Rated 3.9 out of 5 by 139 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Affordable, Capable Powerhouse For the features and price Dell sells this computer for it really is a bargain out of many available computers out there today with similar specs. What I like: - Amazing full high definition (1920x1080) Resolution with an anti-glare screen with 2GB Radeon graphics. This combination allows for awesome graphics apps, movies and gaming. While this may not be the fastest card on the market having it will put you ahead of most of your peers. For me using this with Paint Shop Pro made a world of difference compared to my (not so old) HP with 500MB dedicated graphics. Also, if you’ve read the Catalyst Control Panel won’t work with Windows 8 don’t believe it. I simply performed my Windows updates and now can specify which graphics mode to use. This is a great feature. Since you can specify yourself you don’t have to wait for the card to decide which whether or not you need high performance graphics for the job you are performing. It’s done automatically when you configure it. - Intel I7 with a 1TB hard drive and 32GB Solid State Drive. My computer boots up from a cold start in no time and wakes up in just a matter of seconds. In addition to this applications load amazingly quick. I recently bought my wife a computer without this feature and now she’s a little jealous!!! - Speakers. A definite improvement in sound quality and volume over the standard fare. These work best with laptop pad when sitting so that the sound isn’t muffled in your clothing. Still good even if you sit it directly on your lap. - Build quality. This laptop just feels solid and well built. What I would change: - I would have preferred a keyboard with a separate numeric pad, as this is what I’m used to. Having said that, the quality of this keyboard is great and its obvious Dell put a lot of thought into it. Key spacing is generous, the feel is comfortable, and the backlit feature even has 2 levels of brightness. One other thing that I do think is cool is how the keyboard lights go out when not in use but turn back on when the first key is touched. Cool. In all, this computer is a well thought out machine that can easily serve as a workstation replacement. I didn’t even mention the other features that set it apart. There are a full 4 USB 3.0 jacks, HDMI, WIDI and an 8 way memory card reader. For those of you with $$$ to toss out for some of the more expensive laptops in this category, good luck and enjoy. For those of us looking for a really good value this Dell is a winner. 05/08/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Win8 does not support switchable graphic, beware!!! Got this computer 1 week, everything else is fine, but the graphic and WIDI in windows 8 is a nightmare. Story begin when I try to open WIDI, it ask for update, fine. After update, it still cannot connect to my WIDI adapter and WIFI is dead after close WIDI until restart (forced restart, it even failed normal software shutdown). Then I noticed Catalyst never work and computer consider 7730M card driver cause problem and not working. Lots of install, uninstall, never solved problem. After searching around I confirmed that WIN8 does not support AMD and intelHD switchable graphic. So the 2 gb AMD card is useless and two devices co-exist also cause WIDI not working in this computer. Here goes the top two selling points of this computer. I Know one solution is to disable one graphic card, but dell BIOS does not support this. HP seems to have a consumer solution for this problem, but I failed to find Dell solution. Come on Dell, do you know this issue? If you know why sell a computer with default. 05/05/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Why am I being punished I purchased this laptop to surf the net and play StarCraft 2. This laptop often locks up, crashes, becomes unresponsive or is so slow that I have to hold the "bloody Dell crashed again" button. From the time I press the ON button the time I can actually surf the net is around the 4 minute mark. Even timed it at 7 minutes once! I am running the anti-virus that was supplied, have only downloaded Java and VLC and have not changed any settings... Why is my Laptop so slow? Despite having decent specs it still struggles to play SC2 unless graphics are set to 'LOW". The only thing this laptop seems to do well is give me time to do the dishes while I wait for it. 05/04/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesomeness at its best!!!! I bought a Dell Inspiron 15R special edition(7520)... I have been using it for a month ago and enjoying every moment with it... I am not a hardcore gamer but a decent gamer... Every game is working at high graphics and so far not yet faced an issue with any game... SkullCandy speakers are awesome... I read some reviews regarding that some are not impressed with Windows 8... But i prefer Windows 8 to Windows 7... Apps in Windows 8 make it really Easy for me.... Got to praise the technical support service of DELL... Had a doubt regarding backup and called them once... The way they treated is awesome... Coming to the battery, it is fine and can withstand upto 1.45 hrs of gaming.... But a little heavy but sturdy 04/30/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Extremely slow and major issues with the wifi This is the fifth and last DELL laptop that I have bought. There is either a configuration problem with Windows 8, a problem with the wireless Ethernet adapter or a problem with the driver for that adapter. I will get rid of that computer and I am debating in trying to sell it or just send it for recycling in order to not have someone else waist his or her time with it. 04/26/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent laptop I will keep my review short: great laptop, great price and works a treat. Delivery time was quick. The graphics are great and the laptop runs loads better than my last one. I find Windows 8 a little clunky and irritating, but I am sure I will get use to it. 04/10/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Failed right out of the box Yesterday I took the product out of the box, followed the instructions to turn the computer on, and it just sat there with a black screen and would beep every 2-3 seconds. There is a Dell technician coming sometime soon I guess to replace a "part". I sure hope that part is a whole new laptop... How can Dell allow a part that never worked out of the factory? 