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Rated 4 out of 5 by great bike! it's a great bike except for where the batteries r located, it's such a pain, mine broke, but bought the adapter, here's the info if someone needs it! For those having problems with batteries - here's the adapter information (so you don't have to buy it from the manufacturer for about $80): AC-to-DC power adapter; 6V, 800mA; Radio Shack: 273-1766 Adaptaplug "M" at Radio Shack; 5.5mm O.D.; 2.1mm I.D.; Radio Shack: 273-171 12/14/2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by Decent workout, but has issues I'm a bit disappointed in this bike. The whole point of this bike was to allow us exercise while watching tv or playing a video game. I was looking at a lower profile bike, but my husband talked me into this one. First, it does NOT come with an electrical cord, and requires 4 D batteries. There is no manual adjustment so you HAVE to put in batteries. It uses a LOT of battery power. I've had it a week and am already moving to a third set of batteries, because there is no off button for conserving battery power. Not only do you have to replace them a lot, they're a pain in the butt to change. Keep a screwdriver handy. The opening is too small for the batteries, so you have to angle the batteries in & they want to pop right back out again.... it's surprisingly time consuming and not well designed at all. The workouts are okay, but they don't vary much. I'm constantly increasing the tension in order to get a better workout, and I have an office job & am not in very good shape. The computer really is kind of useless, except for adjusting the workout level. It only counts down on your current workout. After I completed three workouts, and was on it for an hour and 20 minutes. The summary displays zero as my workout time. In addition, the monitor sits very high, so to watch tv or play a video game, it has to be angled weirdly or you can't see past it. Honestly, I'm not that impressed. Remove the monitor completely, add a manual adjustment & the bike's value would actually go up. 12/18/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Not a bad bike--would recommend I don't understand all the 1-star ratings. I really enjoy using this bike everyday! I got it around Christmas time, and I'm already seeing results. Really does tone up my leg and butt muscles. I can finally fit into those pants again that I thought I never would. I love how I work up a really good sweat working out on the bike. And I feel like I have more energy afterwards. The bike is really quiet when it starts up. And the seats are very comfortable and adjusts easily. The only negative thing, like everyone else, is it doesn't come with an electrical cord. So you'd have to buy an adapter in order for it to work like you would want it to. And the price isn't too bad. This bike DOES work, but you have to work hard to get the most out of it. Would recommend. 02/05/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great but lacking This is a great bike but it should be sold with the AC adapter as a standard part instead of an accessory you must mail order. The unit takes 4 D cell batteries and goes through them in one week. Be ready to buy the AC adapter first thing when you get home. It is phone ordered only. 10/24/2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by You get what you pay for. I brought this home and assembled it today. Right out of the box I could see that I had one with a few manufacturers' defects: the holes in the front stabilizing bar were placed so that the leveling feet don't even sit on the floor once installed. The handlebars are wiggly and one was missing an end cap. A call to the toll-free number for customer service was met with very congenial help, however, and they are shipping out replacement parts right away. So, okay, I can handle that. Every once in awhile there's going to be a bad apple, right? So as the previous commenter noted, it does not come with an ac adapter, but there is a little insert that gives you a toll-free number to call to order one, except that it doesn't tell you what to expect to pay for one. And after all that work putting it together, I wanted to be able to use it NOW. So I bought new batteries and installed them, overjoyed to hear a nice satisfactory little whirring sound - power at last! - and then I noticed a very disconcerting constant high-pitch noise. One of those really faint but really high pitch noises that not everybody can hear but which will pierce your head if you CAN hear it - that kind. There's no "off" button for this bike, and since my ears are bleeding (or it feels like it) so I can't wait for it to shut down on its own (will it? or will it burn down my batteries? I don't know!) the only way I can MAKE IT STOP, is to take off one of the battery covers and break off the power supply. I don't know if an ac adapter will fix that or not. It would be very hard to exercise with that noise in my ears. Another phone call to customer service coming up.... 11/01/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by The only 2 things wrong with this situation is it requires batteries every 3 best to just go ahead and spend another 100.00 on the 3 year extended warranty and the ac adapter will be thrown in free and the display does not light up so you have to be in an area where there is plenty of light if you want to see what your doing as far as time..speed..etc. 11/04/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by love it Love it. Glad I got it. Sturdy. Comfortable. Easy to build. Has fan, speakers for MP3 connection, pre-set programs, digital resistance settings, heart rate monitor. very pleased!! 