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Rated 3 out of 5 by $100 fixie=win. But there were some issues. This is a somewhat technical review intended for skeptical bike enthusiasts. Bottom line, this is a $100 fixie, and with a little TLC and attitude adjustment for yourself, you will be happy riding away on your stock purchase. *** I ordered online and assembled it myself. I am an experienced bicycle mechanic and had already intended to true the wheels, lubricate the cables, and repack the hubs, BB and headset. If you are buying online please have a shop or an experienced mechanic do the assembly. All of the bearings on my unit were incorrectly adjusted. They were too tight, and almost impossible to spin freely. If you're handy you can get a bicycle tool kit online for under $100, which will give you everything you need to adjust things properly. Both wheels needed truing, and the front wheel was out of dish and out of round. The front wheel spokes were also not laced properly to allow proper access to the valve. The freewheel lacks splines for removal. Fortunately the freewheel was not torqued and I was able to back it off with a pin tool inserted into the two shallow holes on the FW body. You can not easily service the hub without removing the freewheel, and once it's torqued on you may not be able to remove it. The threaded headset's adjustable race does not have wrench flats, making it difficult to grip; you might have to resort to vise-grips. The slotted washer slid around when I tightened the lock nut, causing some superficial damage to the threads on the steerer tube. The stamped sidepull brakes seem flimsy and are a little hard to center, but they work just fine. Brake levers have resin bodies which likewise seem unsafe, but will work fine if you don't ask too much of them. I'm not certain but I believe the rims are steel. I had hoped for alloy. They are difficult to properly true but you can get acceptable brake clearance. The 38mm tires are rated for 60psi. Probably fine for popping wheelies and curb hopping. My son had no trouble laying down a skid. I don't expect the tires to last very long. Paint quality was fine, and the frame seemed solid if a bit heavy. I'm guessing the tubing is simple hi-tensile steel. I removed the decals with a heatgun and scraper. I pried the heavy foil headbadge off with a screwdriver, and rubbed away its adhesive residue with some solvent and a rag. I swapped the tires so the red tire was mounted on the red rim, yellow with yellow. That gave the bike a neater appearance. For about $100 more you could just pick up an SE Draft on sale. But this bike is just fine and a great deal. Hopefully Wal-Mart will sell bunches of these and offer an improved version next year with better quality components. 10/19/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Like the Bike Ordered the bike with 97 cent shipping and it arrived FedEx in 3 days ! I have another Kent bike from Walmart (GMC Denali Pro) which I've ridden several thousand miles and I expect this bike to hold up as well. This is not the lightest bike at @29 lbs. but for recreational riding that doesn't matter, I live in flat country. The bike rides well, I am enjoying riding it as a fixie. I like the kickstand and chain guard for riding around town and errands. For $99 this bike is a great value. When I took it out of the box I spent several hours taking it apart and putting it back together, and adjusting everything as needed. The wheel, bottom bracket and headset bearings all had grease, but were over tightened and needed to be adjusted before riding. This was expected after reading other reviews. Some of the specs on the bike that are not listed in the description that might be helpful if someone were thinking about changing components include: 36 spoke wheels with alloy rims. 700 x 32c tires 48 tooth chain ring, 18 tooth freewheel and fixed sprocket 100 mm front hub spacing 110 mm rear hub spacing 73 mm bottom bracket shell with 114 mm square taper spindle 170 mm steel cranks 1 inch threaded headset alloy stem with 1 in dia. handle bar clamp. 32 in. stand over height 21 inch top tube and seat tube length 1 inch dia. seat post 03/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Bike for the Buck!!! I waited a week before purchasing this bike after I saw it initially in my local Wal Mart. When I went back, I prayed one was still there for me! It looks cool, rides perfect! I, ofcourse had to tweak it a bit but once done... I have ridden many miles on it in just the short time I've had it... I would highly reccomend this bike to one who is wanting a road racing looking style type bike with all the advantages of a 21 speed without the haggle of shifting and adjusting derailers. I've added a few lil accessories already but this SINGLE speed bike is perfect for my riding needs and I look forward to many years of satisfaction with this bike! SARGE 10/05/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Buy a $300 Fixie or make it your own? For $100 you can't go