Location and Phone Number of a Wal-Mart Pharmacy Near You

Locate a nearby Wal–Mart Pharmacy with the Pharmacy Finder Detailed Search. All you need is your ZIP Code, and the Finder will give you the nearest Wal–Mart Pharmacy address, hours of operationand phone number.

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Find Which Pharmacy Is Filling Your Prescription

Your prescription will be refilled at the Wal–Mart Pharmacy where you last had that prescription filled.

If you've already requested a refill online and aren't sure where to pick up your order, follow these steps:

  • Go to the pharmacy main page.
  • Select "View Order History" and sign in.
  • Click "Order Details" for the prescription you want, and the pharmacy address and phone number will be displayed.

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If Your Doctor Needs to Be Contacted

If you've requested a refill that has expired or has run out of refills, the pharmacist will try to call your doctor to get authorization. Please allow one extra business day for your refill while the pharmacist attempts to contact your doctor.

Please Note: If you need your prescription sooner, call your doctor directly and ask them to call your refill authorization in to your Wal–Mart Pharmacy.

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If the Pharmacy Did Not Have Your Prescription

Go to your Order History and double–check the pharmacy where you placed your refill. Is this the same place you tried to pick it up? If so, perhaps there was a problem with your refill request or the pharmacy system.

You should have received an email notifying you of any problems. If you did not receive an email and your prescription is located at the pharmacy, then the pharmacist will refill your prescription for you on the spot.

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