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Food stamps & SNAP benefits cuts -- Walmart helps stretch your food dollar

You may be wondering what happened to your food stamps EBT card and how the reduction in SNAP benefits will affect how you provide healthy foods for your family. Unfortunately, the SNAP cuts are not temporary. Yet, at Walmart, we believe having less money doesn't mean you can't afford to eat nutritious food and delicious meals.

Even with the reduction in EBT card food stamps funding, Walmart believes no family should have to choose between food that is good for them and food they can afford. We have hundreds of Great Value items in our stores that have been approved for our Great For You icon. The icon is an easy way to spot items that are more nutritious than similar grocery items.

At Walmart, we understand that you want to make smart decisions and do everything possible to feed your family good food at a good price, despite a reduction in SNAP benefits. Walmart is working hard to do what we've always done -- hold our grocery prices as low as possible for our customers so you can stretch your food budget. With our everyday low prices, easy recipes and budget-stretching meal-planning ideas, you can make it easier for your family to eat well each month even with less money to spend on food.