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Rated 1 out of 5 by Disappointing I had guests in from out of town for one night. I bought this, after reading the reviews here, which were mostly favorable. It was easy to set up. And like others have said, the frame is sturdy and doesn't move around or slide. After inflating the air mattress, I tested it out. It was the most uncomfortable bed I have ever laid down on! In the picture they show, there is a cover, and you really can't see what the air mattress itself looks like. It's long, tube like ridges. And I could feel every ridge in my back. Ok, so I went and bought a foam mattress topper to put over the air bed. Even with that, I could still feel the ridges. With guests arriving the next day, it was too late to go out and buy a bed and have it delivered. So they slept on this horrible air mattress bed. They didn't actually complain, but were vague about how well they slept. After they left, and I took the sheets and foam mattress topper off of the bed, I noticed the air mattress had leaked air. Where they had slept, there were two indentions, like two hammock indentions. The only good thing about this bed was the frame, which is sturdy. But I feel that the price is too high just to have a sturdy frame and an awful air mattress. I suppose you could replace the air mattress with a better one, but then more money would be spent. I had planned to store it in a closet and have it for the next time I needed an extra bed. But I boxed this bed back up and returned it. If you buy it, keep your receipt! You might be needing it. I would not recommend! 12/31/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by only one draw back to this bed This bed is GREAT...very comfortable. Good for use inside and have used it in the family tent. Only drawback to caution elders on is that it is a little low and you sink in on the edge at the end of the bed. After taking my 68 yr old father with us on a camping he said he slept great, but because of two knee replacements and the sinking in he was unable to get the leverage to get OUT of bed in the morning. With some helpful hands and a good pull, that problem was solved, and a small price to pay for a good nights sleep in the wilderness. 07/03/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bed Love this bed!!! I was expecting a wiggley frame and the bed to move when we moved on it and that is NOT what we got. It is a GREAT bed it feels solid when laying on and getting on and off of it. The frame doesnt move. They also thought about not being able to fold the mattress back as small as it came and the bag is expandable to accomidate that!!!! 05/12/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by A Great Bed That I would highly recommend The bed was comfortable, and great to sleep on, and there was plenty of room for two people. However, I would recommend laying a comforter on top of the mattress, so that it can fill in the ridges that exist in the air mattress after it is blown up. It makes it more comfortable when you lay on the mattress with the comforter, because you do not feel any unequal pressure when laying on them. The frame unfolded easily, and was stable. Unlike some cots, when I would move or turn this, it did not squeak or make noise. I inflated, the mattress with a Coleman rechargeable pump easily. It was also easy to deflate it with their boston valve, because you can unscrew it and there is an inch hole in which the air can escape. The Coleman pump also works well in sucking out any air that may remain, and in making the mattress airtight I would highly recommend this, if you are thinking about getting an air mattress. 06/15/2009
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Deal! This my third time buying this bed. The first time I was renting a room and needed an inexpensive bed. It was way more that I expected for the price. If fully inflated you get a nice firm surface. If you like to sleep on a more "cloud-like" surface, don't inflate fully. The second one I bought because I was renting out my spare room and I remembered how much I enjoyed the first bed. The problem with the second bed was that two very heavy people sat on it at the same time and one of the legs snapped at the matress and poked a hole in the matress so I bought another one after the boarder left. My advice is if you are a large person, this may not be the bed for you. I really enjoy it though! 02/25/2009
Rated 3 out of 5 by comfort on an air bed I purchased one of these airbeds from Walmart a few years ago for a lower price. The quality of this one was not as good. It is certainly NOT a queen sized bed. This is a full size at best. I was expecting a larger bed. The air bed I purchased in the past was much larger and sat up higher. The old one also came with a bag with wheels. This one is much more difficult to maneuver. 02/12/2009
