Caring for Your Jewelry
Use a cleaner or detergent bath, steam cleaning or Connoisseurs La Sonic (ultrasonic) cleaner. Do not boil gemstones.
Connoisseurs Delicate Jewelry Cleaner is ideal for most precious and semi-precious stones, including garnets, amethysts, aquamarines, rubies, sapphires and citrines.
Detergent Bath
Clean in a warm, mild, soapy solution with a soft brush.
Emeralds and Opals
These are very delicate stones. Emeralds should be cleaned only with a soft brush. Opals may be cleaned in a mild, soapy solution. Jewelry cleaner, ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning are not recommended.
Blue Topaz
Clean blue topaz gemstones in a warm, mild, soapy solution with a soft brush. Steam cleaning is permissible. Do not boil or use an ultrasonic cleaner.
Do not wear pearls while applying cosmetics, hair sprays or perfume. It's best not to wear pearl strands while bathing, because water can weaken the string. Wipe pearl strands with a damp cloth after each use. Do not clean cultured pearls with chemicals, abrasives or jewelry cleaner.
Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case or a box that has individual compartments. If you use ordinary boxes, such as department store gift boxes, wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper. Important: Do not let your diamond pieces tumble around with other jewelry. Diamonds can scratch other gemstones, precious metals and even other diamonds.
When traveling, pack your jewelry with care. Many types of travel cases specifically designed for jewelry are on the market. These carryalls come in various sizes, shapes and fabrics. Most have velvet pads inside to hold pins and earrings, and compartments for bracelets and necklaces.