Rated 4.2 out of 5 by 234 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by why have hotspot with no data 4g is fast but one of the bonus with phone was the mobile hotspot. but tmobile disables data from the hotspot and even the tethering so no mobile wi/fi. phone works fine otherwise and the 30 dollar plan works for me and with it you get 5g at 4g 5o dollar plan only gives you 1g. battery holds up ok for smart phone also phone is nice and thin and light in pocket. 01/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great upgrade from Samsung Intercept This is an upgrade from my entry-level Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile. This phone is much snappier, nicer interface, and the Gingerbread OS is a welcome upgrade. Previously I was so disappointed in the Intercept that I was considering going to an iPhone, but was balking at the $70+ a month price tag. Virgin Mobile's higher end smartphones weren't that appetizing, so I decided to look at going back to T-Mobile (I used to have a dumbphone with them a few years ago). I currently have both the Intercept and the Exhibit active right now so I can make a true comparison. The Exhibit wins hands down in terms of responsiveness, plus the larger onboard memory means that I can fit some of the larger apps (like Xfinity TV) that you can't on the Intercept. In every aspect (including coverage), the Exhibit is vast improvement. So if you're interested in an entry to mid-level smartphone at a ridiculously low $30 a month and can live paying $0.10/min for going over 100 mins, I recommend this deal. If you want all the bells and whistles of a top end smartphone, you'll have to go contract. I still would love to have an iPhone, but it's not worth an extra ~$500 a year... 12/14/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by At first I thought it looked a little cheap, but the other day it took a 70 MPH drive off the motorcycle. I saw it fly apart in three pieces, the battery was even run over by a passing car. I thought for sure it was a destroyed. Picked it all up to find not to much damage, the screen did not crack at all. installed the battery snapped on the back cover as best I could. and pushed the start button. I could not believe it. Thought for sure I was out 200.00 bucks. good phone T-Mobile 03/13/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great phone! I wanted to buy the Samsung Galaxy S but I didn't want to pay the $400+ that came with it since I wanted to have the T-mobile $30 prepaid plan. This phone was offered by Walmart and I bought it immediately. This is my first smart phone, and I am impressed so far. Pros: -Amazing phone with access to android apps -Wifi (right now I am using up my pre-paid minutes before I sign up for the $30 monthly pre-paid plan and I can access my email accounts and the internet with Wifi) -Camera flash, front facing camera -Price!! Cons: -The camera resolution could be better. I found out that the colors are not amazing, but I could fix them a little bit with my photo software -Battery life. I have to recharge it every day, and I don't use it a lot. I had to buy a car charger. All in all I think this is an amazing phone for the price. I am saving so much money compared to Iphone cost and monthly payment! 12/30/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wow Amazing! If your like me and hardly ever make phone calls but find yourself texting and web browsing a lot then t mobile has the solution for you. At $30 bucks a month I feel like I've got one of the best deal around. I find the Android platform easy to navigate. The camera in the phone is pretty comparable (5mp). Also its full of other tricks like wifi calling and full web browsing (I use skyfire browser set on desktop mode). Bottom line, this phone/mini computer(how I feel) is definitely worth your money. Cons: I have few and they don't really bother me. if you get the $30 mo package and make a wifi call (for better reception) it will still use your prepaid minuets. Also the phone is loaded with apps that it will not let you uninstall without rooting. Honestly thats all I can think of thats bad. Sweet phone yo. This baby will pay for itself if your used to paying 70+ a month for a phone bill. Thank you T mobile and thank you WalMart!!! 07/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Say Goodbye to Contract Phones I purchased two of these phones a month ago and we've been very happy with them so far. It was easy to add a memory card and we've had no problem with calls dropping or getting online. There are a few dead spots for the 4G, but that's to be expected in Southwest Missouri. The RAM fills up pretty fast, so you have to pay attention to it. I ended up paying the extra $10 (on top of the $50 unlimited plan) for the extra 4G coverage. It's a better phone than we had with Verizon and we're saving about $100 a month. We're very happy with the purchase. 