wrong. So far I've stripped the stickers, swapped the pedals, tires, grips, brake line and housing, brake pads & seat; I've now got a custom personalized Fixie for under $180! I'm going to attempt some painting after I research too. If you're looking for an affordable, fun learning experience, start with this, and you'll fall in love with biking and become an expert in the mechanics of it in no time flat! When you walk it out the store it looks like a rolling McDonalds ad, so have some fun with it and make it your own without breaking the bank. 10/11/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by You Could Do a Whole Lot Worse, Folks! From reading other reviews I can tell there is some confusion as to this bike's design. Store shoppers get a choice of the red and yellow (often called the “Ronald McDonald” special), a pink and plaid version (for women, I take it), or the purple, lime green and yellow offering. Online buyers get the yellow and red version (last time I checked). I got the last one via my local store but the bottom line remains that they are all Fixie Thrusters. As for that name, it's technically incorrect. A fixie is a bike design in which the rear wheel gear rotates in either direction and the pedals are always in motion (no coasting allowed), sort of like your first tricycle in which you had to keep pedaling because the crank was part of the front wheel. This bike has a flip-flop hub, that is, one gear is fixed but the other is freewheel which allows for coasting. Fixie Thruster sounds better than Flip-Flop Thruster so the name stays. Design & Engineering: Artistic viewpoints aside, this bike is your usual road style geometry made of steel. If you prefer aluminum it's called the Mongoose Detain and will set you back another $100. I had a bike mechanic acquaintance take a look at the bike and she commented on the following: * Bottom bracket (where the cranks and pedals attach) is a generic 3 piece unit, durable and cheap to replace. Cranks are also generic although she thought they appeared to be of better than average construction. * Welds are adequate but awful. Not to brag, but I did better in my high school shop class. They are safe and strong, though, at least on my bike. * Welds may be awful but the paint was flawless – that's right, flawless. Not a drip or rough area anywhere nor where there any abrasions, nicks or gouges. Quite impressive. * Pedals are BMX style plastic platform. This type of application would probably best be served by metal pedals since riders may stand on them to crank, but they are easy enough to replace. * Handlebar and related stem, again, are generic but well built. Mine came with a deep purple paint finish with a nice sheen. * Many complain the brakes are inadequate but my friend mentioned the brakes are fine, it's the wheels that make braking difficult. They are finished in a thick and glossy yellow or blue (yellow and red for the online version). This means no decent surface for the brakes to grab hold of, especially if they get wet. Braking does take some judicious planning and oddly enough, the paint doesn't seem to be wearing off or down. * As for the wheels, they were actually true! This is a rarity in store-bought bikes. Not one adjustment was necessary. * Tires and tubing are a guaranteed failure within a few months since both are no-name. Will have to say the 700c x 38 tires do have decent tread, though, and do grip. * The seat appears to be a standard vinyl covered road version – not the most comfortable in the world but not the worst I've ever seen. * Overall, it weighs in at roughly 25 pounds, give or take a couple. By comparison, the same bike with multiple gears would weigh 3 to 5 pounds more which the Detain aluminum version comes in at about 3 pounds lighter (not a significant amount for $100 more). * The chain guard is smoked plastic. Purists will remove it and some complain it makes a rattle when the chain hits it during hard riding, but I'll keep it for now since it presents no problems to me. Otherwise, it's just a couple screws to get it off. * Want to have a rear rack? Better get a seat-post clamping version because there are no rack mounts. Ditto for bottle bosses, this puppy comes with none so plan on getting a clamp on version and using the zip ties. With all this is mind I installed my trusty Planet Bike computer and took off. This is what I determined: * It's not as difficult to pedal as you might think; however, I have 40 years of riding experience. I maintained a constant 15 mph on the flats and had no problem hitting 20. On the downhill slopes I actually had to back off because I pegged 30 and didn't want to push my luck. Minor inclines are no problem but inexperienced riders may find themselves doing the “push and walk” on steeper grades. * It does have a shorter than average handlebar so expect sharper turns. * If you currently ride aluminum, take steel out for a change. You'll actually notice the more forgiving ride on bumpy roads. True, it's still a little stiff but not as bad as