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Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Fun--Excellent Value From the time the Kent Tandem Bicycle was ordered and received Site to Store was seven days. It was easy to check on the progress of the order and when it was received at the store. The bicycle was packed very carefully and was in outstanding condition when received. Keep in mind that if you use the Site to Store option to save the delivery charge, you need a big vehical to transport it home. The box took up my 6 1/2 foot pick-up truck and weighed upwards of 65 pounds. I have been tinkering with bikes for a number of years. I found it very easy to assemble--common sense (directions were poor). A couple of places where someone who never worked on a bicycle may have trouble would include hooking-up and adjusting the front brake and cable to the left lever, the gears were badly out of adjustment (front and back) but were relatively easy to adjust, and the wheels had a slight wobble but were also easily adjusted with a spoke wrench. My wife and I will be using the bike on a really nice bike trail network on Cape Cod, MA. We have taken the bike on two wonderful rides. The bicycle looks and rides very well. I am amazed at the quality, how well it shifts, and the complete absence of frame flex. The two of us have little or no tandem riding experience. Prior to this bike, we have been riding some excellent quality Mongoose alloy comfort bikes. Within five minutes, we felt comfortable. I am a stronger rider than my wife; the tandem bicycle allows her to have a really nice riding experience without always trying to keep up. If you are going to ride the bike around the neighborhood, or on nice bike trails for trips of 10 to 15 miles it is great fun. If you are a serious rider, you will want something lighter in weight that has higher quality parts. It is perfect for what we want--much better than I thought. On the second ride, the rear tire blew. When I took it apart, I found that the tube had been pinched when it was put together. I replaced the tires with 1.75" Kevlar Tires (Bell) and bought flat-proof tubes that had SLIME in them. I highly recommend the tire and tube up-grade. The bike looks much better without the mega white walls. I bought the replacment tubes and tires at Wal Mart. The bike rolls much better and has more road feel with the new tires. The OEM 2 1/4 tires were very thin and didn't look like they could withstand a sharp pebble. A hint for a good relationship with your significant other. Buy them their own bell/horn, mirror and bike computer. Be safe and enjoy the ride. 03/17/2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Value We Bought this bike over 2.5 years ago, primarily to take our kids to school. We also own a Schwinn Twin from about 1973 and use that as a school bus too. We have ridden the Kent about 10 miles a day 5 days a week for 2 and a half years, and it has held up remarkably well. After about 6 month both bottom bracket bearings showed considerable wear, and we had the bike shop replace them, Only after I picked the bike up did I learn that the bearings had plastic parts (thus the wear) and they had used the same style bearings as replacements. Of course in less than 6 months we has worn these out, so the next replacements were all steel (about $75 installed) and those are still going strong. I have redone the brakes twice, and replaced the crank to crank chain once (it stretched). I put quick releases on the seats so different riders could quickly adjust the seat height, this was a great addition, but the best modification we made was the tires, Got tired of a flat every month or so riding New York City's object laden streets, my terrific bike shop recommended thin Kevlar tires and what a difference! The ride is twice as fast once the balloon tires are gone, and not one flat in 18 months or so. For the price I think you have to expect some cheap parts, but on the whole this bike has been great fun and we have no regrets. 12/28/2007
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great for children with disabilities I pondered whether not to buy a three wheeled trike for my daughter with Down Syndrome or this Kent tandem bicycle. I decided to go with this bike because we would be able to keep up with the rest of the family when she would get tired. Once the bike was delievered to store and I brought it home and put it together, it has been a hit with my daughter and her sister and cousins. I wish I had bought it months ago. Only two complaints about the whole experience. The bicycle didn't come to store in the time the website said it would. The directions to put it together were not very good. For someone not familiar with mechanical things, it would be hard to put together. I have a lot of experience with bikes and cars so it wasn't hard to figure out. Overall, this is a great product for my situation. 05/31/2009
