Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 439 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Fantastic Bed !!! I am going to write this review on both the Insta-bed and on Walmart. To make a long story short I bought this through Walmart Online after first going through Amazon, buying and cancelling the order through them because of shady business practice. I then bought through Walmart Online, paid $20 more than 5 minutes earlier and settled in to expect the bed in 7-10 days. The bed arrived in LESS than 48 hours. This Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat is now my third air bed. I use them rather than the "normal" bed because I find them far far more comfortable. So this bed replaced a Coleman which I used just to fill a gap for a few months - that I would say is good for camping or some such use but not as a nightly sleep. I laid out the Insta-bed on the floor. I set the knob to firm and flipped the on switch. When fully inflated this bed looks like a "normal" bed with the sharp edges and general shape. I bought the Queen Size and can speak only about this size but it is so stable I still can't believe it. I can sit on the edge of the bed without it caving in or moving out from under me. This is all the meaningful when you consider that I'm 6' and 240lbs.. I have been sleeping on this now every night for about a month and all I can say is that I have never been this happy with ANY other bed I've had in the last 40+ years. Just to drive the point home this is the first time I have ever written a review of a product or a company. In this case I felt I just had to to help others who might be on the fence. I could not be happier with either Walmart of the Insta-bed. On a scale of 1-10 with 10 the best I would rate both Walmart and Insta-bed at least a 13! 04/29/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Air bed Bought two queen size since I was having company and needed more sleeping area. The beds inflated quickly and held the air for the entire time they were in use. Very firm and did not sag when sitting on the edges. I would recommend without reservation. Looked at higher priced aerobeds since I have slept on those and these were as comfortable and a much lower price. 03/04/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT A little bit about myself before I bought the mattress: I'm in my late 50's and constantly suffer with low back, shoulder and neck pain. I sustained several injuries from falling backward on the ice. I hit my tailbone real hard. Most nights I go to bed with pain and wake up in pain and I'm tired in the morning and all day long. I hadn't had a good nights sleep in over 15 years. I've purchased several high end mattresses but nothing seemed to work. I had a sleep study done to find out why my brain wasn't shutting down and why I wasn't going into REM sleep. I've tried everything- sleeping pills, prescription drugs, herbs, the chiropractor, you name it. I was very skeptical when I ordered this mattress, thinking I was wasting my money. I told myself if I could just get a good nites sleep it would be worth it....Well it was WORTH IT! After my first nights sleep, I was refreshed and energized!!! I decided to make the mattress a part of my daily living. So this is what I did: I did some measuring and purchased a thick piece of plywood and laid it across my queen size bed frame, which has a support rail running down the middle of it. This is great because the air mattress is extremely heavy when fully inflated. I then removed anything that I thought would puncture the mattress and covered the plywood and bed frame with a thick blanket and heavy duty plastic. I placed the air mattress on top of the plywood/bedframe with the air pump at the foot of the bed. I turn the setting to firm and inflate the mattress. I let a little air out and adjust it to my liking. I added a 2 inch foam mattress topper and king size linens. The mattress will have a slight smell to it, but if you add a topper, you won't smell anything. The mattress looks like a high-end mattress set now. I can get in and out of the bed with ease. You barely hear the air pump. It sounds like a whisper. I keep it turned off as the bed holds the air. I've never woke up in the morning in a saggy mattress. It stays firm. I love this mattress. It's very comfortable and supportive to my body. The one thing I really like is that there are no dips/lack of support in the middle of the bed like you would have if there were two individual mattresses on the bed. The middle of the bed stays firm. I sleep on it every night. The Value is Exceptional!!! I recommend this bed to everyone. I know this review was lengthy, but I hope you get the picture and most of all I hope it helps someone. This is a GREAT MATTRESS that arrived early. I'm very happy with this mattress and plan to pamper this baby so it will last! Thank you for making a GREAT PRODUCT!!! Sleep Well. 01/06/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Pleasant surprise. I have gone