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Rated 5 out of 5 by coming from an avid product researcher... Let me start by saying, i'm an 8 month pregnant mother of a 2 year old, a 200 pound English Mastiff, a labrador/husky (puppy) mix, 2 cats and the wife of military husband (and his buddies) who are FOREVER dragging their dirty boots in the house! So, i am by no means the type to just buy a large product that i want to last without doing weeks of research first. Since day 1 of looking for a carpet cleaner this product always came out as #1 choice of most. I read a lot of positive reviews and a few negatives. Most negatives were: feel cheap, 50/50 chance that it's broken out of the box, won't suck up water, hard to remove tanks and hard to put together... I am here to say that it probably won't be broken out of the box if you ensure that it wasn't a return (hint: you can tell if the cardboard on the box, UNDER the tape is already ripped off and replaced with new tape). It was SOO easy to put together..a few clicks, 3 screws and voila...and i'm a very small girl who is VERY pregnant (the hardest part of putting it together was maneuvering it around my giant belly!). It sucked up the water GREAT....i was actually disturbed as to what i was walking on once i saw what i poured out of the "recovery tank". I won't lie, i wasn't too thrilled about how ugly/cheap looking the floor model was, but i thought "hey, if so many people love it...it has to work! and the others feel just as cheap but because they're vibrant colors and not gray, they look durable"...well, i pulled mine out of the box and it felt solid as a rock! just as a good as my vaccuum (hoover wind tunnel) and hoover has actually upgraded and made it look more appealing to the eye :). The water/soap tank are SO easy to remove and fill (one pull of a lever), and the recovery tank just needs you to recline the top half, turn out two clips and it comes out! Also, just throwing this out there, noise-wise: definitely couldn't use it while my daughter naps upstairs, but it's only slightly louder than a vacuum... so maybe she's just a light sleeper! haha! and it maneuvers just as easily as a vacuum as well, not too heavy (like i said, i'm a small 8 month pregnant mother...so you can imagine how worried i was about this being difficult!) I AM SO HAPPY that my WHITE carpets actually look better than they did when we moved in. (They were professionally cleaned by a military hired cleaning service...so they were pretty darn good looking...but even better now! woo!) 03/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by AWESOME CLEANER I was very suprised on how well this shampooer worked. It's just amazing. I have used SEVERAL carpet cleaners, including commercial ones that don't even compare to the Hoover. The suction is what gets your carpets clean by removing the soiled water/solution. Pet stains come right up. Also like that this machine holds so much water. For people who are on a budget, I found, PURPLE POWER, in the automotive section of Walmart, $5.00 a gallon (concentrate) works better then the regular carpets solutions for alot less money, It doesn't leave any residue on your carpets, just add 3/4 cup (the lid of the water tank is a measuring cup) to a tank of HOT water. Even cleans linoleum! Can't say enough about this cleaner, only 2 screws to put it together. Love it. 06/22/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Lot's of power My Hoover Steamvac arrived today, I set it up and cleaned my living room wall to wall carpet w/ ease, does a great job =) I've owned other Hoover Steamvacs over the years my last one only lasted about 9 months unfortunately, the motor went I'm assuming because it was screaming loud when I turned it on, so I threw it away and purchased this model instead.... My last Hoover was purchased for 200 dollars at Home Depot, it worked great for a while, had trouble w/ the hand tools attachments not sucking up like they should etc. This model is like the one I started out w/ about 20 years ago, and it lasted me about 10 years, that was awesome! I know that today these items seem not to last even 4 years, they break down before then :( It's a shame that you have to spend so much for a steam vac and you get less than 4 years out of it if you're lucky that is.... I'd recommend this Hoover, easy to use, seems powerful, does a great job, pretty lightweight too... I tend to use my steamvac once a month or more often as needed, we have a dog and I like to keep my carpets clean :-) Overall a great product, at a great price! 