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good first tandem My wife and I bought this tandem in December 2005 for approximately the same amount we had spent on renting a single speed, coaster brake type, tandem our previous winter in Florida. Took the bike back to Nova Scotia and drove it 4400km (approximately 2600miles) during 2006. Wore out many of the components and had it repaired. Bike shop owner informs us that the bike frame alone was worth what we paid. We use it frequently on both “rails to trails” and roadways. We have met many Canadians who would buy one based on our experience, if it were available through Wal-Mart Canada. It is not a high quality, light bicycle; however, an excellent value as a trial tandem. We had it out for a 260km ride last weekend and have driven over 7000km with this bike to date. 09/05/2007
Rated 4 out of 5 by great for cruising the neighborhoods I ordered the Kent Tandem and it took about 5 days to arrive. I expected this to be a "BICYCLE KIT" and it met my expectations 100%. I removed every component from the frame one by one and inspected/lubed/re-assembled back on the frame and adjusted. The ONLY thing that had even a trace of grease on it was one of the bolts for the stoker handlebar clamp(Seriously). Every bearing was dry. The rear wheel was missing 5 balls on the gear side.I mic'ed the balls on all the bearings and all were within .0001 in. or less difference. Both tires had maybe 10 pounds of air in them. I let what little air out and pulled the tires to inspect the wheels and spokes. The spoke strip on the rear wheel was pushed over and not covering the spokes in two spots so there was a sure flat if I would have just put air in it without checking. The front tire was OK. The front wheel was within .080 in. of true both horizontal and vertical. The rear wheel was out approx .600 in. horizontal and .080 in. vertical. It wouldn't even roll without the tire hitting the frame. I trued both wheels to +/- .020 in.("close enough" for a bicycle) along with setting a little backlash on the spokes in the process. As with everything else on the bike, The brakes and both derailers weren't even close to being adjusted correctly. The return springs on the rear brakes were in different holes. When adjusting the derailers I noticed the rear derailer was bent. I called the toll free # for Kent customer service and told the lady the problem. With no questions asked, she took my name and address and said she would get another derailer in the mail that day and I didn't need to send the bad one back. A close look at the frame and no cracks,bends or dents were found. The welds are not as pretty as they could be but they didn't look bad at all and showed signs of good penetration at the weld edges. While waiting for the new derailer I peeled off about 10 pounds of stickers and installed some aftermarket fenders,a rear cargo rack, two bells (The stoker has to have fun too),rear view mirrors and naturally some streamers on the handlebars. The replacement rear derailer arrived in three days. I'm VERY happy with their customer service. After assembling the tandem "KIT" and adjusting the seats and handlebars we took it out for a "Maiden Voyage" of 31 miles. The bike rode really well. The frame was MUCH STIFFER than our old Columbia tandem. Shifts were smooth, quick, precise and quiet. No "Auto shift" from frame flex on take off or climbs. The brakes worked nicely and took very little finger pressure to stop on the small hills we encountered. I think the supplied Velo seat will have to be replaced for me but my Wife seemed to like her seat OK so far. We managed to hit our fair share of bumps and pot holes along with going down some rough gravel roads so I was wondering how things were holding up. After we got home I looked everything over and all was as it should be. I didn't use the dial indicator again but "eyeballed" the wheels judging with the brake pads and spinning the wheels and they seemed to hold true. We really like the bike. It does just what it was designed for (cruising around the neighborhoods) and does it well. It's just what we hoped for and expected and we think it's well worth the $248.00 shipped. We had a BLAST riding "twogether" through the neighborhoods of three small towns Sunday. If someone is looking for a cruiser tandem and can assemble the "KIT" themselves then I would recommend the Kent. If you are not comfortable doing the work then I suggest talking with a local bike shop, Give them the list I posted here in this review of the things I HAD TO DO to assemble the bike for an example and get a estimate. It might cost more than it's worth if you have to go that route. Even with the missing ball bearings, I give it 4 stars for the style and price. Heck,you can't expect "top of the line" quality on a $248 tandem. 08/22/2007
Rated 5 out of 5 by So far a great start After about a year and 190 miles I'll review. Although this is my first tandem it seems for the price to be a great starter. No real problems with assembly or the maintainance so far. The instructions are a bit weak but some basic mechanical aptitude will see you through. It may seem a bit heavy but it's still easy for us to ride and has a "granny" first gear (almost too low to stay balanced) that allows you to crawl up a hill or across grass when you need. Seats are comfortable and ride position is good for me, no complaints from the back seat either. I added racks and recently a trailer so we can run local errands. If you want to carry a load on racks you can but after a point the trailer makes it easier (to me) despite the trailer weight. It seems