Rated 4.8 out of 5 by 54 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lego Star Wars My Grandson loves Legos and really likes the new Stars Wars sets. He is 7 and needed a little assistance with the initial build but he can easily replace parts if he needs to while he is playing with the item. This particular Lego set he really likes - and he loves the mini figures. 01/30/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent Lego toy for the imagination... Legos are great for any kid's imagination. Super product. 12/14/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Good model, bad stickers This is a great set I received as a birthday gift a while ago. I like the minifigs, especially Admiral Ackbar (IT'S A TRAP!). The helmet and printing on the A-Wing pilot minifig are outstanding, and really puts the other two minfigs to shame. It is a VERY sturdy build, the only things that break off if it is dropped are the tail fins, which was kinda expected. The set does have a few drawbacks, however. Firstly, the stickers. I know a ton of people always complain about stickers, but on this model I tend to agree. Some of the stickers are long and thin, and were a little frustrating to apply. The second issue was the flick missiles. I felt that the flick missiles didn't really do this ship justice, they looked kinda silly, and while I see the play value in them, I wanted mine to be a display piece, not a play piece. So I changed them to be more accurate to the film, and I think they look pretty good now, even if they are a little fragile the way I built them. (Pics included) Overall, a good set for the price and very sturdy for play. 01/15/2016
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great! A few changes here and there but it's a great little set!:DD 04/29/2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by For me, the main attraction here is the rare and highly sought-after Admiral Ackbar. Until this Return of the Jedi-themed set hit the shelves, the high-ranking Mon Calamari had only been available in 2009’s limited edition Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser set (#7754), and even then at significant expense. For that reason, until now I’ve always used my Nahdar Vebb minifigure, which shares the same bespoke headpiece as the Rebel fleet’s supreme commander, to utter that immortal phrase, “It’s a trap!”, when recreating the Battle of Endor in LEGO form, but at last I’ve got the admiral in uniform, albeit relaxed enough to be enjoying a cup of space tea. His accompanying A-wing pilot may not be quite as central to the Star Wars saga, but as admirals generally don’t fly starfighters into action, he’s indispensible to this set, and welcome in my collection in any event as my Rebel troops are woefully thin on the ground when measured against their Imperial LEGO counterparts. His appearance here marks the first time that the A-wing helmet has featured in any LEGO Star Wars set, and he also boasts a reversible headpiece bearing a terrified expression that suggests he might be intended to be Arvel Crynyd, who famously took out Darth Vader’s Executor in the spectacular, suicidal dive that spearheaded the original trilogy’s cinematic climax. The inclusion of Han Solo, whose attire has been tweaked again just enough to warrant the block-capitals “NEW!” on the front of the box, is similarly welcome, although as he was down on the forest moon while Ackbar was leading the attack on the Death Star to which this set pays homage, he does feel a little redundant. Personally I’d have preferred to get Mon Mothma (another #7754-exclusive) or, better still, a plain-clothes Lando (rarer still). At least if, like me, you own the recent Jabba’s Palace set, you can just stick its Lando’s headpiece on this latest Han’s body, and voila! The 177-piece ship itself impresses with its sturdiness. Save for its comparatively-flimsy landing gear, it’s 19 x 14cm frame is solid enough to survive being hurled at the bridge of my Executor repeatedly (which is more than can be said of my Executor). It also has some cool features, including the obligatory flick missiles and a more spacious cockpit than I would have expected, though how LEGO can list its “removable engine” as a feature eludes me – it’s LEGO; everything’s removable! It’s not the prettiest of starfighters either - short and stunted, it lacks the elegance of the longer and sleeker ships deployed throughout the Clone Wars or the natural beauty of X-wings. 02/01/2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by My son loves it!!!! Exactly how we pictured it would be! My son loves Star Wars! He has numerous Star Wars legos and plays with them daily. This set has held up to constant handling and flying around. 