thru self-inflatables in recent years, but this one is the best I have experienced. Inflates very rapidly and stays that way - dial in your comfort level and it stays there. Because of the additional pump that keeps the pressure constant, you don't have to mess with additional inflation due to air loss. Thought I might hear the supplementary pump running, but it is either completely silent or the mattress doesn't lose air. Very comfortable. Queen sized bedding fits quite well on it. One thing I want to emphasize is that you really, and I mean REALLY don't need to put this mattress on a platform of any sort. It is plenty high off the floor as it sits. I do use this as my regular bed. 04/12/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by So Happy I bought this! I read reviews on about every air mattress out there and was ready to not even purchase one. Sounded like they would not hold up or lose air every day. Found this brand on the Walmart site and was impressed with mostly positive reviews so went for it and I am so glad I did. Have been sleeping on it every day for 2 months and only added air 2 times and very little! Just turn the air control dial and it fills up so quickly. Wonderful feature! I had been sleeping on my couch for awhile since I was without a bed and my back hurt everyday! Sleeping on this air mattress has been heaven! So comfortable, better then any regular bed I have slept on! I love it! Would highly recommend to anyone in need of an air mattress for any reason!! I am in no hurry to buy a regular bed anytime soon!! Love it!! 04/02/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Stop searching - just get this! I have been sleeping on this for about a week now (in a house we are fixing up before we move in) and it is fantastic! Very solidly made (better than a prior one I purchased which didn't last very long). In my opinion, queen size would be tight for 2 adults, unless they are both very tiny. I like a firm bed, but set it to medium and it's perfect. I imagine "firm" would be too much.To each his own. I love that it's high and easy to get out of. As far as the noise some have reported from the air pump, it is VERY quiet and, honestly, if you just put it at the foot of the bed, it's fine. Don't let that deter you from getting it. It seems to only go off in the a.m. when I get up, and, again, hardly noticeable. You can also just unplug it if you want. The prior airbed I had needed to be blown up a little each night. What a convenience to not have to add air at all! I highly recommend this bed. I'm getting another one. both will be available for company should our guest room fill up! Good to have on hand. 01/02/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable this bed is. It was well packaged and simple to inflate. I would recommend it, I am happy with the purchase. 02/13/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Reliable but FIRM After reading many reviews here & on amzn, we decided to purchase the Insta-bed raised air bed w/ neverflat AC pump, queen size, from Walmart.com. It was 10d more, but arrived in 2 days to our home with no shipping costs! (Other would have taken 2 weeks & been too late.) Plus we have the option of returning directly to a retail store if there are problems, rather than dealing with return shipping. The bed seems sturdily constructed and shaped well. We inflated it & left it for 24 hours, testing it out in our living room before travelling w/it. It worked properly then and when we used it for 3 nights on travel. Inflating and deflating was fast & easy (3 min), and we barely heard the neverflat pump later. It only came on when one of us got up during the night & the decreased pressure (we're avg. weight) on the bed triggered the pump for a minute (only heard b/c we were awake). We agree with a review that said the plush, medium, and firm settings are really "hard, harder, and rock". But this bed was preferable compared with another couple's air mattress which needed reinflating every night, & they still rolled off the sides in the a.m. One of us has disc issues and arthritis and needs a supportive but soft bed, but was still OK after we figured out this fix: inflate bed on 'plush' setting, turn dial to 'OFF', deflate for 5-10 seconds or so. The never-flat pump will not turn on so the bed will stay just a bit underinflated. You can easily turn it back on if it is too soft. This should work until/unless the plastic starts to relax or the bed begins to leak. In that case, or if sleeping on it for extended periods of time, we would recommend a foam topper & use the neverflat pump. The only other issues are related to convenience. It is a heavy item, tricky to fold back up, and the carrying bag isn't really useful. We found it better, but difficult, to fold and fit back into its original box (another tip: lean on folded up bed and turn dial to 'deflate' to expel last bit of air). The bag would be more useable if oriented like a duffel bag. Overall, a well-made, reliable air mattress for our occasional use purposes. 