05/15/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by My First Anderoid Phone - I Highly Recommend it. This is my first anderoid phone. I like it alot although there is a learning curve to get over as with any new technology. My last smart phone was a samsung. It was bomb proof and I am tough on phones so I decided to go with samsung again. I really like the exhibit II. It has all the latest features and is not gigantic like my techo-nerd friends phones. It is not too small either. It's just right. You can flip it sideways and the virtual keyboard gets bigger so you don't fat-finger the letters too much when typing while driving. the camera has a flash which takes great pics. The 4g t-mobile network is fast and reliable and I get very few drop-out spots in here north florida. The best part is the $30/month price. I surf all day on this phone and I have not yet come close to using 5 Gig of data. I highly recommend this phone and t-mobile plan. 01/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 My first smart phone - very pleased! This is my first smart phone, and I've been very pleased with it so far. I got it to use with T-Mobile's no-contract $30/month 100 min/unlimited data plan, and it's easy to use and set up. One of the first things I did was to follow the advice on battery-saving, like turning off GPS & wireless when I don't need them, since the battery will run out fairly quickly when everything's running. I bought a car charger, and along with the wall charger that comes with the phone, I can pretty much plug it in as needed. For the price compared to the higher-end no-contract phones, this is a good value in my opinion. Main con so far is that the user manual could be a bit more specific and detailed on some functions - for example, I had to go online and search to figure out how to connect the phone to my computer - it's a bit more than just plugging in the data cable. Overall, I recommend this phone for the budget-minded! 01/28/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Very good capabilities, weak execution I purchased this phone about a month ago, and have used it extensively ever since. So, read this review with that in mind: I'm comparing it to my old "dumb" phone, not to other smart phones. Pros: 1. Forward-facing camera. Seems few smart phones have this. 2. There are very few apps I've tried which have not worked with it. 3. The screen is sharp, bright, and large (for such a device), when the brightness is turned up to near maximum. 4. Excellent photos, particularly when using the app "Pudding Camera". Cons: 1. As with any smart phone with a touch screen that covers nearly an entire side of it, it's difficult to keep from inadvertently touching the touch screen, therefore sending the software off to where you don't want it. 2. Battery life is pitifully short, especially when brightness is turned up (as I like it). 3. It's constantly trying to do things to conserve battery life, such as dimming or turning off the screen. Annoying. I've tried to turn off all such power savers (I use the device in a truck, mostly, where I have a power supply nearby) but it's still annoying. 4. If the screen is on for very long at max. brightness, then the device overheats and shuts itself off. 5. The power button on the side (which must be pressed every time the power saving feature blanks the screen) is microscopically small and has zero tactile feel. You must look for it and then press it with a fingertip if you have man-sized fingers. Why do they try to hide such a button that must be pressed so often? 6. After pressing the power button to bring it back to life, you have to swipe a finger across the screen to clear the screen saver (and it doesn't always work -- guess you have to do it just the right way, and your finger can't be too dry, etc). Not a big deal, but when you have to do it as often as this phone requires (again, battery saving technique) it becomes tedious and annoying. All things considered, it does a lot, and doesn't cost a lot, compared to other smart phones. And the T-Mobile pricing plan is a bargain. But it's far from an excellent design -- seems it's strained beyond its limits to do what it does -- and therefore I think I'd spring for the extra money to get an iPhone if I had to do it over again. 07/26/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Do NOT purchase this phone.... I had this phone for two weeks before I returned it. No one could hear me on any phone calls. I called my husband's phone in the same room so that I could hear myself - it sounded like I was a block away from the speaker and VERY muffled. Also, the phone would not connect to the network AT ALL - internet, etc. were useless with this phone. I also missed multiple calls that would never even show up as a missed call. The camera quality was ok. This phone is not worth the cost at ANY price. I do have a T-Mobile contract, so my issues had nothing to do with the Prepaid service, just the phone itself. I must say that Walmart was very easy to work with and I had no problem returning the phone. I will likely purchase another phone from Walmart. 