since the bike tires are "low" pressure (40 PSI) and smooth the ride they roll harder under a heavy load (any tire will do this) so the trailer helps us haul more if we want. I will upgrade to a higher pressure tire when the time comes and I can bump up the pressure a bit when needed. Also having the load on the trailer doesn't affect the bike handling much if any. Latest addition - Forte Campus pedals and MTB cleat shoes for extra power (and work out!) another first for me - beware! - I've heard cleats are not for everybody. To sum it up - so far I think this bike was a great choice, no real complaints and nothing but "I like that bike!" comments from others. Only problem is I can't figure out why I'm always sore after our rides but she's fine with "no pain" - hmmm... :) A sidenote - My wife won't bike ride solo (inexperienced and afraid) so this was a long shot for me to get back on two wheels and get her on two. After I put The Limo together she was reluctant to try it but a ride or two fixed that. Now she loves it and I get some exercise too - a win win for us - hope you have the same result. We may upgrade if we ever wear it out. 02/21/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great for our son who is autistic We chose to purchase this model over the other model Walmart had to offer due to the 21 gear selection. My son is autistic and I wasn’t too confident on how much he will actually contribute to peddling, so having the ability to shift to another gear on hills was a concern for me and after a few rides together it has already paid back huge in dividends. Assembly was simple once I placed the written instructions to the side and stopped referring to them. The bike was pretty much already assembled and the remaining assembly was easy. All the gear mechanism to include the rear tire was assembled and ready for operation. Tricky part was assembling the front brake but a little manipulation to get the opening for the cable, it slipped place. After that it was front tire, handlebars and seats. I was test riding the bike in no time. I chose to pick up the bike at Walmart to save on shipping charges and kudos goes to the people at Walmart, there was no damage to the box or bike and they assisted me loading it in my truck. Do take a truck to pick it up or your parent’s old station wagon, the box is long. We only had the bike for a short time but it seem to work very well. My family and I look forward to placing several miles on it. 02/27/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good Value for a Leisure Bike The assembly directions are less than accurate; the drawings do not seem to match what came in the box. Thankfully, everything was pretty intuitive. You will need to adjust some of the brake cabling, etc. to make the bike rideable. The tires remind me of those whitewalls that were on American cars 40 years ago - do not expect crisp handling on tires this wide. Overall, it's a good bike to ride with your kids around mostly flat areas. If that's what you're looking for (and the price is right), then go for it. 03/16/2008
Rated 4 out of 5 by an excellent value The bike came partly assembled, which was good, because the instructional assembly manual was not well written, clearly printed, nor very helpful. The information sheet on the shifting system was not well done with different languages and adjustment procedures appearing in no discernable order. The bike seems well made and was not too difficult to finish assembling, though I do have some experience with bicycles. I would say the Kent tandem bike is a good quality bicycle at a very reasonable price. 07/22/2007
Rated 1 out of 5 by Kent Tandem Bike Very poor quality. Could not get shifters adjusted because the derailers flexed. No trim on shifters. Wheels out of true. Rode it up and down the street and then returned it. Bought another brand the next day. 07/29/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by Wonderful for my son My son has autism and showed a great interest in his sister's bicycle. Unfortunately, it was very difficult to teach him all the necessary lessons for riding one. He did not look where he was going as he was interested in watching the wheels turn. I tried taking him for a ride on my own bicycle, which he loved, but he is getting too big for me to do this anymore. The tandem bike is the perfect solution. He gets to ride a bicycle, and I get to determine where he goes on it!! He is so happy on the bicycle and it is fun for me, too! 08/24/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fun Bike This is a high quality bike. I bought it for my 7 y/o son and I. We got a basket and a horn to go with it. It's fun to bike to town, get a few groceries and bike home; good exercise too. 08/07/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Value if you want a tandem When I ordered this bike I was not sure what to expect at such a low price but I am extremely pleased. The overall quality is quite good and it compares well to a much more expensive bike I purchased from REI. Assembly was easy, it took about 1 hour; all of the gears and rear brakes were pre-set and worked well without any adjustment. I had to set the front brakes and still plan on fine-tuning the spokes but it is not really necessary. The styling