What you need to know about being connected

  • Router or modem?
    Actually, you need both. The modem connects your home to the Internet, and the router distributes the signal to your computer, tablet and many other devices.
  • Time to upgrade?
    Check for slow video buffering or music streaming, slow web page loads, live gaming delays and more.
  • Cable or DSL?
    Cable is ultimately faster and transmits via a cable line in your home. DSL uses phone jacks, which are more readily available throughout your home than cable lines.
  • Should I compare models?
    Absolutely! Research all kinds of routers to ensure you get the speed, coverage area and customer support you want.

Which router is right for you?


Consider things like how many devices you need to support (i.e., computers, tablets, TVs) and your coverage area. Generally, instead of overworking your router, it's best to upgrade for peak performance with less buffering.

Be sure to check your connection speed for the best possible connection. Go to http://speedtest.net to check your bandwidth. Contact your service provider if you see a major difference in what you're paying for versus what you're getting.

Typical activities?
  • Live gaming
  • Heavy video or music streaming
  • File sharing
  • Email
  • Basic web surfing
  • Printing
  • Heavy video or music streaming
  • File sharing
  • Email
  • Basic web surfing
  • Printing
  • Some video or music streaming
  • Email
  • Basic web surfing
  • Printing
  • Email
  • Basic web surfing
  • Printing
How many devices? 7+ 7+ 4–6 2–3
How large an area? Medium to large home or apartment Medium to large home or apartment Small to medium home or apartment Small home or apartment
We recommend: Ultimate performance routers High-performance routers Work and play routers Basic routers
  Farthest range and fastest speeds Great range and speeds Good range and speed Decent range and speed








  Models: Models: Models: Models:
  Netgear R6300
Linksys EA6500
Belkin AC 1800
Netgear WNDR4300
Linksys EA3500
Belkin AC 750
Netgear WNR3500L
Linksys E1500
Belkin N450
Netgear WNR 1500
Linksys E900

It's easy to install a Wi-Fi router

Step 1

Plug router into the wall, modem and computer.

Step 2

Launch setup wizard and follow steps.

Step 3

Unplug the router from your computer once setup is complete. You can now connect other devices to your new Wi-Fi network.


  • Change the standard password during setup. All routers use the same password out of the box, so it's critical to change it as soon as possible to protect your privacy.
  • Be sure your router's firewall is turned on. For extra security, run personal firewall software on each computer connected to the router.
  • Get helpful tips on how to troubleshoot your router.
  • It's a good idea to change your network name so it's easier to identify and connect other devices in the future.


"Wow! A monkey could be trained to set this up as it was so easy."
- ccpops, Mulvaney KS, about the Belkin N450

"As soon as you plug it in the setup pops open your browser. You can choose easy setup and you're done!"
- Beastusa, California, about the Netgear R6300

"There are less expensive options for basic wireless needs but when using wireless internet for things like Xbox Live, this level of WiFi Routers do make a difference - no more complaints from the kids! It also effortlessly lets multiple devices share the WiFi as well."
- ECinAZ, Anthem, Arizona, about the Netgear R6300

Shop routers by type
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Ultimate performance routers
Ultimate performance routers

For live gaming, heavy video and music streaming and everything else under the sun.

High-performance routers

For streaming video and music, sharing files and printing among a lot of devices.

Get connected
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Work and play routers

For home office support as well as light video and music streaming.

Basic routers

For basic web surfing, email and printing for just a few devices.

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