01/04/2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Christmas gift This was a great Christmas gift. He loved it! 01/02/2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great among the stars It was fun to assembling this space craft with my grand son 12/29/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by perfect for a little fella This is a Christmas gift for my 6yo nephew and I am certain he will love it. 12/10/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Starfighter This Starfighter was a quick and easy build for my Star Wars crazed 8 yr old son! He loves it and it makes a good addition to his collection. 10/09/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by A-wing, an A+ set Classic starships have a history of being released several times; 75003 is the fourth release of the A-Wing fighter. Since 7754 was released in 2009 with a high retail price, there will be a lofty feeling of exuberance among original trilogy fans. After all, the A-Wing has the popularity and history analogous to the X-Wing. Fans should get 75003 because of the improved design, the exclusive figure, and playability. The precocious 75003 has an A-Wing design which transcends the expectations from any Star Wars fanatic. The build better captures the slopes and the usage of stickers make 75003 authentic to an actual A-Wing. The jagged front, which was missing on previous A-Wing sets, is now added to 75003. Owing to a thorough construction of the bottom, 75003 has more layers in the build than A-Wings. Because the build perfectly captures the A-Wing, 75003 shows how the design has greatly improved over 4 years. Since the A-Wing pilot looks much more precise to his onscreen counterpart, 75003 did not solely improve in design. While Han and Ackbar are both detailed and desirable figures, the A-Wing pilot draws more attention from fans. There is not only elaborate printing throughout, but a unique mould is finally made for the A-Wing pilot helmet. Finally, rebel pilots will no longer be confused with race car drivers. 75003 has excellent playability; this is needless to say due to the build. The A-Wing can easily be swooshed around without pieces falling. Furthermore, the cockpit opens smoothly and the engine can be lifted. Although the minifigures, ship design, and playability are improvements, the sparse piece count is a deterrent to buyers. Nevertheless, 75003 embraces larger pieces into the build; the large pieces account for the deficiency in pieces. Furthermore, the box is the same size as the latest Jedi Interceptor and V-Wing; these sets are the same price as 75003 and have more pieces. When you are comparing the 75003’s size to 75038, the A-Wing and Jedi Interceptor are roughly the same size. What’s more, the build is far more superior than 75003 and 75039. The final deterrent due to 75003 will be the usage of stickers. Although stickers improve the appearance of a set, they are nevertheless troublesome. If a person messes up the sticker placement, the set will appear unsightly. For that reason, I recommend you use a brick remover to handle your stickers. This method makes it easier to align the stickers and prevent them from collecting dust; this is a problem prevalent with people having large clumsy hands. Make sure the dust is off the canopy’s surface and place the stickers only once. Removing stickers with finger nails ruins the sticker; for that reason, a small pin is more feasible in lifting the surface of the stickers. Thus, 75003 is a robust, detailed model that serves admirably as a toy. Furthermore, the A-Wing pilot is an excellent addition to ones minifigure collection. The usage of stickers, which is the only major drawback, is manageable and should not discourage people from purchasing the set. Even if you have any previous A 08/18/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by a wing this lego set is nice because of the reasonable price. if you had to choose between the at rt or this choose this for sure. the ship doesn't have very much functions but it is very sleek looking so it kind of makes up for it. its nice you can buy a Lego set for your rebel fleet that is in the 20 to 30 dollar range. admiral ackbar is good instead of buying him in the mon calamari. han solo is kind of misplaced in this set . the a wings launch from home one. the pilots in the a wing, admirals controlling the ship. what is solo there for? a better figure would be general cracken. but nice job on this set any way 08/12/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nice set ,Great Minifigures I love this set, the vehicle is of a good size and is a interesting build and would probably be a suitable difficulty for a child without losing any fun. I love the Minifigures especially Admiral Ackbar. A good buy, even better if you find it at less than £19 like i did. 08/07/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great model, great value First of all, this more than any other LEGO set I've bought is a toy. The A-Wing is a sturdy build that could stand up to hours of play. Like the X-Wing, it begs to be 'zoomed' around the house! The bricks chosen are elegant in their shape and truly match the style of the movie ships. As a Star Wars fan first and foremost, this certainly made me very happy. The stickers were easy to apply and added a very nice touch that simple bricks could not have done. The minifigures included were also very welcome additions. The printing on Han Solo's belt gave a very appreciated level of detail, and the A-Wing pilot was very reminiscent Green Leader from Ep VI. I feel that of the several Star Wars LEGO purchases I've made, this and the V-Wing are the best dollar to build/play value thusfar. 