aluminum which had zero frame flex. * The stance is hunched over – typical road bike style. Wear padded bike gloves or face the prospect of numb hands after a couple miles. * Standover is roughly 29 inches. If you're not familiar with the term, this is when you plant both feet on the ground at a full stop and then measure the distance you have from the top tube to your private parts. This means you'll have to be no less than 5'9” to safely ride this bike since a sudden stop and quick forward dismount may mean pain (especially if you face plant on the handlebars attempting to avoid the top tube). * I weigh 200 pounds and had no problem standing on the pedals to exert extra force and the extra wide 38 tires mean you can rock it back and forth under hard pedaling. * Until some of the gloss wears off on that paint plan on braking well ahead of your stop. On the positive side, if you want to call it that, sudden and abrupt braking is not a problem here. So, is it worth $100? I looked at the Trek Earl ($500), Schwinn Cutter ($400) and the Jamis Beatnik ($425), all of which are single speed of the steel variety and I just couldn't see spending the extra $300 to $400 when they all do essentially the same thing. But there is one thing worth mentioning -- this is a beginning single speed bike for those interested in that design; however, it's NOT a beginner's bike. Kids will be too small to safely ride this (unless they are over 5'9" to clear the bar) and older riders with limited experience may find it difficult to live with, especially if they bike maybe once or twice a month. But I would make a few suggestions that you should take heed of: * Go to your local store, especially if it's a super WM. These often have all the varieties on display as well as several of each. Online ordering is really dicey and most of the delivery companies abuse these packages since they take up so much space in their trucks. * When in the store, get one off the display rack and kick the pedal back with your foot. If it stops suddenly that indicates improper fitting. Go to the next bike. Ideally you should see the crank and pedal assembly make a full backward rotation before stopping (¾ is okay, too). * Lift the front tire off the floor and spin it with your hand. If it wobbles this indicates it's out of balance or “not true” and will need adjustment. Do the same for the rear wheel. If you get one that is out of true then you've go to foot the bill for adjustment since WM doesn't cover such. * Watch the brakes. Bless their hearts they do try but some WM bike installers often just slap them on without regard to fit and I have seen some where they were installed backwards, upside down and even to the point of missing the wheel completely. * For $6 you can buy a 1 year, almost no questions asked warranty. If anything goes wrong during that year (except for wear items such as brakes, tires and tubes) you call a 1-800 number and they'll give you a permit to return the bike for a refund. Oh, and in case you're wondering, those dorky stickers can be removed. They are nothing but cheapo vinyl with almost no adhesive. Just bring up a corner and pull. 07/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bike for the price! After weeks of searching for an affordable fixie, I found this bike at Wal-Mart. Great price, rides good. I'm about 5''11 and it fits me perfect. Probably going to paint the handlebars, forks and get new grips and pedals. So worth it. 10/17/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bike for average person After riding this for a couple of weeks, I liked it so much that I purchased another one. >For training, use fixed gear. You will get into shape because you can't coast. Keep the heavy stock tires. I have one bike like this. I use it for going shopping. I hope it is so ugly that no one will steal it. > If you replace the tires with black ones, the bike looks a lot better. I have the other set up this way. Lighter tires are a big improvement for longer distance rides. > There were no water-bottle cage mounts on my bikes. The picture shows them. > The brakes do rub against the painted rim. If you keep in fixed gear mode, you can slow down by pushing against the pedals and then not use the brakes as much. The brakes are not good but good enough. > Seat is bad. After 5 rides, I could feel it starting to fail. I replaced it with an old seat from another bike. > I have a road bike that cost over a thousand, but I ride the fixed gear bike more often. The road bike is better for going up and down steep hills. The fixed gear bike is a lot of fun. > I'm 5'8" - The bike is slightly large (in terms of stand-over height), but is no problem when riding. Ignore stand-over and just ride. You will like it. 02/24/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Bargain Fixie I bought this bike to try out fixed gear riding and see if i Like it. My thought was if I don't like fixed gear, I can sell the bike for near what I paid for it and if I do like it I can sell the Thruster and put the