Rated 1 out of 5 by Going To Return It I bought this item because I liked the idea of the bed being up off the floor. It also appeared that the "feet" structure would give some support to the people sleeping on the bed. Boy, was I wrong! After setting it up (which was easy to do) and inflating the mattress, I laid on the bed to see how comfortable it would be. There was no support at all - I felt like I was in a hammock. There was no way my husband and I could get a good night's sleep on this bed. I think that our old air bed that lays right on the floor has better support. I also noticed that this bed seemed small for a "Queen" size mattress. I checked the label and on the package and it did say Queen size, so I checked the specs on the Walmart website and it said this bed was 60 inches wide. So I got out my tape measure and found it to be only 54 inches wide which is the size of a standard full-size bed! So I paid for Queen size and got Full size. This one is going right back to the store! 05/07/2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pleasantly Surprized!! I purchased this bed after sleeping on an Intex for 6 months. It was a really comfy bed, but the top layer separated and I woke up on the floor. Too much money spent for it to last only 6 months. So...... I was going to order a bed from but being faced with sleeping on the floor or the couch (I have a really bad back) I decided to go to my nearest Wal-Mart and see what they had in stock. Thanks to a previous review, after looking in the regular section and not seeing anything I wanted I went back to the camping area. The Ozarks had gotten good reviews and I saw an airbed that looked great. Then to my delight, they had one of these beds on the shelf. First of all, it sits higher than any airbed I've seen, the frame is extremely sturdy and couldn't be easier to set up. All you do is pull it apart. No pieces to put together. It has an attached cover the bed slips into so it won't slide off the frame. All you do is inflate it, slip it into the cover and zip. This bed is also the size of an actual queen. I had a 2" memory foam pad I put on top of it and really, it's like sleeping on a real bed! Finally!!!!!! And it is very comfortable. I love it. The only down side is it makes "noise",but not alot and I can live with that. Also, You DO have to buy a pump as it doesn't come with one. I just got a coleman pump for about $20 bucks. If you want a bed that looks, feels and sleeps like a real bed, get it. Just get it! 10/06/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good bed Have owned this bed for almost two years now, and it still works great. Has had multiple visitors to the house sleep on it, we have slept on it at others houses, and have brought it camping and no leaks or noticeable wear and tear. I have had just air mattresses that have not lasted this long. The frame is super easy to set up, (takes seconds!) and really is comfortable. It even has withstood my 2 year old son jumping around on it. Definitely a good product that I will continue to use for a long time! 08/09/2010
Rated 2 out of 5 by Basically an expensive frame I purchased one of these because I couldn't afford a bed after I moved across country. I've been using it for 2 months. I'm happy with the quality of the frame, but the air mattress itself is worthless. I just had to replace it because one of the seams came loose causing the baffle to bulge out. It is really uncomfortable and awkward to sleep on once this happens. I didn't realize how poor quality the mattress was until I replaced it. The mattress included with this frame screeches every time you move at all. The sound is similar to rubbing two balloons together. I'd never had an air mattress before, so I just assumed that was normal. The replacement air mattress, that was less than $20, makes no noise at all and is ten times more comfortable. It is nice having the frame to keep you up off the floor, but I'm not sure the frame alone is worth $90. If you end up replacing the mattress, then it is not such a good deal. 05/01/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by FANTASTIC BED We are seniors citizens who love to tent camp, but getting up from a regular air mattress was horrible. We purchased this bed and have used it 2 years. We camp pretty much every other weekend from May to Nov. It is wonderful. Sleeps great. You must air it up, test it out and adjust air to your liking. I am a obese person and my husband and I both sleep in this bed and think it is great. I am buying 3 for Christmas gifts this year. I had to write because of someone saying it would not hold large people. It did for us. I can't praise it enough!!!!!!! 10/25/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Well Worth Price! We bought an expensive king size double chamber bed and used a 1/4 inch memory foam topper. Even though it was described as "tough", the cats punctured it and was impossible to repair. This queen bed is FAR BETTER! We used the topper and I do recommend one. There was no rolling toward the middle, virtually no noise and was firmer. There was enough room for 2 adults and a 30 pound bed companion (our puppy). We all slept soundly. I wish I had bought this one first and NOT spent $250+. It will work well for those overnight trips with family and with the bottom frame, the cats will not be given a chance to destroy it. 06/30/2009