08/06/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by VERY NICE SET!!!!!!!!!! I have no complaints about this set I really like it PROS are the figures and the ship it's self and CONS there r now because it's that good so if u don't have one I would go pick one up!!!! 06/22/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by mrd My grand son loves these lego star wars. 03/26/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Entertaining For Kids Great addition to the Lego Collection 02/19/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Cool with a few drawbacks The ship is very cool and I like that the motor can come out from the back. It has some very very good characters. I did find that the front part of the ship comes loose and I had to add an extra piece to stop the landing gear from falling out. I like the torpedoes but the big torpedo barely shoots any distance at all. 02/16/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by THE A-Wing to get Let it be said that I haven't really ever been an avid LEGO collector. I had a set of DUPLO bricks and a Creator set or two growing up that I tinkered with on occasion but that was it. I happened to walk down the aisle and find this particular set on display and instantly had to have it. PROS: -This particular version of the A-Wing is solid in construction. Once it's together you shouldn't have any issues with it falling back apart. -The flick missiles are a fun addition and there are plenty of slots to fire the missiles from. - You get three wonderful mini-figures that all sport lavish amounts of detailing. The pilot is completely new and has two facial expressions. -The design is top-notch. It doesn't feel too bulky or too disproportionate; it's a sleek ship as it should be. It looks like a LEGO A-Wing rightfully should. -Quality control is SUBERB. Usually toys these days come off the shelf with small dings, dents, paint app sloppiness, you name it. Not so with LEGO products. CONS: -STICKERS. I am a capable adult who can put stickers on with decent precision but a child most certainly would not be able to get these on straight, especially on the clear canopy piece. Thankfully you can easily peel them back up and re-stick them if you make a mistake! I just wouldn't recommend doing that a whole lot of times. In all honestly I'd love to see details printed onto the bricks. Makes those who can't apply stickers well happy campers and makes the design last way longer. -I'm iffy on the $25 price tag being a con or not, but it feels like it's verging on being too pricey. Especially when you have comparable 3-figure sets this size selling for $20. 02/16/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great set, but overpriced This is a great set, with awesome minifigures. Han Solo and Admiral Ackabar (sorry if I'm misspelling it) are great additions. The A-wing pilot is a great minifigure. The ship is very well designed, with lots of useful pieces. It is nice and sleek, and has great "swoosh factor." The flick-fire missiles work well, although the ones on the bottom are actually meant to be guns. The biggest problem is that the are WAY too many stickers. I can excuse those on the wings and canopy, since they aren't really essential and the pieces are more reusable plain, but the CONTROL PANEL NEEDS to be printed! Finally, this set is overpriced at 14 cents per piece, it should've been $20. 01/09/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Awesome Set Overall, I am very happy with this set. It is super sleek for a Lego ship, which is great. The A-Wing has always been my favorite starfighter in the Star Wars universe, and they did a great job of delivering a beautiful product for affectionados like me. There are some things that are bothersome however. Pros: -The ship is beautiful. -The A-wing pilot is a great minifigure, with a double-faced head. His alternate expression is very comical. -The set is easy to construct -The colors are great - I love the dark red pieces Cons: -Stickers. Once upon a time, I never had to put stickers on my legos. Now it seems like every piece that is visible after construction requires sticker placement. I HATE that. -I love minifigures, but this set could have been more affordable without the unnecessary inclusion of Admiral Ackbar and Han Solo. I bought this set because it is an A-Wing, as is the case with anyone else buying it. Nobody cares if it has more minifigures in it than makes sense to include. -Admiral Ackbar comes with a coffee mug? Okay, it's funny and I laughed, but...maybe something kids would enjoy playing with, like a blaster, would have been better. I don't know any little boys who are going to go, "YES! Ackbar has a coffee mug! Now I can REALLY play Star Wars!" I give this product four bricks out of five because the playability of the set would be improved for young tikes if Ackbar had a blaster, and because the set could have been more affordable without including Ackbar or Solo in the first place. 