06/04/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 Exceeded Expectations! PROS: Cleans better with hot water Collects fur and hair in recovery tank (no filters) Comparable price ($140 at retailer) Easy to assemble Easy to clean Holds a gallon of cleaning solution No leaks (a few drips) No unnecessary bells & whistle Powerful suction Simple design (easy filling and emptying) Suction stops when recovery tank fills-up Three wet strokes and one dry stroke is sufficient Works with other (non solvent) solutions CONS: Bulky Can’t center on spots Heavy Flimsy handle on solution tank (hold at bottom) I did not use the attachments so I can't comment Loud Recovery tank is slightly less than 1 gallon The “clean surge” feature is unimpressive Unattractive but functional 06/27/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Bummed!! I did my research & this product was the #1 consumer steam cleaner on several web sites. I was so excited to receive it in the mail & try it out. The steam cleaner went together fairly easy. The first time we tried to use it the brushes wouldn't spin, no matter what setting it was on or what we tried. With the vacuum running we manually spun the brushes & they stayed spinning for that cleaning. We were pretty impressed with how much dirt it picked up & how dry it left the carpets. The next day we tried to use it again & the brushes wouldn't work, even with manual manipulation. I don't want a steam cleaner that only works part of the time. 05/19/2011
Rated 2 out of 5 by Great when it works! I purchased this cleaner March 11, 2011 and when I used it for the first time, it exceeded my expectations! Unfortunately, the second time I used it on March 28, 2011 it had stopped "sucking" water. I immediately boxed it up and exchanged it at WM. I've used the "new" one 3 times and on my 4th try, August 6, 2011, it once again stopped "sucking" water. I've boxed it back up and will return/exchange it again this week. I had noticed that if the bottom canister wasn't on exactly right, it wouldn't work. Of course I made numerous attempts to place it on correctly and none of my adjustments worked. This seems to be a common problem. I rated this 2 stars because while it was working, it was fantastic but I had to factor in that I've had 2 different cleaners that both stopped working. I would rate the actual cleaning the machine does 5 stars; however, the trick is to get one that works all the time. The machine has a sticker on it that says to call HOOVER and not to return it to the store. I've called the number they provided 2 times and both times I did NOT get to talk to a live person (there is an option to get a list of Hoover service technicians) so I found calling them for help to be worthless. The bottom line is: If you get this cleaner, you will love it the first time you use it, but save the original box and receipt so you can exchange it if/when it stops working. 08/10/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great product! I have had several other carpet cleaners. None has been as durable or worked as well as this one. The suction is great, the water/ solution disperses evenly and the attachments work well. 03/07/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Very Good Value! I bought this steamvac based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews online on several sites and the relatively inexpensive price compared to other similar products. The purpose was to see how it performed on a very thick, old carpet that had neglected stains and pet "accident" odors and had only been cleaned with a similar product (Rug Doctor smaller version steamvac) two years prior. That experience had been quite disappointing, messy and tiring (very heavy machine!). I bought this at WalMart.com, figuring if the performance was lacking, I could return it for a refund. To keep this in perspective, I have only used the Hoover SteamVac once; hopefully the initial results will not be premature. There are many positives to this machine; it's fairly lightweight, easy to maneuver, very good assembly instructions and, most importantly, does a good job of cleaning the carpet and extracting the excess dirt/moisture. My carpet looks & smells cleaner, even eliminating some really old stains and reducing the leftover urine smell which manual cleaning & Rug Doctor machine failed to remedy. It is also not a loud machine and is very easy to clean the two tanks & brushes. No belts to replace is a great feature. Good length power cord, easy to store away though it is not a small machine. The only reasons I did not give it 5 stars overall are that 1) it did not completely eradicate the pet urine smell, and 2) the tanks are small, making repeated and frequent refilling/emptying necessary for the area I have. The enclosed bottle of Hoover detergent (est. 16.9oz.) isn't enough to accomodate a large-sized area, but the machine works fine with any other carpet detergent. Be prepared to make frequent trips to your sink or toilet. To be fair, I didn't expect this machine to eliminate the pet odors entirely; perhaps a second application will improve the results further--it did a very good job initially. Overall, I'm very pleased. This Hoover SteamVac is effective, efficient and for the price, a very good value. Have not used it on bare floors yet, but looking forward to trying out that feature. 