01/07/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible Quality My wife and I bought this about 6 months ago and just started using it 2 months ago. First, if you use batteries, prepare to go thru ALOT! We bought the adapter for it but do research because you can get it for 50% less than the Gold's Gym one. I went to Sears to get mine. Second, the first time I tried using the speakers with my IPod, they snapped and hissed at me for a few seconds and then went out. They are just shot and I knew it had already been too long to return it. Not a big deal, didn't think I'd use it anyway but it still goes to the quality of the product. Third, we never tried to use the resistance training programs until this afternoon. I set it to 5, began pedaling and it locked up. I followed the instructions to open it up, inspected it and found a cheap piece of plastic holding the magnet from the wheel (that is what gives it resistance) broke off. It's going to cost $35 to replace that piece! No chance I ever buy a Gold's Gym piece of equipment again. We got a lower end treadmill 3 years ago from Walmart and it's still going strong despite the abuse it's taken... Can't remember the brand but it seems like Gold's Gym replaced it and it's a shame. 07/12/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Does not turn off-drains batteries I like the features of this bike, but it has serious flaws. The electronics do not turn off completely. While supposedly off, electronics make a perceptible whine and sometimes make a loud clicking noise. Batteries drain in a matter of days. I have to install batteries, use the unit, then remove the batteries if I want the batteries to last. Also, the adjustment for leg length slips while using the unit and I have to adjust it several times dueling each session... A pain! I am a strong person, but putting the GORILLA on it will not tighten it enough to keep it from slipping. 12/01/2010
Rated 2 out of 5 by Disappointed!!! I wanted this bike to be the encouraging start to my weightloss journey. I even went for things I didn't need like speakers, ipod jack, & a fan. Actually the fan sounded nice but did nothing. The computer console was nice but there was no backlight so it was very hard to read. The worst thing about the design is that it needs 4 D batteries to run and the battery covers close with screws.The A/C adapter is sold seperately for about $80. Ok all this is trivial until the batteries wear out within 7 days of use and then the speakers start making these horrible crackling sounds that could not be shut off. I never even got to use the ipod/speaker function that malfunctioned. Also forget about that 90 day manufacters warranty you still have to pay for the technician to come to your house. This all happened within two weeks of purchaseing the bike. I loved this bike but the fancy computer was its downfall! I've returned it and am shopping for a replacement. 01/17/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by What a disappointment... READ REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING! NOT RECOMMENDED. I also made the mistake of not reading reviews before purchase. I bought this bike for my teenage daughter w/ high expectations considering its Golds Gym. She used it twice and batteries were drained. Adapter cost around $25.00 from manufacture. Display monitor doesnt not give you alot of options. Display doesnt turn off so it drains batteries constantly. Resistance doesnt always work. 3 days after we bought it, bike was beeping over and over for no reason and the display was blinking. Called manufacture and they told me they had problems with the programming on this bike and that they would need to send me a programming chip to update the bike. But it would take 4-6 weeks for me to get the chip, taking back and doing my homework this time around. Highly disappointed. 03/19/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Will be returning product This is a "worst buy" I bought it because I have back problems. When I sit on the bike to use it the frame slides apart and there is no tightening it to prevent this from happening no matter how hard I turn the knob. (Even tried pliers)., so till the end of 20 minutes of use I am stretching my legs to the limit to pedal and end up with a backache. And in order to slide the frame closer together you basically have to pick the bike up (it weighs a ton). It was easy to assemble, but you either use 4 "D-cell" batteries to power the monitors or purchase their adapter to the tune of $73, or you can get a "free" adapter with the purchase of an extended warrarnty which costs $99. So buyer beware. Keep your reciept!! 