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Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Powerful 800 Watt Motor, 67650
Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juice Extractor Powerful 800 Watt Motor, 67650
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Rated 4.5 out of 5 by 375 reviewers.
Rated 4 out of 5 by Best of Class I agree with Consumers Report, this is the best centrifugal juicer. It has a large mouth which cuts way down on the prep time. I broke a clamp and Hamilton beach replaced the unit. Excellent customer service 08/25/2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by Thumbs Up I purchased this as a gift for my boyfriend. So far so good. We have been using it for 2 weeks and have found if you put a plastic bag inside the waste bin, it saves on cleaning a big mess. It's easy to use, however you do get a lot of pulp and the juice is thick, almost like a smoothie (you can probably add water to thin it out some...I think this is normal with all juicers). Also most apples and oranges are too big to fit whole so you still need to cut them into smaller pieces (unless my store just sells big fruit). It is reasonably priced and does the job, and since my boyfriend loves it and uses it regularly, I am happy with my purchase. 01/06/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good product I researched a lot about good juicers and finally settled for Hamilton Beach Bigmouth Pro as it was highly recommended by Consumer Reports. So far, I like the product and it performs well. The only thing I dont like is the clean up part, but I guess it would be the same for all the juicers. Very good value for the price. 11/05/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor LOVE THis is my first juicer ever. It was rated #2 on consumer reports after the $300 Breville Juicer. So I said for $70 bucks and free shipping, it is worth a shot. I am not disappointed at all. I have used it about 6 times, easy to set up and clean (I was always afraid of juicer messes in past!). So much juice from so little veg, I was amazed, I have had to cut back on the amt of veg I thought I would need. This machine is powerful with very little thick fiber waste, so I know I am getting the juice! I have mostly juiced beet, carrots, celery, cucumber, green apple which was great. Also did pineapple and orange, which was good too (somewhat more messy since not a citrus juicer), but what a sugar blast! I am so happy with my first juicer. * In the instructions you have to replace the massecater if it gets dinged or damaged, or just used. This may be the cost of this great juicer? Like a cheap printer and you have to constantly buy their ink....Not sure if this will be a problem and I don't know the cost of the mastekater (or how to spell it). So far it is working great... Good luck to all and Happy Juicing....I should juice now! 12/08/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Big mouth gives big results.... After owning a juicer years ago, I started to miss the health benefits I was missing out on. My old juicer was a cumbersome thing that I dreaded to lug out and the mouth to it was pretty scrawny, allowing me to patiently feed in a carrot at a time it seemed as if I was coddling a a colt. This juicer on the other hand delivered big-time in the way that it was able to take in MUCH larger amounts of produce. The clean-up is VERY easy, the only thing I would strongly recommend is that you soak the mesh basket in a bowl of water for about ten minutes before cleaning with the included brush under running water. The set up for this was simple to understand and taking apart was a snap as well. The noise level is a bit more than I expected but it gives you the feeling of great power there. I would also suggest using those produce plastic bags you get when buying produce, stick this in the garbage bin and clean up is even easier. The price is shockingly low, I really didn't believe at first that such an inexpensive machine could work THIS well! I've been telling people about the Big-Mouth and now my brother ordered one. I HIGHLY recommend this particular model. I researched somewhat on the internet and was intrigued to learn the Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Pro Juice Extractor, 67650H came in only second place to a $300 machine on Consumer Reports. I was almost ready to run and buy a Jack La Layne juicing machine from Costco and then stopped in my tracks when reading all the negative reviews. I am utterly thrilled with this juicer and have been whipping delicious tasting concoctions for the family. 05/13/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by This juicer is awesome! This has got to be the best juicer on the market. I watched the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead", and I realized that having a juicer isn't an option it's a necessity. This Juicer was rated #2 in the world behind a $300 Breville juicer by Consumer Reports. There are so many benefits to having a juicer including being healthier overall. Not to mention the weight loss. If you're gonna buy a juicer get this one if you're not gonna buy a juicer you should still get this one! Live long, enjoy the ride and raise your juice glass high -CHEERS! 