money toward a better bike. Kind of a win-win. After assembling it and taking it out for a ride, I'm pretty satisfied. Riding fixed gear is very different and there is no coasting, but you might like it. Hard core fixed gear riders use no brakes at all, if you can believe it. Do realize there are some issues, as you would expect at this price. First, the brakes are barely acceptable and poorly aligned to the tires. They work, but just. I wouldn't want to have to use them going down a hill at 30 mph. Do wear a helmet. The other issue I ran into is that every bearing used in the bike was way too tight. Plan on adjusting the wheel bearings, crank bearing, and the fork bearing. Once adjusted properly, the action of all of them was better than expected. These adjustments require a few tools and you need to know what you are doing, otherwise a bike shop can do it for you. So, don't expect to unpack the bike from it's hipping box and be riding in 20 minutes. If none of this makes sense, you may want to buy a different bike. I reversed the rear wheel to make it fixed gear - but you can leave it as it comes to have a single speed bike with coasting. I also removed the kickstand, chain guard, and plastic cover over the large chain sprocket. Useless weight and makes the bike looks better. Will most likely remove the rear brake as well. Good points are: the price of course; the frame seems to be pretty decent; the bearings run smoothly after adjustment; the bike is fun and simple to ride, the seat is no less comfortable than one on my $500 bike; and the bike it is pretty good looking although a little flashy. All in all, not a bad deal - I just may keep it. 03/02/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by For the money, this bike is AWESOME! Before I bought this bike, I talked with the local bike shop about turning a old 10 speed into a fixed gear...they told me at a minimum it would be $150! Are you kidding me. When I saw this bike at the mart, I bought it immediately. That night I put over 20 miles on the bike and it handled it flawlessly. I used to race bikes and have ridden them all my life. I do not have the money to throw $800 at a fixed gear bike to impress my friends, but this bike from the mart is all I need to get around. Eventually I will swap the tires out (probably flop them red on red and yellow on yellow, and then buy a second bike so each has solid colored wheels). I am 5'9" and the bike fits me really well. Anyways, if you want to get a good road bike, I highly recommend this bike. 10/26/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Introduction to the Fixie Lifestyle! I did a lot of research before making this bike my choice; it came highly-rated, with some of the best reviews on the Walmart site. The price was great -- just $100 -- and it arrived withing 3 days to my home. Be aware that many of the parts listed in the instructions will arrive already assembled--this can be confusing at first, because you'll expect to have to do it yourself. Overall, easy to assemble (you'll need a good set of Allen wrenches), and in no time you will be on the road, cruising. And boy does this Fixie cruise! Very light and very fast! Brakes feel iffy, but they always seem to do the job. I could do without the cheap plastic chain guard; when it inevitably cracks, just leave it off. I replaced the cheap hand grips and attached a water bottle--there's room for one. And honestly, I can't tell you how many compliments I receive on the look of the bike -- though some reviewers have lamented the bike's gaudy/loud colors, I find them to be really cool, and not too loud -- and I'm a married father whose closer to 50 than 40. I'm a short guy, too (5ft 6in) and I found the bike a little big, but still quite ridable, despite my inability to stand over its center frame bar. Overall, the bike is well-made and a great price. If it comes back in stock at Walmart or you see it elsewhere, get one before they're all gone! You will not regret it! (Also, I had an issue with a pedal damaged during delivery -- not the norm for Walmart because delivery is usually problem-free -- but I called up the folks at Kent, the bike's manufacturer, and they sent a replacement out within days.) 03/15/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This bike surprised me I wanted to get a bike to commute to school. Well I have always seen single speed bikes, and I thought , hey, thats all I need. But ya know what the price always seemed too much at bike shops. Long story short I wanted a bike but did not want to pay a min 300bucks to get one. One day I am in walmart and see this odd colored bike. I go to internet to investigate. Looks cool for the price, still I delay. Then I finally take the chance and just get the bike. Well, when I took the first ride, I was like whoa, this thing is easy to pedal and it got me to school quickly. Faster than public transit. I am at safeway and get compliments, some girl's like nice bike, and I'm like thx. For the money this thing is a dream, rides great, feels