12/20/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Excellent product The only workout machine I ever bought that didn't end up as a clothes rack. Sort of hard to assemble (I would reccomend a helper during assembly). The bike in comfortable for my big butt, used it 30 minutes on my first workout, didn't even know I was working out (until I tried to get out of bed the next day!!!). It's so quiet, I would call it SILENT. Or plug your iPod or iPhone into the built in speakers (connection cord included). Great assembly instructions, probably written by a women who actually put one together. Also good brief instructions on how to properly utilize the machine for beginning workouters...workoutees ? Great machine for watching TV while you workout because it's so silent, or read a book because both your hands are available, unlike a treadmill or elliptical Delivery was to my front door, arrived two days earlier than promised. Haven't lost any weight yet though, it's only been a week. Although I did work up a sweat during assembly. 11/01/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Overall a good bike. It's comfortable and the resistance seems consistent. The fan and IPOD work great but I had to replace the four D cells in less than a week. The a/c power adapter was a little pricey at $88. You will also need a light to see the console if the room is dark. The extended service form was out of date. Paid for 2 year coverage but was told that the same price is now only 1 year coverage. 12/10/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pleasantly surprised!!!!! I bought this bike, because I wanted to get back into biking shape. I tested this bike in my local Walmart store. I thought it had the features that I was looking for and was priced within my budget. It is very quiet and comes with multiple workout settings. The control panel is a little dark, but isn't a real problem. I opted to buy the adapter instead of dealing with batteries. One of the other reviews listed the adapter's specs so I bought them from Radio Shack as the reviewer recommended. The panel has a button for the fan with settings of hi/lo. However, the wind for this fan can't be felt unless your face is extremely close to it. The panel also has adjustments for resistance. There are handles on both sides of the control panel and pulse monitor handles on either side of the seat. The padded seat is very comfortable and the back is supportive. This is the most comfortable seat that I've experienced on a recumbent bike. The assembly is much easier to 2 people. One of the 1st steps is to attach the bar with the foot stabilizers to the bike. Hint: Make sure the the bar is facing the bike so that the feet can rest on the floor. I found this out the hard way. I had to remove the bar and re-attach it so that the feet are touching the floor and so that bike wouldn't rock. Hint:DO NOT PULL THE WIRING TOO FAR OUT OF THE TOP OF THE UPRIGHT BAR, because when attaching the control panel the wires are hard to shove into the top of the upright bar. Hint: make sure that all of the screws are tightened very well. With use of the bike, the screws can loosen i.e. the screws at the bottom of the upright bar and the handles on either side of the control panel. I had to remove the covering at the bottom of the upright bar in order to tighten the screws. Overall, I LOVE MY BIKE!!!! I am so happy that I bought it. 06/29/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by built to last its a tank, great assembly instructions, very very high quality machine 04/01/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Im' very disappointed with this piece of equipment. After spending two and a half hours putting it together, the display doesn't measure calories or distance. Check the booklet and the ONE troubleshooting tip for this is to adjust the reed switch. After adjusting the reed switch dozens of times, it still doesn't work. Called Gold Gym and after spending well over a hour on hold, explained the situation and they decided it was the display. They sent a new display at no cost to me, and guess what it still doesn't work correctly. There's no calories or distance measured. This isn't worth the money. The only excercise I've gotten from this is trying to figure out what's wrong with it. It's so disappointing to spend this kind of money, have to spend so much time putting it together and then it doesn't work properly. I guess I will spend more time on hold tomorrow with Gold Gym and see what their next suggestion is. 11/03/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by 390 R Recumbent Bike The first mistake I made about Purchasing this bike is I did not read the "REVIEWS" first. My mistake! The second mistake, I had just bought a G's Gym treadmill @ a month before and was and still very pleased with it. However, the bike is a customer rip off for ONE major reason and that is "THE POWER PACK". The details: 1. Bought unit Dec. 7, (Christmas Gift), 2. Put it together, same day (no problem). 