10/26/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great guest bed We needed a guest bed for my parents who visit about 6 times a year as well as for the kids' sleepovers. After research, I decided to purchase the Insta-bed Raised Air Bed with NeverFlat Pump. I tried it out first to make sure it works before having my parents sleep on it and slept great on it. The bed inflates in about 5 minutes and automatically shuts off. We have used it off and on for the past month and plug it in for the never-flat pump just once in a while. The bed has maintained air very well with occasional NeverFlat coming on. It's tall enough to sit down on normally without bending down to the floor and looks great with sheets and a comforter, you'd never guess it was an air mattress. My parents (ages 64 and a total of about 360 lbs) have slept great on it. Deflating works great by switching the knob to Deflate and it completely empties of air in a few minutes. The bag is big enough for the deflated mattress to be stored in. Just a couple notes: you really need a foam mattress topper as the surface is not comfortable to sleep on by itself or with sheets alone. I found one for $60 and it really makes all the difference. Also, the NeverFlat pump is not silent but has a mild buzz/hum. 10/08/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Had for 6 mths with NO problems! VERY HAPPY Bought 2 of these back in May for graduation quests in town. They were comfy but firm. If you want to make them feel softer I just put a extra comforter on top & then lay down on that. Since we used them for our guests back in May, we use them on & off for the fun of it. We love having them filled & in our rec room. Everybody seems to love to lay down & watch the tv, LOL. And sometimes they are filled for a few weeks before they get deflated to put away. Never have I noticed them loose air. I am so happy I did my research on inflatable mattresses & chose these. From what I read, they all have problems & don't last long but these seem to be made very well. So far so good & I am happy & would definitely suggest these if you were gonna buy any at all. Oh & another nice thing about these is that they are raised. That helps the older guests we have to not have to get down onto a short bed or get up from one. Big plus! 11/11/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great features for the money! We used the "big name" air mattress (regular queen, raised queen) for years but always had leak issues. The raised queen we had developed multiple leaks and would cost $300 to replace. After reading reviews for the Insta-bed, we decided to try it. The bed shipped in just a couple of days and looks great. It is much less bulky than the old "big name" bed with a carry bag that has room for sheets, etc. It has very nice inflation/deflation controls with the NeverFlat feature a real plus. The NeverFlat pump is (as advertised) whisper quiet. We can't comment on durability but it is very comfortable with a nice flat uniform surface. We wasted $80 purchasing a raised queen "budget" mattress from a competitor. It proved to be unusable due to the very deep low area in the center. No matter how much it was inflated, sleepers rolled to the middle - very uncomfortable and, as I said, a total waste of money since the store wouldn't let us return it. Hopefully we will get a lot of use out of the Insta-bed. It seems to be well made. Only time will tell... 10/10/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent construction Built in pump is a great feature along with the never flat additional pump. My only suggestion is when you have found the right comfort level, unplug the pump as the never flat pump seems to add additional air afterwards. You will have a nice comfortable rest. 04/19/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Everyone deserves a second chance* * I bought this mattress at the end of September 2013 and put it through some serious wear and tear both indoor and out. Was blown away how awesome this product performed. But alas, in early November there was a leak on the top of the mattress. The leak was on the velor top so the included clear patches wouldn't help. I went to Walmart, of course, and bought a $2.00 bicycle tube repair kit and patch held great after setting up overnight. BUT another leak developed at the next spot over from the original leak. Patched and fixed..BUT..another leak ant the next spot over from the second patch. Fixed and repeat..another leak from the next spot over. etc. This was obviously a manufacturing defect on the heat seal somehow so I returned the product to Walmart and got a full refund. What am I doing with the refund? I am buying this exact same mattress! The reviews are real on here that rave about this product. Like I said, everyone deserves a second chance and one defective product does not mean you should give up on the whole bunch 01/20/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great extra bed. I purchased