Caring for Gold and Silver
The jewelry at Wal-Mart is made to last for many years of enjoyment, but like all fine jewelry it must be kept clean to maintain its brilliance, stored carefully after wearing and packed well for travel.
We recommend that you have your pieces of fine jewelry professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The tips below will also help keep your jewelry looking its very best.
Clean with sudsy lukewarm water. After cleaning and rinsing gold jewelry, dry and polish it with a soft cloth. Steam cleaning is also fine.
Avoid using brushes, which can scratch gold. Never boil gold, and avoid using ammonia, toothpaste, a powder cleanser or scouring pads. Keep gold away from chlorine, lotions, cosmetics and perm solutions, since these products may discolor or dissolve gold alloys.
Ultrasonic cleaners can be used on all metal jewelry, including wedding bands, chains and diamond jewelry.
All of Wal-Mart's sterling silver items are treated with a tarnish-resistant process to slow the natural tarnishing process. To restore tarnished silver, simply polish it with a silver polishing cloth.
Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined case or a box that has individual compartments. If you use ordinary boxes, such as department store gift boxes, wrap each piece of jewelry in tissue paper. Important: Do not let your diamond pieces tumble around with other jewelry. Diamonds can scratch other gemstones, precious metals and even other diamonds.
When traveling, pack your diamonds and other pieces with care. Many types of travel cases specifically designed for jewelry are on the market. These carryalls come in various sizes, shapes and fabrics. Most have velvet pads inside to hold pins and earrings, and compartments for bracelets and necklaces.