Rated 2.5 out of 5 by 75 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by very good vac for the price I was in need of a new vacuum & did a quick look online, at Wal-Mart.com, as i was intending to buy a vacuum from there as i don't want to spend too much money on a vacuum. This Dirt Devil caught my eye as it seemed to have what i need. The prior user comment did concern me a bit, until I got to the store & looked at it relative to others, & saw that the hose is actually quite comparable in size. I really like the fold down handle as i can store it away when not in use & it doesn't take up too much space. I think that feature sold me, plus i figure i could always return it if i don't like it. ... I've not had it for about 5weeks & must say i'm quite happy with my purchase, its quieter than my previous vac (i will not mention names), it came fully assembled, & its light weight. The dust bin is standard issue like most bagless vacuums. The hose has suction when you pull it from its nozzle, so there is no valve to change like i have seen on some. There is a filter, but you can tap it clean or rinse it, i've rinsed mine twice so far. The nozzle is maybe smaller than some more expensive ones, so it may take me more back & forth to clean my rooms, but i'm OK with that as it fits between the chair legs so it make cleaning easier for me, i don't have to move furniture around to vacuum in those spaces. & what initially tipped me to try the vacuum, the folding handle is great as i can put it in my closet, but doesn't take up too much room so i can have my shelve above it & not really waste much space. The hose picks up all the odds & ends that i need it too, so i'm not sure what was the other reviewer's issue, yes it won't suck up socks & shirts with the hose, but i don't want it to, though i have had to fish out of the dust bin my little one's lego blocks that the hose swallowed. 02/20/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Small yet powerful My old vacuum no longer had any suction and I finally got tired of my carpet never looking clean so I needed to look at getting something new. I read the reviews for this vacuum and decided I would look at it in the store and compare it with others. After a little debate I ended up buying this vacuum with the intention that if I didn't like it then I would return it. I used it today for the first time and must say that I'm pretty pleased with my selection. There are a few parts that I think could be better. First the hose has the capability to extend, however the base of the vacuum is so light that if you even try to extend the hose, the base will topple over. I got around this by holding the hose in one hand and the vacuum in the other. For small jobs like mine this isn't a big deal, but it would most likely be a pain if you need to use the hose a lot. Also the attachments for hose feel like they come loose pretty easy so you'll have to keep re-securing them. That considered, the hose does have good power and did a great job getting along the edges and under the edge of furniture. The only other downside I found was the dirt bin is a little on the small side so I had to empty it fairly often. On the upside, this vacuum has incredible suction and leaves the carpet looking great. As mentioned in another review the path is a little narrower so it's good for getting between chair legs. All in all, I believe this is good vacuum and as of right now I don't plan on having to return it. 03/02/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by You will need a Phillips Head screwdriver! *You will need a Phillips Head screwdriver to clean this vacuum.* This vacuum can work very well, however it does require an Extensive amount of Routine Maintenance that is not covered in the owners manual as well as the vacuum has a fundamental design flaw with the belt. The belt is situated in such a way that you will have to readjust it at least weekly or more or it will slip and either slide off or get cut by a piece of plastic (that is part of the housing). The vacuum does clog a lot, if you use it frequently you may have to clean it after each use (the first time you clean it may take about 45 minutes - as there are no instructions - after that it should take around 10 minutes). To clean the receptacle you just pop open the door as you would if you were dumping it, and remove the 2 screws on the first piece....remove it....then remove the other part by turning it. You are making sure there is no excess junk up in the top portion which will cause the vacuum to lose suction. After cleaning is complete, insert the first part, turn and then the second part and re-insert the screws and tighten. To clean the roller/belt area you need to remove the 5 Phillips head screws from the bottom black plastic piece. Slide out the side of the roller first opposite the belt side, then the roller will easily come out and away from the belt. You do not need to remove the belt from the metal peg inside the housing unless there is junk around it or you just want to clean that area. (It can be tricky to get the belt back around the peg). Putting the belt back on in the proper position is important! There is a notch where the belt should go on the roller - BUT - you cannot put it there or as you will be able to see at this point the housing will cut the belt. There is a raised portion of the roller that is directly next to the notch where it looks like the belt should go and this is what the belt must go on. The obvious problem however is that there is nothing other than tension to hold the belt in this precise spot - hence the need for constant readjustment or at least checking regularly that the belt has not slipped. There is also a foam filter that requires washing and needs to air dry for about 24 hours. I just put a couple drops of dish detergent on it and rinsed it out under the kitchen sink's faucet. The foam filter is located on top of the Hepa Filter which is under the receptacle that you will see under the black filter guard that pops out and back in. You can do this as often as needed, I would recommend once a month though what I normally do now is just shake it and work all the dust out of it. This Vacuum DOES work very well, BUT you will have to work hard just to maintain it! I cannot speak for other Dirt Devil models, but as for this one - don't buy it. It does work very, very well but it is very frustrating that I have to invest so much time into our vacuum. I just wish that Dirt Devil would have at least included some extra belts with the vacuum as well as a detailed maintenance manual. 