06/28/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great smart phone, all the features expected. I bought this phone because of the $30 unlimited prepaid plan. No way I was going to pay $80 a month. Even compared to a $50 a month prepaid plan, this phone pays for it self in 10 months. Does pretty much every thing a smart phone should, except voice dialing. It does do voice search. T-mobile coverage is good, but 4g is spotty. Easy to connect to wifi for browsing or wifi calling if not in a good coverage area. GPS and google maps work well. Built in compass works well using 3rd party app. Can talk and surf at the same time without a problem. Great screen with 480 x 800 resolution. Great color, but like many phones a struggle to read in sunlight. Ringer is plenty loud. In built speaker for speaker phone is loud and clear. Sounds decent for web radio stations as well. Audio is very good through earphones or external speakers (even $15 variety) I didn't try any bluetoot. Haven't found any android apps that did not work with this. Skype worked, but video was poor, and it was a cpu hog. Opera browser can use http proxy at work. Picks up on T-Mobile and ATT networks. I don't know how roaming works. It might use extra minutes. Any part of a minute uses a whole minute. 3mp Camera takes good pictures and videos. Auto focus works well and low light pix are ok, good with onboard led flash. I haven't had any problems, I use it mostly for web browsing and email. No lockups. Sometimes says 'not registered on network' when I try to check minutes, but i can still call out or call in to it. Very good printed user manual. It seems solid enough, I dropped it off the bathroom counter onto a tile floor, The back popped off and the battery flew out. Otherwise no damage and working fine for a month since. Your mileage may vary. 06/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bang for the buck! I have been using this phone for a month now and there is nothing that has let me down about it. Everything I can think of that I want it to do, it does. And well. It's fast, and the battery really lasts. I don't spen a lot of time in calls during the day, but I definitely text regularly. And I check my email and surf the web and play games on this phone regularly. Doing all of that I have seen my battery last almost a day and a half before it become truly necessary to stick it on the charger. Great product, I'd buy another! 04/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by All you need to know...Great 4G t-mobile phone Where to start? The overall quality of the phone is decent. The phone feels solid with a case on, without it feels flimsy. The specs are pretty nice, the camera quality can be better. My wife uses Skype for video calling and i must admit the sound quality (speakers) and the MIC is really good. The front facing camera is nice to have for Skype and the quality is decent. The picture quality of the rear camera is not that sharp and the pic comes out little yellowish (if that is a word lol) . I found by changing the White balance of the camera setting to Incandescent instead of auto make a significant improve in the quality of the pic. The ram shows 356mb instead of 512mb which is ok: the remaining ram is dedicated to the OS. The phone comes with a lot of bloat ware. I simply rooted it using superoneclick software: select zergRush method under Exploit. This rooting method is much more secure and stable. Every other rooting method seems to have issues. Got ride of all the bloat ware/ ads and it works great. I would not recommend replacing the original ROM, only because everything work. And trust me I tried every Mod ROM out there only to restore it back to the 2.3.5 original. The battery life is great and the screen is responsive. This phone ran every app and game i threw at it. Now if you expect a 200 dollar phone to perform like a 500 dollar phone then this is not the phone for you. If you are looking for a decent phone that will more than satisfy your needs without putting you out on the street, then this is the phone for you: and No! this is not an exaggeration. Put aside the affordable price tag of the phone and consider the monthly savings. Now i am using this phone as a contact phone instead of prepaid. I have the t-mobile value plan 69.00 a month with 1000 share mins and unlimited text among 4 lines. I also pay 10.00 extract for 2gb data for this phone since only my wife uses date. Total cost is 80.00 and around 92.00 after taxes and fees. Try finding a deal like this with another carrier. Thank you all for reading. 04/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great phone! I received my phone 4 days after order. Setup was a snap. I love the $30 plan available for new customers and the fact that I DID NOT have to pay a setup fee. My idea here is to use the 5GB of 4G data for internet calls since this phone has WiFi calling capabilities. Extra minutes above your allotted meager 100 are billed at just 10 cents if you go over. The phone is fast and the Camera gives me high quality pictures. My area is notorious for having bad reception and I'm at 4 bars! Thanks Walmart. 