no cost other than the electricity to run them. Before I get rid of the VCR I am going to run our home movies and record them to the DVR. 03/22/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by not high definition picture Picture quality far from high definition. Un acceptable at today standards. Nobody wants to record shows received in HD to have them low quality. 03/10/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by The DVR Is Great A few years ago, we cut the cord and went with just over the air tv. This dvr/dvd combo is meant to enhance the experience and record some tv shows to be watched later. The unit installed easily, works great. Super picture, nice sound. One thing I have to mention is the shipping to home by Wal Mart. The unit appeared at my door two days after ordering, with standard shippping, nothing special. That is super fast delivery. Not only did it arrive many days earlier than expected, it arrived intact, and worked great. I could not ask for more. Thanks Wall Mart! 02/03/2014
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