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Rated 1 out of 5 by Good Idea Marred By Poor Quality Components First, this isn't my first bike. In fact, I've lost count over the past 40 years and probably close to 100,000 miles of riding. A newbie I ain't. Second, my previous bike was the Fixie Thruster, a reliable model that not only lasted 3,000 miles before I gave it to a neighbor, it also managed that mileage on the same tires and tubes as when I walked out of the WM a year ago. So why is an experienced rider fooling around with sub $200 WM bikes? Mainly because I do ride them so much over roads best described as "well worn". I figure $100 or so per year beats paying 3 to 5 times that much and still having the bike beat to death in the same time frame. Plus, I reserve my better bikes for longer trips that require more comfort and endurance. In short, WM supplies my beater bikes. In brief, this is a slightly modified version of the earlier Mongoose Cachet, a bike that WM no longer sells from what I could see. The Sinsure comes with: • An unusual name. Dictionary.com shows nothing for Sinsure so either it’s foreign or just a nonsense name. Others I’ve checked with have no clue, either. • Steel frame. • Single speed freewheel. Although some may think this is a flip-flop it does not have a fixie gear installed. It has the threads to install one but you’ll have to buy it first. • Metal pedals instead of the usual plastic platforms. Close to road bike style #broad end with a more narrow opposite end#. • Decent brakes of generic manufacturer. Sidepull design. • Deep V wheelset. My LBS #local bike shop# states they are of decent quality and would probably cost $150 in most stores without tires #which are high pressure 700x25c at 100 psi instead of the 23c some state#. • Quanda hubs of better than average quality. The front wheel appears to be a 40 +/- spoke setup while the rear is your standard interlaced design. Often seen on higher end bikes since some assume the front wheel takes more grief than the rear. • Dark, brick red tires, seat and handlebar grips. The WM picture shows bright red but that must be for emphasis as these components are darker in person. • Old style mustache style handlebars with generic brake handles that appear to be chrome plated pot metal. • Smoke colored plastic chain guard. • Rear chain tensioner, an add on usually found on higher end single speeds #allows for the alignment of the rear wheel and chain without having to dismount the whole assembly#. What it doesn’t come with: • A dedicated manual. What you get is the generic tome with about 5 pages pertaining to this bike. If nothing else, it’s a catalog of what Pacific Bikes #the parent company# has to offer. • Toe clips. The pictures show them but I never saw any. Even had the bike assembler at my local store look through an unopened box – they apparently are no longer included. • No bottle bosses. If you want to add a water bottle assembly, you’ll have to opt for the “add a band” type or install your own bosses. Overall initial impressions. Mine was already built and waiting in the store so when I got it home I inflated the tires to 90 psi and took an initial spin. Mistake number one. The front tube blew up with such force it caused the valve assembly to fly off and land about 5 feet in front of the bike. That was my clue that the tubes were garbage. Mistake two was actually attempting to remove the nuts holding the wheels on. While the fronts came off with relative ease the rear wheel nuts were obviously put on at the factory with an air wrench. Even with a long handled socket wrench I still had to use a rubber mallet as a persuader to get them to cooperate. My final mistake in this area was actually attempting to remove the tires. Don’t know where they got these but they sure are tight. So tight that not even 3 tire levers would force the rear one off. Time for LBS intervention so I took the bike to the shop for them to do a review. This is what they found: • Those tires were a tight fit. Although marked as 700x25c they figured they were just a tick smaller. He literally had to use a metal spatula to get the rear tire off. Tire quality is mediocre but there is an unusual twist. Size and pressure information is not stamped on the sidewall, it’s imprinted on part of the side tread and you’ll have to look really hard to fit it. • As for tires, it appears you’re limited to maybe 28c and you may be pushing your luck at that due to fork and brake clearance. If you don’t opt for fatter tires remember you’ll have to loosen the brakes to get it past the pads. • The nuts were way over-torqued on the rear and they had to use an air wrench to finally wrestle them off. Part of the problem was that the inner surface of all nuts showed rust #I replaced them with stainless versions#. They were so over tightened the pattern of the washer was not only impressed in the paint it cut into the frame metal. • The rear freewheel is generic and unbranded, two not-so-good signs. The click and clack is the loudest I’ve heard in a while. LBS states it’s a failure waiting to happen but there is a problem – it comes with no holes to insert the removal tool. That’s a problem. • The tubes were garbage and both had to be replaced; however, there is a kicker. This bike uses Schrader valves instead of Prestas, an odd choice given the V design of the wheels. Hardly anybody makes a long valve Schrader in this size and if you do find them you’ll pay a dear premium. I opted to use long stem Prestas and they fit quite nicely without any problems #you can add rubber or metal grommets to insure the larger hole doesn’t rub against the stem#. • The rim tape, if you want to call it that, appears to have been a used tire tube cut to the rim width. Edges were jagged and the hole to allow for valve entry was too small for the included Schrader valve. • Although the front gear appeared generic and nearly identical to the Thruster the rear freewheel appears to be of better quality with decent bearings #a constant problem with the Thruster was the bearings