01/05/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by "It's NOT a trap!" I just received this set over this Christmas holiday, and I must say I am very pleased. The ship is excellent, and the minifigures are exceptional. The new A-wing pilot is exclusive to this set, and I think that some aspects of the other minifies are exclusive as well. The ship itself is only the third of it's kind made from Lego, and it is probably the best. It has, as I have heard it called, a "swoosh factor", which makes it fun to zoom around the room. It is quite durable, and easy to hold. Great ship for younger fans. The flick-fire missiles are a good addition here, and they do not come off by accident. The stickers (14 of them!) are nice, and relatively easy to apply (no round or otherwise oddly-shaped applications), and they really enhance the model. BUT SO DO PRINTED PIECES! Overall, this is a great set for anyone, especially younger fans who do not handle Legos as carefully as others, and has great minifigures. However the PPB (price per brick) is pretty high at $0.14 USD (average is about $0.11 USD). But to a dedicated Star Wars fan or someone with the money this is a fantastic buy. Below I have recommended one or two other products for their PPB and overall appeal. BTW Lego--love the new things I can put in my review! 12/25/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Every little boy loves planes My grandson will love putting together this plane. He loves star wars 12/06/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Set! When I first saw this set I thought it was a little too similar to the 2007 A-Wing that came out. i had that model prior to purchasing this one. However, when I looked at it closer, I realized there are quite a few differences between the two. Overall, it has a much better structure than the old A-Wing. Better minifigures are one of the best perks about this set. they look great. 3 great minifigures for $25 isn't all that bad. Now let's get to some classic Pros and Cons: Pros: -Easy to build -Good value -Great minifigures -Good structure -Accurate to the movie -Front landing gear Cons: -Too many stickers -No real doors or compartments Overall this is a great set. if you're a real fan of the original trilogy sets, get it. I's an excellent value for your money and is a great depiction of the real star fighter. The minifigures are well worth the price. 12/05/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best A-Wing so far This set is pretty good, the helmet is really cool looking and very detailed, and yes this is the A-Wing that crashed into the Super Star Destroyer in the sixth movie, the pilot has two faces, one for normal flight and the other for when he's crashing in to the bridge of the SSD. Even the computer in the A-Wing shows the bridge of the SSD. Very strong model and pretty cool details from compartments to battle damaged on the decals. 11/18/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by RZ-1 A-Wing I never got the previous versions of the A-Wing, so I can't really compare this to them, but from pictures that i have seen, this is way better han them all. It is incredibly acurate to the movie and looks great sitting next to my Executer super star destroyer Minifigures A-Wing pilot- By far the most detailed minifigure in the set and definitely my favourite. He has an awesome helmet piece that is accurate to the film and features Sam Gamgee from The Lord of the Rings head. Han Solo- Another awesome minifigure, Han solo has been redesigned fro this set with a more detailed torso design. Other than that the same as previous versions. Gial Ackbar- Allthough he is the same as from the Home One starcruiser set, I did not get that so was one of the highlights of the set. A-Wing- From what I have seen this is the most detailed version of the A-Wing yet. It has the red on white markings and a multitude of stickers to add details unatainable with lego bricks, such as service hatches. One problem I could see was stickers on the cockpit. Although I was able to get them on fine, I would imagine that it would be had for younger builders to get them on straight. The use of steering wheel pieces in the engines accurately depicts the thrust rings to control the direction of exhaust to propel the ship in the direction you want to go. Pros - New figures - Admiral Ackbar - Accurately designed - Executer bridge on display in he cockpit Cons - A little small ( but it's a small starship) - Too many flick fire missiles (4) - A