08/18/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by not a user friendly vacuum If I had used this vacuum before I bought it I never would have bought it. It is the most user UNfriendly vac I have ever used! and I am a senior citizen and have used several from Kirby to Dyson. I bought this little vac to use upstairs so I did not have to take my bigger one up and down. First of all, why the brush has to roll when using the hose I can't figure. Poor planning, I immediately sucked something up it while trying to vacuum hose the drapes, and burned up the belt! So back to wal-mart for a belt ( since no extra one came with it). It refuses to stay in the upright position when using the belt, the hose slips out a lot when NOT using the belt, but using the base part. It is very inconvenient and if I had my receipt and not so much time had passed, I would bring the darn thing back. It is very annoying. The suction power is great when you are not having to deal with everything else staying in place! I rate this a poorly designed cleaner. Very disappointed in Dirt Devil. 09/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Vacuum, Wonderful suction I have owned this vacuum for about an hour now, and I must say I am very satisfied with my purchase! I live in a small appartment with 3 pet rabbits, whom for a few hours a day I let roam free around my house. The youngest one is not yet litter trained like my older two, and I have been without a vacuum for a few days and I just got tired of picking up rabbit pellets everywhere. I went to Walmart just to pick up an affordable one, and came home with this. I was a bit skeptical, bc I have read the reviews, and was wary at first, but after using it one time, my worries went away! It picked up about 3 inches maybe more of dirt and fur and pellets with excellent suction. And that is just me vacuuming very quickly to try it out. In fact, It has only been two days since I last vacuumed so I was quite surprised how much dirt was in my carpet! It is very lightweight for me, as My old one was massive and took a lot of effort to pick up and push around, ( i am currently 9 months pregnant) so it was also very relieving. It is made out of very light plastic, but I expected that with the price. It doesnt bother me at all. I don't use the hose on vacuums a lot, but I tested it out and it worked fine for me. suction was just as great. Overall, I am very happy I bought this product. I think it is wonderful for small appartments like mine! (2 bedroom) I say try it out for yourself, and dont let the bad reviews scare you! 12/21/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Spend your money elswhere..... Vac was purchased three months ago to this day. As for suction the vaccum does an alright job on bare floors. Carpeted rooms you will have to go over a few times. I kept the filters clean and emptied the canister every time before I vaccumed. Noticed a steady decline in suction power though till today. As for the brushes they do an alright job, but with any vac don't get close to any thing thats going to be rolled up in them. Wished the hose was a little longer, it's a pain going around baseboards or walls as the vacuum always wanted to fall over. All in all don't waste your time or money on this vac. I was just using it a few minutes ago and it let out a loud pop and groan and then the motor just died. The motor never would start back so I turned it on it's side and nothing was caught in the brushes. My speculation is internal motor failure because the underside was extremely hot. Almost to the point of melting the plastic casing. I've used this vac sparingly and never mistreated it. Seems to be constructed fairly cheaply so don't bother wasting your time or money! 02/16/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not impressed... This vacuum cleaner is okay at best. I just bought it about 45 minutes ago, and I'm really not impressed with it's suction power/ability to pick things up off the carpet; especially for it being brand new! It could be that I have a higher pile shag-ish carpet, but I tried every level and I still had to continually go over and over and over things to get it to pick them up. (Which isn't great for me because I have a dog that constantly leaves strings from toys and stuff all over the carpet.) I'm going to attribute this vacuum not impressing me to the fact that I have shag carpet, so I wouldn't recommend it for people who have a thicker pile carpet in their homes. 03/11/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst vacuum EVER This vacuum isn't worth $5. You have to spend at least 1/2 hour to vacuum a regular size room, going over and over and over even small crumbs. The suction hose has such weak power, it doesn't pick up anything. If you need a vacuum bad and are short of money like I was when I bought this, you are seriously better off just taking a broom and sweeping your carpet. It will probably do a better job than this vacuum. 