binding#. • The handlerbar stem, much like the wheel nuts, was grossly over tightened at the factory and required that the LBS mount the bike on a rack and then use a long handle bike wrench to finally convince the lock nut to loosen. The average Joe or Jane won’t have the tools for this. • Curiously, although it appeared to be slapped together with quantity over quality, the wheels were true and the brake pads were properly aligned. That trip cost an additional $50 and that’s about what you can expect so I wasn’t too upset, but now it’s on to ride quality. For my ride test planned to take the bike on my usual early morning 15 mile trip and here's what I encountered: Day One: • You read about it above. The bad tube episode. Day Two: • Rain so my ride was limited to just 4 miles. Discovered that the tires on this puppy are not only rough riding #hey, they are high pressure# they have limited traction. Woe be to anybody hitting a sandy patch and hydroplaning in a puddle. Day Three: • Halfway thru my 15 mile trip the rear tire loses air rapidly but not violently. Took it back to LBS only to find out a thorn #called sand spurs in Florida# had gone clean through the center of the rear tire and had pierced the tube. A sand spur? Cripes, we have half a billion in this city and this tire can't handle running over one. Soon discover the tire is basically a rubber strip. • Front tire developed a bead bulge, possibly because of inferior quality in the area. • While at the LBS I’m asked why I’m riding a bike without a proper handlebar clamp bolt. I know it had one, I just checked it. Apparently it fell out during the ride but had sufficient clamping strength to avoid having the handlebar loosen. Faced with the prospect of dropping another $60+ for better tires I took it back and got another Fixie. Laugh if you will, but it’ll probably last longer than your Sinsure. 11/13/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by You get what you pay for (: i've seen this question alot so ima answer it. YES, the bike comes with a flipflop hub. HOWEVER, it only has the free wheel installed. you can purchase a lock ring and cog online for about 26 bucks together with the tool needed to install it. it runs a 18T freewheel and a 44T chainring if that helps anyone trying to figure out a gear ratio. I ADVISE YOU TO GET NEW TIRES IF YOU PLAN ON BUYING THE BIKE. the tires it comes with are very cheap, won't hold up to many urban settings. the bike is a really nice ride but, it's honestly just a really good entry bike if you're just starting to really bike around/commute/ or ride fixed. it's better than breaking a 300-400 dollar bike ill tell you that. the parts its come with are not the best, but they will give you a good ride. the crank has a tendency to loosen, and the bottom bracket is kinda cheap. My freewheel hub broke after about 3 months of riding. Overall the bike is good for what you pay, nothing more. it looks amazing, the bars are comfortable once you get used to them, and the ride is smooth. 10/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Value Bike First off, when I say value bike it doesn't necessarily mean that it's cheap - this is a relatively sturdy bike and exceeded the expectations for the costs. I'm about 6 foot even with an athletic 220 build to get an idea to reference size. I ride it daily to campus from my apartment in a nearby town center about 2-3 miles away. I also use it to ride to the local mall, buffalo wild wings, target, best buy, etc. which is about another 2-3 in the other direction. The assembly is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be (or do you need as many tools as the box says). You'll need a couple Allen-keys, a couple socket wrenches, and approximately 25 minutes of free time - which is really about 15 minutes if you get all your "adjustables" right the first go around. Simply said, building this thing straight out the box is a lot easier than some people make it out to be. This should not intimidate any buyer. If you're going to ride the bike then you might as well learn how to put it together. If you're going strictly off the aesthetics of this bike then sure, it is definitely appealing to the eyes. I've received a lot of compliments solely based on how it looks. The leather seat really sets it off, albeit not so comfortable. My only complaint at first was the handle bars...they were a bit different to get used to. At first I contemplated changing them to the drop handlebars, but I think the stock ones will do for now. I will definitely change to leather handlebar tape as it really accentuates the leather in the seat and gives it a cleaner profile. As far as ride goes, it's pretty smooth - about 7.6 on a scale of 1-10, but perhaps that's because it isn't fully broken in yet. I'm sure as I get some more miles and the gear loosens up it'll be about an 8, so not much you can ask for. I am worried about the tires it came with. They seem a bit cheap for the terrain I'll be on, but no accidents yet so they're still holding up. I will definitely be changing these in the near future as well. My only real complaints is that although I bought this bike in large part because of its value and its appeal (especially the leather seating), the seat is probably the most uncomfortable part of this bike...it is really stiff. Is that enough to deter you from buying the bike? It shouldn't be as it's an interchangeable part that's relatively inexpensive, but to each his own. I plan on riding this bad boy until the wheels fall off...in which case I'll buy new wheels! 