04/11/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 Good Product, Better Service This is my first smartphone and I'm extremely pleased with it. Well technically it's my second and that's where Walmart's excellent customer service comes in. After having the phone about a week I accidentally locked myself out of it by (ironically) trying to make the phone more secure. Following instructions from a T-Mobile Rep I did a factory reset on the phone and it pretty much crippled my phone. I couldn't use the android market and half of my apps were gone. After spending half a day on the phone with T-Mobile offshore tech consisting mostly of numerous factory resets which all yielded the same results and desperately looking for a fix in the android blogoshpere I finally decided to take my phone to a T-Mobile store to see if they could restore my phone to it's former self. I called the nearest one and explained my situation and was advised to bring the phone back to Walmart for an exchange since I'd only had the phone about a week. Well that's what I did and it was a painless if not quick process and when I got the phone home and checked it out, it was exactly the way I remembered it, google play app intact and all. I don't know what I would have done or how things would have worked out if I hadn't bought this phone from Walmart but I'm very very glad I did. 04/07/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 Great phone for the money This is my second order of Samsung Exhibit. First had a very bad resolution. Good speed, slim shape. The applications provided meet my day to day needs. I was able to transfer my work email and leave my BB home. Two problem with the phone. Battery life is last only for half day if you don't use anything, less if you try to listen to a music or watch something. I had to buy space battery witch is not so convinient. And second problem is Tethering. I had My touch 3G before and was able to travel with my laptop and have internet to work whenever i went. With Samsung not only i had to install drivers to see my memory card but i cannot use plain tethering, i have to buy Hotspot plan - $15 a month. If you just need a smart phone for basic needs: phone, GPS, web, photo (BTW photo did came out with good quality) - this phone worth the money. Hope this help. 02/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good Phone Good Value Good Purchase This is my first smartphone and for me it was easy to figure out and use a lot of features, if you can operate your computer and access different features you can operate this phone infact it is easier to run then a computer that includes hooking up wifi one click enter you account name password and one click it will sync your wifi and set up emails account in a touch of the screen. I even watch TV on this phone with my att uverse account. If you need a smartpone and are tired of paying $50 dollars or more a month then this is the phone and $30 a month plan to get. I switched over from virgin mobile. When i went to walmart to purchase this phone there was a tmobile rep there by chance and he set it all up and even ported my number. If you are porting a number i suggest in store setup if not then just take the phone home and log onto tmobile webiste. One word of caution this phone doesnt last long in the stores and I learned just because the website says in stock at your store doesnt mean it is, call to make sure it is in stock as i had to go to another walmart across town as the item wasnt in stock at the walmart close by my house even though it said it was. Note: It took 12 hours for my number to port over so i was pleased to see i didnt run into any problems as far as keepin the same number i have had for 3 years at virgin mobile. So 12 hours to port your number is what i call good customer service. Very happy with my new phone and T-moblie service. 12/31/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it! This is my second android phone and while this one is quite different from the first one that had 2.2, this one is 2.3 and is waaaay better. It's faster, lighter weight, bigger screen and has so many more features, flash player, for example. I think google did a really great job with the new android version and samsung did a great job on this phone. I'm using it with the family mobile plan and I have no problems with it. I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone! 04/08/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this phone I love this phone! jammin to the Pandora radio on it as I type this. I've had this phone for a day so far and it's been amazing. No dropped calls, incoming and outgoing calls are nice and clear. Texts no problems, send pics, vids, ects. Internet is fabulous. GPS works great. And I saw someone on here complaining that this doesn't support blu-tooth, but actually it does. Also has voice controls that rival the iphone 4S. You say: Listen to Placebo and it will play you a placebo song, you can also google search, call people using the voice control. Lots of great apps. - Words with friends, draw something. Problems: Slacker radio kept freezing the phone so I deleted it and installed Pandora. So far ZERO problems with pandora, nice and smooth. The back where the battery is at gets pretty hot. Camera is not that great; it's better to leave the flash off and just edit the pictures to lighten them. The flash is too bright. But that isn't really a problem for me, I don't use it for the camera I use it for the internet, texting and calls. Oh and I purchased this online but had no problems with the sim card, as others have been complaining about. 