is nice and it even comes with 2 bottle holders. In the future I will probably purchase larger tires after a few months. I also plan to purchase seat cushions or different seats because the stock seats are a bit hard for a touring bike (or my seat is too sensitive. So, if you are considering a tandem and not sure if you want to pay a lot of money you will not be disappointed with this bike. 09/27/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 Love it! I bought this for my husband's birthday. In general we love using it and have had a great time with it. The clearance is low enough that our 11 year old can ride in the back without a problem. It's very cheap as tandem's go and a great starter tandem. The only things we didn't like about it was that the inner tubes went flat on day 2 of riding on paved roads. You may as well buy thorn resistant tubes and get new tires first thing. Also there are no shocks and the ride isn't the smoothest. To fix that you can get shocks for the front forks. All in all we are VERY happy with this bike and would buy it again. Make sure you bring a bike lock if you ride it somewhere and I'd get it registered with the police department. It's a cool bike and my friend's have had their tandem's stolen. 05/03/2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by Kent Tandem Alloy components help keep weight reasonable for a bike of this nature and give it the appearance of a more expensive product. The stamped steel chainrings are of poor quality and had some manufacturing defects which should not impair thier function but may shorten chain life. I will probably replace them in the future. Out-of-the-box tuning was very good; first ride shifted through all gears without a glich. Overall: Looks great, rides good, and handles well, suitable for aftermarket component upgrades (if desired). 08/23/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Smooth Ride I have put together many bikes, and this one was a snap. Just go for tight. REAL TIGHT. I love the seats, the Shimano shifters are good, but need adjusting as all bikes do. The bike shifts like a dream. The pedals ARE DIRECTLY LINKED. You have to learn teamwork, and you end up sounding silly shouting "Shift! Coast!!! PEDAL!!!" but it is a Cadillac of a bicycle. Brakes are sufficient for up to 400 lb weight, after that I would worry, and maybe change to heavier brakes. 03/12/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 Great Bike We bought this bike as a way to exercise together. We love it. Easy to assemble and rides smoothly. We live in a park with dirt streets and the wide tires handle well on it. Thanks. 02/23/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 An All Night Ride omg. THIS IS THE BEST BIKE KNOWN TO WALMART! (AND POSSIBELY MAN) I have never been so pleased with a purchase. I pick my friend up on this bike and we ride around the city with our dual water bottles. I love it's flashy silver shade and how easily it serves in front of traffic. I'd reccomend this bike to anyone. Wanna go for a ride? 10/29/2007
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor Quality This tandem is inexpensive for a reason. The components and construction are of low quality. I you have any serious riding plans look else where. For occasional fun this bike just might be for you. The front wheel was bent out of true. The box as damaged but I am not sure that was the only problem. The brakes were of such poor quality, I just gave up on adjusting. The grip shifters were too small, probably from a child's bike. The derailleurs were of very low quality and clunked and hung up on shifting all the time. I returned the bike. If you want a bike that will only be ridden a few times a year for fun, this bike might be for you. But if you intend on ridding any distance or using the bike frequently, you will be disappointed. I did go out an buy a tandem from a bike shop after returning this bike. My wife and I enjoy our weekend 10-20 mile trips on it, but would never have used this Kent bike for more than short rides. Again- I you have any serious riding plans look else where. For occasional fun this bike just might be for you. 10/25/2007
Rated 1 out of 5 by not happy - $300 gone I am unhappy as the quality is poor. The wheels all wobble and the brakes rub. Want to adjust the brakes? The allen heads strip out. I feel that import means the lowest possible cost even if looks good, but performs poorly. I expect the parts to fall off the next few months as I sadly ride the bicycle with an even poorer attitude. I guess I was just used to those quality old Schwinn bicycles that were made in Chicago 40 years ago. Maybe I need to get a life. 04/11/2009
