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Cool Gadget Gifts: Colorful Electronics


Pop color is everywhere

From handbags to workout gear to her favorite pair of shoes, color creates excitement and fun. Tech toys are no exception. High tech meets high style to make the perfect gift.

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Tablets and eReaders

Take this tech to-go as tablet PCs get faster, stronger, lighter and even smaller. From the new iPad mini to the already small Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Samsung Galaxy, flipping through media resources has never been easier or more stylish. Shop Tablets and eReaders

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Portable and powerful now meet personable as feature-rich machines from HP, Toshiba, Sony and Apple deliver as much in style as they do in substance. No-fuss setup and fast processors means all she needs to know is how many different designs can she have? Shop Colorful Laptops

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With over 500,000 apps to keep her entertained, organized, and on-trend, it's no wonder that smartphones are starting to look as good as they make you feel. Sleek finishes, slim designs, and subtle but bold colors give the smartphones star status when it comes to what she'll want for Christmas. Shop Smartphones

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Colorful cameras

She's developing a photography hobby. She loves to share her work with family and friends. Now she wants those snapshots to be beautiful images, too. With a variety of colors to show her individuality, compact system cameras with interchangeable lenses and high powered point-and-shoots deliver simple functional features and stunning photos. Now she wants those snapshots to be beautiful images, too. Shop Colorful Cameras

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Loves Pink!

Loves pink. Is as bold as red lipstick. Wants to be noticed but in an understated way. New tech colors and finishes help her define her style as much as they help her enjoy her lifestyle. Shop Pop Color Electronics.

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