11/09/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not worth the money I bought this vacuum to try for myself but I must agree this vacuum is not worth the money at all. The suction is horrible also; It picked up don't get me wrong I saw it in the dispenser but after I tried my daughters college Bissell right after I vacuumed it left a lot that I thought was picked up and cleaned. The cheap Bissell vac for 20.00 had more suction than this.I gave this product two stars since I loved the fact that the filter was reusable and the handle folded down to save space. The belt broke after a month of use as mentioned in another users reviews(not sure when theirs broke#. Called customer service and they wanted to charge me for it saying I may have rolled over something to break it and I'm thinking really. After talking ended up getting the belt for free#one time thing). The belt came quickly but now the vacuum is louder than before...so I'm thinking maybe I put it on wrong or something so I had someone else check it but no its on correctly. I hate this thing and I want my money back but I could not find my receipt so I'm stuck with it. 08/25/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great vacuum Not sure what all the negative reviews are about. Bought this from store last week, for $49. Bought it to replace a Bissell That was 5 years old and constantly getting plugged, and no suction. This Dirt Devil Quick Power is fantastic. Tons of suction when I took hose off base and put hand up to it. It's pretty light and maneuverable. Now, I did have to make sure setting on base was put on "bare floor". On "high carpet" setting it wouldn't pick up a thing on my carpet. I'm just going to keep it "bare floor" setting for everything. Very pleased with purchase. 02/08/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Well made and very easy to use. Great vacuum for the price. Wish it had a little bit more suction and a light, but an excellent value for the money. 04/28/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by don't waste your money... I purchased this vacuum a few months ago, and am not pleased with it's performance.The suction is not very powerful, the hose would clog up every single time I used it, and it was difficult to unclog. Then I discovered there must be a short or something because when I am using the vacuum it will turn off all on it's own, then later when I try to turn it back on, it may or may not start. I would return it, but I discarded the packaging a couple weeks after I purchased it. 04/26/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't waste your time or Money!!!! Piece of garbage.. 4 months old and in the trash. I cleaned it every time I vacuumed, rinsed the filter etc. It won't pick up a spec of dust! AWFUL!!!!! 10/18/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by =( I vacuum my house about every 2 to 3 days and this vacuum was ok until it stopped sucking up ANYTHING! It only lasted me about 4 month and I used it a total of 40 times and it busted!! Looking into purchasing another good vacuum! Looking at ratings online first before spending my money!! 06/13/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Vaccuum. Just empty the contents often if. I bought this over a year ago. It does a great job and is easy to use and to clean. I just have to empty the contents often to keep the spin going. We have 3 dogs so we have alot of pet hair. It's so easy to pop out the cannister and push a button over the trash can to get rid of the dirt. I love it and would buy again. And I used a Filter Queen for over 20 years.... 04/02/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by hoses too small clog all the time I bought this vacuum for its more powerful motor but the hoses are too small and constantly clog everytime I use it so i am returning it. 01/04/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by replaced 2 times I bought this vacuum in Feb of 2013 to only clean 3 small areas a day. By march it was at the service center bacause the motor got so hot it burned a hole through the top of the vacuum. Dirt Devil was wonderful, no questions asked. And sent a new replacment to the service center for me. I received it in April. NOW, I took the second back because it sucks up dirt then spits it back out the other side. I took it to the service center again, and the guy told me there's nothing he can do. It works the way Dirt Devil always works after a month or so. RUDE BUT TRUE. I again called the company and they have allowed me to purchase another type of vacuum off their site with the cost of the original off the cost of the new purchase. If only the products were as good as the service! 06/04/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by really great for small apartments . The fold down handle makes for easy storage. 02/20/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worthless I have owned various vacuums in my lifetime, but this is absolutely the worse one I have ever used. Does not pick up anything on carpet or hard wood floors. Do not waste your money. Have used it off and on for a few months and finally just threw it in the trash. Placed a small piece of tissue on hardwood floor and tried using this vacuum to pick it up and that was too difficult of a task for it!! So do not waste your money. 12/30/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great Suction, BAD durability!! I bought this vacuum about 6 months ago. The suction has always been very good on it, but it is falling apart! First it broke where the hose connects to the main part. Then one day I was vacuuming and the handle (at the base, where it folds down) BROKE!!! So now the handle is just flopping around!! I just fiqured that it would last longer!!! 07/24/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by First of all the belt broke TWICE row, the hose is NOT 10 ft long even though it says so on the box. the cord is very short and clogs very easily. THIS IS NOT A PET VACUUM CLEANER. 03/11/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 Not worth the savings! I bought this vacuum because I was looking to save a few dollars and thought that Dirt Devil was a reliable name as far as vacuums go. How bad could it be, right? Wrong! From day one it had poor suction. It would usually pick up bigger stuff but couldn't seem to get the littlest piece of lint off of the carpet. I would go over it 10 times and then end up picking it up myself in frustration. After I'd had this vacuum about 2 months, it simply died in the middle of me using it and won't come back on. Now I'm back to searching for a new one and it definitely won't be a Dirt Devil. I'm going to spend a little more money and get something that will last longer than a few months! 