this bed for my mother's house, and had it delivered there, in preparation for a holiday family get-together, where we had too few beds for the number of people who wanted to stay in her home. The bed arrived 2 days earlier than expected and my brother set it up prior to my arrival, telling me, "it was a breeze to set up." It had 3 firmness settings and a "never flat" pump to maintain the air pressure. This secondary pump was truly whisper quiet. I only heard it once in 5 days, and that was when my ear was right next to the mattress -- even then I could just barely hear it. I tried the lower 2 firmness settings, which were both very comfortable, even for my finicky back. The mattress does sleep very cold, especially since I was sleeping in the basement, so I put an opened-out sleeping bag on it, which took care of the coldness very well. When it came time to deflate it, you just flip two switches and it deflated in about 3 minutes. We then foleded it up and put it into the bag, which we stored in a closet. This mattress was completely as advertised: normal queen size; very comfortable; easy to use and easy to store. It will make the perfect extra bed for my mother when she has extra guests. 04/22/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Value - Can be used every night!! We purchased this inflatable bed one year ago for my boyfriend to use in his campus-owned house (we're college students) and it is STILL going strong. He uses this every night as a regular bed -- an alternative to a twin sized dorm bed -- and has never had a problem. The automatic pump keeps it inflated to his preferences and it is both durable and comfortable! Honestly, you will forget that it is an inflatable bed! Plus, when he moves, it is easy to fold up and carry in the bag that it comes with. This is a must-buy for anyone looking for a nightly mattress alternative! (Also, if you're looking for sheets for this bed, I would suggest king sheets and a king mattress cover-- the bed inflates a little larger than queen-sized) 01/03/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Did not last 1 week!!! After reading many positive reviews, I thought I couldn't go wrong with this mattress. The first few nights, it worked great. I liked the different levels of firmness, the fact that you could not overfill it, and the pump was so quiet at night. However, the top of the mattress is a bit lumpy compared to other air mattresses I've used. Furthermore, after using it for 5 nights the second pump broke. I continued to use it but by day 7, it was loosing air as well. I weigh 125 pounds so it's not like my weight took a toll on it. Based on the high reviews, it looks like I got a lemon out of the bunch. :( 03/15/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Air Bed I've Purchased I had it sent to my son's home so we would have a bed when we visit. It was high enough that even with my bad back I was able to get up and down without any help. It was easy to inflate and deflate. We did not hear the pump during the night so I don't know if it came on or not. The pump was so low it was hard to hear when it came on while we were sitting on the edge 2 days after we arrived. My husband is big; and I don't mean tall :-) On our regular bed every time he moves it wakes me up. I didn't wake up to him moving around at all. Best nights sleep I've had in years! This makes the 4th air bed I've ever purchased and it is the best. 12/20/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by As expected, the Insta-bed Raised Air Bed is great Out of the box at first try, it was very easy to figure out and the NeverFlat AC Pump is actually very quiet. It has a low hum when the NeverFlat is running, and if your feet are down at that end it is almost completely muffled out. Also you don't even need the NeverFlat unless you want the pressure to remain constant all night. Even if it is not running though, after just one night sleeping on it the mattress doesn't lose much air at all...if you sleep on it the next night, just air it up again; that is, if the NeverFlat bother's you that much or you're away from an electrical outlet while sleeping. Anyway, the mattress aired up within just a few minutes...I'd estimate 5 minutes to inflate/deflate tops. The auto-off on the switch is a plus too. I've used other built-in-pump air mattresses that do not have the auto-off switch and I usually turn off the pump (usually because it sounds like the motor is going to burn up) before all the air is out and it is hard to fold. I was also happily surprised that the storage bag for the mattress was larger than the folded mattress which made it much easier to fit and put away. Overall, if you are looking for an air mattress that is easy to use and quick to set up, GET THIS ONE. Hint: spend the extra money and get a warranty plan, because Wal-Mart cannot take the mattress back once the box has been opened. The extra warranty plan will protect you if there are any manufacturing flaws or such. 