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Buyers' Fashion Picks

Buyers' fashion picks. If you're interested in the latest women's apparel trends, you'll want to see our buyers' Fashion Picks from The Fitting Room at You'll find dresses, tops, jackets, shorts, jeans, leggings, swimsuits, hats, scarves, wristlets, sandals, shoes and more fashionable women's clothing in our selection of buyers' fashion picks.

Shop for a variety of fashion picks, including a range of different styles, colors and sizes from popular brands. Our buyers know how to spot the new styles and fashions that are going to be big and trendy, and these are their fashion picks for the coming season. Stay ahead of the curve with these stylish fashion picks.

After you've browsed our buyers' fashion Picks, you may be interested in seeing more new looks from The Fitting Room at Our fashionable dresses include prints and solids from many of your favorite brands Your job can be more fun when you dress in trendy work clothes like blouses, skirts, pants, dresses, cardigans, blazers and pumps in a rainbow of fashion colors. For a change of pace from women's career clothing, we've got colorful casual women's apparel in the latest fashion patterns and prints. Get even more casual when you relax at the beach or pool in our trendy swimwear. And don't miss our assortment of fashion colors to punch up your wardrobe with soft pastels and bold brights.

In addition to our buyers' fashion picks in The Fitting Room, you can find even more appealing women's clothes in our New Styles, Juniors, Women, and Women's Plus sections. Be sure to take advantage of 97-cent shipping to your home on all of the women's clothing and buyers' fashion picks in The Fitting Room collection. Shop for buyers' fashion picks in The Fitting Room at to save money and live better.