04/09/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by my computer All going well for now but I do have a problem some times logging on to yahoo emails 04/08/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Fair WiFi frequently getting disconnected .Technician worked on that issue from day 1 ,but still the issue remains unresolved No idea why it behaves so 04/04/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by NIGHTMARE received the inspiron 15R special edition 3 days after it was purchased which was great but the notebook came with a disfigured cd drive, it worked for a few hours then shut itself off and refused to boot past the dell logo, after 2 hours the issue was resolved by tech support, after that the screen kept blanking out and coming back on, tech support agreed to replace the system. whats up with the quality control at dell these days?? I've never had a problem with dell until now. at the end of the day dell's warranty and support is number one and ill still be a dell fanboy 04/01/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by First Laptop This is my first laptop I have ever personally owned. I got it because I was leaving for my first year of college and needed it for class. The first Dell I ever purchased was a Dimension E520 desktop back when I was in 7th grade. That one still works perfectly too. I have my 15R equipped with an i7-3612QM , 1TB HDD, and 8 GB of RAM. I use mine for everything like graphic designing, movie editing, music editing and DJing. It has a great quality video camera I use all the tome for oovoo and skype. It has 4 USB 3.0 ports. no 2.0 's or powershares which is great and they have super fast data transfer. I have an external hard drive that only has USB 2.0 but the data transfer rates are higher with my laptop than my desktop back home. Finally, the HDMI port. I never used anything with an HDMI cable even though I have an HD TV. Once I hooked it up with my TV, it was a prefect replica of what was on my screen. 03/30/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Always happy with dell products Happy with laptop quality and features. One small problem. Occasionally get message on desktop that Windows 7 is not a licensed copy. Message goes away on reboot but is, never the less, annoying. This started to occur within a week of delivery. 03/26/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 Totally Disappointed Three months ago i brought Inspiron 15R Special Edition (7520). At the first two weeks the laptop works good but after that time i was facing lots of issues. 1. Most of the times, the speed of CPU fan is very high and it release a huge amount of noise and heat. 2. Overheating on bottom part of laptop.(I can't put it on my lags more then few mins). 3. If I close the lid and put my laptop in hibernate mode, at the time of start-up, every time i found some errors such as BAD_POOL_CALLER and some random errors related to KERNEL. 4. Unexpected shutdown. 5. Battery life is less than 3 hours in normal use. If I play games, battery life decrease to around 1:30 Hrs. 6. WLAN connectivity problem. 03/26/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fast, beatiful, just great. I love this laptop. It's fast, it's beautiful, it's just great. It is a huge upgrade over my last laptop for only some dollars more. I mostly use it to play video games, for other entertainment purposes such a watching movies/sports and for school work. The performance is really good and I'm able to play video games with the graphics set a good/medium although I haven't really tried the highest settings. Make sure you get the AMD Radeon graphic card if you want to play games though and if you get Windows 8 make sure the games are compatible (most should be but some games do not seem to work according to some people). I really don't know what to write more, it is always easier to complain... There are some minor issues. Sometimes when I shut down the laptop it will not respond and get stuck so I have to manually shut it but it is rare and hasn't happened in a while now. I make sure all the applications are off before doing this and it seems to work so far. Also, I get a ''Windows has detected that audio enhancements for the following device are causing problems: Internal Microphone (Conexant SmartAudio HD)'' when playing around with the sound sometimes. It asks if I want to disable Driver Enhancements so I say no. There is absolutely no problem that I can see with the sound so I have no idea what that means. I don't really like the digital mouse or however you call that because it reacts strangely sometimes but I have a cheap travel mouse and it works perfectly fine. I love that there are USB ports on both sides. Oh and it's not about the laptop but I'm supposed to have a 15 months subscription for McAfee Security Center but I only got the 1 month subscription. I contacted McAfee Customer Service and hopefully this issue will resolve itself. Just be warned about these little things. 