04/17/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great bed We have needed a new bed for a while and have been considering a Sleep Number, but the cost and the up and down reviews scared us off a bit. One of the Sleep Number reviewers said to keep your money and buy a good quality air mattress... so we did. Set up was quick and easy and this mattress is SO comfortable. We've had it for about a month now, the Never Flat pump is whisper quiet, it only seems to refill air when one of us gets out of bed. It fills and releases air really quickly. We put our memory foam topper on it and it's probably the most comfortable bed I have slept on in recent memory. I have neck and back problems, so the ability to change the firmness of the mattress is great. I don't know how it would fold up and store, since we're using it as our permanent bed. Well worth the money that we spent. 08/26/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by So far so good It has been used for three nights by out-of-town guests (one of whom is very large), and the mattress has maintained its shape. My guests have had no complaints. There is a nice groove about 18 inches below the top, so a 18" contour sheet stays in place. The only negative is the encircling depression around the top creates a ridge that is a little taller than the main mattress surface. A slightly smaller than queen-size foam topper under the fitted sheep did a good job of leveling the entire surface. The mattress is a little more spendy than other available models, but if it holds up with more use the cost would be well worth it and I would increase my "value" rating to a 5. Time will tell. 06/29/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not for everyday use! I wanted an airbed so I could just deflate it when I wanted to and stick it in the closet. I live in a rather small condo and this would be convenient. After having two of these things let me tell you they are not for everyday use. The first got punctures in it and once that happens you will never patch it completely. So I threw it out. The next one simply didn't hold air after a couple of months. It has an auto air pump that was on all the time without filling up the bed. All in all it was a flop for me. However if you use it for a guest every now and then it would probably be fine. If you need something for everyday get a standard mattress. 04/26/2013
Rated 3 out of 5 by Did not last! I purchased two beds and used them a second time at a camping when one of the airbeds started loosing air overnight and did not refill automatically. There is a sensor that it is suppose to keep the bed full but it obviously stopped working. I was still able to turn the pump on and add air but it is not the point, the matters is too expensive to break after the second use. One more thing - the beds were not even - one was taller than the other so not sure which height it is suppose to be, I will be returning one and will see what height I get. Also, both beds lost shape and became roundish! The fitted sheets actually popped off! I wonder if it was because it was hot in the tent and the temperature had something to do with it. I have to get king size sheets for the queen mattress. I wonder if anybody else got that issue? Overall, I would recommend purchasing this mattress because it is very comfortable. I just hope one I exchange the one that is broken it will last. 07/22/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Sleep on this nightly! Better than I expected and honestly have never heard the pump kick on to add air. Not saying it hasn't, but have never noticed. It can be a little hard so don't expect a "pillow top" experience. I had to add a mattress topper. Not bad for the price! 04/17/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great item that does as advertised... BUT Hi-ho y'all! :-) I got 'rid' of the mattress my late wife LOVED because it was WAYYYyyyyyy too FIRM, aka HARD, for my hips, as I am a SIDE sleeper. I TRIED to get use to it, but it hurt too much in the morning. But man, did she LOVE that thing... LOL! So, I started using air mattresses about two years ago, and I found ONE that has a built-in pump (got THREE others with externals), and I was using it for a while. But a tiny hole, that WAS holding pretty good, as I could go 3-4 days before needing more air (could have done a MUCH better job with the patching!), started to leak enough air to make it need to be pumped-up each night before using. So, several weeks ago, I ordered the NEVER FLAT mattress. It has THREE settings of firm, medium, and what THEY call 'plush'. Well, all works as advertised, but if YOUR idea of 'plush' is the same as mine, obviously what THEY consider soft is harder than what I think it should be. The only way to achieve [for the whole night] the softness that I need is to disable (off setting) the small auto pump so you can bring the firmness down a bit more... not TOO much, but less than what the AUTO will allow for. I have actually come up with a much better solution for me. What I do to get to sleep is go ahead and keep things 'AUTO', but I just take enough air out to be what THEY would call SUPER PLUSH... LOL!... and then I can go to sleep. When I wake-up, the pressure is where THEY think it should be, but my hips are not too sore. I WIN! