Rated 3.3 out of 5 by 20 reviewers.
Rated 5 out of 5 by Family camping I set up this tent with my 7 yo son, took about 20mins for the first set up. Straight forward set-up, no guessing with the poles & sleeves. We love this large tent, my husband (6'1") can stand up inside it w/o having to duck. We had 2 queen size air mattresses, room for gear & walking space. The screened room does not have a floor, it would pool water if its rains. We did throw a small tarp down to keep the dirt from tracking into the tent when we entered the tent through the screened partition. The screen room is perfect to sit "outside" w/o getting bitten alive by bugs. The framed door on the side of the tent is perfect for the kids to get in & out of the tent quickly to keep out the mosquitoes. A doormat roughly 36in x 24in comes with tent, just stake it down outside the framed door for shoes. A small low zipped access for ventilation, dog door, a cooler access (no idea how you can get to a cooler from the small hole) or as my kids say its a door for them to squeeze out of the tent. I did apply Seam Sealer even though the literature states it has been factory sealed. I rather be prepared than have to deal with leaks in the middle of a storm. The second night of camping a cool front blew in and brought torrential, wind-blown rain. The tent was dry, a side screen window was left open did not let in rain due to the fly awning that overhangs the window. 11/28/2010
Rated 4 out of 5 by Good tent, does need seam sealer though I bought this tent and tested it out before i went camping. It takes two people to put up the tent quickly, so keep that in mind. You'll also need to use seam sealer on this tent. I tested this in my backyard in heavy rain, and it leaked in one corner, and by the windows, i suggest you use the seam sealer there. I would also make sure that the guy lines are taut when you set up the tent, i read that this is one of the reasons the tent may let in the water. But here's the clencher for any of you who may be wary of getting this product. Coleman stands behind their product! If you do get a leak call them, they will send you free stuff to get your tent water resistant. If that doesn't fit your needs, then request a new tent, which they usually do. But I would go with the the free stuff. I LOVE the sitting area, and the space inside is great, you'll also love the innovative door. Overall I am very satisfied with this product, and i was extremely satisfied with coleman's customer support. 03/19/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by This tent has many nice features The initial set up took extra time to figure out, but now we (2 people) can set it up in about 15 minutes. The tent has lots of room for cots and gear without feeling too crowded. The screen room is a nice feature for evening use or additional sleeping space. There are a lot of pieces to keep track of and an extra tarp under the tent will keep the floor from wearing out. 09/21/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by NOT WHAT I EXPECTED! I bought this tent just before I went camping. Being a coleman product I thought I would be good to go. The first night it rained and the tent leaked like a sieve. The only way I was able to keep dry was to go buy some plastic and cover the whole tent. I am VERY unhappy with this tent and will be returning it. 10/04/2010
Rated 3 out of 5 by ok tent Bought this and set it up in the back yard. Put it up with only my 9 year old to help, so it went up fairly easy. There are a few problems for us, at least. It failed the rain test. The screened portion has no floor (it's only on the "walled" section) you can't really close up the "inside section" because the outter tent wall isn't attached to the floor - only a screened wall which zips from Floor to celiling. We had originally intended to take our cat out with us for a night, but were afraid that she could get out due to the closure to the screen room - it really would have been nicer if the floor extended to the screen portion - also if you needed extra sleeping area. The extension over the door falls down constantly and is pretty annoying. Over all, it's not a bad tent, but there are some design features that could use a little work. We have bought the waterproofing products and will give see if that helps with the leaking. It's an ok tent. In retrospect, probably should have just gone with an instant up tent since the screen room is pretty useless. I would probably recommend someone try the instant up's as well, but this tent is not awful or anything, so went ahead and gave it the yes. 07/03/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by awful! We bought the tent, put seam sealer on it, then the first night we camped, it rained. The drops kept landing on us while we were sleeping. Thank goodness I had a tarp to put over the tent or we would have been soaked. We also couldn't touch the sides of the tent because the moisture seeped through the canvas. All in all, it is made cheap with low quality mateial. 08/15/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Tent. Leaked water. We weather proofed this tent very well. (all seams and entire tent). Took it out for the first time this passed weekend, It rained and we had water in our tent. It was easy enough to set up and I really enjoy the space but because it leaked water.... Not so happy!!! 