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Coffee and Tea
Coffee and tea. Wake up to delicious coffee or tea for less. Walmart has the coffee and tea you want to start your day off right, at invigoratingly low prices. We price our coffee and tea selection to help save you money, and you'll save even more by brewing your coffee and tea at home each morning instead of visiting your local coffee or tea house.

What kind of coffee do you want? Whether you prefer ground coffee, whole coffee beans, instant coffee or espresso, you'll find it here for less. Same is true for tea. We offer tea bags, herbal teas and iced tea mixes at a fraction of the cost you'll encounter at popular teahouses. So stock up now and save every single day.

All you need to do to find real savings is check out our selection of tea and coffee products, including ground coffee, K-Cup coffee pods, instant coffee mixes, tea bags and iced tea mixes. And of course, you'll also find eye-opening savings on the necessary coffee, tea and espresso makers. Discover it all right here and save now.

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