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the thing, as it does what it says. Two days ago, I brought the pressure down enough so the little auto pump was doing its thing, and I had the selector down on the 'plush' level, and later, when I came back, it had done what it was suppose to do, but for me, still a little too firm. Remember, I have hips that tend to just not LIKE firm. That auto pump is SO QUIET that I can not believe ANY person will complain about the gentle little HUMMMM you will hear. But if you have a fan or radio going, NOTHING! You will have to have your ear right on the pump to hear it. So, I give it a FOUR STARS due to the PLUSH not being plush enough for me. But HEY!_ I'm an 'Old-fuddy-duddy' that's hard to please. There is no mention of being able make adjustments to the three levels of pressure, but I am going to contact the company and find out if there might be SOME way to at least make that darn PLUSH more... PLUSHER! Is that a word? Oh, the thing is approximately 20-22 inches in height, so if you put it on top of a regular box-spring, be prepared to HOP up onto bed... which is sort of FUN! And I LOVE that the sides stay fairly firm as you roll towards them, ESPECIALLY when at the FIRM setting. Also, you will need to shop around for DEEP POCKET fitted sheets; don't use regular. If you are NEW to sleeping on an air mattress that will be your regular bed, GET A GOOD SET OF SHEETS/SPREADS on the thing FAST, especially if you have cats. As a safety precaution, I would advise to ALWAYS have a thick comforter, quilt or such on the mattress. TRUST ME ON THIS! THE CAT WILL GET YOU! ( >^..^<---what? ) If you are looking for a really nice air mattress that will KEEP THE FIRMNESS, then you really SHOULD get this one. 10/31/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Very poor quality product Twelve hours after receipt of the mattress, the entire foot of the mattress split wide open. The split was along the seam at the bottom of the mattress. This was with a 25 lb 4 year old sleeping on it - and not jumping at all. 03/27/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by The bed was good for maintaining it's pressure at each setting. We have a Sleep Number as our regular bed and needed a better bed for camping. It performed well for the firmness needed, and they were all firm settings. This is not a bed for someone liking a soft bed. But after the first night the sides bulged out about 3 inches. You were left feeling like you were going to roll off. I am afraid it is going to be returned. 07/26/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Didn't Like It I bought one of these and after inflating, set the firmness setting at between soft and medium, came back about 2 hours later and the bed was about 6' wide and 8' long, and 2.5' high. It inflated whenever it wanted and as much as it wanted. I returned it and bought another. This one was better, but it really needs a rigid frame around it. When I attempted to get into bed, it would collapse at the edge and was difficult to get comfortable on. Whenever I moved in the night I would wake up, thinking I was going to roll off the edge. I returned it also. If you do want one, keep in mind that it is only good for one person. With two people, the heavier of the two will make the greater depression, causing the other to roll toward him/her. Reminds me of a water bed, only the water bed was better. 06/17/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by Develops Leaks Often The bed is comfortable, attractive, and the raised height is great, BUT IT DEVELOPED LEAKS OFTEN. I am a DIY person so the leaks did not bother me since I found them easily and repaired them with the $1.97 tire repair kit at Walmart(see photo). But if you are not a repair person, then do not purchase this product. The leak problems are known within the company and that is the reason for the poor warranty and service after the sale. 06/20/2014
Rated 5 out of 5 by great bed I bought this online well worth the price ive been sleeping on this bed since 11/2011 it rarely starts never flat pump I think that was due to temperature changes : summer to winter /vice/versa I use to have back problems stiff and sore when I would wake up not no more I love this bed when I bought it I weighed in at 367lbs 6ft tall its held up u can sit on edge and it does not collapse I would buy one if interested in purchase u wont regret it 04/13/2013
Rated 2 out of 5 by great price but secondary pump quit after 1 week; had no alternative to use while company was here so had to use but am returning as soon as they leave. would like to try another one just to see if it was a fluke but not sure at this point. 07/15/2012
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