Rated 3 out of 5 by Mixed Review I have moved several times and needed to keep the load easy for me to transport. This bed has worked well for me from that standpoint. I chose this because I like being up off the ground. Previously I had the double decker twin air mattress, but tore a big unrepairable hole in it. I agree with those who mentioned the sturdy frame. This frame could probably be used as a base for a regular mattress if the air mattress is not suitable. Several people have commented about the ridges in the mattress. I had a tempurpedic mattress which I put over the top. Between the air mattress and my mattress, I found it to be very comfortable. One thing I've noticed about air mattresses is that they don't reflect your body heat so if you are in a cold environment, you definitely need more that a sheet between you and the air mattress. Without some kind of padding between you, you will be cold. The other thing I've noticed about this air mattress is that as I roll around at night, it makes a lot of noise. It doesn't disturb me but it became a problem with my recent move. I'm now living in an apartment with thin walls. My neighbors below could hear this and probably wondered what caused that noise. I ended up borrowing a bed and have put the air mattress and frame away for now. The second reason for borrowing another bed is that the air mattress has sprung a leak so will have to find and repair the leak or get another air mattress before I use it the next time. :-) 03/07/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by maybe the best piece of camping equipment ever!!!! I have been tent camping in Sturgis South Dakota for more then 20 years now. This bed has been the single best piece of camping equipment i have ever purchased. My girlfriend and i where very comfortable and warm for 9 straight nights. it is very comfortable for putting your pants and shoes on as well. Makes a tent feel like home. 03/24/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great bed but very loud The bed is comfortable but, very loud everytime you move it makes noise. Only used it a couple times, need to figure out something to noise. 05/16/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by great to keep warm and dry Living in the PNW proves to be a bit damp and cold at times... Being my husband and I are both in our 50's we have found the Ozark Trail Airbed to be warmer and definitely dryer. I found the original mattress plug to be very difficult to tighten thus it would loose substantial air and need refilling sometimes during the night. I purchased a fabric sided replacement 'queen' size mattress at Walmart and it fits perfect inside the zippered frame mattress cover, is more comfortable since it doesn't loose air, is quieter and when it is fully inflated a bit higher than the original mattress. We each weigh between 170 and 190 lbs, plus our 75 lb lab will sometime climb up with us for a short nap, and the frame has held up without any structural problems. This elevated bed frame is well worth the investment we made 2 years ago even at having to replace the mattress... We are the envy of our group camp-outs - last year while camping had to find a Walmart and bought the Ozark Trail Airbed for our friends after she had a less than pleasant night on a leaky mattress. Our friends are still thanking us for this invaluable "back" investment and have nothing but high praises for their Ozark Trail AirBed. In addition it stores very compact and handy when you need an extra bed for company! 08/06/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Something is seriously wrong! I bought this as a replacement for the one I had for 5 years. Great bed.Only replaced the air mattress a few times in that time frame. Bed was used everyday so just wore out. This seems to be a new model. I bought this in december. I have gone through 6 air mattresses!!!!!! 4 in the last month. No one in this house is over weight. I even have two of the deflated mattresses underneath in case something was rubbing or poking the beds. Still cannot find the leaks. SOMETHING about this bed makes microscopic leaks in every mattress. I cannot figure it out. The other air bed I bought at the same time is still going strong and its on the floor. No frame. These beds are in our game room and are used quite often for teens and guests. I personally use the one with the frame every night and every week I wake up to a deflated bed.I'm beyond frustrated with this bed. 04/04/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by I was able to purchase this bed on clearance at my local Walmart for a very good price. I am a senior citizen so its hard for me to sleep on a regular air mattress and get up off the floor. This bed is wonderful!! I use it camping. I sleep as well as I do on my regular bed at home. I read some of the previous reviews about feeling the baffles. They don't bother me but I do use a mattress pad over it, I've always used one on a regular air mattress, so that was not a problem. It did squeak like rubbing 2 balloons together but I tried putting an old mattress pad on the bottom of the mattress before putting it into the cover and that SOLVED the squeaking problem. An old fitted sheet might work as well, just something to separate the air mattress from the cover because that's where the squeaking came from. Its easy to set up and pack back into the carrier. I am very satisfied with the product and would recommend it to friends. 