Rated 3.2 out of 5 by 56 reviewers.
Rated 2 out of 5 by A cool idea, but bad design I purchased this tank at my local walmart store, and I am sad to say that it did not meet expectations. The only really cool thing about this kit, is the bubbler. But be warned, it is very difficult to keep in place as the wire gets caught in the lid....it kept coming up out of the gravel. Also there is no on/off switch for the bubbler, so you have to keep plugging and unplugging it. The tank is more tall than it is wide, so it does not provide a whole lot of swimming space. You may want to consider replacing the filter that comes with this tank, as it does not provide biological filtration...ammonia can become a real problem, really quickly if you are not doing daily water changes in this very small tank. As far as the tank itself goes, it does tend to bow out when filled with water, making the lid a very tight, and sometimes difficult fit. Over all, I really wish I had purchased a different tank. 09/13/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by This is a super-duper tank! The half moon shape makes a nice display to showcase your fish. The changing light colors and extra bubbling feature make the tank special and fun. I like the height so that it takes up less surface space, yet the fish has lots of room to swim and play. We had no trouble setting it up. The tank has a plug for the regular filter and another plug for the light-up bubble maker. I do wish that it had a light switch, but we use an extenstion cord to make it easy to unplug the light so our betta can sleep. All-in-all, my whole family really likes this tank! 10/27/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by I got this today with some fish. I had gotten a different one that was cracked when I got it home and picked this one out as a replacement instead seeing it didnt have a huge tube up the center of the tank to stop any ornaments from fitting. I love it. I have a Betta and 2 other fish in it with plenty of room for more when I get ready to add to it. We put the skull ornament over the LED light stone and it looks awesome and so far Oscar,Pinky and Miny seem to love their new home 12/22/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great fish tank! I have had this fish tank for over a month and I have no complaints about it. I bought it for my 7 year old daughter who loves it! She wanted a betta fish, and this tank had lots of room for one fish. You could add more if you wanted, but I would not recommend any more than 4 small fish. The filter works pretty good and the replacement cartridges are cheap to buy. This tank is perfect for someone who does not have a lot of room for a tank and the lights are really cool especially at night! 09/03/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by This was the worst $30.00 I ever spent. Not only does the light/bubble stand not stay in place, but the lid doesn't fit once you place water in the tank. I packed it right back up and returned it. Extremely frustrating! 01/07/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Pretty, but badly designed I have to say, once I had the tank set up it is really pretty. Now for the problems: ♦To many wires and tubes. Having all these wires and tubes in the tank hanging all over takes away from the look a bit. Maybe if it was a bigger tank it wouldn't be as noticeable, but with this small tank it can be an eyesore. ♦The bubble stone around the light is to strong to be right in the center of the tank. I put a beta in the tank and it is to strong for him to swim through the center, which takes away from the usable space. I ended up taking the air tube out of it and keeping it just for the light. ♦As mentioned in another review, there is no shut off button for the light or the filter. I like to turn the filter off at feeding time, so this makes it a bit of an annoyance since the cord is in a hard to get to area in back of the desk. ♦Also mentioned was the tank lid not fitting properly. I actually only put 2.5 gallons of water in the tank so the water comes up to about 2 inches below the lid. Doing this made it not buckle, but you are losing space. If you look at the box front they fill it to the top of the tank, but in the directions the diagram shows it not filled completely, sort of contradicting itself. So overall I have to say it is a nice tank when you make some alterations to how it is shown on the box. 03/07/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great for beginner tank and for small fish This aquarium is good for small fish or someone just starting out. I keep a few glofish and fancy guppies in it. The bubbler with LED lighting will not stay in place but it doesn't float up or anything so it really doesn't bother me. The LED lighting is very pretty, especially with glofish. However the LED lighting provides very little light. My fish were acting sluggish and I never got to see their pretty colors very much. I bought a small under the counter light and use that over the aquarium during the day, my fish have been much more active with bright lights on during the day and only the LED lights on during the night. The filter works great so far. I put a piece of black posterboard on the back for a background. It made the LED stand out and also made the glofish stand out more. It also made the cords not so noticeable. It clearly states in the instructions not to fill the aquarium all the way and to only fill it below the scoop in the filter. That's about 2-3 inches from the top. I never had any problems with it bowing out with it only being filled that far. It comes with everything you need except gravel, plants/decor and fish. 02/23/2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by Just go for the 5 gal. kit. I have had this tank for 6 months now. During that period I kept four Cherry barbs which later gave offspring. This tank initially caught my eye because of the rounded front "half moon." The kit I bought had a Tetra Whisper Pump 10, now I think they sell them smaller, a Tetra 3i filter, and an LED Airstone along with the usual dechlorinator and fish food trail bags they put in any kit. The Good: It looks nice, is compact, and the pump/filter is relatively quite. Since the tank is made of acrylic, it is super light and easy to carry when empty, plus if it falls it won't crack. I have this tank in my room and I sleep fine. If you buy small fish they will have plenty of space to swim around. The lid also keeps water from splashing out or the fish from committing suicide. The Bad: 3 Things. 