3. Installed "NEW" batteries (4 D'Cells) gave it a 5-10 min. test run. Everything worked great. 4. Long story, shortened, bought 12 new batteries before I finally bought the power adapter that I read several reviews,and discovered the problem on Jan. 2, 2011. Hard and expensive lesson learned that should have never happened because the adapter should have been included in the purchase, even if it had an additional cost, but not as much as G's Gym tries to charge you additionally later. RadioShack has what you need for less than $25.00. See Review written 12-14-2010 for details. I do not recommend this product until Gold's Gym corrects this problem!!!! 01/02/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Terrible This bike has nice features with the heart rate moniter, speed, and calories, but the batteries get drained very quickly. If you want the power pack hopefully you have an extra $94 lying around. Do not buy this bike. 11/26/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great product Item was purchased for a Nursing Home. This item is being used by several elderly residents in the facility. The item is very easy to use. The open seating makes it easy for them to get on and off the bike. 04/27/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Value I spent a few days doing some online research on which bike would give me the best value. I usually read Amazon reviews before purchasing something, but this Gold's Gym bike wasn't on Amazon. Luckily, I also happened to skim through before making my final decision, and I came across this the Power 390. This bike offers much more than other bikes do at this price. I will agree with other reviewers and admit that the fan is basically useless, and while buying an external AC adapter can be a hassle, your total price you will spend is still better than what you would pay elsewhere for a bike of this caliber. You can find the AC adapter on Amazon for about $25. In the end, I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a casual exercise bike to ride while watching TV, reading a book, etc. 04/22/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Buyer Beware. I was quite happy with this bike when I first got it. In store it worked better then the others and at home it repeated performance. About three months out it started making noises. The pedals got unstable and it started to feel unbalanced. One of the pedal straps snapped. I called Icon (the company that handles support) and since I was still barely in warranty they sent a technician out and he fixed the problem (the ball barrings were not seated correcting when the bike was manufactured). Five months later, both straps on the pedals (including the replacement) have broken and console is starting to reset during workouts. I contact Icon again, but since it is out of warranty they can not replace it. It is $204 dollars to replace if I bought the part from them. I won't be buying Icon again. This includes Epic Fitness, Gold's Gym Home Fitness, HealthRider, NordicTrack, ProForm, Reebok Home Fitness, Weider, and Weslo. 09/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by RECUMBENT BIKE BEST BUY! I looked at a lot of models on line. I saw this unit & read specs. then I checked pricing of unit & was 50.00 cheaper at walmart. Even shipping to home was very inexpensive. I put unit together, fairly simple & all hardware was there. I use it everyday with 12 different workouts plus Ifit disc can be used. Is working well & I am very satisfied with this recumbent bike. 05/04/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Trustworthy review for this bike! Read! Got the bike after I had returned a cheaper bike I bought from, figured Id go a bit more expensive for a better bike... this was $100 more and I am glad I did so. I've had the bike 2 weeks and have put in probably 8 hrs on this bike already and I see people complaining about the batteries but I havent had to replace them yet.... maybe its cause I'm not using the fan on it? But no biggy to me Ill be getting an adapter anyway. It was worth the price. I wasn't to happy when it came and a small part of the front plastic was broke but it didnt effect it at all so no big deal there.. is small enough and quiet for my apartment and I enjoy it very much. The speed seems a LITTLE bit to fast then what it claims possibly and heart rate is a bit off probably but it is still more accurate then anything under $250 would cost. Also I must state I am 5ft 2in tall approx 213lb female and it works for me. The padding on the chair is nice and thick too.. There is 12 speed settings and I workout 4 x at the week at the gym and I am very strong for a female and believe the 12 level would even workout a guy pretty good :) My longest I've went so far on it was 75minutes :) at one time. I am happy with it overall and all the features. 