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Rated 4 out of 5 by An active amputee's review - NOT TYPICAL Let me first start off by clearly saying that this is NOT going to be the typical review, but want to give insight as an above knee amputee and how I use this product. However, I will try to weave general use findings I've had to help the more typical user of this product. As a ROLLATOR WALKER I find it to be sturdy and safe. My Mom used it recently for her knee replacement surgery recovery. I recommend putting a nice piece of non-skid shelf paper on the seat if you'd like to use it to take a food tray to the living room or something like that. The seat bag is handy so you can move around safely yet have the things you want with you. Nice rollator walker with a handy place to rest. The seat's nothing fancy or comfortable, but it's intended primarily for resting. THIS REVIEW IS WRITTEN LARGELY IN A "TRANSPORT MODE/WHEELCHAIR" STYLE OF USE BY AN INDEPENDENT ABOVE KNEE AMPUTEE. I am very active, fit and vacation a lot, traveling mostly in my own vehicle. While I'm more than able to take care of my needs in a hotel room with my crutches after I take my prosthesis off, I find myself saying "I wish I had my wheelchair with me" after about 3 days - it's simply more convenient. I'd say I spend about an hour in the morning and 2 hours in the evening while traveling with my prosthesis off during which time I largely use this. My everyday use wheelchair is a standard type of wheelchair and not lightweight since I largely am walking on my prosthesis and as such don't qualify for the compact, lightweight ones. It's a complete pain to load into my Jeep Liberty and takes up way too much room. I work with PT's and asked them if they had any alternate ideas and one suggested this product since it can be made into a transport chair. I largely "Fred Flintstone" it with my wheelchair on a daily basis anyway, using my one foot to propel so I can hold things in my hands as I move along. Since I don't really use the rims on the wheel on my actual wheelchair using this product works well as an alternate chair for my hotel travel needs. I'm 5'7" and if I were any shorter I would not be able to use this product in this manner since the seat height is a bit higher than a typical wheelchair. I haven't used it as a rollator for myself at this time, but tried it out around the house just to see. If I was particularly tired and wanted to walk with this rather than my cane it would work nicely. The ability to sit for a few moments is always welcomed for an amputee no matter how good of shape he/she is in. If there was an event where I might have to stand in line for a while I'd definitely consider using this since prolonged standing is an amputee nightmare. Overall Pros: 1. Versus a wheelchair it compacts a bit better, but is still sizeable. However, it's more squared than the big back tire jutting out when folded up. I recommend using a couple of strong bungee cords to keep it folded up as compactly and securely as possible. This is highly recommended if you're lifting it in and out of a vehicle otherwise it's cumbersome and you fumble around with it a lot. I put mine in the backseat and still have plenty of room for a couple of medium sized suitcases, smaller travel bags and a small cooler. Bags without frames work especially well since you can kind of conform them around this depending on the bag's contents. Used with this kind of awareness it really doesn't seem to take up that much of my backseat and the convenience it gives is well worth the space. I don't have backseat space available for passengers either, but am usually alone or with one person. Again, we're not talking typical for most, but this is typical for me. 2. Solid build. While I'm no where near the weight limit, I'm still a "solid" woman and do not feel that this will give out in any way. I'm careful with my things, but they get a good workout. 3. Wheels move around on typical hotel/motel low-pile kind of carpeting very nicely. Glides across Pergo floors, vinyl and tile floors with extreme ease. 4. Under seat storage bag is roomy and beats a basket any day. You can easily put a medium, but headed toward large, sized purse in there, a 6 pack can soft sided cooler or other similarly sized items. 5. Brakes hold well. It's not the same as wheelchair brakes as far as the firmness of the hold in the way I use it, but for rollator walking purposes it's fine. 6. I find that it handles well in fairly closed areas, but then again I'm an experienced amputee of 23 years and can turn a wheelchair on a dime. Again, this is not the typical review. 7. Converts from walker to wheelchair mode with the simple flip of the curved backrest. Legrest folds out of the way and stays out of the way. In my "Fred Flintstone" mode I can't use it with the legrest down since I use my leg to propel the chair myself. Overall Cons: 1. Unless bungeed up for taking in/out of vehicle it can be cumbersome. An inexpensive and great improvement would be if there could be a strap system of some sort built right into the frame to securely compact it. 2. Thresholds, esp. larger ones, are a complete pain in transport mode. Small and narrow home thresholds between rooms will not likely be a problem, but ones such as those going in and out of public buildings may very well be problematic, esp. if you are pushing someone in this who can't really assist you too much. Going from medium pile carpet over a large threshold wooden threshold on my Pergo floor at home was so difficult that I elected to get up and carefully get the front tires over the threshold and then the back ones followed pretty easily. ***Be very aware if you are transporting someone in this chair with any large thresholds.*** I know this is not a typical review, but if you take nothing else away from it, please make this be your useful tidbit. 3. It will be fine outdoors for paved or very flattened walking surfaces in transport mode, but if you have to push someone up too much of an incline it will be rather difficult vs. a standard type of wheelchair. The best way I can put it is like this - if you're going to the zoo and the person using this will not be walking with it long and using it mostly in transport mode then opt for use of a regular wheelchair. If the user just needs to be pushed a short distance between 2 exhibit buildings due to a little fatigue but is walking most of the time then you'd be fine with this as a transport chair now and then if need be. 4. Not necessarily a con, but it isn't as comfy as a typical wheelchair, but then again it's not meant to be used as a typical wheelchair. My typical 3 hrs. total use each day is managed quite comfortably. So, I again state that this is not the typical review and you may not have found it useful. I tried to incoporate some general findings I had with this, but can only truly review it from the point of view I use it by. Again, if you take nothing else away from this review please let it be the awareness you'll need to safely use this in transport mode over larger thresholds. But if you happen to be an amputee who was looking for a creative way to use DME articles then I really hope this helped. 08/19/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by very sturdy walker this walker was for my mother. she uses it in a nursing home and on short outings. it seems to be very sturdy and she often prefers to use it as a chair in resturants. it does take up some room when folded(if w were folding it correctly) and is not heavy but bulky when transfering to and from the car. my brother-in-law said it was not hard to assemble or to change it from walker to wheelchair but i have not tried that yet. 05/16/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent walker/transport chair The walker is well built and came mostly assembled. It was easy to finish but the user guide is skimpy: I could have used better figures. It's a duet walker and transport chair, meaning that it can quickly be converted from a walker to a mobile chair. As a transport chair it includes a footrest that is compact and does not get in the way, unlike some wheelchairs (I do not mean to say that it replaces a wheelchair, the wheels are too small to get over uneven pavement). It is quite heavy and needs somebody pretty strong to put it into the car's backseat. After folding it is still too big for my car's trunk. When folded the contents of the basket under the seat fall out. Despite the mentioned shortcomings, we are enjoying its use. 06/07/2012
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