03/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great 4g Phone! Can't beat the price!!!! 4g is blazing fast, Phone is nice and quick, and has a nice good sized screen! AND ONLY $189 NO CONTRACT! I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a sharp, sweet phone that can do anything. 02/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This phone is hot I'm actually looking for a phone for my wife for quite a while. We like iPhone but it's so expensive 2-yr plan. And we don't need a lot of talk time but we do need to surf web and chech email, etc., continuously. This phone, together with the $30 plan meets the needs so well. And we cannot find a better deal anywhere else. And also the phone has been out of stock on Amazon continuously. Here on Walmart website it's so hot - I finally was lucky to place an order and now out of stock again. A great deal. My wife will like it though maybe not as much as for iPhone. Look fwd to it. 12/07/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Its a good phone for the price Dont pay more than 190 dollars. Up to this price, the phone is good! If you start installing several applications, the phone will decrease its performance and become slow. Unfortunately TMobile didnt pay much attention on how many apps they ship preinstalled (which you cant uninstall). It makes a phone with good specs like this perform poorly. Search for custom ROMs for this phone - then you will realize its a good phone shipped with bad preloaded stuff. 06/05/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not bad the phone, failed the activation I bought this phone on walmart.com with the $30 monthly prepaid from T-Mobile. The phone was ok, but the SIM failed. It was impossible to activate it. It seems that there is this kind of problems somethimes (search for 'activation' at the customer Q&A exchange). After talking to T-Mobile and Walmart I went to a T-mobile store and the gave me a new SIM. The phone is pretty good, but be patient with multitask. The $30 with 5Gb is awesome!!!! 05/01/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by I love this phone, is fast, good resolution, take some good photos. The only flaw that I found was that the battery has very short duration. But otherwise deserves a 10 .... 04/21/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good Phone This is good mid-level android phone. Coming from a Blackberry there are some features that I miss, such as and the auto on-off feature. The battery life is good, the blue tooth is works fine and web browsing is good. I would love a larger screen but for $200 you can't have it all. If you are looking for a low priced android phone this is not a bad choice. For the price it is a pretty good product. 04/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Love my new phone. This phone is my first smart phone let alone Android. That being said it has been very easy to figure out most of this phone’s features. This phone has a good sized screen with great resolution. The 4g network and fast processer make downloads quick and easy. I am very happy with the T-Mobile 4G coverage. I have yet to drop a call or loose signal in the 2 weeks that I have had the phone. I opted for the $30 100 minute talk, unlimited text & data plan. It is the best deal I have seen for a smartphone data plan and let’s face it; nobody actually talks on their phone anymore. LOL! The only issue I have encountered to this point is the lack of battery life. I have not been able to get 24 hours out of the battery. I have closed all open applications and still cannot get a full day with no use. After some research on the web, this is by far the biggest complaint and seems to be a side effect of all the preloaded T-Mobile bloat-ware. You could root the phone to uninstall all of the extra applications and get much better battery life. I would prefer to keep the phone's warranty and purchase extra chargers to keep the battery charged. Anyway for a new phone running Android Gingerbread for $189 (I paid $199 at my local Wal-Mart) this phone and data plan is an unbeatable combo deal! I love the phone, just wish the battery lasted longer. 