1: This is a matter of opinion but I hate the LED rainbow airstone. It changes color on its own and you can't control it. I could never sleep with this thing on at night. I ended up taking it off and installing a normal airstone. 2: Problem 1 leads to 2 which is the kit does not have its own normal LED hood or method to install one. I had a lamp on it at first before I bought a Marineland LED hood which cost me $30. It looked quite nice. 3: The tank is about $30. Walmart sells some nice rectangular glass tank kits, I know I bought one. The 5 gallon kit cost $3 cheaper. What I'm saying is that you will save yourself more money by buying the next step up, a five gallon tank. I wasted so much money with this and in the end I ended up with the bigger tank. Plus bigger tanks are easier to maintain too so think about that. The Ugly: The evaporation is crazy on this tank. The small lightweight filter doesn't help the issue. That filter needs a specific water level otherwise it won't create the pressure it needs to function. Since tank is acrylic, the back side of tank bends easily back when filled with water. This leaves a gaping hole the lid can't cover which leads to increase evaporation. I had to constantly put water in the tank every 4 days to keep the filter running smoothly. Like I said, bigger tanks require less maintenance. Hope this helps everyone good night! 07/15/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Junk This tank has a very poor design. The bubbler with the lights on it is supposed to be on the bottom, but it always floats to the top. Even with a ton of gravel on it, it doesn't stay in place. The filter doesn't want to stay on the suction cups either. The little knob on the air hose popped off and water leaked all over my desk. Also, the lid doesn't fit right. I spent a long time trying to set this up and make it work, but to no avail. I never even got to put my fish in it. I took it straight back to the store to get my money back. 09/19/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by A good starting tank So, to start this Ill say no this is not the most perfect tank in the world but you're also paying a low amount of money for a starter tank, you shouldnt be expecting some 900% high quality tank thats flawless given to you be zeus himself. Realistically this is a good starting tank, my only issues were with the bubbler and lid. The lid after a while had a hard time fitting, it still fits it just takes a extra moment to wiggle it in place, its not a big deal its thin plastic what do you expect? As for the bubbler it looks pretty but it doesnt stay in place very well-at all. Id throw some gravel on it and itd stay pretty okay but as soon as the tube moves its off on its own journey again. What Ive come to learn is some bubblers have that problem because they're bubbling underwater. Luckily you can go to petsmart buy some new tubing for 2 dollars max and a air stone for a dollar and fix your problem if it bothers you that much. I loved this as a starting tank for my little fish. I had 2 small fancy goldfish a black moor and a ryukin calico, they shared it peacefully, and had a okay amount of room. I wish the shape had been a little different as fitting items in there is hard, I could put a little house and 2-3 smaller plants in mine but it was crowded. I recently redecorated the tank with a tall house and 2 smaller silky plants for my the fish. Im writing this review after almost 1 year of having the tank. For a cheap starting tank it is good, you may need a extra few bucks for a airstone which i do recommend buying a different one unless you really want the flashing lights more than the easy comfort but I see that as the only real annoyance, the lid fitting is whatever. Any pet you have youll need to make sure you have the time and money for so people whining about having to put a little extra time into fitting the lid or buying a new bubbler probably shouldnt be owning pets. Like I said for what you pay it is a good item, and I do recommend it for a beginner who has 2 small fish (each fish being about a inch long to 1.5 inches long.) 09/06/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not a great tank... I am a novice when it comes to fish but the lighting for tank is terrible you can't even see your fish, if they changed that and gave you above lighting as well it would be a much better tank. I will be returning this tank for a refund. 12/31/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Poor Quality, Do NOT buy This aquarium is cheap in quality but not in cost. The cover falls in & if there is any damage to the cord on the light/bubbler you are out of luck because they do not make replacement parts. It takes a lot of work just to keep the bubbler in place & is more of a hassel then anything. I definately should have spent a little more & purchased a better quality tank from a fish supply store. Completely disappointed. I also called Tetra as the cord for the bubbler for my tank was damaged & I was told that I would have to purchase a whole new tank instead of replacing just the one part. I will NOT buy another Tetra aquarium again. 08/02/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible Aquarium Pros: Space saver Cons: The cords hooked up to the bubbler and lights take away from the look of the tank.The bubbler moves easily, so you definitely have to cover it with enough rocks to stay in place. The clear lid looks pretty bad after a while. The filter doesn't seem to be that great. I've seen fish food sucked up through the filter and back out! Not to mention, there's no switch for the bubbler or lights. Summary: Not worth the money. 