12/13/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great machine I have used several shampooers over the years and this one does the best job and is easiest to use, hands down! With three small dogs and five grandchildren, I use my shampooer quite often. The only feature that would be nice is the hand held attachment. Attaching it is a pain. But once attached, does a great job on stairs and furniture. Would highly recommend over the other models and brands. 07/23/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Better than big shop vac 4 flooded basement carpet I'm not going to repeat what's already been said about how great this steam vac is. My daughter first purchased it mainly because of having a dog. I seen what a great product it was and purchased one myself. Well we found that it not only is a great cleaner but works awesome just using it as a wet vacumn on carpet. I've loaned this out twice to people whose basements have flooded and their carpets got wet. This steam vac worked way better than the big wet/dry shop vacs! First of all it has more ampage to get the water out. Both people that used them were amazed and said they were buying one! 07/29/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Still going great after about 6 years. With three dogs and two cats, our tan carpet gets dirty. This cleaner deep cleans the carpet better. quicker, and easier than commercial rental cleaners and equal to a commercial carpet cleaning service that we used once. We use the Hoover cleaning solution in the green gallon jug (5 oz per fill up), and pretreat spots with Folex or any other carpet stain remover. The Steamvac (there is no steam involved, just hot water from your tap), is lightweight, easy to fill with water and cleaning solution, easy to dump the dirty water, and easy to use. Just be sure the sliding intake on the dirty water tank is loose. If it's tight, it's set for the upholstery attachment and won't pick up water during carpet cleaning. The first time that happened, it took me a couple of hours to figure out what was wrong. I even use this to clean our tile floor, with clean water and a bit of Simple Green. Water pickup is a bit messy, but I just dry mop with a towel. This is a lot easier and quicker than using a wet mop and wringer. I give this my highest recommendation. If it broke, I'd get another. 03/04/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 Hoover SteamVac With Clean Surge I purchased the Hoover SteamVac for myself after borrowing a friends. The unit works very well at cleaning carpets, as well as a Rug Doctor. I heat up water on the stove to get it almost boiling as that seems to work the best. The only donwside to the unit, as with all non commercial units, is the tanks are small and you have to empty & refill the tanks often. 11/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product We chose this item after reading the other reviews on Walmart.com and Amazon.com. I am very pleased. It is what we expected. We had a feather lite prior to this, and there is just no comparison. This machine got out dirt and stains that the other just never could. We used a pet formula solution, and did our whole house. It lifted years of dirt from our carpets. We are very happy. It has great suction, meaning the carpets dry quickly. I will say only 1 thing, that may be a negative, it's not for us, but some may not like it, If your floors are very dirty, you will have to dump and refill the bucket several time in a larger room. As I said before , our feather lite did not clean well at all, and the first time we used the new hoover, I went over spots until I saw it suck up clean water, that meant that in my living room, I dumped and refilled the buckets 3 times. I'm not sure if that will be every time or just the deep cleaning times. Otherwise, I LOVE IT! Even multiple dump/refills doesn't bother me. I will recommend this product to everyone. I am also very pleased with the price point from wal-mart. 08/01/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome Cleaner! Love this product!!! Have 3 kids and 2 dogs, cleans the carpet so well. Worth the money and great to have on hand at home! Would recommend to anyone! Easy to use! 04/06/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by WOW! I saw this machine on one of the TV shopping networks for $196 and was tempted but I decided to look online first and was able to purchase it for $138 at Walmart. This was a good lesson for me. From now on I won't be so quick to purchase from the TV shopping places without looking else where first.This Hoover F5914-900 is just wonderful. I had a hard time getting it to extract the water but after reading some of the reviews online I discovered that you need to be certain that the dirty water tank's cover has been placed on correctly. By that I mean that you place the rear of the cover on first and then the front. It should snap in place, if not it will not vacuum up the dirty water and it may leak. I knew that I should be cleaning my carpets but they still didn't look dirty. Boy was I wrong. I could not believe the black greasy water that came out of my carpets. I had to clean three times until the water came out a light gray. I would have gone over it again but by this time I was beat. One more tip, you need to go slowwwly when suctioning the water up to be certain that you don't leave the carpet wet. My carpet was fully dry in about 90 minutes because I extracted as much water as possible. Also after a portion of the carpet is clean you should go over it with clean water only until the soap is out because soap attracts dirt. Happy cleaning everyone. 02/20/2012