07/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This is a great bed for camping and guests. The frame is very sturdy and the mattress was comfortable. I added a memory foam topper cause I had one. I have used this air mattress for 2 years even left it inflated for the winter as for I have a toyhauler. I have not had to even add more air .The frame is so strudy that I needed to store a 10 inch memory foam mattress so I put it on the frame and it is very comfortable also. The regular mattress has been on the frame for a year now and seems to built very well.So for the question about weight so far the frame is holding up very well to about 700 lbs. 07/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by returned gem we found this airbed with a return tag for a riped carry bag zipper and bought it found out there was no bed in it so we used our old matress, set it up and love it. it is going to be so nice to sleep up off of the ground glad we got a great deal! less then 40 bucks it was worth the chance we took! 07/25/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it! I bought two of these beds. Love em. I hope they go on sale. 07/21/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Exceptional Product It was between this setup and the Cabela's that was 59.00 dollars more expensive. I decided to throw caution to the wind and buy this one. We put a cushioned mattress pad on over the slipon cover and had two Bassett Hounds and two people on it with no problems. Loved the fact that it got cold at night in the high country of Colorado and we lost no air throughout the night. On a five day getaway I had to put air in the mattress twice. The footprint of the frame was sturdy and there were no issues I gave it four stars for value only because I never give any product 5 stars for value it can always be cheaper. This bed is an exceptional product and a decent price. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 07/18/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Awesome Bed & Great Price I bought this 2 years ago and going to buy an additional one this year for my 3 growning kids. We have used this thing for camping in a tent, in the back of my husbands pickup at the lake, as an extra bed in a hotel and at the inlaws, and my kids used it to "camp" in the backyard - 4 kids and 1 dog fit. But i would not recommend to really "heavy" persons or persons that can't get out of the tub without help because getting out of it might be difficult. But I would recommend to any person looking for someI would recommend this to anyone else that was looking for a Full (not really a queen ) sized air bed or extra bed. 06/06/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by folding air bed This is a great product, hard to find, but awesome. I weigh320lbs and my wife is 190lbs. No problem for this guy. Only thing, buy a good quality air mattress. The ozark is fine, but with a top quality mattress and this frame, WOW! Had mine for almost 10yrs, excellent! We have a motorhome now, but used it recently used it when we had company, still worked great! 03/16/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Bed I used this bed every night for a year and loved it. I was moving to a new city and knew I'd only be there for a year so I didn't want to purchase anything expensive. I found this and was skeptical at first. I am a big girl 5'6 300+ lbs. I slept on this for one night and instantly enjoyed it. Over the year I had to replace the mattress once since I stupidly left the bed pushed up against the heater and it melted the mattress. With two weeks left the connecting piece to one of the side frames broke off. This was the same place I sat up out of bed every morning to put my slippers on, set my alarm clock. etc. so after a year's abuse the bed still kept up in good shape. The frame was still usable but would have popped a hole in the mattress. I placed a small piece of wood on top of the frame and below the mattress and it worked. Now that I'm back home I kept the bed as a spare. 08/30/2009
Rated 3 out of 5 by It's ok It is not a queen size bed, but a full. I thought it was very comfortable to sleep on. My only complaint is that the bed is noisy. When you move around you hear a rubbing sound. I'm sure this could be easily solved by adding bedding, but it was annoying. 07/12/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by WONDERFULL I bought it since my family is coming to visit for a week and a friend for 3 weeks, and I decided to tested myself. It fells like a real bed and I love the height so my son can't get in it. Excellent quality for the price and it is so easy to put it together. I was thinking that I needed my husband, but I did not. You open it, unfold the support legs and blow up the mattress. I was done in less than 5 minutes, amazing. Onces they are gone, I am going to be able to put it away until the next use. 06/12/2009
Rated 2 out of 5 by the plastic joints break I resently purchased one of your ozarktrail airbeds and the joints broke as soon as i put it up!!!! 05/24/2009
Rated 4 out of 5 by Comfy Loved the product, only complaint is that I agree with another reviewer that the mattress is LOUD when rolling over in your sleep. I stayed at my girlfriends and she said that if we were at a camp ground that we would have woken everyone up. They should make the mattress flocked top. 04/22/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by I loved the Ozark Trail Queen Airbed. I use it when I go to visit my daughter who lives several hours away. She does not have the extra bedroom space for our whole family so I set the airbed up in the dining room corner. I love the way it has the stand and is up off the floor, so easy to get in and out of. All the comforts of home that fits into a duffle bag for the person on the go. 07/06/2009
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