cool.If I had to change anything, it would be softer seat more subtle colors for the wheels. There may be those who will say since its from Walmart it may not be of great quality, well when you ride it you will see that it is, and you will have the added knowledge of knowing your awesome bike only cast you a great deal less than those hipster doofuses. :) 01/25/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Thoroughly inspect & ride bike before you buy it! I walked into the Walmart after seeing this online and there were 2 left. I fell in love with the bike right when I first saw it. I picked the one that was already on the floor and bought it. I rode it home and then I began to hear a clunking noise coming from the crank. I toyed around with it at home for a while to solve the problem and then eventually brought it back. The customer service rep, who just happened to be a bike guru, told me the crank/bearings were out of wack and that's what was causing the clunking noise. He said the bike would be unrepairable by them and would have to be marked defective and returned to the factory. So I walked on back and got the other bike. Exchanged and rode that home. Wha-laa, much better! It rode well and I didn't feel like I was going to get stranded. SO, please check your bike and ride up and down the aisles (even if you look like "one of those guys" doing it) to make sure that the one you buy isn't defective. Oh and, the picture on Walmart does it no justice. The ones at the store have all red/yellow rims (no black/silver outline) and DO have the sweet yellow/red handlebar/brake grip combo. Actually, let me just upload an awesome pic of mine :) 04/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Purchase I purchased this bike about 2 weeks ago and I am very impressed. I have been riding bikes my entire life and I am very happy with this bike for the most part. I found a few things that had to go bye bye on the initial set up. The plastic pedals, seat and brake system really are not the best quality. I will say they are absolutly fine if you do not plan on puting many miles on this bike. Since I purchased this bike I have road more than 100 miles.. so those components were replaced very quickly. I also was able to remove about 4 pounds of unecessary weight by replacing the handle bars as well. All and all i would completly recommend this bike to any one. For 100 bucks you cant go wrong. Last I checked most low end single speeds cost triple this. 10/22/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Killer Deal, Aweful Color Scheme It was about six months ago that I originally spotted this in my local store. Initially I thought the bike was hideous, but thought the price was great. As time went by the itch I had to try fixed gear riding grew stronger and with a limited cash flow and too many bikes in my stable already I decided to give this bike a try. After bringing it home and taking it out of the box I completely dissassembled and lubed and reassembled this beast. Be aware that if you would like to remove the freewheel it may prove difficult as there are no notches for a removal tool. My initial run was with the front brake on only and with that I realized the purity of fixed riding. Around a month later I could take no more of the Mcd's theme and decided to paint the bars and back rim, install new Forte Metro tires, and replace the hard stock grips with red Oury's. The end result for me is a sweet fixed gear at a bearable price, that is a daily rider. Best of all is that it was around 130 bucks total with the extra parts! The only negative thing that I have found about this deal is that the front sprocket slips like a 32nd of an inch when locking up the crank. 04/22/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awsome Starter Fixie First I want to say that I am not a pro when it comes to fixies or road bikes. Im 200lbs and 6'1" and this bike fits me perfectly. This bike is one of the best bikes I have purchased in the last two years. I cycle more than the average person totalling about 30 miles per week... This bike is awsome on its own never mind the great price. For starters it weighs about 20lbs which most people take for granted but when riding on a steep incline you realize how much wieght matters. Also the colors of the bike may look tacky on the picture, but believe me when I tell you I get compliments from people at least once a day and im not talking about kids. The tires on this bike (tread wise) are great for the road, but dont fool yourself and think you can take it on compacted dirt becuase you will ruin your tires' treads and might bend the rim. The inner tubes are meant for high PSI 70-110 meaning they have a possibility to explode and not go flat ( rear one exploded on me ) thats why I stress you use it on a paved surface and not a dirt or grass path. They are also not sold at your local sporting goods stores due to the unsual size of the tube so make sure you have a bike shop nearby to help you. The breaks on this bike are not good