03/26/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by GOOD but have issue with BLUETOOTH I am using windows 8 on my inspiron 15r SE .I am trying to install bluetooth driver but it is showing the message "activate bluetooth using wireless switch ' . I am not able to share files now. very much disappointed with the bluetooth 03/25/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Agressively priced,best performer in this segment I got this product through a retail chain nd i m really happy abt it,the build quality is good and there is a lot of power packed inside.applications open in breeze without any lag.This laptop is excellent in its price,sound quality is good with only lack being sub-woofer.Earlier i had problem with complex bluetooth transfer process but thanks to dell,the latest driver sorted all issues.This laptop is excellent for everything from playing music to graphics intensive tasks and with dell on your back,u need not worry!!really happy owning it 03/24/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth for money, performer The laptop looks stylish and the hardcore power is so great, never hung while multitasking. Worth for its value, the graphics card does its job to the best. 03/22/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing Little Machine amazing little machine top quality product the sound, lid, keyboard, with the back light keys it looks smart the speed of the laptop is more then enough also you get skull candy speakers witch for a laptop is amazing. I see alot of people saying how a bad point of the laptop is windows 8 thats not the laptops fault you got a problem with windows 8 go complain to microsoft not dell. My laptop arived after a few days even tho it said it will be 25th march i orded it on 9th got it on 12th, windows 8 was a big change and dose require getting use to but after a bit its sweet its fast looks smart and lets admit they have got to go with the times, laptop is very quiet also runs pretty cool, warm (normal). laptop is a little heavy but nothink what a normal laptop would weigh. The screen is very bright and clear very clear HD movies looks amazing. The built in camera is good not briliant but hey you want to take photos buy a digi cam it also comes with bluetooth witch i didn't know so bonus. its got 4 USB,1 HDMI Output for your tv or what ever a mic jack and headphone jack and a SD,MMC card reader. the look of the laptop looks smart and very expensive tops all other makes of laptops ive seen for the price I would defo buy this machine again or recomend it to friends i know it sounds like am just loving my laptop but realy for the price your paying you will be very happy with this product 03/13/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty contented with my DELL 15R SE FullHD :) I bought Dell 7520 back in August 2012 and had used it more half a year. Overall, I am pretty contented with the performance of the laptop. Bought it with Windows 7 and now upgraded it to Windows 8 with MYR50 only. The screen is amazing, big for movies and games, non reflective, and its lowest brightness is even lower in Win. 8 compared to Win. 7 (good for the use at night). The Skullcandy speakers are sweet, but seriously need more bass, but is definitely not a deal breaker. (Max volume after Windows 8 upgrade is lower compared to max volume in Windows 7). The aluminium panel and palm rest add premium to the design of this multimedia beast. However, the silver-painted plastic body get scratched when subjected to knock or sharp edges. Keyboard is comfortable to type on, with backlit. Touchpad is big enough and equipped with gestures (which I seldom use but definitely adds value to this laptop). Battery life is on par with other 15 inches in the market. Approximately 3 hours for documentation. Weight (3kg) is acceptable considering the specification and category this laptop falls into. I have a question, is the keybord spill resistant? And what is actually spill-resistant? I read up quite lot of forums but doesn't get an reliable answer for it unless it is official from Dell. And my webcam just simply not work after Windows 8 upgrade. Any solutions? Thanks in advance. 03/10/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Slow performance I got this Inspiron to replace one that I bought in 2007 and loved throughout its relatively long life. So far, I am disappointed in the performance of the new edition. It is slow, programs often crash or spend minutes in the "Not Responding" phase, and it doesn't seem to be able to do more than one thing at a time. I hope it gets faster as new updates are installed, but I wish Dell would put out computers that are already fast upon purchase. 03/09/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Incredible bang for the buck! This laptop is quite simply the best computer I have ever owned. It is solidly constructed, display is crystal clear, the speakers boom, powerhouse machine! The set up was very easy and though I did have to update bios after a windows 8 update, Dell tech support was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. The pre-installed software functions seamlessly with the OS. Lastly, I cannot understand the complaints about Windows 8 at all. It is a fantastic, user-friendly, highly productive OS. In fact, Apple's OS doesn't even come close to competing with its design. The only cons are that it gets a little hot (especially when gaming) and it is definitely on the heavy side - - - not practical for portability outside your home. But that is really what I would expect from a machine with such powerful components. Thank you, Dell for an excellent product at a great price! 