08/24/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Love it! We have looked at juicers for quite a while and this one was #2 on Consumer Reports. This is our first juicer and we wanted to make sure we would stick with it before we spent $300 for the #1! This juicer is awesome! No pulp what so ever. It is a bit noisy but it is powerful. We have only used it about 20x so far but it is great. We juice oranges, apples, carrots, kale, spinach...about anything you can juice we did it. I am very happy with this purchase! 06/14/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by Little changes could make it better I have been using this juicer for few weeks. Probably like many of you, I wanted to “reboot my life” by taking advantage of this fruits and vegetables based diet. The right tool is fundamental for this type of diet and I thought the cost for this juicer is reasonable. I’ll talk about the problems that you may expect to deal with if you purchase this juicer and what my countermeasures to them were. I hope that will help you making the right decision keeping your expectations clear. LOOSELY ATTACHED PULP BIN: The large pulp bin the back of the unit is just standing under the unit, barely attached to it and held down just by the juicer’s cap. So when you are juicing and you are dealing with harder vegetables or fruits (carrots or peers) make sure you apply pressure to the unit with you hand by holding it down by juicer’s lid. Not doing that will cause the pulp bin to go loose and leaking will happen. JUICER GOES JUMPY: Tomatoes, cucumbers and other soft ones are not a problem but try apples, peers, carrots and even lemons and the juicer will start moving around like a wild horse. It is better to hold the unit down with you hand after introducing any of these types of foods. Actually a moving around juicer is not really the problem, the problem is the juice cup and pulp bin don’t follow the unit around and then leakage occurs. UNATTACHED JUICE CUP: The juice cup is not attached to the unit in any way; make sure it is close enough to the juicer while operating it otherwise your juice will end up on the table. You will need to make several adjustments while operating the unit. UNAVOIDABLE LEAKAGE WHEN JUICING SOFT VEGIES: Since the pulp bin and the juicer’s cap are loosely attached, because of the speed when parts are being shot to the pulp bin, you will see leakage when dealing with tomatoes, grapes, watermelon, or any other type of these watery foods. I found this very annoying and I found very little to do. Fixing this problem would require rebuilding the way the pulp bin and juicer’s cap connect. The best solution I found is to move watery fruits and vegies to the blender and strain any seeds out if necessary. On the positive hand, I would agree that the juicer gets good juice out of vegetables and fruits. It is ideal for carrots although I would split fruits and vegies to facilitate the process. The unit is easy to clean (fortunately) and disassembled uses reasonable storage space. Juicy cheers! 09/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best Value!! I bought this to start a juice fast, reboot program. I have used it several times daily. It juices greens (spinach, kale, parsley etc.) very well which was one of my initial concerns. I love the brush it comes with to clean the mesh filter. I use a plastic bag in the pulp container to help with the clean up (then use the pulp for a compost pile). I have never used a different juicer, but I am really pleased with everything. Especially the price!! 07/26/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Excellent for the price Consumers rate this Juicer #2. #1 cost around $300. Enough said. 10/29/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by great product for the money This is my third juicer. I have previously owned a Juiceman and another brand each of which cost around $200. The Juiceman lasted about 4 years. The other brand still works but but are difficult to clean compared to this model. The unit has a 2 year warranty so for the folks that are complaining the machine quit working I would recommend two things: 1. the machine has an auto cut off if the motor is over worked so unplug and let sit 10 minutes and it should be fine 2.the biggest contributor to this is usually using the plunger to create too much pressure on the spinning blade causing the motor to over heat. I had great success with my first juice batch which was 5 lbs carrots, 3 pounds apples, 2 pounds turnip greens, 2 medium limes (unpeeled), 2 lbs red grapes, 3 pounds of pears, and some spinach. I found the best way to retrieve the juice from greens is to