Rated 4 out of 5 by A good value purchase which meets my requirements. This purchase was made from the UK via Paypal for a pickup at my holiday home in Florida. I had read the reviews before purchase as I/we own a 'serious' mountain bike style tandem machine in the UK and was unsure as to whether or not it would suit my/our requirements. The reviews all seem to complain about the tyres being inadequate and 'collecting' punctures. This is a problem we encountered in the UK, and we came to the conclusion that the 'cheaper' tyres fitted to mass market machines were probably only ever designed to carry the weight of one person! This makes them open to 'nipping' against the rim (probably as a result of weaker sidewalls). The problem was solved in the UK by purchasing 'serious' competition style tyres (Panaracer Fire XC). Not knowing whether they are available in the USA, we brought a pair over in our luggage! I fitted them immediately before use, and although they are slightly wider (26 x 2.1 instead of 26 x 1.9) they fit the machine perfectly. The machine is reasonably easy to put together for a competent 'do it yourself' person, and apart from a very slight adjustment to the gear shift mechanism and adjusting seat/bars to the most suitable positions. it has been a brilliant piece of kit. All parts were in the box - nothing missing, and there was no damage to the machine caused by transit. It has attracted a lot of comment from others - not least because the tyres now fitted have bright red sidewalls which set off the silver paintwork perfectly - and will continue to be a source of enjoyment for us. All in all, a very good product at a reasonable price and highly enjoyable. Recommended. 09/09/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good and not so good 1. The instructions are useless. They refer to an old design and are not even for a tandem model. 2. The derailler sprockets on the rear pedal were bent. 3. There were two fender mounting screws on the derailler side of the rear axle which protruded into the gears. Hen in the highest gear, the chain hit the screws. I took the screws out and put them into the empty holes on the other side. 4. YOU WILL NEED FOUR DIFFERENT SIZE ALLEN WRENCHES. 05/14/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Learn to ride Just assembled this bike today. Assembly wasn't too bad. Many of the parts came pre-assembled. Probably would have been easy for my husband. Seeing as how I've never put a bike together, or fixed one I struggled just a bit. Haven't ridden yet -it is a Christmas present. Currently the bike is hiding in my neighbors garage waiting for Christmas. Bought this bike because I have an autistic son who's sense of balance is poor. He used to ride the bike trailer with my husband and loved it; but, he grew to big for the trailer. I'm very excited to see him out riding again. I would recommend this for anyone who has a young child or someone with a disability that makes riding alone difficult. 12/08/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Works for us! If your looking for a tandem you cant go wrong with this one. We ordered ours via site to store. It took about 2 weeks to arrive. You will definitely need a pickup truck since this box is very long. If you have any Christmas eve experience of putting bikes together this one is no more difficult without even having to refer to the instructions. You will need some metric hex key wrenches since the 2 required do not come with it. Other than that basic hand tools is all you need. All we need now is better weather to go out and enjoy it ! 02/21/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Kent Shimano Tandem At under $300.00, you can't beat this deal. Yes the bike has some drivetrain issues (chain,shifters) but that's to be expected for the price. We've owned and ridden this bike for over 2 years now and my wife and I have really enjoyed it. No, it's not a racing machine but that's not its intent. Before this bike we owned a KHS tandem and paid $1200 for it. This bike is far more comfortable and had a lot of money left-over. This bike is an excellent value and highly recommend it for anyone who is considering getting into bike riding with a close friend but doesn't want to commit to the high costs associated with tandem riding. Great cruising bicycle! 11/28/2009
Rated 5 out of 5 by Kent Dualdrive Tandem Product arrived in a timely manner.The assembly took about 1 hour.Some plastic parts in the gear assembly looked suspiciouslycheap,but have worked with no problem.The bike looks fantastic,even better than the online pictures.It rides great and we have had many admiring glances and comments. Strangely,the steering and overall handling of the bike seems to be affected negatively after a trip to the local pub!I shall have to look into this problem! Overall this bike is worth double the price paid here.I could recommend this item to anyone. 03/09/2008
Rated 1 out of 5 by NO service from Kent I recently received a Kent bicycle as a gift from my employer. On the first time I took this bike out to a local park (easy walking/biking path) the gears shattered. I actually picked the pieces up off the ground. After contacting Kent bikes I was told they would send the parts but I would have to pay to have the bike repaired. Remember, this bike was less than 1 week old. I am amazed at how poor Kents warranty and customer service is. I will NEVER purchase anything from this company. 04/10/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Don't bother Very poorly made, broke down all the time. Gave it away to chairity. 07/12/2008
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product The bike is as described. I bought it from site to store. They assembled it for free. It is very good. My family likes it too. Nothing to complain so far. 05/15/2011
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