price of $40 for 177 pieces (In Australia) The pros far outweigh the cons in this set. I hope we get a minifigure scale B-Wing soon to complete the rebels updated fighter collection. (And maybe a few different classes of TIEs) 09/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 The A is for Awesome This was the first set that I've bought since I was a kid. It's a great little ship, and true to the design from the films and video games. It's easy to hold on to, with some nice features for playing including flick missles, an opening cockpit, and the neat little pilot's storage bin. The front landing gear folds up and down neatly, and the ship rests on it, and the rear fins when it's on the ground. I bought it mostly because I'm an A-Wing fan (almost as much as I am for the B-Wing). But, even at 30 years old I still zoom around the house with it from time to time. Otherwise, it mostly sits on my shelf and looks nice alongside the other sets that I've bought since. I felt the price was good for this little ship, and three minifigures: Han Solo, Admiral Ackbar, and the A-Wing Pilot who has a really cool helmet. Overall it's a fun build of a great, classic Star Wars starfighter. Definitely recommended. 07/31/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Blast the Death Star! This is obviously the best A-Wing set made. The removable energy pack was awesome, and I used the space has a secret compartment. I think the new Han Solo was definitely needed in a somewhat cheap set. All in all, this was amazing! 07/16/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Small set, large detail! Hello, Althric here with my second LEGO Star Wars review, this time on the A-wing Fighter. Let's start with the minifigures first, shall we? A-wing Pilot: The pilot is my favorite figure in the set, and one of my favorite figures in the LEGO Star Wars collection. The main reason being his helmet is detailed brilliantly despite it being very small. The helmet is grey with some colour details showing the breathing apparatus and what looks like the internal communication link. His head is also double sided showing a stern expression on one side and a worried look on the other, including ginger eyebrows. His torso is printed with the rest of his breathing apparatus with the pipes printing partially onto the legs. A wrench is also included so the pilot can repair his engines after a battle! Lastly, the torso is also a nice shade of green, like the 2006 version only darker. Han Solo: This Han is basically the same as his past figures, except this time it features creases in the white shirt and pockets on his tactical vest. This continues on the back showing what appears to be padding. The figure also has brown legs with a holster for his blaster.(which is included in the set) Admiral Akbar: I like this figure. It is a nice, simple one with the Mon Calamari head (Like his fellow Mon Calamari Officers) and a white suit with a tan chest plate printed on both sides. The LEGO Star Wars group once said in an interview that they like to include small details that weren't in the films, sometimes they are even slightly comical. One of those small comical details is shown in the set where Admiral Akbar is enjoying a cup of coffee, which is also shown in the Home One set! Overall, the figures in this set are a good reason to buy it. The actual set itself is nice for £25. The model is sturdy and on the front it features stickers that show the markings on the movie ships, also including a little burn mark to show battle damage. (If it is supposed to be a symbol painted on, then forgive me) The cockpit is the usual LEGO large cone-shapes window piece with a hinge on it. Inside the cockpit there are some controls and a space for the pilot to take control of them. To finish off, underneath there is a retractable leg for it to land on, and at the back are the engines and a detachable power supply of some sort so the pilot can make some tweeks or repairs. I recommend this set to anyone, young or old. Just one thing: It would've been nice to see an astromech droid included. Not to go in the fighter (because they can't) but simply because everyone loves them. -Althric 06/11/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Nice minifigures, nice set! :) This set is totally awsome. The minifigures are fantastic designes and everything are cool with this set. The sticker in the cockpit is awsome, with the Executor bridge on. The engines back on the ship look much like in the film (realistic), and the flick fire missiles are very cool. The minifigures are designed properly. The new Han Solo looks better with pockets and brown legs. Admiral Ackbar is the same from 2009. The A-wing pilot looks very cool and very much like in the film with all those details. This set has not as much play experience as the other sets, but I promise you it's very cool anyway. I would of course recommend this to a friend. 05/15/2013
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