02/28/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by WORST PHONE EVER! INCOMPETENT SAMSUNG/TMO SUPPORT Ive had the worst experience ever with this phone. Since day one, it wouldn't work. It constantly turns itself off.on for no reason and the battery would not hold a charge for more than a few hours (even with no data). The screen would also freeze every day, forcing me to remove the battery - and then the phone would turn itself on/off again - Finally had to get rid of it cuz couldn't even make a phone call. Samsung Support (via phone and live chat) have been the most incompetent people Ive ever dealt with. THEY KNOW NOTHING. Every question I had, they gave me wrong answers and incorrect information which wasted dozens of hours. Their answer for everything is to reset the phone. I did that every week and still couldn't get it to work. The manual also had several factual errors. They even told me that I shouldn't download any Android Apps unless they are made by Samsung. I asked "Whats the purpose of an Android phone if you can't use apps? ANd why are there a bunch of non-Samsung preinstalled apps that can't be deleted?" They wouldn't troubleshoot anything and even told me that customers are not allowed to speak to technicians. Then if you get this with Tmobile prepaid, realize that Tmobile considers that as a separate company. You will be dealing with outsourced people who barely speak English and again have no clue as to what Tmobile policies are. They even told me prepaid phones don't have a warranty - which is FALSE -and also told me that you don't get billed for any incoming calls , also WRONG (unless you are on an unlimited plan but some of you may be using this on a per minute basis or a $30 1500 min plan or even postpaid)....Just been a nightmare. Tmobile even told me "If you don't like it, then you can find another carrier..." Its that great service which has them losing customers left and right. 12/13/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by To good to be true. The $30 Unl Web, Text, and 100 talk is almost to good to be true. I have a feeling once a threshold number has signed up for this plan, this plan will disappear. The old get'em hooked plan worked! 04/29/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Expected Better Preformance Overall this phone works and has provided fairly consistent GPS service, which is really what I wanted it for. It helped us locate all kinds of things during our 2,000 mile drive in a moving truck, just using the basic Google maps and navigation apps. The places app is also helpful, when you are looking for some thing specific in a new area. Other than that I'd call this phone below average. Within a week it had frozen up on me twice, it has inconsistent call quality, worse than the cheap flip phone it replaced and sometimes it's terribly broken up and scratchy. There are issues with the volume rocker, for some reason I have to press for the volume to go down, before i can increase it, which is a total pain when you just pick up a call and cant tell if the volume is too low or the call is breaking up. Also, actually typing a text message can be hard. The predictive text suggestions on top of the 'keyboard' take up so much space that you can barley see what you are writing or go back in to edit it. The usb charging cable that came with it stopped working within 3 weeks of purchase and I had to buy another. Also, just as a personal preference, I like mac products, apps and their intuitive designs more than any of the smart phone alternatives. I find the android market less desirable and access to the apps to be kind of clunky, expensive, and slow. I read a lot of reviews and expected more of this phone. It is a mid level smart phone, and that's all I expected out of it in terms of performance. I didn't put a lot of apps on it, only very little music, and I don't do a lot of stuff on the web with it. For it to be freezing up on me a few times a week is ridiculous. I did purchase a warranty with it and I will be getting a replacement once I'm settled from my move and can live without a phone for a little while... because as far as I can tell it may have to be sent in for service rather than just straight out replaced, which is also annoying. Oh, also note.... Samsung's warranty will not replace a phone with issues.... you can only send it in for repair, which is lame. I usually like Samsung products, but I am disappointed with this and the warranty. Here are a few pros: The screen is about the size of my ipod 3rd gen screen, so it doesn't feel too small at all, and the screen is good quality, I have some issues with touching "ok" or "enter" buttons, but I think that's just because my fingers are beefy. The colors are nice and the graphics and display are vibrant. When it is getting good web reception it's quick enough for me, but not super fast (i don't really care about that though), and I can do most things I need to online with it. 04/08/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by The phone is great, but beware of T-mobile. The phone is pretty good so far. I have not been able to use it but for a few days since T-mobile took over two weeks to port my number from my old carrier. I would beware if you are going to port your number. The actual porting of the number should only take a few hours or the most a day, but apparently no one actually wanted to do anything at T-mobile that day so they did not send it through right away and then when they finally did there was a problem and they did not want to fix it. It was a big hassle. Other then that I am impressed with the phone so far. 02/06/2012
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