Selecting a Watch
A watch is more than a way to tell time. It's a way to express your personal style and interests. Knowing the basics about watch types and features will help you select the right one, whether you're looking for a sporty, classic or high-tech model.
Strap/Bracelet Bezel Case Day/Date Crown Hands Crystal
It's always practical to select a watch based on the functions you need. For example, you might need a watch that has a calendar, sweeping secondhand or stopwatch feature. Another point to consider is how the watch feels on your wrist. Is it too heavy, too light? Here are some tips for choosing a watch for yourself or someone else.
Classic watches come in many styles. With their versatile look, they can be worn for almost any occasion and do not go out of style. Choose from round cases, leather straps, and gold, silver-toned or stainless steel bracelets, to name just a few options.
Dressy watches have a fancier look than classic watches and often come with jewel accents on the bezel or dial.
Sports watches come with straps that are designed for durability and made from materials such as polyurethane and water-resistant leather. Lightweight fabric straps are also available. Athletes like features such as stopwatch timers, lap counters and high water-resistance ratings.
High-tech watches use digital technologies in remarkable new ways. Some watches even come equipped with global positioning satellite (GPS) capability, digital cameras and more.