Find Your Prescription Number and Expiration Date

Your prescription number is on the prescription label from the last fill. It's a 7–digit number located on the left side, near the top of your label.

The expiration date is at the bottom of your prescription label. It's usually listed as part of the available refills information.

For example, it may say "REFILL: 2 by 08/30/2007." This means there are two refills left, and the last refill must be ordered before 8/30/2007.

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Maximum Number of Refills per Order

You can submit up to 7 refills in each order.
If you need to refill more than 7 prescriptions, you will need to place multiple orders.

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Order a Refill for Someone Else

Parents and Caregivers: To use all of the online pharmacy features, each Wal-Mart Pharmacy patient must have an individual pharmacy account set up under an individual account.
You can refill prescriptions for another Wal-Mart Pharmacy customer by signing in to that customer's online pharmacy account.
If the person does not have an online pharmacy account, you can quickly create one for them and then order their refills.
Creating an online pharmacy account makes it easy to order and manage prescriptions from home. If you are picking up the refills at an in-store Wal-Mart pharmacy, you will also have the option to order the refills without creating an account.

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Refills for Expired Prescriptions

If you've requested a refill that has expired or has run out of refills, our pharmacist will attempt to call your doctor to get authorization to extend the prescription. Please allow one extra business day for your refill while the pharmacist attempts to contact your doctor.

If you need your prescription sooner, please call your doctor directly and ask to have your refill authorization called in to your Wal-Mart Pharmacy.

Please Note: Expired prescriptions cannot be transferred to another Wal-Mart Pharmacy.

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