for the speed this bike achieves on a flat or down-slop surface, I managed to go 25.6 mph at my fastest point and these breaks would do no justice if I had to make an emergency stop, they also wear out quickly so consider upgrading to a better pad. The steering control of this bike is highly responsive and you will be able to make sharp turns and manuvers. The overall balance of this bike is excelent with this dispersion of wieght. The back wheel can be flipped to the other side and used as a true fixie meaning that the bike will not coast and the pedals will turn even when you stop peddling. The seat is not mean for comfort but rather as a rest from peddling so dont assume this is a bike you can ride around your nieghborhood on sundays becuase you will be sore back there. Overall, I enjoy this bike daily, I have made many upgrades as this bike is very customizable and you can make it your own with a very small investment and im happy that walmart has finally found a bike that I can say mostly good things about. Would Recommend for the novice bikers/cyclists. 03/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by BEST DEAL EVER!!!!!!!! I have been looking to buy a fixie for a while, and i settled on this one because of the low price... i mean, you cant beat $100!!! when i brought it home and tried it out, it far FAR exceeded my expectations... But to turn it into a legit fixie, I made some minor modifications... first, i switched the single speed to fixed gear, then i removed the brakes and reflectors... then I removed the chain-guards and kick-stand... After that, i took off the handle bars and cut off 2 1/2 inches on each side... (major performance improvement) the last , but most important change i made, was remove the stock pedals, and replace them with metal Welgo fixie pedals with toe clips... (toe clips are ABSOLUTELY necessary for riding w/o brakes!!!) after these mods, it is an absolute JOY to ride, and i was tempted to stay up all night riding up and down my street... my friend has a fixie that he purchased for $400, and while his is obviously better quality, the riding experience is basically the same, and even he is amazed at the sheer quality of this amazing deal... I am still stunned that it was only $100!!! if you are even considering to buy this bike, PLEASE DO!!!! do the world a favor, and treat yourself to this insane fixie!!! you will NOT be dissappointed... thanks for reading my review, i hope you found it helpful and insightful... Fixieforlife, Rebel without a cog, Gearhead, One more fixie= one less gas tank......... 05/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great value, Nice features I think that everything that I could say has already been brought up. The talk of riding a "fixie" on the internet had me very curious. This bicycle allowed me to indulge that curiosity on my budget. This is ride-able as-is, but the rider must beware that the assembly was done well. The thing that sold me on this bike was the price combined with some rather unique features. The track style dropouts seem to be a hard thing to come by, yet they are ideal for a bike with a flip flop hub. If someone were to find a track frame, it may lack brakes, this bike comes with brakes. The components are cheap, but they suffice while you save the money to upgrade them. There is a safety net of sorts, Kent Bicycles has excellent customer service. I was having trouble with my left crank arm, I talked to Kent on the phone and faxed a copy of my receipt to them and they sent me a replacement crankset free of charge. The color scheme is hideous, at first you are able to get over it, but then it begins to annoy you, at least it did me. I tell people that I beat up Ronald McDonald and stole his bicycle. I have swapped the tires out, spray painted the handlebars and will probably continue to change things as time goes on. Overall, this bike is an excellent value, the unique features and components would cost more than the price of this bike to accumulate independently. I am not sure that fixed gears are for me, but this bike has caused me to fall in love with riding single-speed, and as it is my first bike with the 700c size wheels, it has sold me on the bigger wheels as well. 11/05/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by good bike It bunny hops curbs easy, light and turns on a dime. What else do you want? 01/24/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by great bike to start with i was looking for a fixed gear bike but they were all rather expensive, then this came up in the search, i looked up availibility in stores near my area code and the closest store had three. i went the next morning to check it out liked it and bought one disassembled in the box. when i took it out i checked it over found just about everything was too tight, ive been riding bmx for half my life so i am familiar with bicycle mechanics. i brought the wheels to my local bike shop( dick mauls bike shop) had them true the wheels and bought a crank puller, went home took the