08/16/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Not the Weathermaster! This tent is the Coleman Weathermaster, correct?! Or so the label says. We were caught in a wind and rain storm and the tent did anything BUT protect us from the weather. Our tent ended up wrapped around a tree the first night we tried to use it. We had to take it down in the rain which was not very fun. We put it up the next day, let it dry out and used it the remainder of the vacation. It rained again that night, the tent held to the ground but leaked! The way the rain sheild is designed doesn't keep the rain out.....I love the tent for its size and the extra "porch" area but if you are an extreme tenter in all kinds of conditions, buy a different tent. If the rain gaurd had an extra inch or two length on the fabric, it would not let the rain through the roof. 08/04/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great looking tent, far from waterproof We purchased the tent and set it up that day in our back yard. It rained all night. We checked it the next morning and to our dismay, the tent had several large puddles inside the sleeping area. The fly was leaking and not serving it's purpose. We decided to dry it out and return it to the store. 06/24/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by GREAT "TWO" PERSON TENT / SCREEN ROOM Cons: The tent can probably sleep 6 if you want to be squished together! The screened roof is not a great idea and they should have made the floor extend under the screen area. This tent is okay during the summer months but I'm not sure how that would be in the spring/fall. Pros: It is a great two person tent with plenty of leg room even around our queen sized inflatable mattress. We had a fold-away table and plenty of room for gear / clothes. The screened area is terrific for two people and a dog. We used an indoor/outdoor carpet in this area to keep out the dirt. We haven't used the side door even though it was a perk. 09/01/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by leaked like a sive. ruined my vacation. returned it my money back 08/11/2011
Rated 3 out of 5 by A few too many problems for the money I researched long and hard before purchasing a family tent. I was pretty sick and tired of always being hunched over while camping and needed something roomy enough for our raised queen air mattress. First of all, there is no way 6 adults will comfortably sleep in this tent. We had our queen plus a twin mattress for our daughter, and we were pretty crowded. Our first time camping with this tent we experienced heavy rains, where we discovered that this tent is completely not waterproof. It didn't just leak; we came back at the end of the day to find everything in our tent soaking wet (Yes, I knew to move the beds away from the walls first). So our second day was spent applying seam sealer to the seams and fashioning a tarp into place. The next rainy day still got us a little wet, especially from the floor. You will definitely need to throw a tarp down underneath before putting up this tent and then another one on top as well. Our next camping excursion was an October trip to Michigan. It was in the 80's during the day--and dry, thankfully--but no matter how much we huddled together at night, we were chilled to the bone because the screened roof lets in too much air, as well as the windows that do not zip shut at the top, as well as the nylon door to the screened porch that doesn't zip at the bottom. Our third trip was another wet one, and as prepared for it as we were, our tent floor still got soaked. However, the lack of floor and the lack of zipper between the sleeping area and the screened area meant that critters of all shapes and sizes try to get in. I'm not talking just bugs, either. We had a raccoon burrow his way into the screened area and then poke his head up against the screened door. If we had had food in there, his little claws could have easily torn a hole in the screen. It was a little too close for comfort for us, which made me realize that the security against such critters is not very good. This is an impressive-looking tent, and with no more than three people, its size is adequate. But my further investments into seam sealers, waterproof sprays, tarps and ropes to give it additional weather protection (not to mention electric blankets if I ever camp in chilly weather again) lessen the overall value of this tent. This tent might be fine for two people camping in the desert, but for a family in the rainy midwest...not so much. 07/03/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great item Bought this tent for a camping trip. It took two people about 20 minutes to put up. And 10 minutes to take town and put away. It is a really large tent and great for a tall person like my husband who is 6' 1". He could stand up in the center of the tent. 10/12/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very versital tent I'm glad I set up the tent right after I recieved it. It took me a little while to set it up because I was going over everythig inside and out. I am really happy with how versitile it is. The rain cover can be used in full, or rolled back and tied off in the front and back. The detachable room divider, internal screen door and easy of set up are great selling points. My only complaints are, zippering the hindged door from the inside is difficult because of the rain flaps, and the tent stakes are cheep (Invest in the tent nails sold at Walmart) 06/22/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by loved it We went camping in this tent no rain to test the tarp....the tent needs some modifications to make it better to keep rain out if there is a big wind with a rainstorm...because the tarp just blows up with the wind and the screened top is exposed...thank god no wind and rain...but the tent was excellent besides that...queen size mattress fit great with room about a foot and a half both