load the shoot and put some apple on top to push through the blade. When I went to clean it (which was amazingly easy compared to my previous two machines) I noticed a significant amount of greens were a thick paste and stuck to the inside of the cup below the centrifuge. The second time I juices greens, I scraped that into my juice as the first time I had already begun to rinse the parts. I also learned a great clean up tip from the reboot your life site which is to line the pulp catcher bin with a plastic bag. (I use grocery store plastic bags and then freeze the pulp to add to homemade dog biscuits which my vet says is fine. ) Otherwise I use it for compost which I found attracted wild box turtles and they seem to enjoy it. As far as the difficulty of cleaning the screen, those new to juicing may find the screen a bit of a challenge. The round kitchen brush that holds detergent in the cap does a great job and since it is already by the sink in a dish, I'd say you don't need another brush as what comes with some of the others is essentially a toothbrush. I was pleasantly surprised but, I also was the screen just as soon as I use it. If you let the pulp dry on it, I can see you might have an issue. For $50 this is a great juicer (I didn't think it was much louder than others I have had. The pulp was pretty dry, I did try to squeeze it and was surprised at how dry it was given some of the previous comments. I did watch a video showing an easy solution for those that don't like the short spout. Attaching a 2 inch piece of clear hose from a hardware shop eliminated the issue entirely and the height of this machine is great as it fits underneath the cabinets and is close in height to my Kitchen Aid mixer. Neither the Breville or Jack Lalane fit so hauling it out daily would be inconvenient if you are truly going to use it daily. I am a chef so use it for a lot and as I live in a rural area, this was the only juicer I could find in stock and needed it immediately. A nice surprise. 12/08/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great tasting juices. Be sure to chill the fruit/veggies 1st so it will be cold. 01/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by I really like this juicer. I originall bought a Juiceman, but the cover broke after three weeks. They have been unable to send a replacement even now, 4 plus months later. The HB produces more juice, and is easier to clean and quieter also. We use a 4 cup plastic container instead of the provided one because we drink a lot. 05/21/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Solid Basic Juicer I have been using this machine daily for about 2 months. It is my first juicer and I wanted to make juice without breaking the bank. It juices whatever fruit and vegetables I can fit in the wide chute without complaint. The Big Mouth Pro does leave wet pulp when juicing citrus and doesn't throughly break up all leafy greens, but you can put them back through. Clean up is simple, but requires a few minutes. Glad I chose this one. 05/14/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Well worth the price I have been a casual juicer for a few years. Before we bought this unit we used the Juiceman. While we like to juice, we are not serious juicers so I didn't want to spend $300 on juicer. I got this based off of many good online reviews and I have to say I was not disappointed. I will list some of the pros and cons of the unit I have found so far. Pros It is quite compared to other units I have seen and a lot quieter than the Juiceman. The unit is very easy to clean and I don't find that the brush that comes with the unit gets stuck in the mesh as another user stated. It takes me about 2-3 minutes to clean. You should clean it right after use so it is easier. It juices harder fruits and vegetables very well. Cucumbers, carrots, broccoli, apples, and beets seem to be the best. For the price, it is a very solid juicer. You can fit whole, or mostly whole foods in the mouth. Cons The pulp is very wet on the other end, however there is not a lot of waste. It's just the waste that is there seems to be a bit too wet for what I would expect. I find this more so with things like Oranges, Pineapple, leafy greens, and so on. I find when I juice the medium and harder foods it works a bit better than with softer ones. This may be normal though, if I remember right, the juiceman also had harder times with citrus fruits and leafy veggies. All in all, for under $70 this thing is great. According to demos I've seen first hand, this unit produces slightly less juice than the models that are $299, so if you ask me, the $70 price tag is worth the little bit of juice I don't get. Plus that wetter pulp does have use in the garden or as mix ins to muffins and such. I love that it is fairly quiet, but remember that any of the centrifugal juicers will be about as loud as a food processor or blender. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to start juicing or is the type of person who drinks juice once a day to a few times a week. If you are juicing a few times a day, you may want to look at one of the pro models. 08/27/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great For Anyone!!! Exceeds expectations! This juicer is absolutely amazing! Cleanup is a breeze! This juicer is POWERFUL!!!!! Doesn't exactly fit whole fruits, but halved fruits and the latter are a breeze! Best tasting juice is the freshest juice! Healthy living all the way. Recommend highly! 06/11/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by We just used this product couple of times. Seems to be a nice product. Just that the juice is coming out thick ! May be this is normal ! 12/20/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by FRUSTRATED!!!!! I ordered this juicer online because of the great reviews on here. I received my juicer with the on/off switch broken and had to return it to Walmart. Thinking this was a one off I decided to order another, just to have the EXACT same problem! The juicer on/off switch is broken again. There's a hole in the side of the box it came in which is obviously where the switch broke through the box. I was really excited to use this juicer but will be going with a different option now. Hamilton Beach needs to sort out how they package their product to stop this happening to other people. 05/24/2012
Rated 3 out of 5 by Great but with one big flaw I used this Juice Extractor for about a month now and I used it few times a week. It certainly does the job, it's efficient, and separates very well the pulp from the juice. So, overall a very efficient juicer. Now, for the cons .... the worst problem i noticed is that it is VERY messy. My juicer (maybe I'm one of the less lucky shoppers) has a design flaw on one side. It seems to have some sort of a draining path on the side of the top lid. On the left side that path is not completely leading into the pulp collector on the back of the machine but has a little gap right before that. Moreover, some juice tends to get into that draining path and from there it leaks on the side of the machine and eventually on the countertop. Result: the machine "floats" in about 10-15% of the juice it produces. Nothing simple and easy can be done to fix the problem. The plastic parts are simply not tied together well. Second con: is it is quite noisy. I don't really care about the noise level but if you do, then you might want to go for a less powerful machine. Also, make sure you stop it before you add put more items down the "chute" or you'll have a nice mess on your clothes and your kitchen walls. It tends to throw everything back at you quite aggressively unless you close that with the "pusher" thingy. Overall, decent machine but requires lots of cleaning (including the things the leak on the countertop) every time I use it. 02/19/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by I just love this juicer! This is my second juicer I own, and this one beats the 1st one by a lot! A little loud, but if you don't mind the noise you'll be ok. Only thing I wish is for the cord to be longer, a little short for me. This juicer works great, my previous didn't take leaves or bananas, this one you can! It is definetly worth your $. 08/17/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Just amazing This has been such a wonderful purchase. I use this to do a juice diet for one week every 6 months for a detox. I use it daily to make fresh juice for breakfast. The taste of my meals are better than ever. I use this juicer to make fresh lime and lemon juice for marinating or just to add something to a sauce. Another great use is to make baby food. For example, I will juice some pears and put the juice in some gerber rice cereal or juice some fruit and give it to my baby. Way healthier than store bought juice. Cleaning the machine is easy...I just rinse it out right after use. The only thing that is a bit difficult about cleaning is the filter. I find that pulp from oranges, lemons, limes etc...are harder to get off. I really don't mind but I thought I would let you know. This machine works so well, cleaning should not be your biggest issue. Very affordable and very powerful. On a few other reviews, people mentioned foamy drinks. When I am making drinks, I do have a little bit of foam on top (on some drinks). I just take a spoon and skim it off the big deal. 09/07/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by lasted 1 week Was able to juice everything great-the pulp left over was very dry, almost paper-like at times. Was very simple to clean & put together. However, the motor burned out after 1 week of use. Walmart made the return easy. 02/18/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Gets more juice than others I have tested I bought Jack LaLanne before this, which is a great juicer for the quality of its construction and the elegant looks. However it is a bulky machine