03/20/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Pretty Good Bike This exercise bike is pretty good. I have had it about a week. I usually use it for 1 hour daily. The 4 D batteries put in the machine still work fine. I did order the adapter as it is free if the owner buys a 2 year warranty. I do notice that the stride adjustment tends to open while using it. I have not worked on that but this should be a minor job. The monitor has lots of settings. The resistence level varies from 1 to 12. The settings above 8 are pretty challenging. Each hour usually burns about 300 calories. The unit is quiet enough to watch a movie or catch your favorite TV program. The machine has pretty heavy metal. Picking up the box and asembly was easy but most people would probably need a little help. 11/23/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by battery life I am very satisfied with this product except one major problem and that is with the power aspect.I purchased my bike the first week of January and used it 4 times and it drained the batteries and they were top brand of batteries.I called to order the power pack and the company has poor customer service-waited 10 minutes and no customer rep. ever answered so e-mailed and said it would be $73.89 plus shipping and handling .That is CRAZY.As much as the bike was an adapter should have came with it ,anyway I thought surely you could purchase one much cheaper and after searching a few places found Radio Shack had the adapter and paid only 39.00 for it so obviously found that the better deal .And you need the 6volt 2 amp adapter (you will see that where the conncetion is for the adapter on your bike). 01/27/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by adapter for exercise bike I received this bike as a birthday present and love it. The only problem is the batteries don't last more than a day and the adapters are almost $100.00. The bike was $300. A third of the cost of the entire purchase. I feel the adapter should come with it so you may make the most of your workout. Without it, you are guessing at speed, heart rate, etc. At the very least there should be an explanation informing you before you purchase the bike that the adapter doesn't come with it. We found an adapter at a Goodwill store for .99 cents. I feel bad for the people who had to spend an extra $100 dollars. 01/02/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by Worst Birthday Ever The first thing I saw was the need for 4 D batteries. I called for the adapter and heard it was $80, so this felt like failure already. I got to step 1 of assembly. The stabilizers for the front and rear are for some other product. The screw holes were about an inch too close together. It was too late on the Friday I bought it so I had to wait for Monday to call the service number. Easy enough, parts on the way, but it's going to take 7-10 days. 10 days later (today) the parts arrived. BUT they were missing the plastic wheels and feet which cannot be removed from the original set! Went ahead and put it together to see if it all worked. Got to the front metal part with the wires inside and one of the connectors to the monitor has several bent pins. I don't have any tiny pliers to try to fix it so now I have to wait another day to call when the place is open. Probably just going to box it up and take it back. This was supposed to be my 36th birthday gift from my wife. We are extremely disappointed. From all the other reviews, it looks like there's no way to shut off the battery-sucking electronic device, so it's pretty useless without the additional adapter you have to purchase. There's no manual resistance setting and I tested the knob to shorten/extend the bike and can agree that it won't hold, no matter how tight you turn it. 11/20/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by I bought this for my mother who has health problems. Exercise is not an easy task however with this machine, she is able to use it for 8-10 minutes, three times a day with no pain.. Excellent product. Easy to get on and off, nice large seat.. 05/24/2012
Rated 2 out of 5 by Bike is smooth, Long assembly, TERRIBLE DISPLAY After spending 3 evenings assembling this bike, and discovering it did not come with an electrical connector, I sucked it up and paid the extra $20 to have the accessory sent to me. The display is very very faint (black on dark gray) and is not readable - even with the electricity plugged in! I spoke with the mfr rep (as directed in my book and receipt) and they advised that I needed to return it to the local store for refund. Disappointed, I did so. The associate was wonderful, no question asked - except she did not have a screwdriver for me to use to remove the 4 brand new D batteries left inside, darn it. If you don't care about seeing the display, the pedaling is smooth and very quiet. 04/26/2012
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