cranks off, bottom bracket apart greased the bearings, same for the headset, and both wheel hubs. tightened everything back to proper spec, i ended up switching the tires around yellow on yellow red on red, too me it looks better, i also ended up taking the plastic sprocket cover off, as well as the kickstand, brakes, refelectors etc. i ride it fixed and it works great took the stickers off and tossed on a few of my own. i live in southern massachusetts and the bike gearing is pretty good considering all the hills we have here but i feel for $100 this bike you cannot go wrong i would just recommend going threw it before you ride and it will last a long time ive been riding every week day for 3 weeks now with no problems at all. a great bike in my opinion 04/02/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great for the money Bought it and ride it daily. Owned it for about a month, probably ridden it about 300 miles. My only qualm is that the cranks are really bad. They broke quickly. But got them replaced, along with a new chainring for pretty cheap. You might want to try used higher end cranks if you can find them. This bike is surprisingly light and fast for a bike of its price. Set my record time to my job on this. I wasn't able to turn close to as fast to this time on a bike that was 3 times the price. This bike is really nimble and fast. Its a great bike. 01/27/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Beginner Bike. Got this bike as a gift from my mother in law about 3-4 months ago. It's definitely a bargain priced fixie, you get what you pay for. I decided to give it a chance and I actually liked it! Other than a slight problem with the bottom bracket and crank the bike is but solid. Great for getting in shape and great on my local bike path. I've put 1000+ miles on the bike and made some mods. Changed the pedals, chain and tires to meet my aesthetic needs, all for about 60 bucks. I also decided to put bullhorn handlebars with corkwrap on the bike which was another 40 bucks. I have tons of paint in the garage so I painted the rims and fork in white lacquer. The bike looks super sharp and is fun to ride. Maintenance is a must with this bike though. The crank arms tend to get loose and the crank is garbage but you''ll have fun riding around on this stock bike for just 100 bucks.. can't get that at the local bike shop they start around 300 04/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Bike The best $100 dollars I ever spent!! The bike holds up well and has no problems at all. What is very cool is that because of the fixed "single" gear you don't have to travel far to get a good workout. You feel even the slightest incline--but it is not too difficult that it becomes torture. I highly recomend this bike!! 04/02/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Problems After 3 Months I purchased this product during September of 2011. I saw this advertised in one of the Walmart ads that I received in the mail and thought for the price that it was a great value. So me and my brother went to go check it out. At first sight I thought that the bike was worth more than $100. The parts alone on the bike added up to nearly $250. Now I'm no bike expert but The bike frame I estimated cost around $100-$150. A decent pair of bicycle rims cost around $30 and the handlebar, seat, lower bracket, crank set, and brakes should cost around $100. Of course there are always bargain brands that sell cheaper parts that can lower the overall costs. Everything on the bike looked standard and parts could be easily switched in and out for customization. The color of the bike first reminded me of the USC Trojans and not Mcdonalds like everyone else thought. But that was probably just me. Since I purchased the bike at Walmart everything was assembled for me and because of that it was difficult to put it in the car. After moving and adjusting the seats in the car I was able to fit the Fixie into the compact car. The ride back home however was not as comfortable. If you are going to purchase this bike I would recommend bringing a SUV. Now to the actual review. You should probably know that I am around 5 ft 9.5 - 5ft 10 inches tall give or take. I have a husky build and weight 220lbs. I am a college student and attend UCR. I commute to school about 4 miles everyday. 