05/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great find! I can't tell you how many bikes I have worked on in my time. Too many to keep count. In other words, I know a lot more than just "a thing or two" about cycling. Ordered this bike with a mission to make it a pretty solid fixie. Mission accomplished! The steel frame is perfect for a fixed gear if your going for looks, style, and ride comfort. Handlebars were real nice, but I swapped it out with bullhorn handlebars for a more aggressive look. The colors stand out in the best way possible! I wasn't going for a bright candy color fixed gear, I was going for a clean classic look. This hit that right on the mark. The wheels are pretty good for a bike at this cost. rear hub is flip-flop ready. By this, I mean it comes with a single flywheel, and on the other side you full find it's threaded ready for a fixed gear cog and lockring (not included) if you decide to go the fixed gear way. Pedals were nice and feels good. The crankset is decent, but probably the only thing that I find to be of basic quality. Does the job and if your just into riding a bit here and there, there really is no reason to have any complaints about it. If you want to be able to believe every part of this bike is of great quality, swapping out the crankset and bottom bracket should put you at ease. The breaks are basic but good enough to serve its purpose. If your going the fixed gear way, you can just remove them both, or at least keep the front one on if your a bit iffy on the Fixed Gear No Brakes thing. Hubs were pretty nice! Seat looked good and felt good. Tired were tires, good enough, but looked and felt good. Honestly, after working on bikes for too long, I can say this one is for sure worth a buy if you don't want to spend a lot of cash. Even if you decide to upgrade it later down the line, less than $100 on upgraded parts can take seriously turn this bike into something to be really proud of. 08/18/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by GREAT BIKE FOR THE MONEY. I bought this bike with the full intent to strip it down and make it MINE. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a thicker tire. 07/31/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Simple riding fixte bike I like the bike as a single speed. One issue was that the photo online prompted me to believe that the bike was to include toe-clips. The bike was available promptly the next day for in-store pickup since the store had one in stock. The bike was already assembled when I arrived. I wanted to assemble it myself - wanted it left in the box. Apparently, the store assembler forgot to install the toe clips or the bike came to the store without them. Unfortunately, the manager couldn't help me as the assembler was not on duty when I went back for the toe-clips and did not have access to their cabinent to look for toe clips and the store's bike section also had no toe clips. Well I was able to obtain toe clips from Dick's Sportings Goods store - but I lost two days I had available to ride as the pedals are designed to work best with toe-clips. If you want a bike left in a box (easier to get in the car if it is not assembled and you slide it out of the box yourself and then assemble it later at home if you don't have a bike rack, etc.) call the store manager and make sure it isn't already assembled! The bike is fun to ride on our bike path once I got it adjusted and added the toe-clips however. And it looks cool too! 09/26/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great bike for the money! This bike is absolutely gorgeous! The only problem that one should prepare for, is the cheap rim tape running along the inside of the wheel. It's not enough to protect the tube from rubbing against the sharp edges of the spoke holes. Therefore, I would suggest that any person purchasing the Sinsure in the future, to immediately change both the rim tape and the inner tubes after purchase. However, it's still a great value for the money! 05/31/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Impressive for the price Great value, it came scratched out of the box but you can't expect much at $150. Plan on replacing a lot of parts on it before I really start using it. For 150$ it makes for a great solid platform to start with for what can be an excellent commuter bike. Will be replacing the whole drive train, handlebar, and tires to make it a comfortable reliable commuter. $150 is less then what most steal frames cost with horizontal drop outs. I'm 6ft and it fits me fine. 03/27/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Good Bike for price Tires are super thin, and popped after about a week of riding. get new tires for it other than that solid bike 09/25/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by OK Bike for the money Received my bike two weeks ago. It takes about 50 miles of riding to actually break in the crank. It started off very stiff and now rides to standard. I could not stand the handle bars so i initially fliped them over to ride up right. i guess this would be ok for female riders but not for me so i replaced it with a straight bar. Overall if your looking for a decent bike i would recommed it. I also purchased a fixie thruster and this one has better parts. 09/17/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Regret buying from Walmart Bike looks great and I love it. Yet it came in the box already with TWO different scratches that had the paint taken off. Building assembly looks simple but took me forever to get the brakes working properly because the brake rubbers would not even touch the wheel when I finished assembling it. I had to look online for additional instructions on how to fix the brakes. The bike is good for its price but the fact it came already damaged was a major turn off. OH and very uncomfortable as well but I guess it'll have to do! 02/12/2015
Rated 5 out of 5 by great bicycle excellent value.well made.beautiful in its simplicity. 05/12/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great bike, bad tires. I love this bike but within the first week I had to replace/patch the tube about 5 times. I live in Baltimore City (the nice part) and there's glass and gravel all over the streets. Replaced the tires with Continental GatorSkin tires ($100/pair) and have had no more issues. The bummer is that the red tires really brought me to purchasing this bike. I get a ton of compliments on it though and most people think it's a much more expensive bike. Good buy. 06/16/2015
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