03/04/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Fails to live up to its promise. This should be a great laptop - Windows 8, HD matte screen, dedicated graphics and an SSD. I've had it two months and its never been right. Frequent lock-ups and 'not responding' errors, slow input and three times as long installing software as my other (older and 'slower') computers. I've spent ages on the phone to Dell Support and even done a full re-install twice. I'm running nothing on this that doesn't run OK on my older kit. All the hardware tests on Dell Support Centre run perfectly OK - though the program itself is slow as a pig. Something isn't right but no-one seems to be able to work out what it is. 03/03/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good computer I had my husband order this for me because with all the research I've been doing to find a computer that meets my needs and budget I just couldn't decide. I got this in three days! I love it. Windows 8 is easy to understand and use. it's not hard at all. The only thing that bugs me is when I close the computer for a few minutes, I go to open it up and I can't get it to turn on from sleep mode. other than that I'm learning my new computer and so far so good!! 03/02/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Bad Performance and Heating Problem I purchased this model last august. The first one I had to replace because of too much heat coming from the bottom of the laptop. They sent me a new one after a month, but even it had the same problem of heating. It worked well initially but after few months the same repeated. I would rather call it a desktop rather than a laptop, coz I can't put it on my lap more than a few mins due to heat and heavy weight. The laptop fan releases a huge amount of heat and noise if I try to open many pages in browser and can't keep it over the lap. I would definitely not suggest one to buy this laptop, because of its overheating and weight one would never be comfortable carrying it. Finally, I would suggest not to buy this laptop, as its not worth the price for the heat and weight. 03/01/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Not as good As I was expecting I have a history with the quality and overall performance of Dell laptops. This one is just a little more frustrating than the older ones. First issue is Windows 8. I am in the process of switching to windows 7 pro. Very very much different than previous versions and very unacceptable privacy policy. Another thing is the touch pad. It totally useless and very frustrating to type. The cursor jumps allover the place and if I have my hand touching the laptop frame in any place takes ten times longer to type because of the go back and delete and retype again where the cursor has jumped in an other word. so it is necessary to disable the pad and use a mouse. 03/01/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Dell Inspiron 15R Turbo Point to Point Features :: 1.Inspiron 15R Turbo looks stylish and have a great looks 2.Its a combo package have everything in one E.g. Config 3.Skullcandy Speakers gives great performance , no scratchy sound but sub-woofer is needed. 4.HD display is good. 5.Dell is DELL so no compromise with the service(Worlds best service). 6.Intel Core i7-3632 gives feel like a super-computer and 8 GB RAM gives wings to fly.. 7.Graphics card is AMD Radeon 7730M 2GB its very good but its settings can disturb(not easy to understand quickly). 8.USB 3.0 is very good. 9. High gaming can easily done without any prob 10.Battery is also good lives better on light work but on high gaming it cannot live more than 2 hours. 11.At the end I strongly recommend this product ,, value for $$money$$ 02/21/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Replacement Laptop My old laptop (Dell 8600) failed and I needed a replacement tool to manage my business and personal interests. The Dell Inspiron 7520 met and exceeded my expectations. The video quality is superb and the backlit keys are for me a new feature, since I am often working outside an office setting. I agree with the reviews I considered that this is a fully loaded machine and a great value. Others complained of the weight, but I find this unit as light or lighter than my old 8600. and very portable. Love it 02/20/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product but bit pricey Bought this laptop in December of last year, when I received it had a few minor problem but they got sorted within the day or next few days the only thing that does annoy me with it is the way the graphics component is dealt with and the 2GB AMD is only used as a boost when needed I would much rather just have the one more powerful graphics card. 02/19/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Powerhouse I wanted a powerful laptop - good enough for moderately heavy gaming, lots of HD movies, music and of course heavy browsing. The Inspiron 15R Turbo has delivered on all fronts. Seamless gaming performance on all titles tried out so far with the Core i5 + AMD Radeon combo (only minus is that the power cord has to be plugged in for High Performance), Mind Blowing Full HD screen makes games and movies really come to life, chic backlit keyboard, not so bad speaker output and an overall rugged look and build make the 15R Turbo a great all-in-one package. A bit on the heavy side, but I'm not lugging it out on my next hiking trip, so it's all good. Good one Dell, keep the good stuff coming :) 02/13/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Really Good Except for the cooling system This laptop has a wonderful screen that looks beautiful especially with windows 8. Basically everything's great, nothing to complain about except for the cooling system. Don't get me wrong, this laptop doesn't get hot at all. However, the fan is always on. Even when you're only using Google Chrome or Microsoft Word and barely consuming energy, the fan is still on. The worst part is, you cannot control it even with other software. For me, these simple things annoy especially because I use it a lot on class and it is embarrassing when your computer sounds like a hair dryer (its not THAT loud but classes are quiet so..)and attracts attention> Basically, this laptop is perfect for a good price, however, the fan may be a pain in the butt. 02/08/2013
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