2 miles to and from school. There are dedicated bike lanes where I live so its safe for bikers. I have had to change the inner bicycle tire tube a couple times since then. This is probably because of the poor bike lane conditions. There always seems to be broken glass, sharp rocks, or something sharp in the bike lanes that lead to campus. I can only avoid so many small pieces of sharp glass. The bicycle is very fast and I have rear tire set to single speed and not fixed gear. I'm so glad that the bicycle gves you these options. Otherwise I might have not purchased it. You should probably also know that the previous bike I was using was also from walmart. The bike was also $100 and is called The Excitor. It has a silver/black color and has multiple gears. The only thing I didn't like about this bike was that it was really heavy but was built like a tank. What I mean by this is that if I were to crash on this bike I would probably get most of the injuries while the bike might get a scratch or two. This is now my backup bike in case anything went wrong with the fixie. Now for the other problems I have experienced with this bicycle. After 3 months. So around the beginning of New Years. The left crank on the bike started to get loose. I thought that this was because I used the bike everyday and it was just wear and tear. But I've noticed that this happend to other people as well in other reviews posted on here. Eventually the left crank fell off and I had to replace it. To my dismay after buying a replacement left crank at a local bicycle shop and installing it myself the crank started getting loose only after a few days. This was probably because I didn't know how to install it correctly. I only partially tightened the bolt but did not put loctite on the bolt. Which is probably why the crank kept getting loose and falling off. Now Im planning on bringing it to a bike shop and getting the left crank installed there. It comes with regular maintenance like every other bike but it is a whole lot easier imo because you don't have to deal with the different gears when replacing things. Overall the bike is a great value for $100 and I recommend purchasing it if you commute alot like I do. 05/25/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by bought as a christmas gift,at a great price,my grandson's gonna love of the things he always wanted and walmart made it afordable.Thank You WALMART 12/18/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 Perfect bike for beginners Color scheme is great for McDonalds employee. I'm 5'11 and it fits me really well. It rides really well both down and uphill. Minor adjustments here and there nothing big though. plastic pedals are easy to switch out. All in all a great bike. Fantasti for the price. If given the opportunity it is a must buy! 01/14/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great ride for a C note. I was wanting to move up to a 700c bike, as my 18-year-old 26" mtn. bike conversion was totally worn-out. This flashy bike caught my eye in an east Charlotte store. I pondered it for a week, and when I went back it was on sale for only $69. Needless to say, I bought it on the spot (on March 10, 2012). 2,000 miles later, I am very satisfied with my purchase. Sure it's not top-of-the-line, but for the price, I could afford to upgrade/customize it as items wore out. The brake shoes went first (around 1,000 miles). But for less than $9 on ebay, I had them replaced. Around 1,500 miles the freewheel started getting squirrelly. I replaced it with a 17-tooth freewheel (I wanted more top end) for only $16. At 1,700 miles, the rear axle bearings were a grey mush. But for less than $3 I had them replaced with grade 25 chrome ball bearings. Then at 1,800 miles, the bottom bracket bearings were cooked. The left-side bearing cage even cracked in between the races. Ah, no big deal; I replaced them with 1/4" grade 25 chrome ball bearings (10 on each side). Total cost: about $3. the front axle's bearings are still fine (the wheel will spin for minutes). Total cost of all repairs/upgrades: $31. That's it! Unbelievably, I'm still on the original yellow 38mm tires after 2,000 miles! The front one probably has 300 to 400 miles left, and, surprisingly, the back one probably has even more miles left, maybe 600 to 700 miles. I've put yellow fenders on it, and boy do I get comments. "Kewl bike, dude." And this "dude" is really just a 48-year-old average joe (6'-2", 180 lbs.). 08/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Bike. If you would buy the parts individually you would pay way more than 100 bucks. No catch - just 100% fun for $100.00. LOVE IT!!! 07/18/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good Bike I read a lot of reviews for this bike and I bought it, so far I've been riding it and it's been great. Bike is not to heavy and it rides smooth. 07/17/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Bike My wife and I were looking for a couple of bike for our "Get in shape" New Year's Resolution. The first time I saw this bike I was a little iffy so I just left. I went back a week later and noticed it was on sale for only $60 so I got it down and tried it out a little in the store and fell in love with it. It's very light and nimble and very fast. I can exceed 25mph on this bike. I am 6'2" and weigh 200lbs and this bike fits me perfectly. I really love the ability to switch the hub around to make it a true "fixie". The only complaints I really have are the brakes are cheaply made not really all that great. I would suggest upgrading to better brakes or at least pads. If you are looking for a starter "fixie" bike then this is definitely the bike for you. 04/11/2012
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