09/19/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Such a fabulous Aquarium! I bought this Aquarium for my fancy guppies and ghost shrimp to have a dicso party! I love the light show every night the tank illuminates around my livingroom. 10/04/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by Our Betta loves it Sheldon loves his new home. Much better than the plastic bowl he came home in. I love the color morphing light. So nice to sit in the dark and watch him swim. He shimmers in the blue portion of the light. This set up doesn't take up a lot of room, and is very quiet. The pumps from years ago were terribly loud. Not this one. It is the right size for a Betta, or 2 guppies, or perhaps 3 neon tetras, but not all of them at once. Goldfish would quickly out grow this tank so dont go down that road. There is a bubble light you could use that is made by the Glofish people that would allow for 2 Glofish to be in the tank. You can find those online for about $11 dollars. It has the blue LEDs. Remember though, only one Betta, OR 2 small fish at once in this tank. Overstocking will cause the tank to become dirty very quickly. Remember to do partial water changes weekly, say 20%, and to let the tank run for at least 24 hours to get the water to room temperature before adding a fish. Invest in a small aquarium heater and the fish will be happier and more active. 12/29/2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by God Awful Filter (I've had the tank for six months, and I'm getting rid of it ASAP) The tank is pretty, I love the LED that it comes with. But the filter doesn't clean the tank like.. at all. I have to hand clean the tank and everything in it at least once a month, and even then the tank gets real gross real fast. Like one of the other reviews said, there are tubes everywhere, it's like the tubes take up half the tank. And the second you try to move anything in the tank, it pulls up the bubble thingy, or pulls off the filter. Also, after about a month of use, I couldn't get the air release and the filter to flow correct. It was like I could either have the bubbles on FULL BLAST or the water running through the filter on slow motion. Anyway. I wouldn't get this tank, and I would highly suggest you don't. 10/17/2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by You think that you're getting a bargain BUT YOU'RE NOT!!! By the time you spend money on chemicals, gravel, some decorations and fish, you're close to $100. Nobody in Walmart knew anything about fish tanks so when I spent $18 on three medium sized fish, I was already exceeding the maximum capacity for fish in the tank. Also this is a cold water tank, so you won't do well with the tropical fresh water fish. If you purchase a tank this size, you can have a maximum of 2 small (1 inch) goldfish. We already lost six fish in three weeks. If you're interested in aquariums, do yourself a favor and buy a bigger tank from the get go!! It turns out the smaller the tank, the harder it is to maintain. 03/03/2014
Rated 3 out of 5 by I bought this tank in February. Right off the bat, I had to hook the filter and bubbler to two different air pumps to get it to work properly. And now, the filter is acting up and the bubbler barely works. Other than that, it's been a great tank. Kind of awkward to clean at times though. If you get it, just be prepared to replace the filter and pump after a while. 09/03/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by not worth it purchased this tank for my 2 goldfish Mango and Citrus. after having 5 goldfish deaths in a 1/2 gallon fish bowl we decided to buy this tank. Sadly Mango and Citrus both passed away. now we have 3 neon tetras , 3 silvertip tetras, 3 Rasboras and 1 Kuhhli Loach. the filter needs to be changed every other week and the bubbler does not stay under the gravel. The back bows out about 1/4 of an inch. overall i would not buy this again. will have to buy a larger tank for our finned friends. wish that I had done more research on tanks before running to Wal-Mart to buy a cheap tank. if you are looking for a cheap tank to replace soon this is your tank. 11/23/2013
Rated 1 out of 5 by Junk, junk,junk My son got this for Christmas 3wks later filter broken...weak motor..led light don't stay in place..don't waste your money.. 01/21/2013
Rated 5 out of 5 by My Betta (Leonardo) Loves This Aquarium! Bought this aquarium a week ago and my Betta loves it. He has so much room to swim around. He now fans out since he is much happier in a bigger aquarium.The light display has red, blue, and green lights. The bubbles coming up from the lights change colors. We didn't have any problems keeping the light display down. It did not float up at all. You need to make sure you place some gravel on the light disc to keep it from floating up. Just make sure you are not covering any of the little bulbs. We used black gravel and you can't see the light disc at all. We purchased a separate Tetra heater and it keeps the water at 77 degrees. Filters cost about $7.00 for a box of six. We added some aquarium accessories and it looks great. We also bought a bottom feeder fish to help keep the aquarium clean and we will be adding a few snails to help with algae removal. The hoses and cords are not great, but we tied them together to keep them from getting tangled and they just sit behind the aquarium. Place the aquarium near an outlet because you do need to plug in the filter, lights, and heater. The lid is a tight fit, but it does fit. This aquarium was well worth the $26 we paid for it. We could not be happier! 02/06/2016