sides and about 3-4 foot at the end of the bed.'loved the screened area...we put a table (fold up) in it and kept out food off the ground....we stashed other bags in there as well....I really loved this tent and hated taking it down not because of the time to do it...its just a really cool tent to look at and be in. The d door is awesome,... used it frequently....the screened top is great for ventilation.....excellent weather about 95 degree each day...tent with rainfly allowed some heat in but overall was very comfortable {Tips}; dont stretch out the stakes on the bottom of the tent to tight; just barely snug otherwise the seams get really tight and over time can rip from the weight of the bed ,foot traffic..etc..We staked in the stakes closest to the screened area first then assembled the tent pulling against the staked in part as we went, we put all the poles together in the looped area and laid all the poles down leaning toward the bedroom area, then we picked them up one by one and slipped them in the pins at the bottom stake loops, then you can judge for yourself if you want to extend the tent up to the maximum slots using the slide and lock system of the shock poles after staking down the tent in the tent stake loops. I extended all the poles to the last position except the screen area poles...(only extended two holes instead of three because the material got really tight on that corner). it went up really quick for us like this 20 min.Everyone commented on the tent..thumbs up CONS Tent carry bag ripped at the seam about 5 inches where the handle is connected to the bag when zipped up and transported.It needs and extra stitched row or something. Screened top will do no good putting ac in the unit ,like some people do, because the air escapes out the top and if it is cold outside,,,well you better bundle up because the air will come in thru the screened top. The rain tarp needs to be able to be secured to the sides of the tent for when it gets cold. The air just moves in with the environment. It would be nice to have "optional" rainfly to go down the screened area and connected floor like the earlier version of this tent...and an optional ground tarp for the screened area would've been nice with zippers etc. to connect it to the tent bottom flaps....Because the screened in area is not connected at the bottom so bugs,spiders,mice,etc. can go into the screened area very easy under the tent screens flaps....besides that it is a good tent....I’m going to take the inner dividers and make some modifications to this tent to fix the items mentioned so that the material will match and the tent will be more secure and weather and bug resistant. I’m not an engineer, but I can’t believe Coleman is cutting corners like this tent design because it is the perfect tent. Everything we own for camping is from Coleman and we have been camping for over 20 years. I should work for Coleman in the design of their tents. I design buildings etc in construction, so maybe my mind thinks of the everything included factoring in the bad or good. I can’t believe they let all these little things go ...because the concept of this tent is excellent, Bangladesh manufacturing is where this tent is made btw. +personally+ Coleman needs to keep things in America again....four stars because of the lack of these designs and the we could'nt test the rain fly or the tent in rainy conditions. 06/08/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Great Tent This tent sleeps only 3 maybe 4 adults. Be aware that the screen area has no bottom. We loved the hinged door. We also loved the screened area leading into the tent. There are 2 ways to enter/exit the tent through the hinged door or through screen area. Due to the heat (no rain) we did not use the rain fly. We placed a fan in the screened area to allow floor space in the sleeping area. We had 3 men and 2 little boys in the tent. The area leading in to the screened area is solid zip screen (it does have a protecting cover to protect the weather or people looking in. But for the heat it was great to be able to leave the covering off and use the fan. We really liked the tent. 06/01/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Quirky but functional We used this tent for 3 weeks in the pacific NW with constant rain. Our first set up we had some leaks, we thought it may be seams or the extreme weather, but soon learned that if you took the extra 10 minutes to adjust the height (pushbuttons) so that the seams of the rain fly were not resting on the roof (which is all screen) and truly stake out the rain fly, problem is solved. It is an extremely roomy tent, my only complaint is that it really does not have the ventilation it needs. 08/19/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome! Had to replace my 15+ yr. old Tent from Costco and wanted a similar size and tall height tent. The screen porch is a complete bonus! We keep food and kids toys out there so our clothes and bed stay more organized inside. Super easy to put together after you follow the directions...I even mangaged it by myself the very first time, although 2 people make it a little easier and faster. I wish I would've spent the extra 25$ for the lamp in the upgrade model of this design. No complaints held up in rain, thunder and lightening and 3 bouncing kids. This isn't some light duty tent, real metal poles and a big heavy bag but YES, it actually fits back in the BAG! I even keep a piece of linoleum and a throw rug in the bag with all the tent equipment. People made huge complements and wanted the ins and outs of this product. 08/14/2012
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