02/20/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by suction outlasted vacuum We've had this vac for 1.5 yrs. There are 6 people & 2 dogs in our home so we use it a few times a week on a regular basis. The suction on this little thing was quite good as long as you keep the canister emptied. I would empty it after doing the 1st floor before taking it upstairs. The problems are the plastic components on the vac. I was lifting it to do a throw rug & bent the handle too far & broke the plastic that holds it. My hubby was able to put some screws in & those held fine. Next the plastic hinge went on the waste canister. We just emptied it from the top after that. Finally I guess I pushed sideways a bit too far on the handle & it cracked right by the on/off switch. Within a day the whole handle was broken off. What impresses me tho is this seemed to have the same suction up till the end. (The more expensive vacs we've had tend to lose suction after a time, which kinda defeats the purpose of vacuuming!) Debating about getting another one of these. They're a 3rd of the price of some but last a 3rd as long so money wise I think it's a wash. The suction would be the reason for getting another one. When I vacuum I want a clean floor as a result & this little dirt devil seemed to deliver that! 06/29/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Save your money for something worth it! I purchased this vacuum in Feb. 2014, I have used it 3x... because it will NOT stay on! After 6 minutes of the vacuum being on, it overheats and shut offs. I have to wait 45 minutes before it will come back on... It doesnt pick up ANYTHING and what it does, gets put back on the floor after it shuts off... DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON THIS JUNK! 03/14/2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Does not pick up well.Get's clogged easy.The only good feature it has is that if it overheats it has a thermal protector and will stop the vacuum so you have to wait 3o minutes to use it again it is not a vacuum to use everyday,If I had to do this I would have bought a better Vacuum. 01/03/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Vacuum I had to return this after using this twice. I was quite disappointed in the quality and the poor suction. It is also very heavy to use. I bought it because Dirt Devil advertises that this is great for pet owners. I had the vacuum and even though you do not have to put it together (already assembled) it was very awkward to use. I really dislike that you had to bend over every time you went to bare floors to carpeting. The handle would not go down after I put it in the upright position and after using it twice, I could not empty the container. I had to return it back to Walmart full. They too could not get it to open. I am sure I got a lemon when I purchased it. I immediately purchased another brand at Walmart and am very happy. I paid a lot more, but it is worth every penny minus the headaches I received with this one. Quite disappointed and won't be buying another Dirt Devil. Save your money and do not buy this product. 06/19/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Don't buy! Thought I would save a few dollars & buy this vacuum. I have a very small house with only two carpeted rooms & a carpeted hallway. This vacuum overheats & shuts off less than halfway through! It clogs quickly as well. I do love that it is lightweight, but as others have mentioned, it is so lightweight that when you use the hose, it falls over onto you. OUCH! I also love the folding handle. Makes it easier to store in a small closet. Sorry, Dirt Devil, but you really missed the mark with this one. The cons just outweigh the pros. 06/30/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Nice Disposable Vacuum Cleaner I loved the idea of the collapsable handle, and the light-weight maneuverability. However, the highs were completely overshadowed by the lows. I'm not exaggerating when I say that you have to thoroughly clean this vacuum each and every time it's used. I don't have pets, and I'm a clean freak, so this vacuum cleaner should have lasted years. Ok, for $49, I'd have settled for 2 years. Sadly, it's already falling apart. I bought my Quick Power Upright in late February of 2013, and it's BREAKING. It's literally falling to pieces in front of my eyes. For 6 weeks, the wheels underneath the unit have been coming out, and I have to stop to put then back in. The plastic had broken off, and now only one side is being held up correctly. Also, the plastic hinge holding the bottom of the canister broke recently, and so whenever I empty the canister (daily), I have to remember to reach for the bottom before it falls into the trash can. Good luck finding replacement parts at your store. Apparently, Walmart is the only authorized dealer for this model number (aside from a few online appliance stores). I know how difficult it is to find parts, because my belt already broke. I have to return this to Walmart, since Dirt Devil customer service is a joke, and leaves you on hold for 3 hours, and when you email them, they send a generic email back telling you to call their 800 number. If you like disposable vacuum cleaners, buy it. It really does a good job of suctioning food a toddler leaves all over the house. I figure, at 2 units/year, plus parts if you can find them would cost about $150/annually. 06/19/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Motor burned out Not a very good Vacuum. Will not pickup, and only had one month and motor stopped working. Dirt Devil will not make good on it because I didn't save receipts. Well Dirt Devil I'm adding you to my list of products I'm black listing. 05/19/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Besides having to empty the dust bin often I also have to wash out the filter just about every time I use it. I like that it shuts off when it gets over heated. I also have to unscrew the bottom of it and adjust the belt about once a week because the belt came off before. I also take off the bottom black bottom piece because underneath it a lot of hair and dust collects there. For the price I guess it was a good buy but when I get my Costco cash back at the end of the year I am going to use it buy a really good vacuum and I will not be buying from WalMart again. 05/06/2013
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