Rated 1 out of 5 by NEVER BUY A PLASTIC TANK! I bought this tank at another store about 3 weeks ago. All of a sudden there is a crack in the back of it. I purchased another one (stupid, I know!) since I didn't have the packaging or receipt, and planned to pack the broken one up and return it. As soon as I got home with the new tank I opened the box... only to find that the new tank was busted and cracked like it had been smashed! Returning both tanks today! 08/20/2015
Rated 2 out of 5 by The bubbler is cool...but that's about it I got this tank for my betta because the design looked far more interesting than the standard fish bowl. The bubbler was a cool idea and the changing lights are very pretty. I just wished whoever made these tanks actually made a lid that fit it! It is so aggravating that every time you feed your fish, the lid goes plunging into the water with just the slightest touch. In my opinion this tank is overpriced for the quality you get. 08/16/2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great tank need weights The tank, filter, and color changing mechanism make the tank attractive. The only downfall is the color changing mechansism wants to float up. I have to put large rocks on and around the hose to hold it down. It would have been great if it were weighted so I didn't have to go through the trouble but otherwise a great purchase. My 1 yr old loves it! 01/30/2015
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Beginner or Child tank I loved this tank. It was a great starter tank for me and my 1 gold fish, 1 mystery snail, and 1 algae eater. Please note you will not need to over feed or feed more than once a day in this small tank, I found when I did the tank got icky and I was constantly cleaning it. I fed my fish once a day, I know that left over food particles were in the gravel for all to enjoy. Over feeding in this tank will be a great no no as you will find it very cloudy and dirty. The filters are easy to find and replace. The LED lights were awesome. This is not a tank where you would want a lot of decor due to the size of the tank. I just sat it upon my dresser, added a few plants, gravel,sm coral and enjoyed my pets. The filter is pretty powerful to be so small and absolutely NO NOISE from the filter..it is very quiet. I passed my tank on to my niece who will enjoy it as much as I had. I actually upgraded to a larger tank as I am wanting more fish and more decor as I embrace the hobby. 05/08/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Nice size and shape for a desktop I really like my tank. I use this tank on my desktop in my office and it doesn't take up much space but it appears plenty big. I am not a big fan of acryllic tanks, but it had everything I needed and was a decent price. The filter works well, though it is a bit odd having to suction cup it to the inside of the tank. I'd prefer one that hangs on the edge of the tank, but the suction cups have not let me down so far, so I can't really say it has been a hinderance in any way. I do not utilize the changing color LED because it is too distracting in a work environment as the light is mighty powerful and shines up the wall. For a bedroom, or a home office I think the effect might be kind of nice. The only true con to this tank is the bubbler does not stay put. The air tubes pull it out of the gravel. I have only tried fixing it a couple times and have resorted to leaving it up, but out of the way. Having said that, would I still purchase this tank again if I knew about the roving bubbler? Yes. I like the tank too much to care about the bubbler sticking out of the gravel. I just have hidden it behind a plant and it hasn't moved since. 01/18/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by I like this product. The only thing that I don't like is the LED lights and bubbling stone doesn't stay at bottom of tank. I use river rock pebbles in my aquariums and I had to load it down all around the stone to keep it down. Other than that I really like the tank. It is very neat and looks really nice! :) 10/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lovely little tank I'm very pleased with this tank. I wanted to upgrade my betta fish from a little one gallon tank to something larger. My betta, Zoko, is very happy in clean, filtered water. He also seems to enjoy playing in the bubbles that I have set to the lowest setting. The lights are beautiful, and stay in place even with little gravel on the stone. I'm very happy with my purchase, and so is Zoko. 12/27/2014
Rated 4 out of 5 by Nice Starter Kit I bought this tank a few days before Christmas, my little Rocky was still in a small bowl. This product probably felt like a mansion to him. I used fresh creek rocks to hold down the air bubbler. Which also blocks some of the flashing lights which can be irritating to the fish and humans. There is room to add a little rock cave for the fish to hide / sleep in. Now I just need to find the right glue to glue rocks together for that. ? . 12/23/2013
Rated 4 out of 5 by beautiful light display i was weary at first to buy this since i saw so many negative reviews but decided to go ahead and buy it anyway.....i can always take it back right? anyway, i love it. i DIDN'T have the problem with the lid not fitting like so many other's have had and i fill it to the top and still fits perfectly. i love that the colors change automatically. i had the other cylinder shaped one with the tube up the middle but you have to change the colors manually which is why i bought this one. of course it's for small fish...it's only 3 gallons and the shape makes it thin but other than that i really like the design and if i wanted bigger or more fish, i'd buy a bigger tank right? i would give it a 5 star except for that my betta hated it. i think he didn't like that the bubbles are so strong so i'll be putting in some small neons and maybe a couple frogs into this one and put my betta in something else. maybe with different fish it'll be a 5 star then. but i really like this tank so i don't mind getting something else for the betta, i've been wanting another tank for small neons anyway. 09/23/2012
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