Rated 1 out of 5 by Never got it to work I purchased this one because the reviews said it was easy to assemble and use. It wasn't that easy to assemble and I didn't get to use it. The water would not come out. I took it apart and put it back together several times, went online and watched the tutorial and did it again. Still no water would come out. I called the 800 number on the machine. The first lady told me it had to be primed. so I pumped the handle for 20 minutes and still no water. Called back, got another lady who had me take the whole thing apart. When I asked her how to take the rotating brushes off she got an attitude with me. When she told me to pump the handle turn on the machine and pump it agian. she accused me of not doing it because she didn't hear the machine come on. She recommended I return it but since the sticker on the machine said "do not return to store" I asked her how to return it and she said "take it back to where you got it" and hung up on me. I will NEVER purchase another Hoover. and I will be returning this one tomorrow 10/17/2011
Rated 4 out of 5 by Purchased this model 10 years ago at Best Buy and STILL works great! I have 3 indoor kitties and it gets out all the imbedded fur and dander my Hoover vacuum doesn't and keeps carpet looking new. I use once a month with Great Value Pet Formula shampoo and carpets look/smell great, feel soft. Never had a single thing go wrong with this Hoover in 10 years. Very solid construction/durable, reliable, a snap to use/clean. Vacuum before you SteamVac to get up any loose carpet threads so they don't wrap around the rollers - those can be annoying to remove. Hoover Steam Vac + Great Value Pet Formula Shampoo keeps my carpets looking like new. 09/02/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Very happy with this product I have only used this shampoor a couple of times but it did a great job. It did an excellent job of sucking up the dirty water. I purposely went over the carpet extra times without the spray so that it would get even more dirty water sucked up and dry faster. I did have some difficulty in assembling it which I believe may be because the diagrams are small and some more intricate instructions. Overall, I am very happy with this product. 11/12/2010
Rated 5 out of 5 by Awesome carpet cleaner I bought this cleaner to steam my carpets in the house and car. We did the car first and was amazed at the job it did. It has awesome suction to extract the water back out of the carpets. I have berber carpets throughout the house so I wasn't sure if the cleaner would do a good job on this sort of carpet. It did well. I did have to go over some areas more than once and it didn't get all the stains out of the white carpet, but it did better than I expected so I am happy. Next we are going to clean the couch. 09/29/2011
Rated 1 out of 5 by 43btu42 Before buying a carpet steam cleaner I did some online research. This product had generally good reviews with most of the complaints very similar - the product would stop working. The cleaner would stop working because the tanks were not tight or the door was not all the way down, whatever. I just assumed these users were feeble minded and did not read the directions. I did. And it still doesn't work. I called the service center and they said that everyone who calls has the same problem and it involves the tanks not being tight or the door not all the way down. Guwess what? if everyone has the same problem it is a product problem and not a user problem. Fix the darn thing. The first time we used it the product was doing fine and then stopped sucking. We removed the tanks and re-installed. No luck. It is going back. 10/26/2010
Rated 1 out of 5 by Lasted only 6 months I was very happy with this product, I have kids and it helps a lot to clean the carpet mess; however this machine stopped sucking the water with no evidence that something was going wrong. Will try another steam vac but for sure it won't be Hoover. 11/05/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Easy to use, gorgeous results. I was stunned to see old, filthy carpets come to life with just one steady sweep of the Hoover SteamVac. I knew that I wanted multiple brushes rather than a single roller and the clean surge feature may be what brought out the vivid colors that had been hidden for years. I used hot tap water, and when I finished the carpet was only moderately damp, but not wet. The dirtier the carpet, the less footage you'll be able to clean with one fill-up. But cleaning and refilling the tank is a no-brainer and actually kind of fun when you see how much dirt you retrieved. 02/25/2012