which made thin juices and discarded a lot of fiber. Net effect, less juice. Hamilton Beach Bigmouth Pro doesn't look as elegant, but it has a wide mouth, yet compact, very powerful motor and a blade system that is designed to make more juice. It is very easy to clean and I am using it on a regular basis for the last month or so. Things to watch out for: There are two parts in this juicer that makes me wonder how long it will last. 1) the mechanism that connects the motor to the bottom of the blade. For a powerful motor, I am wondering if the cheap looking plastic part would last long and 2) the jar locking mechanism. The locking bars attach to the body of the juicer by what appears to be the most delicate thing on the whole machine. Being said that, I don't have any proof to say that the machine won't last long. Even if it lasted for couple of years, you got more that the worth for your money paid for this awesome juicer. 11/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product, especially for the price! I'm not a super juicer, I juice about once a day and for my level of juicing this product is awesome! I make a concoction of basically a bit of every fruit and/or vegetable in my fridge every morning before taking my dog for a 3-5 mile walk. Immediately after drinking the juice I feel energized. I usually throw in a carrot, some green apple, a handful of grapes, and a big leaf of kale. The sweeter fruits dominate the flavor of the juice and make it tasty! The pulp that comes out of the chute is pretty dry and I just toss it in the compost pile. The pulp chute fits nicely into the receptacle so bits of produce don't go flying everywhere. It can get a little messy if you feed a long piece of vegetable into the blade are without using the pusher tool. My routine in the morning has been washing whatever produce I'll be using, throw it all into the juicer, take juicer apart, rinse the mesh basket with warm water then place it in warm soapy water to soak while cleaning the other parts, then scrub the mesh basket with the brush that is included (which is the perfect size for cleaning the mesh basket). I then let the pieces air dry on a dish towel or rack and go about my day. Assembly is easy once you get the hang of it, far easier that previous juicers I've owned! For the price, this juicer is awesome! I'm surprised it's in the $60 range and not more in the $100-$150. I got the walmart 1 year warranty because it was pretty cheap and for the frequency I use the juicer I expect if has to go out around a year of use. So this way I'll be able to just exchange it. 09/06/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product, We are extremly satisfied with this This is a great product. We are enjoying to use everytime. Operation is very simple and the quantity of juice is really more than I had juicer before this. 11/29/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by This juicer performed well with soft fruits like oranges and apples, but when I started adding carrots and beets, the motor heated up and died. I had to return it immediatly! Not for heavy duty extraction ! 03/07/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Very disappointed Received my juicer yesterday. Picked it up at my local WalMart store. Visited the produce department and purchased fresh produce to use in my juicer when I got home. Took juicer out of box, put it together and started to turn it on. When I touched the switch, it was lose and disappeared inside the juicer unit. My husband was able to take the juicer apart and put the switch together as it should have been when it left the factory. I was able to make a batch of juice but also found it to leak, just a small bit, but enough to make a mess on my counter top. Juice was delicious. I plan on keeping the juicer just because of the hassle to box it back up and return to WalMart. I hope it can hold together to meet my juicer needs. 03/06/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by This juicer is exactly what your looking for in a super fast and efficient juicer. Perfect for making the, "Mean Green" diet drink! The overall quantity of juice it extracted was impressive. The vegetables go thru the machine within 1-2 seconds because it is that fast and powerful! It had no problem getting juice from fresh Kale green leaves. Excellant buy in everyway. Couldn't ask for a better juicer for the price as well! 11/16/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by You get what you pay for. Cheap juicer = inferior Throws fine pulp/shavings out the side and makes a mess on the counter. Carrots bounce too much in the "chute." Cup for juice is way too small. Sieve is a pain to clean, if you can get it completely clean. My old juicer seemed to make way more juice with far less pulp/shavings. Save your money and do not buy this Hamilton model. Spend a little more for something better. 08/29/2011
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