Rated 4 out of 5 by Did a good job of picking up the soiled water. I have only shampooed my carpet once with the new Hoover. However, I have owned carpet cleaners previously, so I can make a comparison with previously owned cleaners. The new Hoover extracted almost all of the water sprayed into the carpet. That seems like a big plus, and it did the job without too much effort on my part. Fairly lightweight and easily maneuvered. I'm optimistic that it will serve me well. Wear ear protection. 02/16/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Product I finally broke down and bought this after I was sick of scrubbing my dog's puke out of the carpet. This absolutely does the job for you! Although I am a neat freak and take great care of my home all the time, I could not believe how filthy the carpeting had been after I used the machine! It took some time to get used to the best way to use it, but once I got that down cleaning is always a breeze. I have used this machine about once a month since I purchased it back in December 2011. It isn't a device that is used once and then sits collecting dust. I only wish the dirty water receptacle and detergent/water dispensers were bigger so they didn't have to be emptied and refilled so often. If they were larger I think the machine might be too bulky and expensive. Regardless, I definitely recommend this machine. 03/21/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great Shampooer and Great Price! I LOVE THE HOOVER brand! The Hoover shampooer is such a great value and performer! For many years, my parents and I both had Bissell brand shampooer, but my parents' machine kept breaking. They spent more money fixing it than it was worth. My experience wasn't quite so bad, but it was heavy, I didn't like the shampoo//dirty water dispenser, it didn't clean as well, and it was about $50 more than the Hoover. The Hoover is great! It's light weight for a shampooer, it does a great job, easy to push across the carpet, and I love that the shampoo bucket is large and separate from the dirty water bucket. I've had this Hoover for about 2 years now with no problems. I have 2 cats and an old dog so I use it at least twice a month for spot cleaning and about every 2-3 months for full carpet cleaning. 03/18/2012
Rated 5 out of 5 by Great produch! My husband used to do professional carpet cleaning and he is very, very impressed with this steam cleaner. Works great, easy to use and good price, too! 12/11/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Hoover SteamVac W/Clean Surge is Excellent Product I replaced my Bissel Steam Cleaner with the Hoover SteamVac With Clean Surge. When compared to the Bissel cleaner, the Hoover is: (1) Lighter, so easier to carry upstairs. (2) The 2 tanks are easier to fill/empty compared to the Bissel's one large tank and then a bladder tank inside the large tank. (3) The feature that keeps the brushes spinning when the handle is in upright position makes cleaning stairs easier than the Bissel that does no have this feature. (4) The Clean Surge feature that dispenses extra cleaning solution and water works well and the Bissel does not have this feature. (5) Suction is stronger on the Hoover when compared to the Bissel, so the carpet dries faster. 09/29/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Best on the Market for the Price. Just purchased, Received at store within 48 hours. Used the first time on some carpeting that has not been cleaned in 4 or 5 years. Results were better than expected. Still some spots but I believe they will come out with additional cleaning. Only drawback to this product is that the tanks are small and require refilling and emptying several times for any project. I did a lot of research before the purchase and this was the best rated unit for its purpose and price. I agree this product is excellant for the price. I cannot comment about longevity but I did get the Walmart extended contract for and $10.00. 08/30/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Amazing I was really impressed with it's ease of assembly and operation and the drying time was just a few hours. My carpet looks like new. The machine is easy to clean when finished. I did place some paper towels under it after cleaning the brushes for any water that may need to finish draining before storing it. It really is a great machine. 06/04/2011
Rated 5 out of 5 by Worth every penney Thank you for all the reviews and tips about this Hoover SteamVac F5914900. We are very pleased with our purchase. As I am sure you have read before, make sure to completely clean your SteamVac after EVERY use! 04/01/2011
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